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  1. I was actually enjoying this episode up until the last 5 minutes... when the two largest fleets in all of westeros bump into one another. In the middle of an ocean. In the pitch black of night. Without anyone sounding the alarm.
  2. A quite unremarkable finale to finish up a very ordinary third season. Casting Ewan McGregor in two roles was a mistake, he excelled in neither. Shea Whigham's character was eye roll inducing. Apart from Varga who had a great screen presence there really wasn't much else to write home about. A disappointing 6.5/10 overall
  3. At this stage if he isn't corrupt then i'll be quite disappointed in this season's writing. As incompetence goes, Varga and his two hired thugs are the only men on the show fit to tie their own shoelaces. It's almost implausible to think Sy and Emmit could have become so successful and well regarded when its nothing but one silly misstep after another from them.
  4. Agree with this^ And the fact that Stan explicitly explained to Henry a couple of episodes ago how he could never fully trust anyone in his life should mean that he suspects she's not all that she seems
  5. Not a great season. The daughter's subplot did nothing for me nor did Tuan and the Russian family. I'm glad they're wrapping it up next year, there should be legitimate suspense on the whole will they / won't they get caught which has been sorely lacking since the first or second season.
  6. Finished it there. First episode was highly irritating. It does improve but that momentum stalls and the story takes a complete nosedive in the final 4 or so episodes including a piss poor ending. It makes some really bad and bizarre plot choices, has a few new pointless characters that lead nowhere and most of the established characters behave like total morons most of the time. If you're on the fence as to whether or not to give it a chance I'd say definitely avoid.
  7. The third and final season has been out since Friday Just watched the opening episode which took me a few goes to get through, I found it an incredibly irritating watch. Hopefully it gets better.
  8. I'm pretty sure i'm not supposed to care more about Oleg than the central characters and plot, but I do. The latter has felt rather stale this season.
  9. RE Kim and mesa verde and her overworking herself... I don't understand why she doesn't hire help? A gig like that would be raking in the money so it's not as if she can't afford it. If HHM still had them as a client they'd have several staff working them
  10. Another dull and dreary episode. Hate to say it but i'm losing patience with this show.
  11. Agree with this completely. While S2 didn't have any one character come even close to BBT, the sum of its parts made it more entertaining and consistent.
  12. Okay so this is a show I've watched twice, but both times I gave up on it at some point in Season 2. Loved the first chunk of s1 but then it became unwatchable drivel. Anyway, I'm wondering if finishing it is required to watch S3?
  13. I thought he teabagged it the way he shoved the mug right in there, maybe he rubbed his lad around there too for good measure but I don't think he pissed in it. What a lovely discussion
  14. I think the entire show relies too much on "oh look it's X" not just Mike's arc. This was an okay episode for those who have seen Breaking Bad but I can't imagine what anyone else would've taken from it. We had Crazy 8, we had Gus scoping out the meth laundromat and then the camera lingering on Lydia implying some further significance. Far too much piggybacking, i'd prefer to see it stand on its own two legs.
  15. Finally got around to watching it, good episode it feels like things are about to spiral out of control. One thing I don't like is how they're redoing this whole S1 thing of the practical, competent female cop being stifled by the oblivious male superior.