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  1. Information on the Warlocks, perhaps could be a bit spoilery. Euronext has some with him, they swore vengeance on Dany, and according to the app so could maybe be that
  2. Maybe Disney is gathering franchises as if they are Horcruxes so they can ‘master death’ and resurrect old Walter himself
  3. Disney. Disney owns everything
  4. ^same here. I think maybe the m and m store in Leicester Square stocks pretzel m and ms but we do not speak of that evil place i ate a raisin this morning. At least I hope it was a raisin.
  5. Something a bit more substantive now. Toys’R’Us was part of what I would call a Big Day Out for me and my family. My mam worked Monday-Friday, my dad is self employed and generally works 6 days a week, alternating every other week as to whether it is a Saturday night or Sunday day he had off. So we didn’t have a lot of time all together at the same time due to work when I was younger. Added to that, Toys’R’Us was, while not exactly “far” away, long enough that we didn’t just pop over on a whim. So it came to be a thing that once every two months or so, we would all get up on a Sunday morning, nice and early. We’d walk the dog together, then come home and have dippy egg and soldiers (with marmite, obviously) for breakfast, then pile into the car and drive to the metro centre, ready for shops opening at 11. We’d spend the morning shopping in there then take a walk over the road to the retail park and Toys r Us. Such fond memories. I remember my favourite part was seeing the bikes and cars and trikes etc out on display in the aisles. I could happily have spent hours in there just drinking it all in. But, we weren’t well off. I was limited to one toy per visit, and that was only if it was a reasonable cost, and I had not behaved like a little shit for the past two months. I still recall the Happy day I brought Mouse Trap home at long last And after Toys R Us, we would all drive home and have a big Sunday’s dinner and muse over our purchases for the day.
  6. Amazon, proud to be one of America’s eight companies!
  7. It made me laugh every time Savage Garden started to play across Liv’s romantic flashes. Also, I meant to mention Bozio. Imo Liv is going to be wrong about her cheating on Clive and the two of them have agreed to an open relationship to overcome their problem mentiomed last week re: having sex.
  8. This episode was tons of fun. Really loved it, and interested to see part two. RomCom brain ties with Major on teen girl brain for my favourite so far. im also enjoying the larger storylines this season - the danger of starvation, human smuggling, Zombie/human tension etc.
  9. Roasted pepper and goats cheese salad with balsamic dressing. today we’re having soup - broccoli and Stilton to be specific. I don’t like the taste of Stilton on its own but in soup I find in lends a nice kick and creaminess.
  10. Weed. As someone who lived in student digs for three years...yeah, I can say I never got used to the smell and always hated it
  11. The less they use Depp the better. Yes I realise that’s a fruitless hope in a film for which he is cast as the titular character...
  12. I’m assuming The Fattest Leech means this one sorry if that’s a mistake though!
  13. You mix-spelled Mam... motherly music!
  14. Do you think there is any plan to use material from The Book of Dust at all? I suppose that will depend a lot on how much Pullman gets involved, if at all. I don’t see them including anything from La Belle Sauvage as the stuff relevant to the main story of HDM is covered in sufficient detail by that trilogy. But if there is a plan for 5 seasons, potentially material from the following books could be included depending what they cover. In a funny coincidence, I actually went looking for news regarding the second book of the new trilogy. Didn’t find anything, but it made me double take when I logged on to the forum later to see this thread bumped because I thought I might have stumbled across relevant news in my own search!
  15. Clicking their fingers at me I mean. It’s depressingly common. @Buckwheat it depends, but a lot of places the staff do tend to wear name tags, especially large franchises