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  1. Yep. And even though Tyrion thinks he tricked fAegon into going west when he should have gone east, at the time Dany is consumed by paranoia over prophecy. Look how poorly she greeted Quentyn Martell, who is the first blood relative she's ever known outside of Viserys. Even Barristan thinks that if Quentyn had by physically attractive, Dany would have behaved differently. Dany is constantly counting betrayals and actively looking for who will be next, instead of attempting good governance. She would have soured on fAegon right away, and her distrust of sellswords, even a company founded by her kin, would have driven them away, or worse, into war with Dany. fAegon did the right thing, even if given bad advice to do so. GRRM will come up with some nonsense to get Dany back in Westeros by the end of TWOW, but at the time of fAegon's introduction to the Golden Company, she really is a non-factor. She's off miscarrying in the Dothraki Sea, while her army is destroyed from within, and her city under siege. fAegon is the only Targaryan handling Targaryan business. Give this cocky little shit and JonCon a single dragon and he conquers the 7K inside a year.
  2. Tyrion also notes that many of the "Antler Men" were people heavily indebted to the crown via loan from Petyr. Joffrey launched them, and any ability to recoup that money, into the Blackwater.
  3. Drogon is a flying Abrams tank in a world of light infantry. If the trade had been successful, they would have outrageously ripped Dany off, like trading 10 draft picks for Ricky Williams. The trade was a no-brainer, except for the whole "getting slaughtered by the Unsullied" part. One of Dany's many despicable acts that are glossed over to make her look better. Never enter into an agreement with Danaerys Stormborn.
  4. In regards to the OP, sometimes the simplest answer is also the right answer. Ned was already fostering Theon Greyjoy. Ned's home isn't an orphanage, and he already had four sons of his own.
  5. None, and I'd kill any effing idiot that tried to secede.
  6. His reputation didn't shield him, Joffrey dispatched the Goldcloaks to capture or kill Barristan. Selmy killed one with his knife, one with spear, and rode down a third on his way out. It was a "kill or be killed" moment.
  7. I like the idea of Hoster Blackwood semi-replacing Tyrion as Jaime's nerdy companion. Imagine if the Hos (junior nerd) and Peck (junior warrior) become super friends, like Jon and Samwell?
  8. A better question is, "How the fuck is Joffrey, as a minor with a regent, allowed to hold court without Cersei (regent) or Tyrion (Hand) present?"
  9. Westerosi nobles place high value on marriages with houses of royal descent. House Blackwood were notable kings in the Riverlands, and never abandoned the old gods. I would imagine great houses probably valued marrying with the Blackwoods more than someone like Frey.
  10. While I'm not a fan of any family Targ-related, I will say this is a fantastic and persuasive post.
  11. I think, at Jon's age, he would most likely be serving as one of his father's pages, or part of the Stark household guard.
  12. Ser Lothor Brune. We'd get to see his interactions with Baelish, Brune watching and being privy to the comings and goings of Alayne, Brune watching Oswell Kettleblack, Brune sizing up other knights in the Vale (especially Lyn Corbray), and some rated-R thoughts about Mya Stone. I'd like to see what Lothor thinks of the nobles turning up for Robin Arryn's tournament, as well as what he thinks of Myranda Royce.
  13. Walder Rivers seems to have more of his father's trust than the vast majority of his true-born siblings. Also, something I found interesting upon re-read: The supposedly more moral, more honorable Tytos Blackwood mocks the death of Jonos Bracken's bastard, claiming the Bracken probably didn't even father the boy. And, even as a drunken turncloak, the less moral, less honorable Jonos Bracken declines a royal fief from Jamie, and laments the loss of his bastard son. Bracken cared for the boy.
  14. 1. Don "The Dragon" Wilson