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  1. The books coming out in 2017

    I'd go with shite myself
  2. Amazing Book Deals V.2

    All the Craft sequence books by Max Gladstone seem to be £1.66 on for the kindle. Highly recommended.
  3. The Return of JV Jones

    Excellent. I'm delighted for her, and me.
  4. Ft Lauderdale airport shooting

    My mum is there at the moment. Was due to fly 40 minutes after all this started. She's safe, and on a runway, but it's absolutely terrifying.
  5. Convince me that breakfast wasn't a terrible act of self-harm

    Or kedgeree my dear man. i grudgingly eat horrible porridge at work, and live for the weekend breakfast. Eggs are essential, whether sweet or savoury.
  6. LOTR emblem shawl

    I really like the udome colours. The shire pattern is very pretty too. Ancients if Gondor is also basses. I noticed that I have more oscha than anything else in my stash. Mostly blues. They do good blue. See Scot, get your bum over to oscha. Buy your wife a lovely shawl. You can snuggle into it too.
  7. "Family Values" What now?

    Is your sister geographically close to you? All you can really do is be there for her. Let her cry /rage and never speak a word of what she says to others - and possibly not even herself. I've definitely ranted stuff that I don't think and don't want to discuss post rant.
  8. LOTR emblem shawl

    Ha! I'm into wrapping and geeking out over fibre/design. I knew when I saw the title it was related to the oscha release. I'm very tempted by the evenstar undome shawl. I tend to prefer a more abstract pattern. Lots of handwoven wraps out there inspired by ASoIaF
  9. Working, with small children

    It's not rigid . We will share and share alike. I just continue to have my bank account and he has his. Joint savings and bills . It's fairly sprawling. My current, his current, bills and mortgage, current expenditure savings(known costs such as a new car, attic conversion, new doors, painting and decorating that sort of thing), long term undefined savings, As future education expenses, As childrens allowance (technically investment in shares), taxes, management fees and unexpected expenses for an apartment I used to live in that is currently rented, a unit linked long term savings and I think that's it! Ive a holiday fund at work. I also have a salary sacrifice and bonus sacrifice tax efficient account at work. I'll start selling released shares in that next year. Our pay goes into the current accounts, then gets divvied up into the various accounts and we can spend the rest. The Crèche fees actually come out of his account. Then it's whoever feels like paying.
  10. Working, with small children

    It's something I have been dealing with recently. My little girl is 20 months and I went back in February. in a way, I think you are framing your take home in a slightly old fashioned way (I could be wrong) in saying "your" take home would be £300. I'm guessing you are factoring the full childcare costs into your salary. I wouldn't. I'd use half. Your husband/partner should be contributing the other half regardless. If nothing else , you want a ready source of "you" money, whether that be for sanitary paraphernalia, clotheths, make up or a coffee in Costa. we had discussed me maybe staying at home. Turns out I , personally, am not cut out for full time satm. I'm finding toddlerhood tough on days I have her all by myself. (I found small babyhood much easier). we have developed our own routines. I'm up at six, in work by 7:30 and leave at 4-4:20. Pick her up at 5-6:10 depending on whether I walk the dog before or after picking her up. J and she get up between 7:30 and i8:30. He feeds, dresses and drops her into creche. I've probably taken 3/4 of her sick days as I have flexi time. she stays up til 8:30 or 9 so both of us see her in the evening. Im still breastfeeding but it's not been an issue so far. i like working. It provides a structure to my day that I need for my mental health. Financially, I like having my own money. National pension contributions are valuable as are private pension contributions. having said that, I can see the merits to part time, especially as they get older and have after school commitments.
  11. Careerchat II

    Linked-in. Do you use it? How do you use it? Are validations important. How about the photo? Im considering looking for a new job and it's something I've never really paid attention to.
  12. UK Politics: The Overton Defenestration

    Well, to be fair the words Nigel Farage and loathsome creature do seem to go together, just not in describing other people.
  13. US Elections 2016

    I'd hoped to go to bed and sleep soundly tonight. Looks like that's not going to happen.
  14. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Thanks for the Pax Arcana rec guys. I've been home with a dodgy tummy and these have been ideal. Tore through the first two in three days and in the middle of the third now
  15. What's For Dinner v. 6

    Spring lamb! New season asparagus! rack of lamb, red currant sauce, asparagus, carrot, dauphinois potato.