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  1. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    What kind of things are you looking to do while you are here? Go walking/hiking or see tourist attractions? The Lake District is very nice. I can give proper recommendations if you are more specific
  2. Peaky Blinders Season 3 - Spoilers

    Peaky Blinders will be coming back soon - in May, as we learned today. No official date announced as of yet. Here's a brief clip of Cillian Murphy; As you can see from the advert, the show will still be on BBC2. No jump to BBC1 yet.
  3. Peaky Blinders Season 3 - Spoilers

    From the same article:
  4. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Oh good, now that song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the night
  5. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Eta: Rhae, you should try this show when you need something new
  6. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Santa Ana Winds was good yeah, I liked the blatant "I'm the narrator, I'll be back!" The first half of the season probably had the best songs imo. Friendtopia, Love Triangle. And of course, Research Me... (And thank you YouTube comments for making me pause on the obituary ) There is a playlist on YouTube with all the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs, and also Bloom's prior stuff (more music videos), which is equally hilarious. It's racheldoesstuff (which I suppose is Bloom's account).
  7. Orphan Black 3: So, sometimes stuff just works out[SPOILERS]

    That's actually a really good recap, though it doesn't mention Castor. Does this mean we will see Adele again this season?
  8. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    I sort of agree, and that's why I mentioned that I don't think I would have liked week-to-week viewing. There were moments throughout where I was disappointed where the show seemed to be going, but it all comes together perfectly in the last two episodes, and shows that the writers really thought about the series as a whole and planned everything out. I should have had more faith, Aline Brosh McKenna and Rachel Bloom are extremely talented and intelligent, they know what they are doing A few specific spoiler-y points:
  9. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I think "what did he do with it?" Was Shadow King talking to himself. He wanted Amy to recall that night and what she had seen of X, I think
  10. To dog owners--I have a puppy question

    That she is starting to learn to let you know when she wants out is great, especially as she isn't only 7 months. Only other thing I will say is try and get her to keep to one area in the house when she doesn't go out. Obviously it makes clean up easier but it also gets them accustomed to going to one spot. And for us, it was handy because we would see the dogs go to their puppy pad and we could quickly usher them outside instead.
  11. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

  12. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I also know nothing aside from what has been shown in this series. But my assumption was that Shadow King had a physical form, that was defeated by Professor X (see the Chalk Board sequence), but his non-physical form(?) survived, maybe hiding in the astral plain, then he tracked down David and lived off of him as a parasite. Possibly. That could be at odds with him deciding to take over David's body but I think that would work as a means for him to enter the physical world and search for his own body.
  13. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    That wouldn't really make sense though in the context of what she was saying, would it? Wasn't the line "What did he do with it?" That seems a bit clunky if it's supposed to mean "where is his body?" eta: oh wait you mean Shadow King's body don't you. My mistake, that would make sense
  14. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    I finished up Season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend today, which was excellent and had such a brilliant finale. I'm glad I was watching on Netflix though, I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much with a weekly viewing. Another great show for the CW. Also watching at the moment: Big Little Lies - Really loving this, great story and strong performances from the cast. Legion - Can't say enough good things about this, and I'll be sad when it ends this week. The Last Kingdom - Strong start to the season. I like how it manages to hit all the right beats from the books but progresses at a quicker pace more suited for tv.
  15. Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    Legion S1 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2 (started airing in 2016 but ended 2017, plus I only started watching this year, so I'll include it on the list) Big Little Lies The Last Kingdom S2 A Series of Unfortunate Events S1 Taboo S1 Santa Clarita Diet S1 Iron Fist S1 Bumping up TLK. Adding Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The second season was brilliant throughout, and the finale was perfect. Loved it so much. Hopefully it gets an Emmy nod this year, it's so well written, and Rachel Bloom and Donna Lynne Champlain are wonderful
  16. Pictionary 35: What about a themed one?

    I won't have time to commit to another game until the end of May/beginning of June
  17. To dog owners--I have a puppy question

    My two dogs (cockerpoo and a cocker spaniel) were both very mouthy as puppies. It's totally normal, but as Dr. Pepper says just make sure you keep them on appropriate things to chew. I can recall what age is appropriate for this, but we found giving them both a nylabone very helpful. They'd often lay on their beds at night and just gently gnaw away on them. We actually ended up not using the puppy ones though. We found they just destroyed them far too quickly. Puppies are real bundles of energy. In some cases you may need to adjust the amount of food you give them, but mostly it's just because they are growing quickly and want to play. If you have a garden that you can let them race around in that is a great way to get their energy out. Walk them too, but just letting them wander in and out of the garden and race around when they need to can be a great help. We took both of our pups to a training class, to get accustomed to the basics. Sit, stay, down, etc. Some of them are really good (we would never take them to one that encourages punishment though. Look for 'rewards-based' classes, learning through positive reinforcement). We took them once a week, and aside from the benefits of the training it was also a great way to introduce them to other dogs and get them to socialise in a controlled manner. This wasn't so much a problem for our two, since both played with my aunty's labradors from being Puppies, but I know some dogs can become very shy/timid if they aren't around other dogs too much. How is house training going? Does she let you know if she needs to be out yet?
  18. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Yeah that's my favourite bit I remember reading the papers and thinking, huh, Black Mirror predicts the future! Nosedive is a pretty good one if you like ones that feel close to real life. It introduces new tech and over-exaggerates stuff, as the show does, but it's not really Such an extreme/unbelievable concept as other episodes. Shut Up and Dance, as far as I noticed, doesn't utilise any technology or ideas that don't exist already. It's also pretty damn disturbing.
  19. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Which episode did you watch? The one with the British PM? It's an anthology show, so you can pick and choose which ones to watch. If you don't like one episode don't give it up straight away, as some episodes have a totally different feel to others. If you want specific recommendations for the "lighter"* episodes I recommend Season 3; Nosedive and San Junipero. 15 million merits is in the first season and is lighter in tone, I guess. *note that while I say lighter tone, most if not all episodes have some serious social commentary and unsettling themes if you delve deeper, even if the tone is more fun overall
  20. Daylight savings time sucks spring 2017!!!

    I forgot about the switch and was sitting reading an article last night, glanced at my watch at one point, finished the last few pages then checked my phone and had a weird moment of "wow it took me an hour to read 3 pages?!" Then I checked my watch and realised oh it's DST, I need to set it forward an hour
  21. Amazon’s 2017 pilot season - March 17

    Well to be fair to him the show itself was awful so there wasn't much to work with (I mean Medici, not Oasis)
  22. The Last Kingdom II - NO MERCY [SPOlLERS Season one]

    Guthred is actually Cornwell's version of a historical figure: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guthred. He's supposed to be the son of a former warlord He serves Eadred's purposes, even if that purpose is the strengthening of Christianity and erosion of Danish rule over Northumbria (yes, Guthred is Danish, but he converts to Christianity). In the show the implication seems to be that Gisela orchestrated the plan to have her brother's ransom paid so he was freed.
  23. Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    Big Little Lies is really good. It's only two episodes in here in the UK, but I think it's misleading and unfair to say it's a show about "wealthy white women complaining about their lives and kids" as though that somehow negates the very serious underlying issue it's dealing with
  24. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    A day of mourning descends on the Galactic Empire. My precious hophop has died.
  25. French politics: houlala!

    Thanks for this thread. I've been trying to follow the elections as best I can but don't have a very good grasp of French politics. Has the attack in London had (or do you think it will have rather) any effect on the candidates? I'm thinking LePen in particular may have tried to use it to her advantage