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  1. Favorite POV Character

    I really like the chapters on Ned.
  2. Just finished season 1...

    I am not bothered by spoilers.
  3. Just finished season 1...

    I am a book reader first. While I don't like the sex, I really enjoy season 1. And now, season 2.
  4. What would you change about the show?

    A matter of different opinions, I guess.
  5. Just finished season 1...

    Here are my thoughts. So sad that Eddard Stark had to die. He is such a good man. Really hate littlefinger. Love Arya. Find her lively and cute. Really admire Catelyn and Robb. Find them courageous in the midst of crisis. Love the dragons. Find them kind of cute. Too much sexual content for my taste, though. I can stand the violence, but the sex is too much for me. Especially the part where the two prostitutes were practicing with each other, while littlefinger watched.
  6. Too much nudity

    There is too much nudity in this show. To the point that I am afraid my mother might think I was watching porn.
  7. What would you change about the show?

    The nudity. I think there is too much of it.
  8. Favorite POV Character

    I enjoy reading Arya and Eddard.
  9. Introductions

    I am chongjasmine, and I come from a small country, Singapore. I love to read books, especially fantasy books. I love to sleep, as well. And I love to post in forums. I post in many forums beside this, and I often use the name chongjasmine in my posts.
  10. How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I see many people commenting about it on a fantasy forum. That stirred up my interest to read it. I read the first couples of point of views and find the story interesting. So I keep reading it.