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  1. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    Good coffee is wonderful, just don't get any of that nasty instant stuff. But then I really like the smell of coffee too. Nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. (see Ab, fully integrated Southerner now)
  2. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    How on earth do you make it through the day? Tea?
  3. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    Pro-tip: put wine in your coffee flask and never have to wait till you get home to drink again
  4. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX) [spoilers]

    I thought this weeks episode was good as the various plots finally started to come together. Much more action it seemed to me. The whole plot with Zilpha feels completely pointless though I like Werthead's "GrimCamp" descriptor. Seems appropriate.
  5. Attempted SS:GB again. Its not for me,i was bored by the fifteen minute mark. And good grief if anyone had problems with Tom Hardy's mumbling in Taboo (which i didnt) they ought to stay away from this. I couldnt understand a word anyone was saying half the time
  6. TTTNE v.468 - a title of one's own

    You clearly live in some kind of netherworld not found on google Maps. (Was going to make a Neverwhere reference but I always forget which country you are from, damnit.)
  7. Tried watching SS:GB tonight. Will have to try again as I fell asleep about 15 minutes in. Not sure if that was the show or because I was so drowsy at the time
  8. Fool's Quest

    Had a thought on this
  9. Fool's Quest

    UK Cover Art May can't come soon enough ETA: page count has dropped too, 864 now per Amazon. Also been changed in Jussi's link. Makes sense, Hobb has only recently finished edits/corrections (according The her Twitter on 10th Feb anyway)
  10. Upcoming Cover Art VII

    I suppose it depends what you like. I dislike the US covers with an image of Fitz on them (except, strangely, the Assassin's Fate cover). These ones are fairly simplistic, although they look better in person when you can properly appreciate the colours. I'm accustomed to this style now.
  11. The trailers don't look promising. But I might check it out if I haven't got anything else to watch at the time Can we please stop the whole "ratings" battle before it starts? It's so tedious and pointless and just kills the thread
  12. Pictionary 2017 Round 5 Describing

    I was thinking more
  13. Upcoming Cover Art VII

    Assassin's Fate, UK cover art: https://www.waterstones.com/book/assassins-fate/robin-hobb/9781785173615?utm_source=WS_AssassinsFate&utm_campaign=february2017twitter&utm_medium=twitter I'm a fan, I love these covers
  14. Pictionary 2017 Round 5 Describing

  15. The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    Golden Fool spoilers