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  1. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    Yeah it all depends on Rhaella's baby not living. And while that's consistent with her past pregnancies it wasn't worth betting on. Exile is safer than being anywhere in Robert's realm. Even Dorne was subject to him. Ned was only able to keep Jon with him because he took after Lyanna instead of Rhaegar. If Dany had been Jon's twin Ned would have left her in their care and left the details of keeping her safe up to them to decide. It would not have been his choice to take her to Rhaella. Sure the Daynes can keep a secret, which is why Ashara as her mother doesn't really go well. They could just claim the baby took after grandpa Dayne (if he had the silver-gold hair and purple eyes). The reasons for Ashara giving her baby up to Rhaegar's mother would have to be really good ones. And unless Rhaegar found something about a female member of House Dayne in his books I can't think why he'd have any kind of special task for Ashara that would require her to give up a baby. Being Rhaegar's bastard would be dangerous enough. If she were the only person left with any decent amount of Targ blood, she could be legitimized and thus become the heir. Being a girl wouldn't make her an additional problem for the Targs, any more than Daenerys as herself (Aerys and Rhaella's) being a girl was a problem. I don't think there's anything suspicious about Dany other than that she may be mixing up memories from very early in her life, or may have stayed in Dorne temporarily and not realize it.
  2. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    I'm sure you're not. But I will be happy to wait for the last, figuring as he gets closer to the end a lot of it will come faster. He'll probably slow down again on the very last chapter for each POV and the epilogue, but I don't think it will be nearly as long a wait on the last book. AITOOAH who is having chicken for dinner?
  3. Bumping for Benjen, Vol. VI

  4. Bastards' Secrets: Hidden Meanings in Bastard Names

    Now that I could potentially get behind! It would have been good to have a maester there. But I'm wondering why we hadn't heard about the Maester of Winterfell disappearing, and the appointment of that Luwin guy. Maesters don't just run off, I wouldn't think. If Walys was a Hightower bastard (do we know that?) then he'd be related to Ser Gerold. Here's a very cracked pot: what if...Aurane's mother was LF's mother? Lord Baelish could have married a girl who'd had a Velaryon bastard. And if it was kept quiet that would be an awesome secret. After all...who would ever think that dark, short, Littlefinger could be the brother of a Valyrian-looking god like Aurane? And Littlefinger would certainly embrace anyone associated with it raining gold, brother or not.
  5. Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Young Littlefinger Matthew Lewis
  6. Three word story (game)

    whale, which was
  7. Acrophobia 28: Lomas Longstrider's notes - Round One

    Thanks but I've already got one of those. Haven't used it up yet.
  8. Bastards' Secrets: Hidden Meanings in Bastard Names

    Hope I'm not getting too clinical here but part of childbirth is the baby "crowning." Unless Walys Flowers was with Lyanna when she was abducted, or found her while she was held captive, that is not possible. Jon was conceived about three months into the war, and Lyanna had been missing for more than three months. Same here. And you could say that's another kettle of fish. I don't have an interpretation. Some people have grey-green eyes. Though Aurane has definite Valyrian blood, so that could tie in. Aurane being a bastard makes him lower than the other mighty Velaryons. Maybe he and LF are parallels...or working together. Cersei would hardly expect LF to be in on Waters making off with her ships while he's busy in the Vale.
  9. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    Kevan Lannister is well-informed? Rhaella was on Dragonstone, not in the middle of King's Landing. There wasn't going to be a proclamation, and her family had been dethroned. All it would take is having the baby to be switched there before she gives birth. Then when she does give birth and the baby is dead or dies shortly after she orders the switch and makes the few people involved (one or two ladies, a midwife, Ser Willem and say two or three other guys) swear to say the living baby is hers. The dead one is either buried or cremated with Rhaella after her own death. The only way the swap is remotely possible is if the baby is Rhaegar's. So we're looking at a child of Lyanna's or Ashara's. Both children in question would be born early enough that Stannis and his blockade are not there yet. It would not be difficult to get a small boat from Dorne to Dragonstone before any enemy ships assembled. As to the mothers....if it's Lyanna, she's dead. If it's Ashara, she'd either be dead or the one who smuggled herself and her child out of Dorne in the first place. Neither family is going to have a problem with it. The Daynes were pro-Targ and they and Ned would both know the danger of any child of Rhaegar's being in Westeros. The only issue with Ashara being the mother would be where the heck did she go after dropping her baby off with grandma Rhaella? But that's a question that could be answered easily enough. I have to say that while I still believe that Dany is Aerys and Rhaella's daughter, and that Tyrion is Tywin's son, there is a kind of odd appropriateness to the idea that the three heads of the dragon could all be Targaryen bastards. Knowing how most of Westeros feels about bastards, being saved by a trio of them would be kind of cool. The third of course being Jon.
  10. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    Most of the obsession is wondering what the heck anyone finds to be obsessed about with him. A lot of posters refer to him as Dorkstar.
  11. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    He could be dangerous because he knows what really happened with Arianne's plot to crown Myrcella. Or because he knows someone else actually tried to kill Myrcella and he saved her life by blocking another blade. Or because he knows that it wasn't even Myrcella but her cousin Rosamund who lost an ear. Or because he knows that Doran gave shelter and aid to Dany and/or Viserys at some point. Or because he knows what really happened at the Tower of Joy and/or what really went on with his cousin Ashara. Or he could be capable of wielding two swords at a time while standing on his head and whistling dixie. Remember that book 5 and book 4 are one book, split geographically, and we didn't know Darkstar existed before AFFC. And we didn't get much info out of Dorne before then either.
  12. Bumping for TWOW V4

    Well I didn't do any of the work on that. It was done before. Somebody thought it was important to keep track apparently. Sadly our Mayflower guy is untraceable in England. We found his marriage record, but his name is so common that we can't trace where he came from or who his parents were, or anything like that. There's even confusion about how many times he was married, or his wife was married. I think I've got all that straightened out (the supposed first wife actually was the step-mother of the woman he married), but I wish I could go back a bit farther on him. Even just what he sold as a merchant would be nice to know. I found one line on a website that tied my dad back to the House of Lancaster...but the links have no proof so it's probably not true. And I can find nothing on the supposed Native American ancestry in his line. Mom's is documented. I'll have to ask her who put all that info together. It was someone from a previous generation. There are some websites you could use, if you know your grandparents' names and where they lived. You have to be careful about wrong info on some, but I managed to trace my dad's main line back to pre-revolutionary New York Colony. Hit a dead end at that point. The other lines are questionable. I'll have to look at them again and see where the verified information runs out.
  13. There are no religions in the story?

    It is now but it wasn't at the time the idea was first suggested. Human beings do not have wings and our bodies are not very aerodynamic. Flight was not a logical step. Some faith is based on evidence. It's just not evidence that everyone would agree constitutes evidence. I have to disagree with any exploration of science having the potential to benefit people. We've seen in human history explorations in science entirely designed in order to harm people not benefit them. Science, like anything else, including religious belief, depends on the people who practice it. Skunks have arms, legs, eyes, mouths, and noses. That doesn't make them similar to humans...well to some humans maybe. The Others do not wear armor like humans do. They were magical armor. They use magical ice blades. And GRRM's words about them make them sound decidedly not human, not only his calling them inhuman but his calling them essentially an ice version of the sidhe. I can see preservation of the weirnet. But how do they dominate mankind by bringing in ice zombies and starting a war? Perhaps there is an advantage then to not having read his Thousand Worlds Universe. I have no pre-conceived notions about what he will or won't do except for the trope-busting I've heard so much about.
  14. Bastards' Secrets: Hidden Meanings in Bastard Names

    Tiny point here, microscopic really. Braavos was founded by escaped slaves from Valyria. Now if I recall correctly, the Valyrians took slaves from all the peoples they conquered, but their first slaves would have been locals, before they branched out and expanded the territories of the Freehold. If the dragonlords' famous looks came from messing with genetics via blood-bonding with dragons, there could be original Valyrians who do not have purple eyes or silver-gold hair. Which brings me to the slight possibility that Littlefinger could have some of the blood of old-er Valyria. No dragon anything, but going from ancestors who were slaves to almost the highest power in the land is pretty impressive in and of itself. Rags to riches, but Littlefinger is no Cinderella.
  15. Bastards' Secrets: Hidden Meanings in Bastard Names

    Would be great to tie Hot Pie to a character from the Iron Islands somehow. Then we'd have bread and salt for guest right, which House Frey violated. I think it's possible that there is some significance to a character so closely associated with bread (despite his name), and who made a direwolf shaped loaf for Arya, being in the Riverlands. Actually Gendry and Hot Pie are not at the same place. Gendry is at the inn at the crossing. Hot Pie is at the inn of the Kneeling Man. But those two aren't that far apart. Hot Pie is closer to High Heart and Riverrun. Gendry is closer to the Vale.