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  1. Bless the Maker and his passing! I suspect that the blue heart in the House of the Undying may be that of a dragon that was poisoned with Shade of the Evening in the vein of juvenile sandworms drowned to produce Water of Life.
  2. For the sinister Deep Ones. The hateful litany of envy and spite detailing the many wholesome surface activities the Squishers can no longer indulge in combined with the chorus urging you to join in their abominable eucharist and taste of their tainted flesh and presumably become as they are will leave your your sanity in tatters. The horror, the horror:
  3. I believe it burns blue: "Under the sea, smoke rises in bubbles, and flames burn green and blue and black..." ACoK
  4. I think it is interesting that the element of fire is often associated with darkness- R'hlorr as the god of flame and shadow, for example, and Balerion and Drogon's black flame threaded through with red- and ice with light and reflections- the bright eyes of the Others described as stars and their bones like milkglass.
  5. 3. Shiera has a virgin Bloody Mary, Dany orders one of those drinks that need to be lit on fire to enjoy proplerly, and.Ashara sips a glass of wine but tosses it over the balcony when she gets a bit of bad news.
  6. On reflection I think that Mother Rhoyne and greyscale a great example of the Night's Queen archetype- the womb as crucible of death or dire transformation. In the same way that vengeful wrath at the Rhoynar's destruction translated into the pestilence of Stone, I believe that Nissa-Nissa ) likewise became the vessel of the pestilence of Ice in backlash while delivering Lightbringer. Also on the Stone Men: in the theme of seeds and cycles it is a stone fruit that pops the Shy Maid's cherry. Hmmmm
  7. I wonder if the Citadel doesn't have its own answer to the alchemists- they don't seem the type to go hat in hand to others looking for knowledge (or indeed to admit that anyone else even has legitimate knowledge). IIRC the alchemists were supplanted by the maesters so I suspect they must be able to duplicate at least a few of their tricks. It seems the alchemists have lost the art of transmuting base metals (if they ever possessed it) or that is was rendered unworkable or prohibitively expensive during the dragonless interim that also seems to have slowed their production of wildfire (which makes it likely more than just juiced-up naptha). Perhaps the lead link is the Citadel's version of alchemy/chemistry?
  8. I would guess that some of the unnamed links might touch on subjects like history, politics and statecraft, diplomacy and etiquette, natural sciences, and linguistics. Engineering and/or technology is a good bet. And of course, tinfoil for conspiracy theories and wild speculation.
  9. That is a great question. I wonder if the Horn could in some way be connected with Nagga- as in was it once connected to its head for example, or could it or an instrument like it be responsible for the myth? If so it could be an instrument crafted by the CotF, perhaps the very one that brought down the Hammer of Waters. Or it could have been created by the Gray King, a scion of the Deep Ones unless I have missed my mark. The Horn, and the taming of Nagga's fires would be a theft from the Children- granted, I hypothesize by their mastery over the groves of weirwoods that were submerged (the Drowned God) when they warred with the Children's above ground, Pyke was splintered, and they were driven beneath the sea. Definitely not Wildling-made, at any rate.
  10. How about Aegon as the Maid's unfertilized ovum, like the unlikely egg who became king. The seed missed its mark, however, and quickened in a griffon instead (a solar lion given wings like dragon). Re: The Shy Maid's Schrodinger's Box- I like that. Until we take a peek between her legs we have a fertilized Egg and flaming menses (fire and blood!).
  11. On the stone men and meteors: I've previously examined sexual imagery of alien invasion via meteor and I think the Stone Men are a great example but a more cyclical spin that ties in with this thread presents itself. The Stone Men represent the deadly seed of Mother Rhoyne first sown thousands of years ago having sprouted in foreign soil and then returned to their point of ultimate origin to fall into the river and presumably end their days as miniatures of the titan whose upthrust hand the Maid twice passes (morbid fancy- they accrue sediment like pearls and keep growing and the titan is only the first and largest) but for the one seed that impregnated her with corruption. The Rhoyne is a menstrual stream and the Bridge is flinging tainted seed on passing maids like Miggs in Silence of the Lambs.
  12. I think they are related. As for the meteors- another great catch.
  13. Perhaps the Broken Arm and the Hammer were the results of undersea tectonics- "Nagga" unleashed. Further- although the Deep Ones are clearly tied to the sea, I am not sure that has always been the case. I think the Deep Ones were driven into the sea (and possibly beneath the ground on Leng) after losing a war with CotF. I think their magic is primarily concerned with mutation and corruption, like the Oily Black Stone they built with. I further suspect that they took some Children with them as slaves and used that magic to create the merlings to serve them in their new home. I think we have encountered a form of this magic in the corrupt blue heart in the House of the Undying and in the Shade of the Evening trees (corrupted weirwoods).
  14. Very nice- I was thinking of the second, but the first hadn't occurred to me. Good catch
  15. Textual evidence of the cyclical/linear time dynamic I think can be found in the passage where the Shy Maid blushingly made her way past the Bridge of Dreams twice in order to fulfill certain preordained conditions. Forgot to bring this up above.