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  1. US Politics: We're serving Flint water mmmmm.

    Again, not relitigating, but we don't have to look to Bush v. Gore for ammunition against Scalia. How about Shelby vs. Holder, in which the Court essentially gutted the Voting Rights Act?
  2. US Politics: We're serving Flint water mmmmm.

    I think that the Democrats have the upper hand in this fight. Sure, Republicans will rally their base for this, but what's their argument? "To hell with the Constitution"? Democrats, on the other hand, can argue, "Hey, we just want to follow the rule of law." Given that the president generally wins fights with Congress, I think Obama's in a good position here. Also, can't you just see Jeb! or Clinton or Sanders saying, "Hey, if Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz won't follow the law when they're in the Senate, how can we expect them to enforce it from the White House?" Every presidential candidate will have to take a position on this, and you'd better believe Clinton and Sanders will be way more comfortable taking one than any of their Republican counterparts. Republicans can certainly set up a blockade, but the real question is, can they hold it? I suppose we'll have to see how it plays out, but if blue-state Republicans start feeling the heat they'll pressure leadership to relent, and if opposition to the blockade is seen as bipartisan, I think that blockade will crumble.
  3. US Politics: We're serving Flint water mmmmm.

    Yes, I agree with this. That's not to say the GOP won't try a blockade--after all, this is the party that brought you the shutdown and the debt-ceiling crisis. However, given time and media hype, plus pressure from Republicans running for reelection in blue states, the party may have to relent and allow a vote. 
  4. Boarders Writing A Novel: Volume 14 A Memory of Civility

    You'd never know it from what you see on the shelves. My goodness, but some of these fantasy novels are huge!
  5. Nitpicking: The Next Generation

    I can't speak to the writers' intentions, but, yes, it does seem as though the female characters are supposed to serve specific purposes. Usually those purposes are nurturer-caretaker, which, as you say, Tasha Yar definitely was not.
  6. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    It's a win in terms of media narrative, sure, but it doesn't mean much unless other parts of the Democratic coalition, and not just those represented in New Hampshire, start to move Sanders' way. I haven't seen any sign that's happening, but there's still time. We'll see what happens between now and South Carolina.
  7. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    I'll bet that is just what Bush is thinking, as evidenced by his plan to knife Rubio and Kasich. The only way that makes sense if is Jeb! figures that, by putting Kasich and Marcobot out of the way, he'll be the sole establishment candidate, to whom all Republicans must then flock. I'm not sure it will work that way, but I'd rather the Democrat ran against him than Kasich or Rubio, so, fine.
  8. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    Agreed, but why would folks who held off when Trump was just a popular loudmouth commit when he's a winning candidate with delegates? Clearly, Republican elites are wary of Trump, and at this point the window of viability for rallying around an anti-Trump is closing. Honestly, I don't know what stops The Donald, I really don't. BTW, I don't think we've heard the last of Jeb! He's got tons of money, lots of endorsements, and an organization in South Carolina and Nevada. He can go the distance, and I would not be surprised to see him employ the same kind of character assassination against Rubio that his brother used so nastily against John McCain.
  9. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    This is absolutely delicious. Kasich, Bush and Rubio all have the knives out for each other, while Grandpa Munster and Pol Pot the Clown work their way towards the nomination. Makes sense, from a certain point of view; whichever of the three is left standing will hope to inherit the mantle of Establishment Candidate and command all the power of the GOP. (That's what they're telling themselves, anyway.) I say: Faster, pussycat! Kill! Kill! EDITED TO ADD: All along I've been saying that Trump has no real chance to win the nomination, but it occurs to me that if any other candidate came in second in Iowa, first in New Hampshire (way first) and had been leading in South Carolina since Labor Day, I'd say we're looking at a potential nominee. So clearly I underestimated the willingness of Republican voters to elect a reality-show star to the White House.
  10. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    Hey, congratulations! That is a scary thing to do, alcohol or no. Yay you!
  11. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    I'm sure you do, as half of them are likely on this board.
  12. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    That's a question that requires research I'm not interested in conducting, so I'll pass on that one. However, it's interesting to note that Bernie himself has flipped on gay rights when the political atmosphere allowed it, and this does not bother me in the slightest. Politicians always shape their message to suit the electorate, and Sanders is no exception. Also, I don't necessarily want a politician who never changes her mind. I've changed my mind in twenty years; why would I expect anything different from my elected officials? Also, I know I would hate to be judged by opinions I changed ten years ago. Great Zeus.
  13. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    Why is he better? Both of them support gay rights now, and both of them have, ah, mixed records in that regard.
  14. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    I think that's the way to go, especially considering that many universities have policies that would ban not selling tickets to certain classes of people. 
  15. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    A gay candidate is welcome to tell me he expects my vote, but he may not get it. And, no, I am not offended by the suggestion because I don't think it's entirely off-base--especially if I think there is something tongue-in-cheek about the suggestion itself.