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  1. LOL @ Aerys marrying Aegon to Margeary, or Rhaenys to Jaime. Not an option, no matter how dire the circumstance.
  2. We also have to consider that Robert was constantly self-aware of his status as a usurper. Robert knows there are Targaryan sympathizers all over Westeros, including those hiding their allegiances (many Crownland and Reach houses) and those not (the Dornish, who openly seeth with anger). Robert cannot simply gather his friends and go off kicking the shit out of cities on another continent, lest his own kingdom be in peril. Look what happened to Robb Stark on a smaller scale. You have to be wary of your enemies (easy) and friends (not). If Robert were to put Jalabhar Xho on the throne in the Summer Isles, it would likely be no more than a 10-20k strong expedition, with Robert being forced to watch from the rear, and someone like Stannis or Ned as regent in King's Landing.
  3. Gendry is like 1/128th Targ. Half-sister is good to go, I think.
  4. I know it's a big thing to talk in circles, but let's be real: 1. There isn't any scenario where Robert finds out about Cersei and Jaime and he doesn't kill (or attempt to kill) everyone involved, save Tommen and Myrcella (and even that's iffy). If Robert lives, we have war. 2. There isn't any scenario where Tywin successfully fights a war against the unified Iron Throne. Tywin has napalmed too many bridges, even the great houses that dislike Robert (Greyjoy, Martell) would never ally with Tywin. They would sit back and watch Bobby B & Friends slaughter the Westerlands without saying a word.
  5. Arya cockblocking Gendry in the Riverlands.
  6. If there's one thing GRRM has taught us, it's that nothing matters less than the truth. Joffrey's parentage, Jon Snow's identity, f(Arya)'s marriage, oaths sworn and broken... If Aegon seizes the Iron Throne then he's Aegon Targaryan. If he is betrayed or dies in battle he's (to steal something from Jon) "another doomed pretender". The truth is always out there, whatever version of events suits an individual's needs is what he or she embraces.
  7. Doran was bound to marry Arianne to Viserys. It is acknowledged that had Viserys known of the pact, he would have immediately traveled to Sunspear, and the subsequent events would have resulted in House Martell being destroyed in its entirety. You say the truth when you type "fAegon", instead of Aegon. This child is not Elia's.
  8. From this point forward all anyone will ever notice is the demon brand on his face.
  9. He planned to bludgeon the dragons to death with his gigantic balls.
  10. One more for the list My man Lothor Brune has been promised lands and a keep in the Riverlands after the conclusion of the war, by Joffrey's decree. It would be a knightly house, although I suspect Lother the Apple Eater would beat the shit out of anyone that called it a cadet house to the Brunes of Brownhollow.
  11. The tournament field is limited to Lannister/Tyrell loyalists? Gregor, Loras, Garlan, or Balon Swann.
  12. Just saying I like this thread, and this is an interesting discussion.
  13. Proof that Rhaegar was some romantic poof and not a real warrior. By the Battle of the Trident, the war had been going on for nearly a year. Robert had destroyed disloyal lords in the Stormlands, smashed Jon Connington, and linked up with Ned, Jon, and Hoster to begin the final push on King's Landing. Rhaegar was literally a "knight of summer", and the Trident was his first battle. By all accounts, it was a disastrous rout, and the fact that Rhaeger ever met Robert in battle shows Rhaegar didn't have any idea what he was doing. Rhaegar was as unfit to rule as Aerys.
  14. Dude. Just stop. They didn't swap the children before the war. That's beyond silly. If Aegon is who Varys says he is, then the Pisswater Prince story is most likely correct. If he's a pretender, then who knows, but that would be revealed. However, Elia taking part in swapping her own child is just ridiculous.
  15. Now that they're all dead, I'd like to add I think the show missed a real opportunity to do something interesting and different than the books. In the books Robb Stark married Jeyne Westerling after she took care of his wounds suffered storming her family's castle, the Crag, in the Westerlands. They are a house loyal to the Lannisters. Robb did not take her to the Twins for Edmure Tully's wedding, as he did not want to offend Walder Frey. She is still alive, a Lannister captive en route to Casterly Rock. In the show, Robb's wife is changed to Talisa Maegyr, who claims to be from an old family in Volantis. Volantis is one of the Free Cities of Essos. The name is completely made-up, and the character does not appear in the books at all. Who is in the books? One of the sitting Triarchs (a democratically elected triumvirate that rules Volantis) is named Maegyr. If the show had followed reality, the Volantese (and possibly allied cities) would have waged an insane invasion and economic warfare against the parties they held responsible. The Talisa Maegyr character is actually more appropriate as the bride of a Queen than anyone Robb was betrothed to or actually married to in the books, and she was freaking BUTCHERED. It would be the equivalent of Prince William marrying Jenna Bush, then Jenna getting assassinated in the UK by some foreign agent. The fallout would be INSANE. B&W just let the whole thing drop, though. They had the opportunity to tell a fantastic story during a couple of middling seasons.