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  1. Tell Me About A Great Biography You've Read.

    Ooh, Oscar Wilde would be interesting.
  2. Tell Me About A Great Biography You've Read.

    I've read A Short History of Nearly Everything and One Summer. Both were fantastic. Are you referring to something specific? I didn't know he had written any biographies.
  3. valonqar twist

    Agreed. I think he probably wrote that prophecy with Jamie in mind as the twist no one would think of. But of course decades go by and everyone has since thought of everything. I would totally be happy with Jaime as the valonqar considering his character development and growing understanding of what Cersei really is.
  4. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Always loved Schweinsteiger, but that was an underwhelming move for Chicago. They already have 2 solid, younger players in the center of midfield. Not to mention that this is the kind of move that MLS is (and hopefully continuing to) move away from. Full disclosure, I'm an Atlanta United season ticket holder and supporters club member, and love the fact that we signed a core of young, talented South Americans in/entering their prime. That's what clubs should be doing instead of grabbing aging, big names with too many miles on their legs. And I know it's early days for ATL, but damn, things are looking good right now!
  5. Star Wars Novels/Graphic Novels

    I've never been a huge Star Wars fan. I enjoy the movies, but not in a huge, cultish way. That being said, I thought perhaps if I read some of the novels I would appreciate that universe better by digging into the side stories and whatnot. So, I was at the airport and looking for something to read on the plane when I came across Tarkin, which tells the story of Grand Moff Tarkin in his early years and then after he has risen to a position of power in the Empire. Aaaand it was pretty much garbage. Some of that I chalk up to jumping straight in without really knowing the ins and outs of Star Wars as a whole, but mostly it was because the writing was atrocious. Maybe if I had read it when I was like 9 or 10 years old it would have been decent.
  6. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Apple stuffing pork chops for the main tonight. Any side dish recommendations for it?
  7. Most intriguing place to you outside of Westeros

    Yup. So much land we've never seen. I mean, in addition to Asshai and those easterly areas, there's a whole other continent in the south that sounds like it would be an f-ing crazy place.
  8. Tell Me About A Great Biography You've Read.

    When/if I get around to watching it you'll be the first to know. Well, you'll be the first to know via the interwebs anyway.
  9. Tell Me About A Great Biography You've Read.

    Nice! Thanks for the reccos. Titanic Thompson sounds like it would be awesome.
  10. Oberyn was great, but I actually really enjoyed (especially upon first realizing it) that Doran had been plotting and making moves for years. His major secret didn't work out the way he hoped of course, but there are still quite a few wheels in motion that keep Dorne interesting for me.
  11. Tell Me About A Great Biography You've Read.

    I hate to admit it, but I've never seen it. I know, I know, wtf right?
  12. Agreed. Gotta have a way to bring Dawn into this and Hotah is the easiest way to introduce it.
  13. Tell Me About A Great Biography You've Read.

    I was trying to remember what he's been in when I realized he was in the 1st episode of The Last Kingdom. Then I looked him up and realized he's been in like a million things. Haha.
  14. Tell Me About A Great Biography You've Read.

    Sweet! I normally can't handle audiobooks, but if David Attenborough is narrating then I'm totally in
  15. Raisin' Bran is actually sponsored by Frosted Mini-Wheats.