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  1. Not for sure, but there is no mention of Aegon in any description of the tourney. Elia is probably still pregnant at the time. Sorry, I'm doing this without notes as I'm on the road waiting for tomorrow's eclipse. Most of what we know about the timing of Aegon's birth comes from just a few quotes. One is this one: The vision of Dany at the House of the Undying, and a SSM that places Aegon's age at about one year old during the sack also figure into this. Because we see Aegon with Rhaegar and Elia in the vision and he is gone from them at the coming of the new year it is very likely Aegon's birth is before that date. The problem being Rhaenys is born in 280, and Elia is bedridden for something like six months after. It's at tight timeline and others may try to adjust it to fill all the clues in different ways. I'm just telling you the conclusion I've come to, and I don't think I can be off by more than a month. I hope that helps.
  2. Very late 281. Which makes him something like a few months shy of his second name day when the sack of King's Landing takes place. It also makes Aegon 18 going on 19 when Tyrion meets "Young Griff." Which may or may not be important depending on who you think Young Griff really is.
  3. No, I'm saying what Martin has told us here. What this tells us is that Ashara being Lemore cannot be ruled out because of a known age. My examples of Ashara being Ned's or Brandon's age are just that - examples. She also could be older or younger than either of them as long as she fits within Martin's range.
  4. We are by the author. George was asked how old Howland Reed was and he responded "in his thirties." He was then asked how old Ashara was and he said "the same." It's in an old SSM posted in the Citadel, but I'm on the road now and can't look it up. If Ashara was the same age as Ned at Harrenhal, the she would be 38 in 300AC. If she was Brandon's age she would be 39 in the same year. Either is close enough to fit Tyrion's estimate of 40 in year 300.
  5. All we are told of Ashara's age is that she is, like Howland Reed, in her thirties at the time of the main story. Meaning anywhere from 30 to 39 in 298 AC and about two years older when Tyrion gives his estimate of Lemore's age. An age of 30 in 298 would have made her 13 at Harrenhal, which is probably too young for her description there. Given Ned's age and Brandon's age at Harrenhal, it is likely Ashara was somewhere near them in age. Which puts her in her late thirties when she meets Tyrion as Lemore. Understanding she has spent the last 17 plus years, not as a pampered handmaid to the Princess of Dragonstone, but as a woman living on the riverboats of the Rhoyne exposed daily to all the elements, then Tyrion's estimate makes sense. Her real and likely age is well within the range of his guess.
  6. As others have pointed out, the Targaryens don't have "fire resistance." That obviously includes Egg, so we have no doubt he died in the fire that consumed Summerhall. The more interesting part of your question is the identity of the "unknown perpetrators" of his murder - if it was a murder. Suspect number one, as a member of the maester's conspiracy, has to be the newly appointed Grand Maester himself - young Pycelle.
  7. As a long time advocate of the Septa Lemore = Ashara Dayne theory, I agree. Ashara needs to be alive to understand the huge hole in Aegon's (aka Young Griff) story. For five years after he left Westeros Jon Connington knew nothing of Aegon and lived his life in exile as a member of the Golden Company. Yet someone convinced him that the child who we came to know of as Young Griff, really was Rhaegar's son Aegon. Who vouched for and convinced him the child was who he thinks he is? Not Varys, who was his golden prince's enemy. Not a Pentoshi cheese merchant. It has to be someone he trusts. And it has to be someone Prince Doran trusts, or this plot dies without Dorne's support. Lady Ashara is one of the only characters who can fit this role. She has to tell both Connington, and in the future, the Princes of Dorne that she left Starfall with Aegon to protect him from Robert. Whether any of that is true or not is another question, but she is the only character who makes this story believable to the right people.
  8. No quote that tells us how young, but that he was young, yes there is.
  9. No, it's not. Calling Rhaegar out for a duel to the death is much more like the Brandon we hear about. I should have added Hoster Tully's remarks calling Brandon a "gallant fool" alongside the other remarks above illuminating Brandon's rash and violent character. All of one piece. No one speaks to the contrary about Brandon's character.
  10. And my only disagreement with this is the word "likely." There is nothing at all wrong with pointing out that Jaime's words to Catelyn could come from someone else instead of him hearing Brandon's cry first hand. It's the step of saying it is likely without evidence to support it that's the problem. Of the seven members of the Kingsguard, we know we can say that it is unlikely that two of them heard Brandon's challenge. Both Dayne and Whent were with Rhaegar, so it is highly likely that if - as Jaime tells us - that Rhaegar was not there, then neither of these two were there either. The other five, especially including Jaime, were, without a King's order or that of the Lord Commander to the contrary, likely to be with Aerys or in his vicinity - aka in the Red Keep. We do know that of the royal family other than Rhaegar only Elia and her children are known to be outside of the Red Keep at this time. Perhaps one of the Kingsguard, most likely her uncle, Prince Lewyn, could be on Dragonstone with her, but we don't know for sure. As such, we need more information to judge just how likely it is that Jaime was or was not a witness to Brandon's actual words. All we know is that the words Jaime says Brandon said fit his past actions and the personality we are told by those closest to him. So, first hand account, or a second hand relay from another, it is likely the words Jaime tells to Catelyn are an accurate account of what Brandon said that day.
  11. I don't recall saying you did. I can point out he doesn't have a reason to lie without saying you said he did. There is no reason to think he was elsewhere. in fact, we know Jaime was kept close to Aerys, so he being in the Red Keep when Brandon and company arrives is highly likely. That is true even if he wasn't in the actual courtyard when Brandon's party rides in. But we can't say whether or not Jaime was in the courtyard, guarding Aerys, or off duty at the moment they arrive. We just know Jaime reports what he likely thinks is true to Catelyn, regardless if it is his from first hand knowledge or from a report he hears from others. You have nothing that suggests one is more likely than the other. What we know is that Jaime's story is consistent with what we know of Brandon's behavior as pointed out by other sources. There is nothing to support the conclusion that Brandon didn't say just what Jaime says he did.
  12. Except it is keeping with the Brandon we know about from other sources. We are told in the World Book the extent of Brandon's impulsiveness when he reacts to Rhaegar crowning Lyanna. There are two things to take note of here. First, that in front of the King and the rest of Westeros only physical restraint from others stopped Brandon from confronting the Crown Prince. That doesn't speak to a well thought out response. Even Robert seems to know better and speaks of the crowning as only what was due Lyanna. Secondly, the reason given for Brandon's rage isn't just his sister's honor, but rather the fact her honor is slighted because she is already betrothed to Robert. This fits with Jaime's account both in Brandon's use of a challenge as his first response and with him never mentioning, that we know of, any concern for his sister. Brandon's concern seems to be the dishonor to House Stark, not Lyanna. We also have the account of Brandon's personality from Lady Dustin. We also have to remember Ned's own words about his dead brother. So Ned ties Brandon's rash behavior - his "wolf blood" - directly to his death. Ned's words to Arya, however, are not just a general description of his brother. He is speaking of the same actions that Jaime is describing to Catelyn. They both agree. What we have is Maester Yandel, Lady Dustin, and Ned all providing accounts that paint the same picture of Brandon's personality and each one supporting the same behavior as typical - or even characteristic - of the same behavior Jaime gives us about Brandon's arrival in the Red Keep. I'm afraid trying to dismiss Jaime's tale as the wine speaking doesn't work here. Brandon was a skilled swordsmen who liked to use his sword to settle disputes. I don't think there is any reason to doubt Jaime is telling exactly what he knows happened. After all, he admits to incest, so what would his motive be for lying to Catelyn about this obscure piece of history? He certainly isn't trying to make Aerys look good.
  13. I'm clueless to what you're talking about, Alia. I don't watch the show and it sounds like from the phrase "looked burned to me" it might be a show reference you're asking about. If so, I'd post it in the GoT threads. Good to see you posting!
  14. Welcome, Francisco! Please do not worry about your english. We have people whose native languages are not english who post on these boards all of the time. In fact, some of our most prolific and respected posters fall in that category. As Lost Melnibonean has pointed out about the show, please read Mormont's post about posting about show topics in the book forums. It is a strict rule that can get posters in trouble, so it is very good to keep in mind. If you are interested in reading about speculation concerning Taena Merrywheather let me point you to an essay on the Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire website about her. I'm not endorsing the author's speculation, but it is worth reading. He does post here as well.