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  1. Yes, I'm still watching it. I personally rank it higher than the other DC-CW shows. I like that it has a gritty realness to it. Also, I like that it's geared toward a slightly older audience than the other DC-CW shows. (My 10 y/o daughter and I enjoy watching Supergirl, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow together. She's not allowed to watch Black Lightning, maybe in another 3~4 years.) I can understand that you found that school assembly scene annoying, but please try one entire episode. I think you will have a more positive opinion of it after that.
  2. Surprise result for USA. John-Henry Krueger earns Silver in short track, men's 1000m.
  3. That looked bad for Elise Christie
  4. Happy New Year! Best wishes for everyone in The Year of the Dog!
  5. Well, it is New Year's Eve on the lunar calendar. Maybe, the OP's country is China. Happy New Year!!!
  6. I don't understand the tiebreaker system in mixed doubles curling. After the round robin stage, 3 teams are tied for 3rd place having a 4-3 record -- Russia, Norway, and China. Yet, Russia was ranked 3rd in the knockout stage, and Norway and China must have a playoff to determine who receives the 4th and final spot in the knockout stage. What stat was used to determine that?
  7. It's the F1 of the Winter Olympics.
  8. And that lasted about 10 minutes. Christie was in heat 4. Her time was 42.872 seconds. In heat 8, Choi Min-Jeong finished in 42.870.
  9. Elise Christie from Team GB just set a new Olympic record in short track speed skating, 500m.
  10. I got apps on my phone for poker and sudoku.
  11. The second round of mixed doubles curling is being played right now. Anyone else watching? Curling is one of my favorite winter events. Yet, for me the mixed doubles variation (5 stones and 8 frames) is slightly better as the regular team events (8 stones and 10 frames) tend to drag on sometimes.
  12. My 10 y/o daughter recently discovered Once Upon a Time. Now I’m binge watching it with her. We’re currently halfway through season one. I’m surprised about how good it is: the world building, the endless amount of interesting characters, how all of those characters are interconnected, the modern day retelling of the fairytales, etc. Unfortunately, I really hate the thread that’s holding it all together. Any time Mary Margaret (Snow White) and David (Prince Charming) are on screen together in their modern day setting and waffling on about the difficulties of trying to love each other I want to bang my head against a wall.
  13. I found Rousey's part at the end to be annoying. The four women just stood there glaring at each other. Was that scene supposed to create tension? For me, it only highlighted that Rousey probably has no mic skills.
  14. Currently, I'm binge watching Mindhunter. I find it surprising that every killer and killing is highly based on reality. Hollywood production studios have to pay people if their likenesses and/or real life stories are used in videos, right? If so, then who gets that money? There are laws against criminals profiting from their criminal actions.
  15. For a long time now, DC has been pimping a "bold new line" called The New Age of Heroes. To me, it seemed like a big pile of garbage. Well, the first issue of the first series, Damage, arrived this week. I read it just to see if my instincts were correct, and they were. Even though, I have to admit that the artwork is good, the title character is just a ripoff of The Hulk with a few dashes of Captain America in order to give an appearance of originality. Also, I hate the trope of the enigmatic, top secret, off the books quasi-governmental agency, and this one issue included two of them.