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  1. LOL These hot takes get more and more ridiculous every day.
  2. I'd add Tyrion's very deliberate consolidation of physical manpower in King's Landing during his time as Hand. He brings his Mountain Clansmen into the capital, around 300 men, loyal to only Tyrion. He removes Janos Slynt as head of the City Watch, as well as Slynt's subordinates. Tyrion then appoints a new captain, from the Crownlands, who is under Tyrion's command. He has Bronn gathering sellswords. He tricks Cersei into sending away the Lannister household guard in the ploy to free Jaime from Riverrun. Tywin blatantly ignored Cersei's royal command to bring the Lannister army to defend King's Landing. Given the events surrounding Robert's death (Ned sending away his own guard, Stannis taking his to Dragonstone, Ned refusing Renly's men, and the role of Goldcloaks in securing the throne for Joffrey), actual physical control of the Red Keep is of huge importance, and only Varys notices Tyrion controlling every non-Kingsguard fighting man in the city.
  3. No Greyjoy Rebellion means no Tournament at Lannisport, which means no marriage between Jorah and Lynesse. Jeor doesn't (in theory) join the Night's Watch and become LC. Regardless of Jeor's fate, Jorah doesn't fall into debt and flee Eddard's justice The "Theon's Bastards" discussions become less fun, because he's the 3rd (or father, likely) heir in the Iron Islands Victarion doesn't learn the lessons from being anally violated by Stannis Asha isn't raised as some Ironborn Wonder Woman A better question: Who else chooses to poke the beast? Without the Ironborn being made an example, do the Martells or Tyrells foment rebellion elsewhere, or earlier? Does Bobby B get bored and invade some random places (say, the Summer Islands)?
  4. I wonder if even Barristan has any idea what he's doing: He's changing the way knights are going to approach training and fighting forever, if this is successful. Incorporation of different weapons, diversified training, but mixed with Selmy's sense of knightly courtesy and honor dialed up to 11. Selmy knows Danaerys needs knights, but he might not be aware of the long-term impact "Selmy's School of Chivalry and Advanced Personal Combat" will have on the world.
  5. Yep. And Victarion's memories of thrashing Harras seem to be from when Harras was much younger. Harras was good friends with Rodrick Greyjoy (Victarion's younger brother), putting Harras somewhere between five and nine years younger. Adult Harras is a badass, and that Valyrian steel sword is a major advantage.
  6. Well, considering they married Margaery to Joff, put a Tyrell in the Kingsguard, and absorbed the entirety of Brightwater Keep and all of its lands (for Garlan), I'd say the Tyrells made out pretty well.
  7. Sandor paddling Sansa on their wedding night. Gendry paddling Arya on their wedding night. Lothor Brune paddling Mya Stone on their wedding night. Jon paddling Val on their wedding night. Jaime paddling Brienne on their wedding night. Faegon padding Elia Sand on their wedding night. Jorah killing his Lynesse Hightower's husband. Franklyn Flowers as lord of Cider Hall. The Tattered Prince as King of Pentos.
  8. What is dead may never die, but rises...
  9. I always look oddly at Cat's hate for Jon, especially the idea that Jon's children (if legitimized) would threaten Robb's. These would be cousins to the Crown Prince, not brothers or sisters, no different than any of the other four children. Cat is nuttier than squirrel shit. We know Eddard was planning on reclaiming part of the New Gift and installing his other children (Bran, Rickon, Jon) as lords/petty lords of small castles or holdfasts. Cat's own husband was intent on creating a House Snow, or whatever name Jon took for his new home (similar to the Karstarks and Greystarks). How little did Cat know about the politics of the North? She was obsessed with Robb's claim to Winterfell, and when Robb became King she remained obsessed with her children's rights to Winterfell and the crown. But she seemed to have no knowledge of Eddard's plans with Jeor or Benjen (should Benjen become LC). She also seemed to be unfamiliar with Mormont succession as well. She knew extended Stark lineage as far as the Vale.
  10. It would be insane AND awesome if the Walkers could summon a wight kracken(s).
  11. The current Miss Talledaga and Miss Teen Talledega:
  12. Arya cockblocking Gendry in the Riverlands.
  13. Tywin recalls not really knowing exactly how mad his dog was until the sack of King's Landing. Gregor was already Ser Gregor at that point, and likely married. He was 17, and had been knighted by Rhaegar Targaryan prior to the tournament at Harrenhall. He would have been an in-demand bachelor before his reputation was sealed.