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  1. I would have to disagree with the idea that the identity of Rey’s parents is not important. I’m sure it’s important in the bigger picture that they’re nobody special. I think we are also overstating the value of Luke saving Darth Vader, because Vader only lived twenty minutes after saving his son from being killed by the emperor...after trying to kill his son for not turning to the dark side. Luke probably couldn’t have killed Vader even if he didn’t know he was his father and wanted to, as evidenced by the time he tried and failed in Empire Strikes Back. With Ben Solo it’s different because Luke has been teaching him how to be a Jedi and the potential for darkness still runs so deep. Luke igniting his lightsaber was a response to the dark side, not some desire he had to waste his nephew. As soon as he saw what he was doing he turned the lightsaber off. The movie was so blatant about that. Luke’s arc revolves around him needing to learn that the Jedi order was deeply flawed and doesn’t need to be restored to what it was, if it needs to come back at all. Love it or hate it, I think the movie handled that well and I for one am glad to see the story being propelled forward and not just rehashing old ideas.
  2. Just watched Justice League this evening. I enjoyed Man of Steel, I had high expectations from BvS and was let down, Suicide Squad was just a jumbled mess, Wonder Woman was all around a good movie, and I feel Justice League was easily as good as Man of Steel. Not perfect but enjoyable.
  3. Maybe this is just me, but I noticed this trend: in seasons five and six, up until episodes 9 and 10 everybody’s storyline can be summed up in one sentence. Season five the exceptions were Tyrion and Jon Snow, and kind of Cersei while in season six the exceptions were Dany and Jon. Think about it, you can skip episodes 1-8 of season five, and all you need to know about every character besides Tyrion, Jon, and Cersei moving into the penultimate and finale, is one sentence. Jaime and Bronn went to Dorne to rescue Marcella from Oberyn’s daughters and got captured. Arya arrived in Braavos and is training to be faceless man with Jaqen H’gar. Sansa returns to Winterfell and is brutalized by Ramsay after marrying him. Theon watches Ramsay torture Sansa. Davos accompanies Stannis away from the wall to march for Winterfell. Bran is non-existent. Brienne and Podrick unsuccessfully try to rescue Sansa. Meereen is turning on Daenerys and a shadow organization killed Ser Barristan. Season five is where the writing really started to go downhill, but season four is where the limitations of the budget and the difficulty of putting this show out on time became apparent. As far as which one played a bigger role in the dropping quality of the show overall, the writing. But on top of that you also have Dan and David’s commitment to spectacle over story.
  4. It's ironic that they probably cut the dragon horn plot because it would be too unbelievable to the audience and replaced it with something far less believable.
  5. I actually agree with this and have posted about this once or twice: In the definitive list of plot holes thread most recently. I think it's debatable when it comes to the story she told about herself to Robb, but the argument is there that her family didn't care about her much since she didn't want to be a proper lady, and probably wasn't close in a line of succession. I agree, they ignored a much cleaner route to getting Arya back (having the faceless men contracted by the Maegyr family) to Westeros. I think it also helped world building in Dany's storyline since the Maegyr family would have probably had their slavery affected by a Westerosi invader.
  6. Did they fire the DP? Seriously what's with the cinematography this season?
  7. Been watching since season one, the most underrated show on television in my opinion. I thought season three was the best overall. The creators of the show took over as show runners in season three and I think the quality in the writing and direction really picked up when that happened. Season four is interesting so far, but the visuals are severely lacking. I don't think the ratings for this show have been great so the fourth season probably had a cut in the budget just to ensure it would happen, but that's not something I've been able to find any information online about.
  8. My prediction is that in true D&D form, Jon will either return to Winterfell and tell both Sansa and Arya that he's bent the knee to Dany or he'll send a raven saying it. Sansa and Arya will get over their beef with each other but Sansa and the northern lords will probably think Jon has either lost his mind or is dead and it's a trick. Sansa's line about the lone wolf dying while the pack survives is about the true born Starks ostracizing Jon for stupid reasons that serve no purpose but to manufacture unnecessary drama for next season. Sansa will be named the queen in the north one way or another. As far as KL goes, the negotiations will go however they'll go teasing a major betrayal and ambush. Cersei will probably say one thing to appease Dany but will tell Jaime she's lying and while Dany and co. are still in the Dragon pit, Cersei will tell Qyburn to burn them all and Jaime will kill Qyburn then choke Cersei to death. They foreshadowed Jaime killing Qyburn in season three at Harrenhal when he was cleaning Jaime's stump initially. The wall might come down, Sandor might fight the Mountain for reasons, the unsullied who were surrounded at Casterly Rock may show up unharmed in KL for some reason.
  9. I haven't seen anybody point out that Cersei clarified in the pilot that King's Landing was a month away from Winterfell when an entire royal convoy was taking the Kingsroad. What that actually does for the distances in the context of this episode I'm not sure, but there is some metric to compare.
  10. Tonight's episode gave me another thing I'd do differently if I were showrunner.
  11. I haven't seen this conspiracy thrown around yet. I don't know, any serious Doctor Who nerds out there want to completely rip this apart? I started with the 2005 reboot so my knowledge of the original series is limited. I'm not sure if that character's fate in the original series allows for this to even be possible.
  12. I think the cure would have been better if it didn't wind up being as simple as pulling off the greyscale and putting neosporin on it. I have really mixed feelings about how D&D have been handling things post red wedding, but I'll definitely give them a lot of credit for their accomplishments. In an alternate universe where I ran the show, let's assume I only had seven seasons and let's just assume I knew I was going to get to make all seven seasons. As far as what I would do differently, not as much with a few exceptions. Dany's storyline post season one would only vaguely resemble the books aside from the major stuff: house of the undying, taking slaver's bay, sending Jorah away, chaining up the dragons, taking Meereen, Belwas, the fighting pit, running into the Dothraki again, etc. The largest change would have been cutting the second sons and Daario from season three and instead introducing her to the Golden company and the last remaining Blackfyres. Daemon Blackfyre IV would pretty much take the place of Daario and serve as a version of Aegon since the Blackfyres had loyalists in Westeros who believed in Daemon Blackfyre's claim to the throne, and instead of betraying and beheading Meero he'd be betraying and beheading Maelys Blackfyre. That spelling might be off, but you get the idea. In show universe Ser Barristan simply wouldn't have cut down the last Blackfyre, it just wouldn't have been part of the show universe history. Doing that I think covers the bases on introducing some version of Aegon early enough for them to be relevant and provide a complicated challenge for Daenerys (she loves him but some in Westeros might believe his claim to the throne is better, etc). Where would that story ultimately go though? He'd (Daemon) lead a force to take King's Landing in the sixth season finale and get his head twisted off by Ser Robert Strong. As far as the other changes, just small things here and there that probably wouldn't be too dramatically different from what D&D did, I'd keep the Tysha reveal and keep Jaime's arc as close to the book as possible. Probably no Lady Stoneheart but I don't know her purpose in the book yet, so I couldn't say for sure that I wouldn't find it more important to go through with than D&D did. I'd also probably wind up sending Jaime to Dorne but instead of sneaking in, he'd be welcomed by Doran and blindsided by an attack from the Sand Snakes. If possible I wouldn't have cut the queen maker plot which would probably mean reducing the number of sand snakes to two. Fair trade I think. I'd basically try at all costs to stay as close to the book's arcs and characterizations, I'd try to adapt all of the published material as closely as I could (given the exception of Daenerys) for seasons 1-6 then probably come up with a mostly fan fiction last season to end the show. We still have the books after all.
  13. I think for me Spoils of War just missed the top ten. It was good overall, and the ending battle was great but there are better episodes. I think an episode that's frequently underestimated and left off of every top ten list I see is Kissed by Fire. Talk about an episode with everything: Beric vs the Hound at the beginning, Jon Snow and Ygritte hooking up, Jaime meeting Roose Bolton/ bathhouse confession, great scene with Jorah and Barristan, Rickard Karstark's betrayal and beheading, Tyrion vs the Queen of Thorns, meeting Selyse and Shireen, Tuesdays with Davos, Tywin telling Cersei she'll marry Ser Loras, etc. That I think is the only episode that captures everything that is great about this show and it never seems to be in the top thirty on any of the lists I see.
  14. I think the Tarly's swore allegiance to the Lannisters out of fear (I mean she blew up the sept of Baelor and still has an undead body guard that's a 7 foot tall brick shithouse), but also just the understanding that they could just depose of Olenna Tyrell and take the reach. As far as Young Griff they could still theoretically shoehorn him in since the last season is supposed to have longer episodes. They have to fill that time with something, and since I don't know how the story ends I don't know if the battle for the dawn is going to take up all of that, or even most of it. It seems like a pretty straight forward battle, especially when they establish to the rest of the Westerosi people that the wights are in fact real but we'll see. If something happens to Cersei that leaves a power vacuum in King's Landing, and I don't think Varys's questioning of Dany's fitness to run is necessarily just filler.
  15. I think it all boils down to what Aegon/ FAegon is going to be to all of these characters in the coming books. If he is an obstacle to Dany then I think the time to introduce him was season 3, same way they did with Ramsay who was a developed antagonist to Jon. If he's going to be just another unsuccessful contender for the throne then he is probably just a complication that an already complicated series couldn't fool with. Book spoiler