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  1. Hurt rats heal toys 1
  2. Season 3 starts this Friday on the CW. Available on Netflix the next day for the UK, on "Eleven" in Australia from 19th October, and W Network in Canada from 13th October. I know there are a few here who watch And and more advertising can only be a good thing because this show is so funny and clever. To whet your appetites, here is the first musical number of the season; http://people.com/tv/season-3-crazy-ex-girlfriend/amp/ There is another available too but I'm not going to watch that one. I can wait 2 days
  3. Djawadi is great, his work on Thrones and Westworld is stunning. Light of the Seven is certainly up there for me. From the latest season I think my favourites were Spoils of War Pt.1 and Pt.2 and Army of the Dead
  4. Heal Toy story hurt rats
  5. Since the last thread was locked for length I thought I would open a new one. And on the deals front, maybe I'm an idiot for spreading this and lowering my chances, but The House of Shattered Wings, an upcoming novel by Aliette de Bodard, is currently part of a giveaway on Goodreads. There are 10 up for grabs, and unless I'm mistaken it's a lucky draw. https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/148229-the-house-of-shattered-wings
  6. Interesting ruling from the High Court in the UK today, ruling that current measures against air pollution are inadequate in 45 local authorities. And essentially taking control over this area to the Courts, rather than ministers. Still reading up to get the full picture (I was previously unaware of the case) but here is a Guardian article: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/feb/21/high-court-rules-uk-air-pollution-plans-unlawful?CMP=fb_gu
  7. Old thread was about ready to close. This is a trailer from a couple of weeks ago but it hasn't been posted yet: Interested to see this. Hot Girls Wanted was a very good documentary. From what I understand this anthology of documentaries follows a similar theme but is much broader in what it looks at.
  8. Someone seemingly did make the effort to rank the songs this season. And here it is! https://www.npr.org/sections/monkeysee/2018/02/21/587275147/the-25-songs-of-crazy-ex-girlfriend-season-3-rigorously-and-definitively-ranked?utm_campaign=storyshare&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social Don't necessarily agree. Very surprised to see The Moment is Me at the top, not because it's bad but I find many others better. But then I guess if you take each so g separately from the visuals as this ranking does it makes some more sense. Maybe I'll attempt my own ranking sooner or later. I totally haven't been adding each song to my Spotify playlist after each episode aired and listening to them on repeat...
  9. Same. heal toys hurt rats
  10. You have not even seen Toy Story though! hurt rats heal Toy Story
  11. More likely he just calls her a whore and a slut, divorces her and declares that the hussy can leave with not a cent, and his supporters cheer him as a strong man.
  12. Ferro?
  13. Why did you abandon it then? Or is that a typo and supposed to say without much sadness?
  14. Heal toys 3 hurt Wall.e
  15. Who says those are different eggs?
  16. Tessa Thompson is Charlotte Hale, the executive bigwig from Delos. The one who calls up the Rodrigo Santoro for sex. Snake Lady is Armistice, she is a beast. I assumed adorable tech lady was Elsie. #Elsielives #stubbstoo Yes. To Tessa, Rodrigo, and the lady who plays Elsie... eta; to preempt the question, Stubbs is the Other Hemsworth Brother
  17. Does not compute heal toys hurt Wall.e
  18. Couple of months my intentions were similarly long term (though it was a case of weeks not months for me). Sadly my resolve broke and I spent many a night telling myself “one more chapter” until the sun peeped up on the horizon. Good luck with your own efforts though Finished Tyrant’s Law. These books are brilliant, and Geder...well he is such an incredible character, Abraham did a great job here. And the worldbuilding is something I find interesting too
  19. @Werthead the first season of Parks and Rec was pretty much a write off. I think even the cast and writers acknowledge that it was not good. Hence why Leslie is almost a completely different character in S2 and beyond, same with Mark. Not sure what my favourite season is but 2 is very good (and also the longest). I do think the addition of Ben and Chris was a great move though.p, and the show was better for having them. Ron Swanson is certainly a great character. But he really truly shines when paired with Tammy 2 (who is his wife in real life too). I love every scene those two share.
  20. I like bugs life. Especially the caterpillar... hurt rats heal toys 1
  21. Lengthy article detailing the work that went into filming and editing and directing (etc.) the finale. http://www.vulture.com/2018/02/crazy-ex-girlfriend-season-3-finale.html The second song was definitely troubling, though deliberately so. That doesn't become obvious until the stuff about Hitler, but it's pretty well done. As for the love stuff, the point seems to be Nathan loves Rebecca in spite of the irresponsible actions and damaging behaviours. Which is touching (see the article posted regarding what the song almost was, it gives you some insight into how the writers view Nathan and Rebecca) but still not great. Because Nathan doesn't care if she accepts responsibility and tries to change, in fact he might even encourage her craziness. Whereas Paula, having grown since we first met her, now wants Rebecca to change and accept responsibility for her actions like Paula has begun to do. And the Court scene and speech (which was awesome) shows Rebecca choose Paula and change over Nathan and denial. Sort of like choosing her ego over her id. I liked the whole season but agree with you that the beginning (episodes up to Rebecca's suicide attempt) were the strongest, and I liked the musical numbers in those the best too. I can't even begin to pick a favourite this season, though Let's Generalise About Men has to go down as a classic... I think season four, again after reading the article from Vulture, will focus on Rebecca rebuilding herself after bottoming out. The latter half of season 3 (post suicide attempt) laid the groundwork for this, but showed that 'life doesn't make narrative sense' (sorry, last time I reference that I promise...) and had Rebecca take one step forward two back and spin in circles through her recovery - just like most people do! I did love her talk with Dr. Akopian though, showing she has grown somewhat. I liked Heather's brief manager arc. I'd have liked to see more of that than the baby arc personally. Forget Madison, where the hell is Karen? Is she having a manic episode? Side note, I loved all the references to song titles in the finale. There were a few obvious ones and a few less obvious but all made me laugh. "This isn't a group hang in just having a few people over." "After everything she did for you that you didn't ask for!" And there were others which I forgot for now, will think of them on a rewatch. Valencia had small moments of growth but yes she was short changed. Maybe a byproduct of her not being intended as a long term character in the beginning. I think originally she was in one episode in season one? Josh got more focus than Valencia but I think his lessened screen time was intentional - Josh is Irrelevant was really very good at cutting to the heart of things as an episode title. Rebecca's obsession was never strictly speaking about Josh, it could have been anyone. Couple of miscellaneous thoughts; Maya's obnoxious millenialisms are hilarious. "Awkward turtle." Rachel Bloom is a brilliant actress and singer and all around superstar and deserves literally all the awards. The work that goes into this show is crazy...I'm, no pun intended. You do don't want to be crazy. There was supposed to be a "Settle for Her" number that had to be scrapped because Scott Michael Foster was sick. This was presumably where the Settle for Me instrumental was playing in the background. Damnit I want this song now Edit: oh ok, we linked the same article. I did read the rest of your post I promise I just didn't open the link...
  22. Wtf are you even blathering about at this point?
  23. Then stop watching
  24. Hurt rats heala Toy Story (Toy Story is a rare example of where the sequels are arguably superior to the original)
  25. Pre-GOT Jon? I would say nay on that one as he undergoes significant development through the first book aloneness which makes him more suited to command by Dance. Stannis is a good choice, I think, as long as he includes suitable advisors on his council - like Archmaester Marlyn for example. No point being a brilliant strategist if you know nothing about your foes