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  1. RIP R. Lee Ermey He was the best part of the movie Full Metal Jacket.
  2. Mustafi needs to be kissing Welbeck's ass nonstop over the next 3 days
  3. The drunk thread needs to be pined because it is hard as hell to find while drinking. Anyway, I have a 4 day weekend from school and i'm daydrinking (Kiran beer) while writing midterm exams. It's a thing of beauty.
  4. I wonder if Fox News will run that story.
  5. The number of empty seats at the Arsenal's stadium was noticeable. No way they got their usually 59,000+.
  6. FINALLY!!!! Cech saved a PK. ETA: Extra special since that helped him to earn his 200th clean sheet.
  7. I just today heard that comedian and activist Barry Crimmins passed away last week. If you don’t know who that is, I hope you will watch the documentary about his life titled Call Me Lucky.
  8. Are you being serious, or are you hate-reading?
  9. I heard this quote today on a podcast that was discussing the Olympics in general: “A shout out to Scotland for inventing every sport but never winning any of them. Just a tiny sports laboratory cranking out sports for the good of the world and then getting drunk enough to invent more sports.”
  10. Trump creates his political beliefs the same way James Joyce creates his books. Everything is just stream-of-consciousness with him. He has no other gear.
  11. Advantages of being a teacher: I enjoy learning and helping others learn. Every day is different; work is never dull. Being around young people helps me feel young. Every year, I get 10~12 weeks of paid vacation.
  12. daughter
  13. As a teacher, the last thing I want is to carry a gun, and I wouldn't trust any of my co-workers with a gun. As a student, I'd probably be scared to death if any of my teachers had a gun. Have any teachers' unions stated support for Orange45's proposals?
  14. Team USA basically played "prevent defensive" (to barrow a phrase from American football) during the last 2 ends to win the gold 10-7. Some disappointments this year for USA but also a few surprises. As usual, the women performed better than the men.
  15. USA men looking good in their gold medal match. Scored 5 in end #8. Now they are up 10-5.