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  1. I think a lot of you whiners are looking into this far too much. He missed some deadlines (not at all uncommon). Now you are throwing your hands up and claiming that his legacy is ruined? Grow up and stop the pouting. Grab some tissues before you drown in your tears. How is ASoIaF going to be ruined because it will be finished after the HBO adaptation? HBO adapted from HIS vision! If you are truly a fan of the book why would the HBO show even affect you? I get that there's going to be spoiler issues. But GRRM is going to release his story. Not HBO's. He told HBO how it was going down. They filled in the blanks with tits and violence. I had already watched seasons 1 and 2 before I started the books. So, I pretty much knew how things were going to go down. That didn't diminish the value of the story in the slightest bit. As I kept reading and watching it was clear that the two series were growing further and further apart. The two will be virtually unrelated before long. And to be honest, after last season it pretty much already is. He recently posted in his blog (as I'm sure you've already seen) about how thankful he was for the outpouring of support he was getting from fans regarding his delays. Christ, I hope he doesn't come to this thread and read everyone's incessant whining. How could any author get motivated after something like this?
  2. I'll get a chance to start The Wheel of Time, at least (see, there's a silver lining to this). Seriously, though, there's a lot of other books that I've wanted to get into lately while waiting. That series being one of them. I'm going to listen to A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms on audiobook and listen to the newest Saxon Tales story as soon as it's released later this month. I'm also kinda pumped to read and watch The Revenant. I'll deal with the show I guess. It may have become a train wreck but I would have never heard of ASoIaF without it. I keep coming back to this thread to read all the whining, crying, pissing, and moaning. You'd think some of these posts were written by 16 year old girls that were given the wrong color Corvette for her birthday or something. The attitudes on some of these posts are astounding.
  3. You aren't lying, buddy. My dogs are young but it's always in the back of my mind that my cherished friends will be gone in a future that isn't distant enough. Again, I'm very sorry for your loss.
  4. Somebody throw this guy a pity party.... He got that other stuff out of the way first because he knew that there was going to be the proverbial firestorm after the TWoW post. I refuse to believe that ASoIaF isn't his most important, cherished, and prioritized work. Just because it isn't being pumped out as quickly as we'd want doesn't mean that it has been brushed into the dust bin.
  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't even think about losing my dogs. Condolences, my friend.
  6. I'm reading lots of butthurt here. Calm down everyone. Nowhere did he say he wasn't going to finish the series. Nowhere. There's no reason to think he's just going to give up. Let's be real. We're all disappointed that it won't be out sooner. I'm sure GRRM is far more disappointed by that. All of the helpless whining and doom because the book won't be out within the next few months is a little dramatic. There's no reason to think that the book won't be out within the next year or shortly after (at least from what I've gathered). There's nothing wrong with being disappointment or even some light criticism. But the pouting and whining is a little childish.
  7. Hey, at least we got the update. Obviously, we would all like to see it soon. I'm far more interested in a final product that GRRM is happy and proud of. I hope he continues to take his time. Our impatience shouldn't get in the way of his progress. It is what it is. You can blame his extracurricular activities all you want. To think that anyone could produce a great book by locking themselves up in a room and writing until something is finished is ridiculous. He is obviously very disappointed by how slowly the progress is going. But I'd much rather have to wait than to accept a novel that is sub-par due to publishing deadlines and rushed writing. As for the show: I don't really know what I'll do. I started the show before the novels. The show will pound out the ending long before the books are finished. Avoiding spoilers sounds like a completely pointless fight. Brace yourselves. Spoilers are coming.
  8. I could have done without pretty much everything that happened in Dorne. But to be fair I liked the Dorne stuff a lot more on the second read through. Also, I don't want to rule anything out until the story is done.
  9. This might sound a little presumptuous but I think it's pretty obvious that it's Lyanna. TWoIaF pretty much cleared that up, I thought.
  10. Right? It's not like he's running around with shallow celebrities and doing a bunch of blow or something. He's doing some pretty productive things. It is what it is. I'm not butthurt. I'm just ready for another book. The waiting is suspenseful. But I really shouldn't complain. This is only the first book I've ever waited for from him. I know there are fans out there that have waited for him to publish numerous books before this.
  11. I'm totally stoked about his career and his fame. He deserves it. I defend his busy schedule to whiny fans all the time. With that said, is it so difficult to throw us desperate souls something? At risk of sounding like a whiny, entitled fan I'll just stop there. I'm just really hoping for a TWoW update soon.
  12. *cue image of Robert Downey Jr mid eye-roll* I think you might want to wait until the end of the series before you call the ending obvious.
  13. I've never thought that there was really a connection. The fact that they arrived at The Wall together is arbitrary. Aemon was young (23 years junior than Rivers). That doesn't mean that there never was anything between them but I don't think there has been any text suggesting this.
  14. It's amazing the suspicions that arise from something as simple as a lemon tree. Honestly...