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  1. US Election: Saint Bernard the obstinant

    I don't think that will matter. I find that, in general, the accusation is remembered long after it has been refuted--assuming, of course, that anyone cared in the first place. Nobody inclined to vote Democrat cared much back in the 90s, and I imagine even fewer will matter today. But maybe you are right. Maybe there is a giant crowd of millenials just itching to revisit the a 20-year-old right-wing pit of bullshit.
  2. US Election: Saint Bernard the obstinant

    I don't know either! Clinton isn't paying me for my vote, nor am I expecting to land a gig like secretary of transportation or something. Believe me, I am ready to sell out, but Hillary Clinton has shown no interest in buying me.
  3. US Election: Saint Bernard the obstinant

    When this began I thought long and hard about voting for Sanders, and finally went with Clinton because I didn't think this revolution was anything more than a pipe dream. After months of being told that I am a shill and a sellout, and of watching Sanders claim to be anti-establishment while he angles for the superdelegates to overturn the will of pledged delegates...well, I am absurdly grateful I didn't vote for him. Oh boy. Even back in the 90s this had traction only in the right-wing fever swamp, and Trump is a fool if he thinks bringing this up will move any voters out of the Clinton camp. I'll bet most under-thirty voters have no idea who Vince Foster was. What a clown.
  4. US Election: Saint Bernard the obstinant

    Sorry...I wasn't trying to be snarky towards you, but I see I succeeded anyway! So please forgive and just assume I am ranting at Republicans in general, which I often do.
  5. US Election: Saint Bernard the obstinant

    You think so? You mean all those #NeverTrump Republicans who pivoted right to #EventuallyTrump? You mean the Republicans who filibustered a cabinet appointment? The Republicans who got involved in the Terri Schiavo business? Those Republicans?
  6. US Election: Saint Bernard the obstinant

    I don't see why anyone's fussing about superdelegates anyway. They've never overturned the actions of the pledged delegates, and probably never would unless the Democratic Donald Trump somehow emerged. (You'd better believe Republicans are wishing they had some superdelegates!)
  7. US Election: Saint Bernard the obstinant

    Republicans may like bottom-up changes, but they don't usually get 'em. After eight-plus years they haven't managed to repeal Social Security. After sixty-plus they have failed to eliminate Medicare. The welfare state generally gets larger, but they nibble at the edges where they can--welfare reform in the 90s is a good example of this. So they make incremental changes all the time. I don't know why you think Democrats are incremental by choice, either. The reason the ACA did not go further was not because Democrats just got scared but because a few Democrats got stubborn and Republican filibusters made it impossible to proceed without their support. So the party had to pass what legislation it could and wait until later for the rest. I think you're discounting the increased frequency of the filibuster and how that has affected policy. If you don't have sixty votes in the Senate you don't get your way, period. One can argue that the filibuster should be eliminated (I certainly do), but until then, it's what we've got. (Also, Reagan totally made deals with Democrats, particularly on taxes.)
  8. The world of The Dagger and the Coin feels oddly empty, as if the only people who are doing anything of consequence are the main characters. GRRM's Westeros feels much more like a real place, in which there are all kinds of factions and power players, each pushing this way or that.
  9. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    Even if DWS were a Clinton agent, what did it change? Can anyone plausibly demonstrate that this or that state caucus/primary would have gone the other wayif she hadn't somehow interfered? Even if you assume that 10% of Clinton's current delegates were somehow swayed by DWS' machinations (and that would be quite a claim), that leaves Clinton with a more than one hundred delegate lead. In short, even if you proved that DWS was totally in the bag for Hillary, you still haven't proven that it significantly affected the outcome of the race. To paraphrase the Big O, in politics, the one who gets the most votes wins, and that's Clinton.
  10. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    These are important to remember, particularly for those who consider joining the Bernie-or-Bust crowd. It's easy to say, "Hey, I didn't vote at all, so I am not to blame," but in a democracy a decision to not make a choice is a choice. You either help steer the nation in (what you feel is) generally the proper direction or you do not. Reasonable people can disagree about what is best, but even the BoBs seem to believe that Trump is a disaster, so there's no real disagreement on that score.** Therefore, sitting out the election is IMO a vote for Trump. **Admittedly, there are some BoBs who seem to think there is no real difference between Clinton and Trump, but those people are wrong and view politics through a distorted lens.
  11. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    That is certainly true. Yes indeed.
  12. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    What I often hear from BoBs is that maybe it's best if Trump breaks the nation, so that the Sanders revolution will rise from the wreckage. To me, that translates to, "If things get shitty enough, somehow things will get better." That's not a plan but a fantasy. It's also incredibly privileged and indifferent, because some of us will suffer far more than others.
  13. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    Yep. And despite claims of "blackouts", the media are still intensely covering Sanders and his people. With these Bernie-or-Bust folks, I feel like that old man in a horror movie, who's trying to warn the soon-to-be victims. "Sixteen years ago they said there was no difference between the candidates, and look what happened! Don't make the same mistake!" Like that old man, those of us issuing warnings now are being ignored. It's just bananas.
  14. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    That does seem likely, but those few supporters make a LOT of noise, don't they? My goodness...the conspiracy theories I am hearing! If this election has taught me anything, it's that liberals are as susceptible to craziness as conservatives--and often the same type!
  15. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    By my lights, Bernie Sanders has gotten tons of press, and he'll get more before he's done. The media love a horse race, so they've been following him pretty closely for the last six months. We can only wish there were a blackout.