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  1. Also just to add... guess I should spoiler
  2. Finally finished this. It definitely has issues but overall it was one of the best seasons of television this year. I disliked the overall use of the all too common Certain plot points wouldn't exist if characters close to one another could simply have a normal conversation with one another, instead of these brief 20 second interactions that end abruptly. A couple of other things.. Overall I really enjoyed it
  3. The way you're going on, I wouldn't be surprised if you were using the same argument when Attack of the Clones came out.
  4. I was questioning why TLJ has received such overwhelmingly positive reviews this past week. Now, I took a poor view of the movie but it's not all about me, if we look through this thread it's probably slightly over half with a negative take on it. If I look at a pretty reliable Movie forum that I frequent, the negative feedback for this movie is around the 70% mark, so again, the gushing from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes etc leaves me a little perplexed. I gave examples of the official critics being slow to both recognise something that's great and recognise when something once great is in decline. Star Wars is raking it in at the box office but it's almost as empty as the Fast and Furious franchise - which by the way I think is pure shit, but hey, that's just my opinion.
  5. I assume that's directed to me. It's a nonsense argument. A lot of people liked TFA and it was luke warm derivative bollocks. The most blatant example of this is from The Wire. S1 had 80% on metacritic - the lowest rating of all 5 seasons despite being arguably the strongest. Even he 5th season, the weakest by a country mile has a rating of 84. Season 5 of The Walking Dead is the highest rated season on RT. It was garbage. I'm sure more people watched it than S1 and it was awful popular but then, a lot of people watch American Idol too. Critics are weathervanes
  6. The overwhelmingly positive reviews for this is a real head scratcher. Like, I can understand fans that are so enamored with SW that they will love it no matter what, as I've seen on this thread and with TFA but why is IMDB and RT so positive? It reminds me of GoT from season 4 onward where it took a few years for people to realise how shit the show had become. Perhaps a better example would be TWD, which hasn't been a good show since around S2, but only in recent years the "expert opinion" reviews caught up to the fact, despite the fact that current offerings are no better than, say, S4 a few years ago.
  7. This was probably the least satisfied i've ever been coming out of a Star Wars movie. Overall it was a better film than any of the prequels but at least Phantom, AOTC and ROTS while rubbish, at least had some really satisfying moments and universe building. This Last Jedi... well, it was a disappointment on too many fronts. Where to even begin... I actually liked how they crafted Leia's death. Out of the blue, to a redshirt and completely unlike how these deaths usually play out in these type of movies. And... and then, after being blown up, with a giant fireball for good measure and ejected into outer space she... well, she started flying around. And lived. Served practically no plot purpose other than to have a brief reunion with Luke, but she's alive, and now they have to kill her off again. Hux was awful. An incompetent character and Gleeson's acting was hammed up to 11. Phasma. So she's dead, what was the point of her? Most useless character ever in the SWU? Finn. I read it earlier in this thread, but remove Finn's "contribution" and this is a better movie for it. The casino scene was garbage, reminded me of that nonsense in TFA when the bounty hunters and various creatures are chasing Han Solo around. Pointless. When Finn was finally about to do something useful in going full kamikaze on the cannon I thought Ahh so that's why he's in this movie, but no. The throne room scene. I actually liked the unexpected death of Snoke. They could have gone in so many interesting directions afterward but instead they have Rey and Kylo play force-tug-of-war and just reset their positions to exactly where they were at the end of TFA. And then Rey magically disappears onto the MF from a burning destroyer in the middle of the first order's fleet. Luke. What i was most looking forward to in this movie and boy did it disappoint. I enjoyed his scenes but honestly I probably would've enjoyed watching an old wise bearded Luke doing handstands for 20 minutes because he's a beloved character surrounded in mystery, but every creative choice they made with him seemed like a wasted opportunity. When he finally gets his time to shine it's underwhelming. Was hoping he'd do something along the lines of force smashing some AT ATs or show his immeasurably superior fighting prowess against Kylo. Instead he did a Poochie and teleported back to his home planet. Why the hell would he become a force ghost now of all times?! didn't he just say the war was just beginning, yet he's checked out for no apparent reason. I was half expecting him to die in this movie, possibly to Snoke or to the First Order in some self sacrifice so I was relieved at the hologram reveal... and then he just poofs into robes anyway. Fuck that noise! I wanna see Luke do some cool shit and go out like a boss!! They literally couldn't have gone with a less satisfying way out for him.
  8. Why are people upset at killing off Carl? fair to say he's the worst actor on that show and was steeped in so much plot armor it made the character one of the worst in a show filled with poor characters. Is it just because he's still alive in the comic? Judith can fill the whole "inheriting the world from Rick" angle
  9. I gave up on this show ages ago but happened to catch this years season premier. Good call on my part ditching this steaming pile of excrement. Apart from all that's been mentioned above I have two main takeaways. 1. The stupid "viking" voice they all put on grates me more than ever. It's like they're all impersonating Travis Fimmel's character. Pretty sure Rollo, Lagertha or Gabriele Byne didn't put on the silly voice in earlier seasons. Nobody in Scandinavia speaks like this what the fuck! 2. The Ivar character is absolutely horrendous. As a character he is absurd. He would be a liability on the seas and in battle but because he grins and shouts all the time he's feared and respected? I see. Also lol at his chariot, presumably for the close quarter combat we usually see on the show, lets hope the saxons agree to fight on roads from here on in. As an actor he's like something out of a comic book, over the top absurd. He's actually close to Athelstan levels of tedius.
  10. Finale was the strongest episode of the season for me. Overall, the season had some good gags but I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the previous few.
  11. So apparently GSP is now backtracking (like a great many people speculated) saying he has no intention of fighting at middeweight ever again, so he won't be unifying the belt vs Whittaker to become undisputed champ. They're trying to make Whittaker vs Rockhold for the Perth card at 221. Sounds good to me as long as GSP vacates or accepts the Whittaker fight. Fight is set for the Boston card at 220. About fuckin time we had a quick turnaround for a title fight (Ngannou) and about time Stipe got back in there. Card is pretty shitty apart from that one and DC vs Oz but it's a hell of a main event / co-main
  12. What tactics? I assume you mean setting his team up to be hard to beat, but what about when his side actually have the ball? If you look at the jobs he did at Sunderland, Sociedad and United it's impossible to say any of them had a playing identity or for that matter, a strategy. The exact same thing could be said of Bilic for the past 2 years even with Payet smoothing over the cracks in 15/16. It's a key reason why Moyes was so utterly hopeless at United, a club where they're expected to have possession and the attacking impetus, not just be difficult to break down. The man is bereft of any ideas and has the charisma of a sick bag.
  13. Agree with most of your post apart from Moyes, the man is clueless. Was genuinely gobsmacked he managed to land another EPL gig, I thought for sure he'd need to go to a bottom table championship team or someone like Rangers to attempt to rebuild his reputation. He seems to think commitment, rolling up your sleeves and puffing out your chest etc is a substitute for tactics and playing style. This was West Ham's main issue under Bilic who had no strategy or playing identity. At least with the likes of Fat Sam his teams are set up to play a certain way and players know what's required of them. Hearing people praise them for Sunday's City performance would drive me mad if I supported them, with the whole "well if we play that well in future we should be juuuust fine" spiel. Backs to the wall defending with the odd counter for the majority of the 90 isn't of much use in the crunch games they will NEED to win against lower table opposition. With Chelsea, Arsenal and Stoke away in their next 3, West Ham should find themselves bottom come christmas. If it was any other club i'd say Moyes get sacked in early January but since the Dildo Brothers usually take their time on these things, perhaps he makes it to March.