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  1. I loved the first of the Dreamblood duology, and liked the second quite a bit. Broken Earth was awesome though.
  2. Re the disrobing, may I suggest that MC never goes to a German, or Finnish, sauna. Nudity is expected, both sexes will sit happily for 10-15 minutes, looking at nothing in particular. You bring a towel, but only to sit on. Similarly, nudist beaches around Europe. Re single episode vs repeat episodes, years ago to take a non random example, it was the company Xmas party. My line manager got drunk. Felt the need to tell me how he wanted to have sex with me, wanted to have anal, wanted to see me on my knees etc etc. the first time he came over to me that evening, he was crude but not to that level. I reminded him he was married with kids, I want interested, and went off to talk to the girls. The second time that night, I was getting a drink for me. It was cruder, again I said not interested, he was married etc. I decided to leave. Got a taxi home without telling as I just wanted to go. He rang mewhile I was in the cab and was filthy. I hung up. He rang again. I hung up. To be fair, he did text the following day and said sorry. On the Monday, he apologized in person. I genuinely do feel he was remorseful. However, I never felt comfortable in his presence again. One to one meetings were excruciating. We agreed that I should move line managers and I did. So, it was one night. Was I harassed? I feel I was. But it was one night only (I also made sure I was never out in a social setting with him again).
  3. It was lovely. Very gentle. I know Limnos must have a real world parallel but drawing a blank. I don’t know why I love these stories so much but they gladden my heart.
  4. I've not peeked at the above since it converted to a spoiler thread, but about a third in and really enjoying it. I'd forgotten a bit of the detail from the climax of the last, but it felt naturalistic how it built up.
  5. It's lovely. Penric is such a kind character. It's not something we see very often, and I love it.
  6. Wtf. Greyscale is super contagious. A touch will infect you, but Jorah 'says' he is cured and cue hugs from Danny. No. Just fucking no.
  7. Anyone else been reading the Hidden Legacy novels by Ilana Andrews? Cracking good fun. Totally goes for it magic wise (don't think too hard), and the characters develop!!! From creepy kidnapping, to actually speaking about what is upsetting them. Now, the stereotypes are strong, and while I liked the focus on family, Nevada really, really needs a female friend.
  8. The Wild Atlantic Way has excellent walks and cycles. The newly branded Ireland Ancient East is covering tourism in the East. personally, I'd split, Dublin and West Cork, somewhere like inchydoney or skibereen will provide water attractions like whale watching, kayaking and surfing, with glorious beaches and walks. Dublin, you can walk the Wicklow way, Powerscout, djouce mountain, while retaining the culture of the city.
  9. So after decades of completely ignoring my face, in the last six weeks I have gotten seriously into skin care. I'm not even sure how! I also bought my first powder compact, and am really liking it so far. I don't wear make up as a general rule, but this seems light, non irritating and softens some blemishes. Diffused light, by hourglass. Speak to me of powders, blushes etc of wise people of the Board.
  10. Sent. Deirdre real surname. Thanks for organising this.
  11. I was strong and held out, so only starting Fitz and the Fool for the first time today. Yay for more glorious Fitz-Ian angst (I assume)
  12. I'd go with shite myself
  13. All the Craft sequence books by Max Gladstone seem to be £1.66 on for the kindle. Highly recommended.
  14. Excellent. I'm delighted for her, and me.
  15. My mum is there at the moment. Was due to fly 40 minutes after all this started. She's safe, and on a runway, but it's absolutely terrifying.