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  1. Stannis could get a divorce. Or Selyse becoming a septa or falling of a flight of stairs.
  2. I liked Dany best followed by Jon and Tyrion. Also Varys is a fan favorite of mine.
  3. You have to have English and European actors. And you cannot be picky with things like accents when they have other things to worry about like skill or looks or availability and ability to commit to such a long project like GOT.
  4. And now his watch has ended. Rest in peace.
  5. Among the Free Cities what cities in the books/world book is closer politcly with Westeros? Thanks.
  6. So the Unsullied are not wiped by their attack against Casterly Rock as some have specualted before. Any rumors about the Casterly Rock and if Lannisters loose it? Any rumors about Grey Worm fate?
  7. 1 Jon 2 Tyrion 3 Daenerys 4 Davos 5 Shireen. I dont have a first and last all characters that I like I like them all almost the same intensity.
  8. Seriously I want for some sort of peaceful resolution between the Starks and Dany , without any being devaluated or relegated to second fiddle. Also want Cercei and her rule to end , also Euron to loose. So I really want the wars to end so the realm to concentrate on the WW threat. Also I believe Westeros is better for all as an united than in several independent state, despite all the problems a united Westeros brings.
  9. Go team Targeryan. Down with the Usurpers and their dogs.
  10. Of maybe the warrior is Rhaeghar in flashbacks.
  11. And at Littlefinger political position it says Innovation in Transportation. A little quip for the jet pack joke.
  12. Maybe you should look up personal union and what it means. It was common in real life as a political union of two kingdoms. It was used to unify Spain and may European countries.
  13. Valyrian steel forged with dragonfire kills WW. What is special about valyrian steel from other steel is that it was forged with dragonfire, other than that it is ordinary steel.It meens that dragonfire is not normal fire but magical fire. Normal steel doesn't kill WW but valyrian steel does. So it seems that dragonfire being able to kill WW.
  14. And they have septas and a sept so it isn't only Cat religion, but also their own. Bran wanted to be a knight of the kingsguard(you cannot be a knight without being a follower of the seven). So it seems to me that the Starks were fast becoming followers of the seven themselves. A few generations and the Starks would have switched religions (with a lot of respect for the old gods, but worshipers of the Seven).
  15. The Long Night and the comming of the Others occurred 8000 years in the past. The Andal invasions occured from 5000 years in the past. It is kind of hard and ilogical to see a connection between the creation of the Others and the Andals.