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  1. Good list, but I'm not sure about Aenar. I mean all he did was move. Seems like the odd man out.
  2. The alliance between Tyrell and Lannister dies with Margaery. It's possible that Tommen could marry one of her cousins, but I doubt that would work. Tyrion would demand his trial by combat sooner, knowing he's got two of the three judges against him. I don't remember exactly when Jaime got back to KL. Speeding things up like that might make it so that Tyrion doesn't get set free. Varys might not have acted without Jaime's help and orders in that. Either way the Tyrell armies, money, and food end up leaving KL and going elsewhere. They wouldn't side with the Ironborn so that leaves Stannis or making contact with Daenerys.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but, that book you mentioned about Victorian life is a non-fiction book, right? Very few people want their fiction to include everything. Sure it would make it grittier, but then we'd have discussions on here about how many times various characters went to the bathroom and whether Ser Alliser Thorne's lack of trips means he's constipated, and whether that explains why he's always such a jerk, or if Euron Greyjoy has a prostate issue and should really see a maester about it.
  4. Which does not say that she looks like Ashara. Remember as far as Barristan knows, Ashara had a stillborn child who would be within a year of Dany's age. If he thinks Dany looks like that baby would have, it's a safe bet he thinks the father is a Targaryen, because there's never been any mistaking Dany's looks.
  5. Promise me Ned, you'll take this gold and invest it in my son's name with the Iron Bank of Braavos.
  6. Making applesauce again. Bump.
  7. Bump
  8. Easy to forget what's not true. Barristan never says that Dany looks like Ashara or could be her daughter. He thinks of her eyes as "Ashara's eyes" but that's it. The only thing about Dany that puts Barristan in mind of Ashara is that she has purple eyes.
  9. Not all of my posts are crackpots.
  10. Promise me Ned, you'll stay away from blondes--they're always trouble.
  11. retroactive bump
  12. Saw not-Vin-Diesel at a stop light this morning.
  13. Well, eventually all crackpots must come to an end.
  14. Good point. I know the mask is typical but apparently it's not required or Mel would be wearing one as well.
  15. bump