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  1. So, pup decided that what's mine is his and ate through the packaging on my Amazon parcel. So I now know that my wonderful SS bought me...Everything Now, the latest Arcade Fire album! thank you so much, I have such a love for Arcade Fire and while I have had it downloaded for a long while now, the album will be well used. I work in a pub/hotel and I'm in desperate need of a new CD to listen to...if I listen to Enya once more I might just scream ... Thank you Secret Santa. I have no idea who you are, and can only make one vaguely educated guess, which I will save until more have shipped and received
  2. This was a strange film. I liked it overall, I think, and definitely feel it took some more risky choices than TFA. Those choices didn’t bother me, but i’ll have to think some more about the whole plot to decide my full opinion. There were definitely parts that didn’t work or were poorly written/contrived but for the most part I enjoyed it. And certainly, it completely blew my expectations of what would happen
  3. This season has been enjoyable so far but it certainly isn't my favourite. Some cool scenes but ultimately I just don't feel the same high stakes and sense of danger that I probably should - which is peculiar when this season has seen a Shelby brother die. I'm also a bit disappointed that after the arrests at the end of last season not a lot seems to have come back of it. Thankfully we can see how it has affected the characters (Polly in particular) but overall it feels like a flop. Maybe I just had different expectations from last season's finale Not really a fan of Gold either but then I don't really like the actor. But the character also seems a whole sack of nothingness too
  4. Consulting the list of participants this year I realised that I’m the only Brit taking part which scuppered my initial suspicions. I have my second guess, but it’s by no means certain...
  5. Yay pictures! My Secret Santa gift also arrived today through the letterbox. The puppy (yes, he will always be the puppy, despite being over three years old now) almost decided to claim it for himself but I stopped him in time. I have the package underneath the tree, and will open it Christmas Day after work thank you SS, I’m very excited to see what you bought.
  6. Sharon Penman
  7. This year should have been a personal triumph for me (I graduated) but it feels more like one kick in the gut after another. And of course politics around the world are depressing right now. So, to hell with you 2017, though I have no greater hopes for 2018
  8. Funny, I was actually planning to post tonight asking about that after recalling Streep got it last year and realising it wasn’t on your list
  9. Curious to know the details of the research that led to such a conclusion
  10. Third times a charm!
  11. Are things going to stay spoiler tagged for at least a few days to account for different release dates? Or should I just bow out now?
  12. You have friends you definitely have friends It’s a make, over, it’s a makey make over
  13. I found a suitable t shirt for Bucky: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DQ0VrgTVAAM3pZ-?format=jpg
  14. Yep. Modern day Roosie would be sipping kale smoothies and protein shakes and running meal preps like there was no tomorrow. He would have his carefully constructed exercise regime including time for teh gainz. Fat Walda would become Ripped Walda and become a professional bodybuilder under his tutelage
  15. Right, but do you not find the focus and attention paid to 5eir children disturbing or discomforting? It’s not like the kids have an “opt out” choice to escape from such scrutiny. They will have to live with the stories written about them and photos taken of them for the rest of their life, knowing millions have seen/read them. I feel the same about people obsessing over celebrity children fwiw