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  1. Spanish tortilla. Onion, potato and goats cheese filling, green salad on the side.
  2. I’m mildly interested in this. I’m essentially a reluctant adopter of tech. I was massively anti kindle - until Himself boy got one and I picked it up one day when we were traveling. It’s now my favourite thing in the world and I do the vast majority of my reading on one of the two I own. He on the other hand is an early adopter. So we have Alexa, and an echo dot in the bedroom. After a slow start, I have to admit I like it. I like voice controlled Spotify when I’m cooking. Actually voice recognition is most useful when prepping and cooking. I like being able to call the most recent podcast of a couple of series on tune in. I like being able to call downstairs on a drop in if I’m putting the toddler to bed and I want him to do something. The lights come on before I get home (Ireland so it’s dark early in winter) which is a nice minor security feature. When we were on holiday a fortnight ago, they were coming on and off at various intervals in the living and main bedrooms, which is a definite security feature. We’re radio listeners anyway, so the digital radio is handy. Would I have bought it. No. Am I glad I have it? Yes.
  3. Rachel Parris is doing a stellar job on a The Mash Report. I’m really enjoying her segments
  4. Have you read The Curse of Chalion, Paladin of Souls or the Hallowed Hunt, Lily? If not, get thee to a purveyor of fine quality literature post haste. They are lovely, well written, idealistic books. Yes, bad things happen to good people, but they develop, and grow, and have relationships and are generally marvelous.
  5. I I haven’t formally thrown in the towel, but I’m fairly certain this will be a did not finish for me. Favourites. Assassins Fate by Robin Hobb. Lovely ending to The Fitz cycle. Actually, as I read all 3 last year, they, as a whole, are probably my favorite reading experience of the year. Rereads of A civil campaign and Komarr, by Lois McMaster Bujold. Older Miles is the best. Eleanor Oliphant is absolutely fine, by Gail Honeyman. Well developed character study. I was not expecting what I got. The stone in the Skull by Elizabeth Bear. Welcome return to the Eternal Sky. The Stone Sky by NK Jemisin. Solid conclusion to the trilogy.
  6. Oh that’s very exciting. A definite “must read” ASAP for me. thanks for the unexpected good news.
  7. Started into the Void trilogy this week by Hamilton. I tend to enjoy his stuff, and it’s definitely space opera.
  8. 4 courses on the cards for tonight. Fig (roast) and goats cheese salad. Celeriac and smoked haddock soup. Roast chateaubriand, gravy, roast potato, carrots and parsnips. Toffee soufflé.
  9. Christmas ( and as you say, any roast )dinner should be a pea free zone. Sprouts, carrots and parsnips all the way. I love peas but their fresh sweet flavour doesn’t work with a savory roast at all, even less when there is delicious gravy. thanks for the goose tips Merc Chef. Tonight, Thai red curry with coconut rice.
  10. So, in a fit of madness I proposed goose for Xmas Eve dinner, and in a fit of alcohol inspired euphoria, himself ordered one. Does anyone have any good recipes, or tips for cooking a whole goose?
  11. Really Enjoying The Stone in the Skull. I half wish I’d reread the earlier trilogy though, just to familiarize myself with the characters that hav recurred. Just finished her a reread of A Dance with Dragons. I thought it was better without the weight of expectations. It held up well. Picked up Poseidon’s Gold by Lindsey a Davis as a light commute book.
  12. Well this was depressing. i see you’ve let IDS start commenting on Ireland too.
  13. I’ve just downloaded Elizabeth Bears latest, The Stone in the Skull. Excited to return to the world of The Eternal Sky.
  14. I loved the first of the Dreamblood duology, and liked the second quite a bit. Broken Earth was awesome though.
  15. Re the disrobing, may I suggest that MC never goes to a German, or Finnish, sauna. Nudity is expected, both sexes will sit happily for 10-15 minutes, looking at nothing in particular. You bring a towel, but only to sit on. Similarly, nudist beaches around Europe. Re single episode vs repeat episodes, years ago to take a non random example, it was the company Xmas party. My line manager got drunk. Felt the need to tell me how he wanted to have sex with me, wanted to have anal, wanted to see me on my knees etc etc. the first time he came over to me that evening, he was crude but not to that level. I reminded him he was married with kids, I want interested, and went off to talk to the girls. The second time that night, I was getting a drink for me. It was cruder, again I said not interested, he was married etc. I decided to leave. Got a taxi home without telling as I just wanted to go. He rang mewhile I was in the cab and was filthy. I hung up. He rang again. I hung up. To be fair, he did text the following day and said sorry. On the Monday, he apologized in person. I genuinely do feel he was remorseful. However, I never felt comfortable in his presence again. One to one meetings were excruciating. We agreed that I should move line managers and I did. So, it was one night. Was I harassed? I feel I was. But it was one night only (I also made sure I was never out in a social setting with him again).