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  1. The argument can be made that his dealings with Alys Karstark show just how much he loves his family, even distant kin. Alys is blood (both of them acknowledge the relationship) and Jon feels and behaves brotherly towards her. He is the closest thing to Ned among all the children, which makes sense, given Ned's upbringing.
  2. 1. Jaime doesn't become LC because of the Stark/North relationship. The Old Bear still gets elected, and Benjen is still the heir apparent. Jaime likely becomes first ranger (he's older than Benjen and a former KG) or gets command of another castle, possibly opening a fourth. More importantly, Jaime is actually happy at the wall. The few times we see Jaime genuinely happy during the series, he's off campaigning during the WOT5K. He likes to be around soldiers, and not just his own. He likes and respects Steelshanks, makes Raff the Sweetling useful, and trusts Ser Addam Marbrand. Jaime would fit in a purely military order, and enjoy the lifestyle, adding to his own legend in combat at the Wall. 2. Tywin re-marries and has more children. Even during the WOT5K, Tywin is still young enough to remarry and father children, and obviously still has functioning sex drive (caught by Tyrion fucking Shae). Tywin obviously loved Joanna and doesn't WANT to remarry, but 14 years prior, with Jaime off to the Wall and Cersei married (or not) to Robert, Tywin would likely re-marry and have more children. That's a great conversation: If Tywin re-marries after Robert's Rebellion, to who would he wed?
  3. Jaime made a mental note that his aunt Gemma Lannister (Frey) was about to make her chair die a painful death when she sat in on the war council meeting.
  4. Not every Valyrian family was dragon-riding. Of the 40 families that were, the Targaryans were in low esteem (compared to their counterparts), and looked at as fools for their westward migration. The Valyrian families that accompanied the Targaryans were well-rewarded for their loyalty, but were inconsequential in the Valyrian Freehold.
  5. I agree. When reading this I thought "Man, Jaime really misses Tyrion." He may have given Hoster the "You're a ward, I may kill you" talk, but he definitely wants the boy around as a personality similar to Tyrion. And having an unusually bookish, highborn boy in his retinue may prove to be a benefit.
  6. Wyman's insanely fat sons acquitted themselves when they rode with Robb Stark during the War, according to Catelyn.
  7. The Kingdoms of Sarcasm and Wit, homie.
  8. While not a fan of Anya Waynwood engaging Harry Hardying in exchange for debt relief, I did like what I saw from her son and grandson in the leaked Alayne chapter. They were both what you would expect (or hope) young knights to be.
  9. I'd betray Ned Stark, and use my influence to fan the flames of war between Houses Lannister and Stark. Then I'd attempt to broker a peace with Renly, but use the chaos as an opportunity to merge Houses Tyrell and Lannister, asking for Lordship of Harrenhall as a reward. Instead of going to Harrenhall, I'd go to the Vale, marry and kill Lysa Arryn, naming myself Lord Protector of Robert Arryn. From there I'd probably contrive to marry Sansa Stark to either Robert or Harrold Hardyng, and use that as a pretext to invade the North, attempting to secure three of the Seven Kingdoms under my control.
  10. Wealthy, yes. Formidable... Up in the air. Their allegiance was unknown at the Battle of Gulltown, when Jon Arryn and Robert smashed the Gulltown lords to consolidate their control of the Vale.
  11. I wonder if part of Tywin's reluctance to harm Tyrion was born from Gemma's comments that put her in a multi-year doghouse. Tywin resents Tyrion for being the most mentally capable of his children, but also knows Tyrion's value. He might have shit all over Tyrion in private, but sending Tyrion to serve as Hand in his stead was not the sort of rash or sentimental decision that Tywin would ever make. And upon assuming the Handship himself, Tywin still placed Tyrion as Master of Coin, a Small Council position where Tyrion's vast intelligence would have been of use. I really do think Tywin saw Winterfell as a reward for Tyrion, in some weird fucked-up way. Tywin would never allow himself to be personally shamed by having Tyrion inherit Casterly Rock, but he seized upon the opportunity to place Tyrion in Winterfell at the first possible chance. At the time of Tyrion's marriage to Sansa, the deal with Walder Frey and Roose Bolton was still being worked out, and the marriage contracts were not agreed. Tywin could have put ANY suitable Lannister as regent in Winterfell. Daven, for instance. He has this constant mix of total disdain and grudging respect for Tyrion.
  12. Robert, for his lack of executive interest, has a good nose for these things. He knew the Dany/Drogo marriage meant war, and he was rightfully suspicious of the loyalties of many lords in Westeros. He was not able to put two and two together, and wasn't playing Matlock in his spare time, but he knew a war was coming. Something was rotten, and he didn't need it spelled out.
  13. I took a good bit of pleasure watching Royce get his revenge on Littlefinger during Baelish's trial. "I think not." I hope he gets to kill a Walker as revenge for Waymar.
  14. Jon's also still giving orders as far as the Watch is concerned. He sent Tormund and the Wildlings to take over Eastwatch, even though there were still Night's Watch men there. Tormund mentions the NW men during the scene where Jon, Jorah, and Gendry meet the Brotherhood men in the cell. Tormund says "I guess we're the Night's Watch now" when Jon sends him from Winterfell to Eastwatch. Edd might be Lord Commander, but Jon is King, and although the watch takes no part blah blah, when your Lord Commander becomes King, he's in charge.
  15. Yeah, that too