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  1. lol stoppp. This was an awesome episode. So many huge moments and reveals. It's a fantasy show remember that not real life on planet earth.
  2. She seemed more in shock and disbelief... I bet we eventually get some tears Both dragons seemed affected Rhaegal just flew off he was so shook
  3. They look close to death and one of them did die....
  4. To be fair they just showed they spent the night on that rock.
  5. Nope it's dragon glass. That's the reason it immediately died.
  6. Except they do have it. Jorah stabbed the polar bear with it.
  7. How do we know the books won't go the same route? Let's hold off on calling the writers dumb for now. It's very possible it happens the same way in the books.
  8. He was a jerk yes. Divorcing your wife who gave you 2 kids because you fell in love with another woman is effed up. However........ I'm inclined to think he actually had the annulment done because of his 'obsession', for lack of a better word, with the prince that was promised prophecy. He truly believed his kid with Lyanna was tptwp and wanted him/her to be a legitimate Targaryen. Doesn't change the fact that he ran out on his wife and kids, but at least there was a bigger picture reasoning for it.
  9. 8/10. Loved the dialogue. Rational thinking by everyone as well. Fair and balanced writing. Well done. Used to to really enjoy these forums but the amount of ignorance, trolling, and blind hate has really made it impossible to visit here anymore. Actual discussion about the show is non-existent. Sad it's gotten to that point.
  10. She literally has been doing her water dancing training every morning for the past however many weeks, months (years!) however long it's been since season 1. She's had extensive training with the FM, including while she was blind. We as viewers have only seen a small percentage of this. She's obviously had formal sword training and a lot of it. This scene was very plausible and very realistic.
  11. He's just trying to ease the tension while talking to a seemingly shy person. Looking way to into it.
  12. Might have been the best episode in television history. 10/10