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  1. Some news concerning some of Pratchett's work being adapted for TV/film including a feature film for the 1987 novel Mort, with Terry Rossio as writer, and a crime of the week TV series for The City Watch. Perhaps most interesting (and touching, yes I'm a sentimental sod) is that Neil Gaiman will be writing a Good Omens miniseries; I love the Good Omens novel, so a TV adaptation is something I would be really excited about. And Gaiman writing it is promising...and touching that he is doing it in response to a posthumous request from Pratchett. The fan-funded film adaptation of Troll Bridge was also confirmed to still be in the works by the Guardian article, as well as a feature film adaptation of The Wee Free Men by his daughter Rhianna
  2. Another recruit to Clone Club! Yay! i watched the finale last week and loved it. Tatiana Maslany is freaking awesome. from your other posts - Castor clones were always a bit meh but they do make good use of one in particular, who I don't know if you will have met yet. You'll definitely get to see Helena do more batshit stuff and eat a lot. Land lots more crazy suburban hijinks with Donnie and Alison. Seriously those two were brilliant. i can't wait until you get to meet Krystal properly The thread over in Entertainment should still generate responses, the show only finished last week. re: Game of Thrones, I got spoiled before I even knew the episode leaked because I wanted to watch a video on YouTube...and YouTube recommended the leak with a spoiler-y title and thumbnail. Get it together YouTube
  3. Good to hear your thoughts on it. I agree that Reflektor wasnt their best work. Everything Now has definitely grown on me though, and true to form some of the stuff i wasnt keen on at first are now among my favourite tracks. Go figure
  4. Continue. No questions left over from the previous thread.
  5. Since the other threads are long buried I'll start a new one. A place to discuss your MH struggles with others, offer advice or just unload your problems if need be. Please be respectful, and remember that just because something helps you doesn't mean it's going to help others too. Lately I've been doing well. I have fewer days where my depression interferes with my day-to-day life. And, even where it does, I made a big step in telling my flatmates and BF about my problems, so i have people close to me who understand and will try to help if they can (for me, this is usually them enforcing their company on me. Sounds stupid I know, but if I'm not alone I make a conscious effort to break out of my negative thinking and bleak mood. And it also prompts me to get out of bed and make some effort to get dressed, which is hard when my depression is at it's worst). But, as I said, these days are less frequent now, even during really busy periods at uni where I feel overwhelmed by work. Part of it, I think, is that after about 9/10 years I've finally managed carved out some sort of life for myself, outside of just work and school, and I feel more comfortable about who I am. I stopped trying to just blend in so I wouldn't be noticed, and I'm able to be myself. That has been difficult, as every instinct screamed out at me to stop it, and just go back to trying to fit in with those around me. In terms of eating, well, I manage. I have bad days, where just the thought of certain foods (read: carbs) makes me feel nauseous and wracked with guilt just for thinking about them. But, I also have more good days than bad. Most of the time I enjoy cooking, and looking for new recipes, and the feeling of accomplishment when I prepare a meal from scratch and eat it without thinking how many calories, how much fat etc is in it. Related to the socialising stuff I mention below, I do still feel uncomfortable eating around others, particularly if I don't know them well. But I can do it, which is more than I could say a few years back. I also exercise at a more reasonable/normal level now. I don't try too much on too little, and I don't exercise with the purpose of losing weight. I do it because I enjoy it. It's a much more healthy approach for me I do still struggle with socialising. Meeting new people is often very trying for me, I always feel very uncomfortable and self-critical, and I feel as though I have no interesting conversation to offer, and that all of my flaws are on display. I'm not at all forward either, as if people are talking beside me in a general, inclusive manner (sort of just addressing those in the area) I keep quiet because I worry about saying something stupid. It takes me a long time to feel comfortable enough to start speaking more freely with people. Theda's eye contact thread was interesting for me because someone was pointing out how surprising it was that such a simple thing as eye contact could be so difficult for some people. I confess it left me feeling rather deflated and inadequate. This (socialising in general, not eye contact specifically) is something I'm trying to work on now.
  6. I kind of liked The Hogfather, or at least if memory serves I did. It's been far too long since I saw it to say with certainty. But yeah, I think Gaiman being involved makes a successful adaptation more likely. He has experience with TV and film, he understands what works on page vs screen, can advise on whether the humour is on track etc.
  7. Stranger Things' strong casting was my first thought about that too. There are talented child actors out there, its just a trick of finding them. I love Good Omens so I'm very excited about an adaptation. Hope it captures the comedy of the book, which had me laughing aloud several times
  8. I'm now imagining the BwB showing up Ride of the Rohirrim style to the vote. Thank you for that
  9. Did you have a thread on this at some point? I seems familiar that's all. Given the amount of people who show up on these boards and say 'I like ASOIAF because there isn't much magic/fantasy' I think it's clear some people are almost embarrassed to admit liking a fantasy story.
  10. The first book literally opens with ice zombies killing a man and resurrecting him and closes with the birth of dragons. I tend to think people really downplay how much magic is in this series and how pervasive it is for some strange reason, as though magic in a book is something to be ashamed of
  11. Agreed. As long as it isn't blatantly awful and suffices for the purpose of the plot, I'm happy. (I think Hobb is somewhat better than that, I might add ). Obviously something the level of Tolkien is great fun and I love to nerd out reading about it, but hardly essential
  12. ASOIAF is not low magic, unless Dragons, the undead, warging, shadow babies, face changing, shadowbinding, greenseeing, summoning storms, prophetic visions etc. falls under your definition of 'low' which would be quite the expansive interpretation. And I would suspect in future books there is only going to be more magic. Also not sure why an epic fantasy series should exclude other races. What should be important is that those races are humanised and seem like real characters. On your last point regarding up and coming fantasy authors using ASOIAF as a model, I think that would actually be a terrible idea. Do that and you will face inevitable comparisons to the original, and the market will be inundated with bad ASOIAF copies just like the Tolkien emulators of the past. New (or existing) authors are far better trying to come up with an original idea for their novel(s). Robin Hobb's Realm of the Elderlings books fit most of your criteria, except the worldbuilding and low magic (although I wouldn't say there is any more magic really than ASOIAF). Worldbuilding is okay but not the strength of the series at all. But again, as RBPL says, I don't think world building is Martin's strength either.
  13. David Tenant and Michael Sheen cast in Good Omens From the same article, some stuff that is always of interest on the forum in term she of distribution
  14. I have never understood this argument. The things you list - dragons, the undead etc - are fantasy elements, which are to be expected in a fantasy show, and thus the audience must be willing to suspend disbelief and accept the, as real. Also falling into this category are the various magics like warging, the unburnt Daenerys and so on. Things like Jaime and Bronn surviving are logistical issues entirely separate from fantasy elements. It is not inconsistent to accept the fantasy elements while still criticising things like this for being unrealistic. Just because it's fantasy doesn't mean the show should forget logic and realism.
  15. Lots of assumptions that the annulment was an embarrassment and FU to Elia without considering whether she had any say in it/had spoke to Rhaegar about it. Just something to consider. Maybe she was not actually opposed to annulling the marriage. Maybe she was opposed to it. But my point is we don't yet know. eta; why might she be happy for the annulment? Various reasons - to get away from Aerys/Kings Landing and try to protect her children, for one. Because she knew the relationship between her and Rhaegar was not great, and wanted to pursue someone else. And regarding her children being illegitimatised, perhaps she reached an agreement with Rhaegar to legitimise them again and put them back in the succession Or maybe she didn't. Who knows? It's funny how quickly everyone jumps to the worst assumption though
  16. Not only that but from memory there were segments which started out telling a story then went off at a complete tangent for almost the entire chapter before meandering back to the original point. I really didn't like that book at all. I only read it all because I was stuck on a long train journey. Speaking of books I didn't like, I am somehow still reading Kushiel's Dart. Seem to be making little to no headway with it. And I don't seem to be taking a lot in of it either, since stuff is happening and I have no idea who most of the characters are and why I should care about them. Might just drop it, i did get it free throughout TOR.com
  17. Old thread was about ready to close. This is a trailer from a couple of weeks ago but it hasn't been posted yet: Interested to see this. Hot Girls Wanted was a very good documentary. From what I understand this anthology of documentaries follows a similar theme but is much broader in what it looks at.
  18. Yeah, well neither can students, but that's what an overdrafts for y'know?
  19. The Night Land by Hodgson is also pretty weird but substantially longer and a really chore to get through
  20. Ha, I'm not really that wild of a partier. But I was sore from exercising earlier in the day. The hangover/morning-after tipsiness was purely alcohol related though, I have never had any desire to touch any of the other stuff (but to each their own, I'm not judging anyone). I'm you are excited for the coming of the new Sith. Lots of sleepless nights ahead as you listen to he sweet sound of him/her frying teddy bears with force lightning from their cot. Graduate life is bad. Interviews are bad. Applying for jobs is getting me down and destroying my soul. I've never felt more disheartened and aimless.
  21. Under settings, scroll down to apps and select your internet browser (whatever that happens to be, Safari, Chrome, etc). Should see an option to clear history and website data
  22. Less pressure on actors and actresses to change their bodies for a role can only be a good thing so I don't gaf if she buffs up or not
  23. I really loved the finale, and think it particularly fitting after having read what SpaceChampion said last week. The writing was very strong and I appreciated the decision to focus not on the confrontation with P.T. Westmoreland and Coady (which was all over and done with pretty quickly) but instead on the aftermath, the sisters coming together, etc. Sarah being the one who finds it hardest to do so makes total sense. For all her life she has ran, then she fell into this web and fought, and now she finally has the time to stop, process everything that has gone on, and try and play house. Of course she isn't going to find it easy, or be some kind of flawless parent (as if such a thing exists anyway). I loved the scene with her, Alison, Cosima and Helena in the garden (and how the garden party was a throwback to season 3). I was very surprised to find myself feeling so terrible for Rachel. She has done heinous things, and was a villain for much of the series. But despite all that, and because she is very much a victim of circumstance, I was sad to see her finish up completely alone. I almost expected Felix to invite her in, but I know that would not really work narrative wise, or fit with the characterisation of...well, any of them. One final mention for how incredible Tatiana's acting is. She had her chance to showcase 6 clones (7, if we are counting flashback Sarah separately, which imo we should since it's a very different performance) this episode and not once did any of them blend together, even the very brief appearance at the end as Delphine gave the cure. Phenomenal stuff, she is rightly acclaimed for this work. My favourite scene though was the birthing scene, which was incredible acting from both Tatiana and Kevin Hanchard (agree with @RedEyedGhost, Art was awesome), some wonderful cuts between Helena and Sarah's births (including the reaction of Sarah herself remembering that) and very emotional music playing throughout. I'm the show ended on such a positive note, and overall I am satisfied. I do have a few lingering questions/problems but right now I'm just glad it ended so well
  24. Depends, was the worker an Amazon Prime member? Surely membership doesn't lapse with death, he paid up for he whole year!
  25. I got my signed copy already Jealous! @RhaenysB she writes under 2 pen names, Megan Lindholm and Robin Hobb. Her actual name is Margaret. Robin Hobb was chose because: a) it's androgynous because of how it is alphabetically, her books are usually at eye level or so in book shops, as opposed to near the ground or up high. Don't recall where I read that but I found it interesting