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  1. Yes I was thinking along the lines of The Grey Wolf. I doubt that is something Martin would actually think plausible or in anyway right (I certainly hope he doesn't anyway). I assumed it was the bias of the author showing through. We know people in Westeros view the Targaryen's above the laws of mere men and Gyldayn seems a pretty big Targ supporter so I always assumed it was just his way of saying "these beings are more than mere men, of course it is a blessing that they want your daughter!" when the actual truth is that this is gross and the practice was hated just as much on Dragonstone as it was elsewhere. Though people may have been less vocal because of the massive dragons that could swoop down and torch their farm if they were too vocal
  2. To show everyone she is fine(tm) and has completed her metamorphosis from a poor broken woman who was jilted at the altar to a woman scorned. Similar to her desperate attempts to prove "I just happened to be here!" to everyonevin Season 1 I guess. So, closest to your first suggestion
  3. The US is a quasi-communist State now?
  4. Different to anything I expected (but really you can never guess with this show) but it works well thematically "We hope this helps!" "What?" Eta: ha, I thought I didn't really like it but it's already stuck in my head.
  5. Welcome to the dark side Buck! I can only assume this one was intentional as it was too obvious
  6. Nice. Think you are probably correct with most of this speculation. Harwin was not Blood though, he was dead before the Dance began. Or did you mean Blood was some Strong descendant?
  7. These!
  8. *bows* pleased to have taught you both something new
  9. I knew what that video was before I opened it we are incorrigible... I love the new avatar. *honk honk*
  10. Not so, as I said before, for a while I was Toothless (How to train your dragon, from when my avatar was that way back). I think someone even drew me like that somewhat recently! For you I always try and do some variant of Jennifer Lawrence, with depressingly inaccurate results Regarding Castellan's point on deadlines, I'm not sure. 48 hours is more than sufficient for a description round imo. Drawing round, I think 3 days is a pretty long time - it's just unfortunate that sometimes people have busy schedules on those assigned days. The actual drawing itself rarely takes all that long, it's just finding time, and I'm not sure an extended deadline really helps that
  11. Ok so now the weird apocalypse clouds dispersed and it's super windy. *dont do it* *dont do it* *dont do it* too late
  12. I never even imagine it should be a mystery until I came to these forums. When reading the implications are clear - Stonesnake is making a last desperate attempt to escape across perilous terrain crawling with enemies while Jon and Qhorin continue on. There is a very slim chance he achieves what he sets out to do. But when we rejoin the Old Bear, there is no Stonesnake, so the logical conclusion is that he died. It's not as though Stonesnake was assigned any real importance by GRRM, he was just a very minor character with some useful skills to distinguish him from generic NW ranger #7 Tyrek is slightly different I think because he has been brought up by other characters subsequent to his disappearance and there is a legitimate sense of mystery to the whole thing. It's possible he was just killed and his body disposed of in a bowl of brown, but the way his name is brought up by other characters makes me think GRRM actually intends something with this. But, no big deal if not, I can accept he was just murdered and disposed of off page
  13. It's 2.pm. and it's already* dark. Wtf? *i say 'already' but we haven't really had any proper daylight today. It has remained a deep overcast that has turned the world grey and now it's dark. Eta: apparently I should be blaming Ophelia. Damnit Ophelia.
  14. I have already decided I'll be drawing you as a Dracula-Balerion(the cat) hybrid...
  15. Publishing order, which is also chronological. So Farseer - Liveships - Tawny Man - Rain Wilds - Fitz and the Fool. Characterisation and raw emotion is Hobb's strength. Also I find her prose really beautifully too.