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  1. Nah, I'm not one for melted chocolate during sex. So much waste!
  2. Yup. Hot, humid and awful. I started sweating before I even left my room this morning. By the time I reached the exam hall I was...well it wasn't pleasant.
  3. Stone Dragons were a thing even during the time dragons were alive though, so that isn't necessarily true. I think it might be Malta sees a memory in Liveships when Tintaglia is trying to get her to set her free. Someone sees a memory of the Elderlings carving memory stone and pouring themselves into it though
  4. I've not finished the book yet, but I have so many thoughts I need somewhere to write some of them out, even if I answer them myself as I read more. I'm currently 48% through (Chapter 21) so my spoiler tags cover events up till then:
  5. Since the last thread was locked for length I thought I would open a new one. And on the deals front, maybe I'm an idiot for spreading this and lowering my chances, but The House of Shattered Wings, an upcoming novel by Aliette de Bodard, is currently part of a giveaway on Goodreads. There are 10 up for grabs, and unless I'm mistaken it's a lucky draw. https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/148229-the-house-of-shattered-wings
  6. PISSED was specifically for public transport complaints I'll forgive your taste in movies because of your impeccable taste in books Tomorrow is the final exam of my degree...I feel a bit lost.
  7. Upstairs neighbour's are the worst. Sometimes I think they just slam stuff around and stomp around on purpose. Enjoy your new house!
  8. This is an unacceptable state of affairs. Careful. You have a reputation to maintain y'know... Though Abba are not something to be ashamed of. Mamma Mia the movie however...execute order 66.
  9. I think "Wolf in the West" was more metaphorical. Well metaphorical isn't exactly the right term I don't think, but it referred to Fitz because he carried Nighteyes with him (well until he went to Bee). Just to check, the references to a Piebald were Fitz, right?
  10. @dbunting I want to address a couple of things you mentioned in the other thread, mostly the darker acts of the group (Wolfgang, Kala cheating in her husband, Sun trying to kill her brother) I don't think these things ruin the positive vibe of the show, or really suggest some great problem. Starting with Kala's emotional infidelity (I'd have difficulty classing it as sexual infidelity, but emotional infidelity sure I can accept), it's not that she wants to hurt her husband. In fact, I'd argue the very reason she married him was to avoid hurting him. Certainly she didn't seem to care for him in a particularly romantic way. And while she was planning to stay with Wolfgang in Paris, her intention was to speak to her husband first about their issues. That's important imo. She doesn't mean him ill and I find the dynamic very interesting. She's not a bad person because she doesn't reciprocate her husband's feelings. My opinion would change if she never told him this, so I guess we will see what happens there. For Sun, I think the important point was that the others (barring Wolfgang) acted as a conscience for her. They told her it was ill-advised, and to let the law work. It was only when her brother shot the detective that they told her take matters into her own hands. And ultimately she doesn't kill him when she can. Because of her Sensate connections, and the relationships she built with her fellow inmates. It's really a touching story that deconstructs the typical revenge tale, with Sun deciding to preserve that caring, loving part of her by sparing her brother's life. Aside from that, I think the positivity comes from the overall tone and theme of inclusion, equality etc. It shouldn't be us vs them, it should be a case of looking for what's unites us. Not for nothing is the antagonist here a corporation that (over time) has decided Sensates are "other" and need to be controlled or eliminated.
  11. You need to remove the spoiler tags if you quote at the minute, for some reason. I may actually be able to watch season 5 as it airs this year then!
  12. Really? Why do I feel like I've heard it before? Good song regardless Don't think we necessarily have to like Laura after the flashback. But it certainly more makes her feel more "real." I've known/know people who always seem dissatisfied with life when they seem to have so much. And I can kind of empathise with that - I don't think it's all that uncommon to wonder, as the Strokes once said, "Is this it?" and want something more. So I thought the flashback was a nice way of rounding out Laura's character and making her realistic without making her likeable per se. I find your taste in scenes questionable Bast...makes me wonder how they'll do that scene when they get to it. I've no doubt they'll keep it in. But I'm interested to see he special effects they use
  13. Actually the implication I got with Illistore/Pale Woman was she was in league with the Four. So it was less a case of keeping her ignorant and more a case of having her on their side. There are a few things pointing this way imo, but most telling is her destruction/desecration of the Elderlings belongings on Aslevjal. I don't think she would have been so wantonly destructive and petty if she hadn't been collaborating with the Four. I agree on the colour changing thing. I think I mentioned that back near the beginning of the thread because Bee turns paler after Trader Akriel's death. It was the stuff with the Catalysts I was unsure of, but REG clarified above.
  14. Final trailer: Krystal!
  15. do the fever changes necessarily relate to the catalyst though? Beloved's seem to happen randomly, like when Beloved is posing as Amber and the Paragon sets sail in Liveships. (Though really that brings up questions regarding Catalysts because Beloved seems to imply that Wintrow (or Malta, or Althea) was a Catalyst in this situation, and I thought it was one Catalyst per Prophet)
  16. You could always try and see if anyone charity shops are taking donations of old clothes, books and stuff. That's usually what I do when I need to clear out. It is never too early to drink wine.
  17. Another great episode. This one works very well standing on its own actually, so I hope returning to the main narrative next week doesn't feel jarring. Love their expansion on Laura, and it's hard to pick a favourite scene. This stuff is apparently from Gaiman himself if anyone is interested. Anubis was as great as last week. The scenes between Laura and Aubrey were fantastic though. I felt like the comedic aspects worked well without taking it too over the top and absurd (if a zombie asking to shit out embalming fluid in your bathroom can ever not be considered absurd of course...)
  18. Sorry to hear what you've been through, physically and emotionally. I hope in time you are able to heal and rejoin people again. But then the human race is pretty shitty, so maybe you have the right idea after all. although I'm sure SWMBO and your other nieces would have something to say about that...
  19. Season 4 of The Americans is finally on Amazon. Was able to pick up where I left off, with episode 4. So good, I always forget how brilliant this show is. And of course, what an episode to jump back in on...
  20. Truly a visionary. The hero Westeros didn't deserve.
  21. Please. Fire is the champion of House Targaryen.
  22. Big Little Lies Sense8 S2 American Gods S1 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2 Legion S1 Master of None S2 I, Zombie S3 The Last Kingdom S2 13 Reasons Why Dear White People I love Dick [insert big gap here. Huge drop in quality between the top of my list and bottom] A Series of Unfortunate Events S1 Taboo S1 Iron Fist S1 Riverdale S1 DNF - Guerrilla, Santa Clarita Diet This list is getting more difficult to alter. Some of these, particularly near the top, are really neck-and-neck at the minute. Interesting to note I've watched way more comedies this year than I usually do.
  23. Finished the season (shh, stop judging me Kimmy). Thought it was really good overall, with the latter half of the season much funnier than the rest. One thing I noticed was how the writing really reflects the situation in America at the time it's been written - lots of Trump/Hillary/election jokes, stuff about college campus life etc. I know this is the case with a lot of shows but it was particularly noticeable with Kimmy Schmidt S3. I don't mean that as a criticism, just a stray observation.
  24. Old thread was about ready to close. This is a trailer from a couple of weeks ago but it hasn't been posted yet: Interested to see this. Hot Girls Wanted was a very good documentary. From what I understand this anthology of documentaries follows a similar theme but is much broader in what it looks at.
  25. I can't think of anything off the top of my head. What sort of area will you be in? Might help if I can have a narrower search area. unrelated, there was a fire at my uni yesterday. I swear it wasn't me, I have an alibi.