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  1. watched Okja on Netflix tonight. Excellent film, well written and directed and gorgeously shot. Nice commentary on the pleasant face of corporate capitalism contrasted with reality, and a perfect blend of satire and disturbia. Great use of music, especially the Seoul chase sequence. And I'd be remiss for not mentioning the superb cast too, particularly the young girl portraying Mija. Blending sweet innocence and fierce determination with ease and managing to shine in a talented lineup. I only wish I had the chance to see it in a cinema Definitely recommend it!
  2. She's a huge animal lover, it's obvious throughout her books. But she treats all her beloved characters harshly
  3. @williamjm I know you watch the Americans and mentioned a while ago about not having an air date here yet. Well in case, like me, you missed it, it started 12th June on ITV Encore (such obscurity for such a good show). So, that will also be added to my watch list now
  4. What did you think of GLOW? I'm finishing it up now and thought it was very good, after a bit of a weak first episode. My watch list is almost identical to yours at the moment, although for me replace Twin Peaks with Fargo. Oh, and iZombie. Season finale tonight/tomorrow morning
  5. I think thats why i enjoyed making posts as i was reading because i got my thoughts down as i experienced the book. However, i don't feel that its not worth discussing things now or that its shut a door. We know F&F's fate but its still good discussing their complicated and turbulent relationship, their actions and consequences throughout the book, etc. And i also think there are interesting things to be said about other things in the series, like the Liveships, new relationships between human and dragon kind, the other characters fates and so on. But the thread has already discussed some of these points so if you've read through the thread maybe thats why it feels more final and not worth discussing? There is still scope for more stories set in this world imo and i hope Hobb writes them
  6. Oh you have no idea what emotional suffering this series will put you through
  7. Maybe it's a 2
  8. Krystal will be along, don't worry. Alison centric episode, wonderful as ever. Really quite moving seeing her existential crises over the course of the episode. Want to add an aside that as soon as she appeared in the first scene I could tell it was a flashback, even before they showed Ainsley. So well done to the show for that. Maslany is so good you can detect subtle difference in clone impersonations and even the same clone in different time frames. Great work. Her and Donnie singing Ain't no Mountain was touching. Well done whoever it was guessed where Helena would go. But, surely this isn't a church she grew up in - weren't they Proletheans, or at least in league with them? And located in Ukraine or something? She surely isn't that far. Will be interested to see what's what here. The stuff with Kira is pretty creepy and disturbing. I wonder if Rachel is actively asking her to do things or just gently nudging her (This mouse can regrow its skin, I wonder if you could too?) Similar to Cosima's treatment, Kira overhears the conversation then yanks out her own tooth...whatever, it's disturbing. (Obviously it's not been shown (yet) but that certainly seemed to be the implication folllowing the shot with the knife) Promo for next week looks good. Also, based on the clips from before the season started (so still unaired)
  9. Actually my understanding was that the issues with the HS film were it was going too comedic, so it would seem the change of director is a step in the direction you would like; I.e. more Rogue One than Phantom Menace (Source: http://ew.com/movies/2017/06/22/ron-howard-takes-over-directing-duties-on-han-solo-film/
  10. I'm enjoying GLOW, although it's not my favourite show out there. It's good enough to keep me invested though. Edit: huh, few more episodes in and it's growing on me. Betty Gilpin is reminding me of Audrey on American Gods at times though Similar character background... By contrast I just binged Sneaky Pete over the course of the last two days. That was a great show. Though I guess it's a make or break deal in the first episode if you can buy the first lie. If you can't suspend your belief chances are you won't enjoy the show but I could and did, a great deal.
  11. Ugh, thats terrible. You ought to send your apprentice to wreak terrible vengence on these people.... I remember you too. Sounds like you've had a busy few years. Good luck with teaching though!
  12. I think that's been a recurrent theme throughout the season I knew as soon as Major and Nathalie started planning their happy escape something would go wrong. Not that I quite expected the explosion. They certainly have a lot to pack into the finale
  13. I hope and expect Ferdinand to get his comeuppance. I'll be interested to see where it comes from though, because I could actually see Rachel having him killed at some stage down the line. Don't think we've seen the last of him though. I think he hates Sarah and her sisters just as much as he hates Rachel and Neolution. I actually agree regarding the nurse. I was convinced she was Neolution by the time Helena stabbed her even if that might be a bit crazy. It was really gross to look at though. Did enjoy Donnie's second hilarious running away scene of the season (though last week's where he's try to wheel a suitcase through the woods was funnier). Trying to think where Helena would go to be safe where no one would find her. Not turning up anything yet, though I suspect it's going to be a throwback to an earlier season. I rewatched the episode again tonight and got an even greater appreciation for it. It took the stuff Orphan Black has done well in the past, that we might have expected, and turned it on its head. Sarah needs to run, an underground network makes plans to get her away, Sarah impersonates another clone, Sarah gets away. But this time it goes wrong - Sarah's disguise is busted, a clone dies (sacrifices herself?) in the process, and at the end they don't go because Kira refuses. It was really cleverly done. And the stuff with Sarah and Kira was pretty heartbreaking. Sarah does everything for Kira so seeing them parted and Kira willingly agree to go with Rachel was tough. I think Maslany gets better each season, if that's even possible.
  14. Really loved this episode. Didn't realise that it was the finale next week though. Poor Liv, her love interests just have no luck do they? Her reaction to 'brain banging' Ravi was hilarious. I kind of rescind my comments from earlier about trying to do too much. I think, coming to the finale, it looks like the season will pull together nicely. Probably the only thing I could have done without is more of Blaine's daddy issues at the beginning. Also, having now tried weekly watching and binge-watching, I find this show lends itself better to the latter. Which isn't a problem, just my personal preference. I prefer this show in large doses rather than 40 minutes per week. I feel that way about the other CW show I watch though so it's all good.
  15. Ouch I sympathise massively, tooth abscesses are the worst when they get like that. I remember mine, I was out with the dog when it flared up and I was sat down in the middle of a field whimpering for a good 10-15 minutes before I pushed myself to scurry home and cry. Hope all goes well at the dentist for you.