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  1. The Tattered Prince Jane Fonda
  2. Wow. That's the best I've ever done in a first round. Thanks for all the votes!
  3. Okay, so I'm going to start it. Benjen or someone who looks like him was spotted at McMurdo base in Antarctica, consulting with scientists and engineers.
  4. Snowstorm came and snowed.
  5. Promise me Ned, you'll tell him about that portal to Hawaii.
  6. Immediate family is always kinslaying. But anything after that gets fuzzy/less dire. The more distant the connection, the less likely it can count as kinslaying.
  7. Hey, what if instead of just bumping, we added an element to this thread? How about if we choose random places in the world and claim Benjen has been spotted there doing something utterly mundane and boring, or mixed between his world and getting some new detailing done on his horse?
  8. Snowstorm due soon. Bump
  9. Promise me Ned, you'll go to my bedchamber, force the lock off the trunk at the foot of the bed, and burn all my scrolls that have Mrs. Lyanna Targaryen scribbled on them with little heart doodles all over.
  10. Ashara Dayne Clark Gable
  11. 1. 7. True Valor 2. 9. Fiercely steeled 3. 5. Willing. Faithful. Humble. Kind.
  12. Hand of the Queen: Tyrion Lannister Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: Ser Barristan Selmy Master of Coin: Stannis Baratheon, he'll keep a true and fair accounting Master of Laws: Eddard Stark, justice should be tempered with mercy Master of Whisperers: Varys Master of Ships: Ser Davos Seaworth Grand Maester: Aemon Targaryen
  13. Going to warm up here briefly...just enough to melt the snow and bring in freezing rain before dropping again.
  14. bump
  15. Promise me Ned, you'll tell him the story of the Harrenhal tourney and the KotLT--honestly, I was awesome in that story.