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  1. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    I am, only in that I figured Cruz had more strategic sense. His performance at the RNC made enemies, sure, but it had the potential to set him up for 2020. Cruz could have been the guy saying that he was the lone voice in the wilderness, blah blah. However, now he's sacrificing any advantage he might have gotten from his convention stunt, leaving him with...what? Does he think Trump will reward him? Christie's been on the Trump train for months, and The Donald treats even him like a dog. Please.
  2. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    I don't know if there are any means, as such. I think that, since most opinions are formed emotionally, they are changed only when their owners feel emotionally ready to do so. How you get people feeling differently about an issue is another matter entirely, but I think part of it is giving them an emotional stake. It's easy to dislike gay people until your son comes out and you see how shitty the world is to him. Maybe people start sympathizing with Black Lives Matter when they see black people they know and admire getting abused by police--I don't know.
  3. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    I wish I still believed that reason changes minds.
  4. I think this can be rephrased as: "Donald Trump is the candidate of white nationalists, but Hillary."
  5. On reflection, I'm going to decline to debate this, and let Trump's words stand for themselves.
  6. Trump: I suppose one can hairsplit that into acceptability, which must be one of those gray areas under discussion.
  7. My position is that although shades of gray do exist, they are not often to be found in the things Donald Trump says. His bigotry and white nationalist tendencies are right out there for all to see. No gray as far as I can tell.
  8. I'm not sure how many shades of gray can be found in that Mexicans-are-rapists statement. But call me an absolutest.
  9. So you know that Clinton secretly opposes gay marriage, and that Obama is a closet atheist. What other things can you tell us?
  10. Given that the orange-haired buffoon will likely garner at least 45% of the vote, I imagine that we'll make the next one god-emperor.
  11. But then, Sanders spent a good deal of rhetorical time implying that closed primaries, at which Clinton did quite well, are somehow "rigged", which had the effect of leading his followers to believe that a secret majority of Democrats were really Berniecrats.
  12. I think it's hard to know in advance what people will fixate on as some kind of problem. I would never have imagined that coming down with pneumonia would be viewed as a betrayal of the public trust--do candidates have to disclose every aspect of their health?--but the media went bananas when Clinton got sick. So I imagine that Joe Biden might have had a "scandal" because he forgot to check with CNN before switching to a different brand of tooth floss.
  13. Those are assertions, no doubt, and easy to make since it's impossible to test them.
  14. It's a good thing you're no longer engaging in pointless exchanges. Neither do I, but I don't know of a better one. I don't assume that a different Democrat would be doing better, and I'm coming to the (reluctant) conclusion that there are more white nationalists (and sympathizers) in this nation than I ever would have guessed.
  15. I'd say most of Hillary's problems are Republican-inflicted; twenty years of groundless, relentless character assassination will tend to trash a reputation. Ask the average voter what Hillary Clinton has done wrong and you'll likely get vagaries ("Email!" or "Benghazi!") or else simple discomfort ("She rubs me the wrong way"). I very rarely hear reasoned criticism, even though I think there is valid criticism one could make. Maybe all the reasoned criticism is happening where I can't see it, but I'm not banking on that.