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  1. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    Surprised at the Dan Stevens criticism, I think both he and Plaza have been excellent. On the other hand the actors playing Cary and Kerry are appalling
  2. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    First 90 minutes were excellent but it fizzled out a little towards the end with a weak final act. A good movie, a very good comic book movie.
  3. Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    Can't say i've seen many but so far Fortitude - good follow up season so far Homeland - mixed bag, some really great television and some telegraphed nonsense. Much better than what the show was in S3 and 4 Sherlock - hugely disappointing, yet still better than most of the shite polluting the airwaves Vikings - went and watched S4 in its entirety last month, wish I hadn't wasted my time Will wait for Black Sails to finish up before I binge it
  4. Gave up on this show last year but just caught the latest episode at my mate's house today... looks like practically nothing has happened?? they've spent 14 dull episodes of season 7 slowly building up to another season cliffhanger. I believe ratings have taken a hammering so another piss poor season ending via cliffhanger could be the nail in the coffin for this show.
  5. Sherlock

    Well, it was better than the episode two weeks ago. But this show is no longer doing the things that made it compelling viewing in seasons 1 & 2. All in all a piss poor season for this show, wrapping it up with a dvd of that awful Mary character was quite fitting.
  6. TV shows of 2017: the overview

    Didn't see it mentioned, but Fortitude S2 kicks off in about 2 weeks. Is there a third season of True Detective this year?
  7. Hands down the greatest show ever. Each time I rewatch I pick up new stuff I had missed before... only problem is the show lingo wears off on me after a binge and so I sometimes find myself spewing the lingo at my friends, which sounds downright odd in Ireland xD
  8. Rank your 2016 TV shows throughout the year

    Brilliant Westworld Better Call Saul S2 Narcos S2 Gomorrah S2 The Night Manager Very Good The Americans S4 Bloodline S2 Black Sails S3 The Night Of Making a Murderer Stranger Things Disappointing but watchable Mr Robot S2 Rectify S4 Sherlock S4 Peaky Blinders S3 Shows I quit / wish I had quit Game of Thrones S6 Rebellion The Walking Dead S6 & S7 House of Cards S4 Vikings S4
  9. Sherlock

    The first episode was dreadful. Took me a couple of attempts to finish it which has never happened me before with this show. The second one was a bit better, I think much of that is down to Toby Jones who was a great addition. I'm really disappointed in this show, since around the second season. The writing all seems too self congratulatory, newer episodes have been all over the place lacking focus and even Cumberbatch, who i'm a big fan of, doesn't seem quite "with it" this year.
  10. South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    It was an okay finale. Personally I thought the season started brilliantly but fizzled out in the last 3 or 4 episodes, which could well be linked with Trump's surprise win throwing a spanner in the works.
  11. Excellent finale to a great show I seriously hope that was a host Ford being killed because this show needs him more than anyone else. It won't be the same if he returns in flashbacks or dreams, he needs to have a proper continuous presence and influence. Ed Harris less so, we saw him take a bullet in his good arm but unless we saw him stabbed, beheaded and burned he's probably still alive. One thing i'm not clear on... why is it that Ford's old drinking buddy... Wild Bill? had such basic movement and mechanics being an older model, yet none of the hosts from the 35 years ago timeline had these imperfections
  12. That would have made far too much sense. Especially while they still had enough guns and ammo to take a herd down, or to establish a new safe haven.
  13. Reading this thread it seems the show quality has somehow diminished even further. Glad I quit on it
  14. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    They went to the trouble of making Ford look younger in that scene so you would assume it's a good 15 years at least, plus the fact that characters have alluded to Bernard working there for a long time. The fact that he's Ford's close colleague who doesn't age would surely raise red flags
  15. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    So how come nobody at WW ever wondered about how Bernard hasn't aged a day in all the years he's worked there