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  1. bump
  2. For the sake of getting the thread going... W: Stannis B: Robert (young Robert, that is) K: Renly Margaery, Daenerys, Arianne
  3. Beautiful day today. Spent most of it fighting off a migraine, but still a beautiful day.
  4. Promise me Ned, you'll never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.
  5. Promise me Ned, you'll teach him our favorite song from when we were children: Rubber duckie, you're the one...
  6. Warming up here too. Between the last two storms we had about a foot of snow, and half of it melted today.
  7. A character you hate, that most people like? I don't think I hate any characters at all, let alone any that most people like. Closest I can think of is Renly. A character you like, that most people hate? Varys or Bloodraven What minor house would you like to belong to? Harlaw, so I could borrow books from Uncle Rodrik. What great house would you like to belong to? Targaryen or Stark (or Tyrell, because Highgarden sounds awesome!) What great house would you absolutely NOT like to belong to? Bolton or Arryn What region of Westeros would you like to live? North or Riverlands What region of Essos would you like to live? Valyria. It's pretty quiet there these days. What relatively unexplored area of A World Of Ice And Fire would you explore? I'd go east and discover Amaericos. Would you rather have a direwolf or a dragon? Dragon. I've always wanted to fly. What would you name your direwolf/dragon? I don't know, because it would depend on the dragon's But for the sake of giving an answer Fluffy, Steve, or Sweetpea. Which character name do you like most? (only the name, unbiased to whether you like the character or not). I like different names for different reasons. Oberyn Nymeros Martell and Victarion Greyjoy are badass. Allyria and Alysanne are beautiful. Edric is a name I came up with before I knew this series existed so I like it. Daenerys is exotic and lovely. In Westeros, what would your job be? Women don't exactly work in Westeros. I'd be a wife and mother. If I had time for anything else I'd be an amateur bard. If you were a slave in Essos that Daenerys freed, would you choose to follow/fight for her, or move on and live in peace? Follow her. If I go elsewhere I can be taken captive again. If you were able to become a brother of the Night's Watch, but only for 7 years, not a lifetime, would you do it? They wouldn't take me. Also, I doubt I'd be of much use to them. So no. Would help get someone killed if it meant that you could take the Iron Throne without ever being found guilty? No. A character that you wish got POV chapters, or more of them? Hodor (his actual thoughts, not his Hodoring) or Daario. A character that you wish got less POV chapters? Aeron "Damphair" Greyjoy. What are any fan theories that you believe in, or hope come true? That Ashara Dayne did not jump from that tower. That Daario Naharis is the real Blackfyre and GRRM used Aegon as a smokescreen. That Oberyn poisoned Tywin. Also the basics of my dragonsteel theory. What are any fan theories that you absolutely don't believe? LF being the last scion of House Reyne. Daenerys being the daughter of Ser Bonifer Hasty. Daenerys being the child of some random Lyseni prostitute. Sansa marrying Gendry. Euron, Benjen, or Quentyn being other people. Bloodraven skinchanging everyone. Bran changing the past. Mance being Rhaegar. Any theory that suggests Brandon and Ashara are the parents--together or separately--of Jon or Daenerys. Would you follow any religion in ASOIAF? If so, which one? Old Gods or Seven, depending on where I was born. Which humanoid creature would you study? (e.g. giants, children of the forest, mermen, white walkers, wights). None of them. The giants are nearly gone and I couldn't understand them anyway. I'd learn from the children, not about them. I can't swim so mermen are out. And I want nothing to do with Others and wights. What would be your uttermost fear in ASOIAF? Getting captured by, in this exact order: 1. Euron, 2. Ramsay, 3. a Dothraki khalasar, 4. Cersei, or 5. the Others. Which prophecy are you most anticipating coming through? The one that foretells humans defeating the Others. There has to be one like that. Something you are glad they added to the show. They did have some very nice touches in the early seasons. I can't think of specific examples at the moment. Something you wish was included in the show. The truth about Tysha. The real Dorne. Victarion Greyjoy and Rodrik Harlaw. The missing Tyrell boys. Jaime's spine. A real resolution to the KL storylines. A storyline in Braavos that makes sense. What would be your ideal spinoff show? List forthcoming. Anything set in Valyria at its height. Anything while the Targaryens still had dragons in Westeros. Dunk and Egg. The Age of Heroes. A talk show hosted by Varys (think Westeros meets Jerry Springer).
  8. I would agree if I hadn't found that interview. It was one of his more recent ones. I don't really see Martin assigning "major" character status to Rickon if he's killing him off shortly after putting him the page again. Not saying he'll be standing over everyone else's corpses at the end of the series, but there's a good chance Rickon is at least making it back home before he dies.
  9. Me too. I've been mentioning that here and there for a while. Seems like the value of a nearly identical cousin for a stunt double has escaped a lot of people. Another good option is Arys having switched the girls before they even got to Dorne. Either one leaves Myrcella and her burgeoning beauty intact, something that could be an issue with Cersei who is starting to lose her own looks. Myrcella could even be the YMBQ.
  10. No sighting to report but the thread needs bumping...
  11. bump
  12. Saw not-Bill Murray today.
  13. I could see that happening, and it has the potential to turn the fortune from Maggy on its head. Or perhaps turn the readers on our respective heads. Considering it and believing they'll fail are still different things. You always prepare for war as if you could lose, to try and ensure that you don't. Doesn't mean you believe the other guy is going to win. There's always somebody on the losing side who didn't see it coming. We don't know who that is yet in this particular skirmish.
  14. 1 & 2. I don't remember enough of this to be of much use beyond what I've already said. Though trauma can and does conflate memories or make someone mistake dreams or things they've heard about or even imagined for actual memories. Sansa never kissed Sandor, but she seems to clearly remember having done so the night of the Battle of the Blackwater. 3. I wasn't saying that you said Rickon wasn't on Skagos. My point was that no one is going to care very much whether Wex saw/heard what Manderly and Glover say he saw/heard. They could always have gotten reports from elsewhere, run them past Wex, and decided he was corroborating them even if he had no clue or was trying to tell them something different. "Look, he's excited! It must be right!" People with an agenda have a funny way of making the info fit.
  15. I'm not saying whitewash him, just don't paint him all black either. We really don't know what all was going on. And hey, maybe we'll find out he WAS going crazy. If Dany is TDtwP then Rhaegar himself was a red herring. And that's a shame because he was the only living child of his parents for so long that people weren't even considering it could be another child of theirs, let alone a girl. And I'm guessing there's some kind of timeline info in the prophecy that made them think TDtwP had to be in a close generation, as opposed to the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Aerys and Rhaella.