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  1. Another dull and dreary episode. Hate to say it but i'm losing patience with this show.
  2. Agree with this completely. While S2 didn't have any one character come even close to BBT, the sum of its parts made it more entertaining and consistent.
  3. Okay so this is a show I've watched twice, but both times I gave up on it at some point in Season 2. Loved the first chunk of s1 but then it became unwatchable drivel. Anyway, I'm wondering if finishing it is required to watch S3?
  4. I thought he teabagged it the way he shoved the mug right in there, maybe he rubbed his lad around there too for good measure but I don't think he pissed in it. What a lovely discussion
  5. I think the entire show relies too much on "oh look it's X" not just Mike's arc. This was an okay episode for those who have seen Breaking Bad but I can't imagine what anyone else would've taken from it. We had Crazy 8, we had Gus scoping out the meth laundromat and then the camera lingering on Lydia implying some further significance. Far too much piggybacking, i'd prefer to see it stand on its own two legs.
  6. Finally got around to watching it, good episode it feels like things are about to spiral out of control. One thing I don't like is how they're redoing this whole S1 thing of the practical, competent female cop being stifled by the oblivious male superior.
  7. I didn't hate E3, it had its moments, but I was hoping this would be the one to finally grab me this season. If I was watching this show for the first time i'd probably have changed the channel and forgotten about it already, this season just hasn't captured my attention nor does it have the strong characters of previous seasons. Of course i'll keep watching mainly because I have faith that these writers will pull off something satisfying, but it really has been quite lackluster so far.
  8. Oh my God how did I never before twig that Don Eladio is Manny from Scarface??
  9. It's not all that implausible. It literally just happened a couple of weeks ago in Turkey.
  10. I really hope it doesn't come to a climax with likeable Jimmy and clever Kim getting the jury onside, calling Ernesto to the stand etc and basically exposing crazy mean Chuck, which looks the most likely route right now. Chuck knows Jimmy too well and he's far too accomplished and intelligent to lose that way.
  11. Loving this season. Got a little worried in the last ep as for some reason I had it in my head it was a 6 episode season. Wasn't a fan of the shaky cam at the end though.
  12. I'd like to see terribly executed franchises rebooted, not the likes of Gremlins. Transformers is an obvious one, they need to wash the Michael Bay out of that shit. If they did it right there's loads of potential there. Superman needs to be re-done right, every installment since Superman III has been a joke. Another one with bags of potential is Dawn of the Dead. If they hired a few intelligent writers, put together a decent cast on a decent budget and ditched the cheesiness of the old ones those movies could be huge.
  13. Two decent episodes to start out but not great. I don't mind the slow pacing, hopefully they're building towards something fulfilling. It would benefit enormously from a bit more humour and perhaps even some action... two bickering siblings and their constant tit for tatting is becoming rather stale
  14. Thought it was dreadful. The battle itself felt like something out of a straight to dvd B movie. Worse, the sheer stupidity of this episode. Why would Rick's group, armed with guns, explosives and the element of surprise (they think) need (and allow) 50 armed dumper folk inside Alexandria to take down 20 saviours? and why would they rig the explosives at their gate which will presumably blow a giant crater at the only entrance and attract every walker within a 50 mile radius, instead of say, setting an ambush further up the road. As soon as I saw the dumpster folk arriving in impressive force it was obvious there would be a double-cross. Why did the Kingdom and Hilltop feel the need to assist killing the 20 saviors, and how did their bloody horses get over those walls. And finally, what exactly is Morgan's "armor" supposed to protect him from.
  15. No problem with the pacing and thought they did a decent job of showing the time passing. The irish lad sailed around with Uhtred for ages and they're buds now, grand I can accept that. That episode had enough material for about 40 episodes of The Walking Dead