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  1. Brandon had the superior position by far. He was years older, the betrothal was agreed to by both families. Catelyn wanted him not Littlefinger. All he had to do was laugh and inform Hoster of what his twerpy little underage ward was up to. Taking the challenge seriously was unnecessary and a wiser man would have been able to see that. Brandon is exactly the "gallant fool" that Hoster called him. You cannot compare Tywin to Brandon. Tywin is the head of his house and commander of substantial men. Brandon on the other hand is a hot-headed heir with no particular right to do anything other than follow his father's orders. Tywin's kid was definitely and verifiably taken prisoner by a family on equal footing. Brandon's sister was allegedly kidnapped by the ruling family. Tywin thought Jaime was an idiot for accosting Ned in the street, killing his men, and injuring him. Even after Ned's saying that Cersei's children/Tywin's grandchildren had no right to the throne, Tywin STILL wouldn't have killed him. Brandon was totally okay with killing the guy he was told took his sister. Tywin is no paragon but he is at least capable of being rational under less than ideal circumstances. Loyalty to the throne has no place in this argument. The logical thing for Brandon to do over being told his sister had been abducted by the prince was to go directly to his father, and then let him handle. It's not about lack of back-up. He took a posse with him, and got them and their fathers all executed. It's about lack of thought at all. It was Rickard Stark's place to go to the king and demand on what grounds his daughter was taken and find a way to get her back. It was by no means Brandon's right or responsibility to do so. And I guarantee Rickard would have been smarter than to ride into the Red Keep screaming for Rhaegar's death. Notice: Lyanna's betrothed, a man not known for deep thinking or any kind of restraint, did NOT go to the Red Keep and demand Rhaegar fight him. Robert, with all his many and serious faults, apparently understood things a lot better than Brandon did. Robert isn't even mentioned in all of this until after Rickard and the fathers of Brandon's buddies are summoned, go to court, and are killed. At some point, he would have been informed of what was going on. Maybe he wanted to go do something and Jon Arryn and Ned stopped him, but in that case he was at least willing to consult and listen to someone else. We have no evidence of Brandon even thinking of talking to someone about this. The best chance of that would have been Hoster Tully, since Brandon was at Riverrun when he heard what supposedly happened. If Brandon sought Hoster's advice, it's clear from Hoster's own words that said advice was ignored. The family's being known for madness is a weak argument. The entire family was not known for it. The text supports this in that supposedly half of Targaryens are mad, and the other half are great. The text further supports the idea that Rhaegar's coin came down on the "great" side. IF Rhaegar had been known or supposed to be mad, that would put Brandon's actions in a better (but still stupid) light. Let's say Rhaegar was crazy too. Would one deliberately threaten and antagonize a crazy person who already has one's sister? Seems to me that would put Lyanna in MORE danger, not less. But Rhaegar wasn't crazy, so there was no reason to go overboard on fear for the girl. On the other hand, Aerys WAS known to be crazy. So going to his home and demanding his son and heir's death was about the stupidest thing anybody could have done at that point. What made Brandon think he'd find Rhaegar in King's Landing anyway? Could it be he was misinformed? Could it be that he was acting on incomplete and unconfirmed information because he didn't bother to check the facts. Could it be, as has been suggested repeatedly amongst the readership, that he got the information from the same ambitious and obnoxious kid who challenged him to a duel over a girl who clearly didn't want the kid in the first place? Does it even matter who the source was when clearly either the message was off, or Brandon's idea of where he'd find Lyanna was wrong? Had he stopped to think (which he clearly did not) he might have thought as far as the reasonable idea that Rhaegar would NOT take a potential mistress home to mom and dad's place. If he's not supremely stupid, Brandon is at least impetuous and spontaneous enough that those defects make him as bad supreme stupidity would. Brandon's being allowed to go around and having a group of friends doesn't indicate anything. Edmure has a group of friends. Any man/heir in Westeros who is of legal age and has a group of friends is going to go where he pleases until he does something so monumentally stupid that Lord Dad restricts his privileges (which for Brandon ended with Lord Dad and himself dead). Lyanna was apparently allowed to travel around pretty freely and in a medieval society it is extremely unlikely her father relied upon her for anything other than being obedient and marrying the man he chose for her. Brandon was educated by Lord Ryswell, and by Lord Rickard; Rickard admittedly being a good source Ryswell we don't know. Ned was educated by Jon Arryn, Lord Paramount of the Vale and Warden of the East. And you think Ned's education was somehow lacking? I wouldn't necessarily say it was better but it would have been at least on par with Brandon's. Rickard personally chose the man who would raise his second son from page-age on, knowing full well as do ALL lords in a feudal society that anything could happen to his heir and "the spare" might end up ruling. Unless you think Rickard was a total moron, who never considered that his heir might die before taking over, in which case Ned was very lucky and ended up getting a way better mentor than Brandon did.
  2. Acrophilia 15 (Back to the Vintage Version) - ROUND 4

    What's the deadline, Julia?
  3. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    No, you're probably not. But by adding magic genetics and the book that proves all Baratheon + Lannister children inherit the black hair and not the gold, GRRM technically covered his bases. Then when you add in LF's getting Lysa to say the Lannisters killed Jon to the fact that he had been reading that specific's actually set up well enough to be plausible in a fantasy series. AITOOAHW wonders why it is Catelyn knows Stannis and his shadow so well if she and Ned pretty much stayed at Winterfell all the time?
  4. Bumping for Benjen, Vol. VI

  5. Dancy is Tywin's Bastard

    That makes more sense than GRRM throwing in another wicked step-mother when he already used that for the Waif. And it's possible that either Lucerys or the child's mother decided she should at least learn to read in case she ended up having a better life than her mother did.
  6. Bumping for TWOW V4

    Thanks. It's early yet and there are a lot of things we can look at, rule out, or try.
  7. Bumping for TWOW V4

    I'm always really stressed, so it can't be that. LOL. Spoke with my sister who is a few years older and has been having terrible headaches for a while. She says they got really bad when she was my age. Not the best news, but she was able to tell me what hasn't worked on hers so maybe I can skip a few of those things and find a solution more quickly.
  8. Cast the Actor!(v3)

    one of the Seaworth boys Miguel Ferrer (may he rest in peace)
  9. Acrophobia 27: Hypotheticals - Signup

    So there could be some really looooooong entries. In which case I will end up just using the numbers and not pasting the entries themselves for my votes.
  10. Acrophilia 15 (Back to the Vintage Version) - ROUND 4

    SWMBO is rocking it this game! I forgot we still had another round to do.
  11. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    I haven't seen that mentioned before, so you may be the only one. I think it was Annara above who said she thought GRRM pronounces Lysa as Lee-sa. Could be I had that one wrong. I thought I saw Lie-sa on an official list of how GRRM pronounces various names, as opposed to how they do them on the show. For me it's LIE-suh, EHL-ee-uh or AY-lee-uh if I'm in Spanish mode, Lee-ANN-uh (though George days say Lie-ANN-uh), and MY-uh. But The George did say (and I know I've got this one right) that people can pronounce them any way they want we're all good. AITOOAHW still has not seen season six of the show?
  12. Bumping for Benjen, Vol. VI

    I missed bumping on TWO days? Now Benjen may never return.
  13. Dancy is Tywin's Bastard

    When looking at who all could produce a kid with silvery hair, don't forget that the Celtigars are also of Valyrian Origin. They just aren't as much fun as the Velaryons and Targaryens. @Isobel Harper was it you who asked if a noble family would be willing to sell a bastard into prostitution? I think overall no, but it would depend on the family and how badly they needed money or wanted to get rid of the girl. Wicked-step-mother syndrome could be at play here. Father keeps the kid around, but his new wife doesn't like her. Father goes off on a voyage, step-mother sells the girl. Father comes home, step-mother claims she ran away and even weeps over not being able to find her. Poor Marei needs some glass slippers and a pumpkin.
  14. Dancy is Tywin's Bastard

    That would make her a half-sister to the current Lord of Driftmark, and to Aurane Waters. If her mother was a whore, how did the girl learn to read? Hmm...maybe she was given to the faith but ran away, like Saera Targaryen did.
  15. Tyrion's Condition

    I think this is a case of unreliable, or uneducated, narrator. The objective info we have seems to indicate two different strains of the same disease, one fatal, and one not. The blindness occurs in the fatal strain, which Shireen didn't have. It is said to affect children more commonly than adults, and children who have survived greyscale are immune to the fatal form aka grey plague. So it seems like Jon is mixing up the fact that children are more vulnerable to greyscale and the non-mortal strain and coming up with the idea that greyscale can't kill children. So yeah there's a chicken pox/shingles thing going on here.