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  1. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    Haven't listened to the audio boos so I'm not sure. But I do remember from the books that Varys uses a high and odd voice when he's playing Varys. AITOOAHW has not listened to the audio books?
  2. Bumping for TWOW V4

    Still unseasonably warm. But should be snowing by the end of the week.
  3. Bumping for Benjen, Vol. VI

  4. Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Garlan Tyrell Jessica Brown Findlay
  5. Why is the Winterfell Heart Tree pond so cold?

    Since I have no better explanation, I'm gonna go with magic. Maybe something to remind the Starks of the importance of their house words. Picking up on the reference to The Ice Dragon...the castle is named Winterfell. Maybe that's the spot where The Great Other (assuming there is one) was killed in the War for the Dawn. Which would be incredibly funny given that the fandom name for the Other Sam killed is Puddles.
  6. What does House Royce remember?

    Souvenir? I want a unicorn!
  7. Small Questions v. 10105

    I think not wanting to appear vulnerable is part of it, but maybe also that she doesn't want anyone to know how unhappy she is or how much she still wants Daario. Of course anyone with eyes already knows it, but Dany may not be aware of how widespread such knowledge is. Could be partly denial on her part as well. Telling herself that she has everything she should want and everything she should need, so there's no point in feeling like she's missing something.
  8. What awaits in Asshai ?

    I have to say that skinny dipping in the Ash cracked me up. I was more thinking of what would happen if Euron met Mel now. I doubt their paths have crossed before and it would be interesting to see his reaction to a shadowbinder. For that matter, I'd like to see him and Quaithe in the same scene.
  9. What awaits in Asshai ?

    He didn't actually throw a dragon egg into the sea. That's code for giving it to the Faceless Men in payment to take out his brother Balon. Braavos is a nation of islands, so leaving it in Braavos and throwing it into the sea aren't much different, depending on one's point of view. My guess is the dragonhorn is from the Warlocks of Qarth who declared war on Dany. He seems to have them. The armor could be from them, or from Gerion...which would mean that Gerion did make it to Valyria and yes, maybe found Brightroar. Publishing the theories would be a huge endeavor, and certainly interesting. I wouldn't call any of the ideas better than the author's. He's the god of the story and determines what is best for it. Can you tell I'm a writer too? Leaving us dry wasn't planned. Writers get blocked. It happens. And with so many characters, and so much going on, it's not remotely surprising that it happened. I think as he gets closer to the end (and kills off more characters) the writing will go faster. The middle is always the hardest. That's been my experience anyway, and my writing method is similar to GRRM's.
  10. What was Varys doing when KL fell?

    Varys hadn't been at court very long at this point. He may not have had his little birds in action yet at this point. His original birds, or mice, or whatever were Essosi. But not every kid in Essos can speak the Common Tongue. He undoubtedly needed a new staff when he changed locations, and the training would take time because of all the secret passageways in the Red Keep. It's not a cinch that his entire spy network was flawless at the time of the Rebellion. It is by the time the story begins, but then he's had 15 years to work on it. First of all, we don't know that he didn't plan to swap out Rhaenys. Second, it's much harder to find an acceptable stunt-double for a three year old than a one year old. Three year olds talk. Three year olds have food preferences. Three year olds have identifiable personalities, and preferences for people. A Rhaenys stunt double would have to be trained. An Aegon stunt double just has to toddle around and maybe say a word or two. Not to mention that a Targ-looking kid will be a lot easier to find nearby than a Dornish-looking one. Three hundred years or horny Targaryen men in the capital, you bet there are little Valyrian-looking tots running around. Rhaenys' replacement would take longer, no question. Third, if they left it til the last minute there may not have been time to get Rhaenys out. It's possible that Varys got Aegon safely out, went to get Rhaenys, and she picked up on the grown-ups' tension (and the fact that her brother didn't come back with Varys) and ran. Three year olds are fast! No one could have caught her, and they would have had to search for her. Fourth, like it or not in a medieval society the boy is of greater value. The boy is the one in the most danger of being killed. The boys is the priority. How on earth do you know what Elia would or would not go along with? Of course she'd be willing to pretend a double was her baby in order for her baby to be saved. I don't think anyone with any brain power has ever suggested that Elia didn't know about the switch. You're assuming Rhaenys wasn't part of the plan but you don't know that. Varys did not leave King's Landing. So you're wrong on that. Nor did he abandon ship as soon as Pycelle said the king should let Tywin in. He stayed there and argued and tried to get Aerys to see the danger. When that failed, he stuck around to work for Robert. Quite frankly if he'd left and it was discovered that Prince Aegon was missing, everyone would have known what he'd done, and he'd be of no further use to Aegon, Dany, or anyone else. His staying in a position of power in Westeros was key to everything he's planned.
  11. The meaning of "Winter is Coming" (idle thoughts)

    Do we have a quote on this? It makes sense, but I'm wondering if there's any confirmation of it.
  12. The meaning of "Winter is Coming" (idle thoughts)

    I think Ned was on milk of the poppy at the time, so it may not actually mean a thing. What the CotF got out of the pact was that the First Men would quit killing them and cutting down the weirwood groves. This is why I'm skeptical about the CotF creating the Others...they'd had peace for 2,000 years and the FM seem to have all begun worshiping the Old Gods of the Children, so why go back on their word and try to kill men again? Any why bring them back again after 8,000 years? If they're angry about being all be extinct you'd think they would have gotten into the mix during the Andal invasion, cause the Andals were taking out weirwoods right and left. I doubt they could have done anything about the Targaryens. Still they've had literally millenia to get any revenge or try and even things out. Why not act sooner? Guilt? Then again, maybe they aren't responsible for the Others coming back again. I don't think the Others are that similar to humans. GRRM says they're like icy sidhe. And he commented that when Sam stabbed Puddles, he "broke the spell" holding him together. Humans aren't held together with spells. Eh, I don't think normal applies in this series. It's a superstition. But it will be interesting to see if it did once have a basis in a realistic fear. If the pact involved some kind of blood-bond with the Starks, things could get very interesting. I've sometimes wondered if the War for the Dawn ended in a pact that included something like "as long as there is a Stark in Winterfell" because at the time no one could imagine that the Starks would ever NOT hold Winterfell.
  13. A Round World of Ice and Fire (Everything's connected)

    Here's a problem. GRRM has never once been caught lying to his fans. He can be extremely evasive and is very careful with his words but if he's actually said the continents aren't connected, then it's a pretty good bet that they aren't. However, that doesn't rule out things like Dany approaching Westeros from the north, as long as the seas aren't frozen. Though I suppose that if they're frozen enough she could take the Dothraki right across the ice and not have to bother with ships. That would be pretty convenient, and could have the Others caught in the middle between two armies of men. She needs to learn about them and how to kill them first before this could happen.
  14. Small Questions v. 10105

    I think the point is that she loves Daario and is grieving for what might have been, and is now impossible.
  15. What was Varys doing when KL fell?

    It doesn't put a hole in the Aegon story at all. Get the kid out, stay to make sure nobody questions it until he should be far enough away to be safe. Gregor's overdoing it made Varys' job easier is all. It's Varys' job to know about plots against the king, not about plots of king. For all of Varys' knowledge and powers of persuasion he still couldn't get Aerys to listen to him instead of Pycelle, and it's pretty well established that Aerys didn't trust anyone, which would include Varys. I see no reason he would have told Varys about the plot to blow up the city.