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  1. I will read the first couple of issues, but after the Batman Metal event, I don't have high expectations. Is Doomsday Clock just a 12-issue series or will there be a lot of tie-ins like with Metal?
  2. Today, my daughter was watching Nine Lives, a kids movie about cats that happens to have Kevin Spacey in it as a main character. I don't want her to watch it, but I'm also not thrilled that I have to explain why I don't want her to watch it.
  3. ^^^ I'm glad I ate lunch already today.
  4. Living in China: Pros Low cost of living, including low income tax rates Teachers are respected National health care system Feel safe on any street at any hour Good public transportation (not necessary to own a car) Cons Need a vpn to access the internet fully Everywhere is crowded Smokers utopia and litterbugs paradise Heavy air pollution
  5. Watership Down (my favorite book) Giants in the Earth by O.E. Rolvaag (This is more a pick of sentiment than of quality. As an assignment in 8th grade history, it sparked my love for reading, and I haven't stopped reading since.) The Hedge Knight (This was my entry point into the never ending journey that is ASOIAF, my favorite series.) The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (I loved reading this in the papers every day back in the 90s. I even read it to my daughter a couple years ago, and we still reminisce about its humor.) Stillness and Speed (a biography about my favorite footballer Dennis Bergkamp) Catch Me If You Can (Frank Abagnale is endlessly fascinating.) Happy Potter and the Goblet of Fire (my 2nd favorite series and for me this is the best book in that series) It (This is King at his best, just wish that one scene could be redacted.) The Inferior (the best book I have read this year) Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks (Mick Foley also is endlessly entertaining; bonus points for not being ghost written.)
  6. Never heard of Edward Nketiah before but he just kept Arsenal in the league cup.
  7. This is a great opportunity for Koeman to revitalize the USMNT.
  8. Part of a comment in the previous thread by @The Wedge: Yes, the USMNT has two prospects in Bill Hamid (26, DC United) and Sean Johnson (28, NYCFC). They just aren't as well know because they have never played for a club outside the MLS. I wish Klinsmann had given them more chances during Howard's international hiatus rather than relying on Guzan. If you lose your starting spot at Aston Villa, maybe your national team manager should pass on you as well.
  9. I want to like them because I have a long commute back and forth to work. But, like others have said, I tend to zone out at times. Personally, I find that podcasts work better. If I lose focus for a bit, I don't feel a need to go back and listen to every word with a podcast, like I would with an audiobook.
  10. A co-worker in the office loves to chat. Then, between all of this small talk, he loves to say something like: "Man, I have so many things to do right now." I just want to yell at him, "Then, just shut up, and do the work."
  11. USA failed to qualify. I need some more Jack n Coke.
  12. Bruce Arena should be fired in the morning.
  13. ...and Messi taken the lead. Argentina up 2-1.
  14. One minute in and Argentina is already down a goal.
  15. USA's up 3-0 now. I guess that pep talk from Lalas got them fired up.