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  2. bump, just so you know it's only a fibro flare (extremely unpleasant but not dangerous or anything)
  3. A little vague for me. Flames are also associated with yellow and orange, and blue for Varys and his magician. We need a better "red" reference for Rickon to really make this theory a contender. Even my idea that an injured/dying/dead Arthur Dayne counts as a red (pro-Targ) star(Dayne-sigil) bleeding has more to it. I love a well cracked pot, as you know.
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  6. Bring in a red star bleeding, and I will officially add Rickon to the unofficial list of who all could be AAR.
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  8. Maege's exact age is unknown and according to the wiki she could be as young as 43. Remember that Lyanna is 10 years old, so Maege was ten years younger than she is now when Lyanna was born, and nearly eleven years younger when Lyanna was conceived. Keep in mind also that childbearing years are generally considered to be from 15-40 but can range above and below that depending on the individual. There are women these days who conceive in their 40s and 50s even without the help of modern fertility treatments.
  9. river is napping.
  10. Not doing well lately. Hope Benjen is in better health.
  11. Which is why it's extremely convenient for Dany to have Drogon. Whatever issues they'll have with her policy declarations, no one will argue with Drogon (at least not after the first guy dies screaming while trying).
  12. Pycelle may or may not be able to identify Aegon but that's beside the point. The main reasons for killing Pycelle are 1) he and Kevan are doing too good a job restoring some semblance of order to the realm and 2) to bust up the alliance between the Lannisters and Tyrells. Because Pycelle is the star witness against Margaery, when it's found out that he's dead Cersei will immediately think the Tyrell's did it. Also, because he was the star witness against Margaery he might well have been able to prove her innocence. Cersei never let him finish saying what Margaery wanted the moon tea for, and if he had finished that statement during the trial, Margaery might well have gone free and stayed Tommen's queen...thus the Tyrell-Lannister alliance would have continued even as Margaery was much more careful about watching her back around Goodmommy Dearest.
  13. is, time only
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