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  1. I think that's been a recurrent theme throughout the season I knew as soon as Major and Nathalie started planning their happy escape something would go wrong. Not that I quite expected the explosion. They certainly have a lot to pack into the finale
  2. A number of incidents unfolding in the capital this evening: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/live/2017/jun/03/london-bridge-closed-after-serious-police-incident-live Police are advising to avoid London Bridge, Borough Market and Vauxhall and issuing safety notices. The situation is being investigated as a potential act of terrorism. I hope all our other London boarders are safe and remain so. My thoughts to those already affected by what has happened. Eta: confirmed as terrorist incidents, save for the Vauxhall stabbing which was unconnected
  3. I hope and expect Ferdinand to get his comeuppance. I'll be interested to see where it comes from though, because I could actually see Rachel having him killed at some stage down the line. Don't think we've seen the last of him though. I think he hates Sarah and her sisters just as much as he hates Rachel and Neolution. I actually agree regarding the nurse. I was convinced she was Neolution by the time Helena stabbed her even if that might be a bit crazy. It was really gross to look at though. Did enjoy Donnie's second hilarious running away scene of the season (though last week's where he's try to wheel a suitcase through the woods was funnier). Trying to think where Helena would go to be safe where no one would find her. Not turning up anything yet, though I suspect it's going to be a throwback to an earlier season. I rewatched the episode again tonight and got an even greater appreciation for it. It took the stuff Orphan Black has done well in the past, that we might have expected, and turned it on its head. Sarah needs to run, an underground network makes plans to get her away, Sarah impersonates another clone, Sarah gets away. But this time it goes wrong - Sarah's disguise is busted, a clone dies (sacrifices herself?) in the process, and at the end they don't go because Kira refuses. It was really cleverly done. And the stuff with Sarah and Kira was pretty heartbreaking. Sarah does everything for Kira so seeing them parted and Kira willingly agree to go with Rachel was tough. I think Maslany gets better each season, if that's even possible.
  4. Really loved this episode. Didn't realise that it was the finale next week though. Poor Liv, her love interests just have no luck do they? Her reaction to 'brain banging' Ravi was hilarious. I kind of rescind my comments from earlier about trying to do too much. I think, coming to the finale, it looks like the season will pull together nicely. Probably the only thing I could have done without is more of Blaine's daddy issues at the beginning. Also, having now tried weekly watching and binge-watching, I find this show lends itself better to the latter. Which isn't a problem, just my personal preference. I prefer this show in large doses rather than 40 minutes per week. I feel that way about the other CW show I watch though so it's all good.
  5. Since the other threads are long buried I'll start a new one. A place to discuss your MH struggles with others, offer advice or just unload your problems if need be. Please be respectful, and remember that just because something helps you doesn't mean it's going to help others too. Lately I've been doing well. I have fewer days where my depression interferes with my day-to-day life. And, even where it does, I made a big step in telling my flatmates and BF about my problems, so i have people close to me who understand and will try to help if they can (for me, this is usually them enforcing their company on me. Sounds stupid I know, but if I'm not alone I make a conscious effort to break out of my negative thinking and bleak mood. And it also prompts me to get out of bed and make some effort to get dressed, which is hard when my depression is at it's worst). But, as I said, these days are less frequent now, even during really busy periods at uni where I feel overwhelmed by work. Part of it, I think, is that after about 9/10 years I've finally managed carved out some sort of life for myself, outside of just work and school, and I feel more comfortable about who I am. I stopped trying to just blend in so I wouldn't be noticed, and I'm able to be myself. That has been difficult, as every instinct screamed out at me to stop it, and just go back to trying to fit in with those around me. In terms of eating, well, I manage. I have bad days, where just the thought of certain foods (read: carbs) makes me feel nauseous and wracked with guilt just for thinking about them. But, I also have more good days than bad. Most of the time I enjoy cooking, and looking for new recipes, and the feeling of accomplishment when I prepare a meal from scratch and eat it without thinking how many calories, how much fat etc is in it. Related to the socialising stuff I mention below, I do still feel uncomfortable eating around others, particularly if I don't know them well. But I can do it, which is more than I could say a few years back. I also exercise at a more reasonable/normal level now. I don't try too much on too little, and I don't exercise with the purpose of losing weight. I do it because I enjoy it. It's a much more healthy approach for me I do still struggle with socialising. Meeting new people is often very trying for me, I always feel very uncomfortable and self-critical, and I feel as though I have no interesting conversation to offer, and that all of my flaws are on display. I'm not at all forward either, as if people are talking beside me in a general, inclusive manner (sort of just addressing those in the area) I keep quiet because I worry about saying something stupid. It takes me a long time to feel comfortable enough to start speaking more freely with people. Theda's eye contact thread was interesting for me because someone was pointing out how surprising it was that such a simple thing as eye contact could be so difficult for some people. I confess it left me feeling rather deflated and inadequate. This (socialising in general, not eye contact specifically) is something I'm trying to work on now.
  6. Old thread was about ready to close. This is a trailer from a couple of weeks ago but it hasn't been posted yet: Interested to see this. Hot Girls Wanted was a very good documentary. From what I understand this anthology of documentaries follows a similar theme but is much broader in what it looks at.
  7. Ouch I sympathise massively, tooth abscesses are the worst when they get like that. I remember mine, I was out with the dog when it flared up and I was sat down in the middle of a field whimpering for a good 10-15 minutes before I pushed myself to scurry home and cry. Hope all goes well at the dentist for you.
  8. Switch on the news. It falls short of the Handmaid's Tale but will have a similar effect
  9. Has he met your family before? Glad you had a good couple of days. even if it eats into your reading time.
  10. I don't think Season one was paced too well, especially the first four episodes. However, I don't think there was a problem knowing what's going on (heh...) I think it was just a slow build as they established characters and we experienced their new existence as they did (which was much calmer than I would have reacted I have to say )
  11. I think it's only a revelation to Shadow, who is pretty blinkered and dense this season. They've referenced Wednesday as Odin several times already and talk about it outside of the episode too. So I hint at bit was 'the big reveal' for Shadow rather than the audience.. Nice finale, and I like some of the book deviations too, especially Bilquis. I guess seeing her using Tindr to get her worship should have clued us in. Will be interesting to see where they go next season and whether her conclusion ends up being the same/similar as it is in the book. Tech Boy obviously sent her to, um, get some worship among the Old Gods (probably Shadow specifically) but I'm curious to see how much she would go through with. Chenoweth was great as Easter, loved the little slip ups she kept having talking to Wednesday as she tried to keep her cool. Yet another solid choice casting-wise. Confrontation between Laura and Wednesday wouldn't be an...interesting choice. Nice way to end the season.
  12. Boooo! I havent slept properly for the last couple of nights. My air con consists of a tupperware of ice in front of a fan
  13. Irrelevant. It's not voluntary euthanasia if you have been coerced (which is a distinction I believe Stubby made at length in the other thread).
  14. Not sure exactly. Google says we had highs of 31 today though which seems about right
  15. It is too hot to spam. Frankly it's too hot to even sp
  16. This is more or less the response I was going to make too. Delphine is...well I don't think she is a horrible person, but she isn't someone who has done horrible things, especially with the torture stuff (which is definitely inexcusable). But her every action is motivated by her desire to save Cosima (and her sisters) first and foremost. Even if that means doing things which may lead Cosima to hate her. And the relationship is (as I understand anyway) well loved by the LGBTQI+ community because the fact it's a same-sex relationship is pretty much irrelevant, it's a very real, very complicated relationship between two women that isn't often seen on TV. As I believe Cosima says, being a lesbian is the least fascinating thing about her. Anyway, this week's episode was really good. Thoughts that cropped up in my mind early in the episode were actually relevant by the end (Namely: have they considered what Kira wants? Have they considered that it might be good to learn the truth? I know they have every reason not to trust Rachel and Neolution but still). Great intro to Westmoreland, and the actor has a strong presence which fits well with the role. MK's death was much darker and more upsetting than I would have expected, and the twisted revenge fantasy of Ferdinand was disturbing but well done. It does make me more concerned for Kira, going back to Karradin's comments last week. Looking forward to seeing more of Alison and Helena later this season.
  17. Is it the same as this one? The one you linked isn't available to watch in the UK Huh, the trailer has apparently been out for a whole month and this is the first I've seen it mentioned.
  18. I know you didn't ask me, but I imagine S4 and S5 would only anger you even more, particularly with regards to Sophia. She's actually almost entirely absent from Season 5 (she has maybe 10 minutes of screentime, at a push?) and what little time she does get ends in a pretty bleak place. I know Laverne Cox was supposed to be in another show this year so wasn't sure if that factored into her lack of screentime or not In terms of racial stuff, I think it's handled better this season, especially after the fifth episode. However, the entire season is really a reaction to Poussey's death (it takes place over 72 hours). There are some moving scenes and Taystee plays a big role in this season. I'd advise you not to watch based on what I recall of your comments from season 3 and other threads. I don't think you would enjoy the direction the show has gone in
  19. Complaints have been made against the Sun's "journalists" (i use that word generously here) for impersonating the friend of one of the victims to get an interview. I also saw comments that complaints were lodged against the DM for the article you mention though i'm not sure how accurate that is.
  20. I know a lot of people who pay their parents rent actually. Its kind of an important thing for a lot of people. When i go home for summer i generally dont pay rent (my parents wont take any from me), but i do a lot of stuff around e home, like DIY (painting, foxing the odd bits need fixing) cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, etc. I mean its stuff i would do anyway but doing it does make me feel less like I'm mooching off them and living rent free.
  21. More Arcade Fire This is more promising that the last track imo
  22. Interesting. BBC America also had a short video thing which I think was an amalgamation of several shows, presumably for Pride month...spoilers abound
  23. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jun/15/oregon-third-gender-option-identity-law
  24. I've not finished the book yet, but I have so many thoughts I need somewhere to write some of them out, even if I answer them myself as I read more. I'm currently 48% through (Chapter 21) so my spoiler tags cover events up till then:
  25. I dislike the obsession of actors having to meet a certain body type/musculature to land a role. Body image is something really important to me so the idea of actors and actresses having to undergo such extreme changes to their body just to land or keep a role concerns me, both because of the impact that has on them and the message it sends out to wider audiences ("This is 'hot' now and you should all aspire to this"). I don't expect it to change anytime soon but whatever, I still think it's not a healthy outlook. I'm also going to shock myself by agreeing with C4JS and say I think our view of what men should look like has changed too with the whole gym obsession (though I would add I think that applies to women too, although to a slightly lesser extent - the trendy thing now is 'fitspo' not 'thinspo' for whatever gender). I think the obsession is unhealthy and responsible for a lot of body image issues/body dysmorphia. But I'll retire to my cave now because I doubt there's enough concern for that to change.