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  1. Oldtown and the Citadel: "Obara would have me go to war." Nym laughed. "Yes, she wants to set the torch to Oldtown. She hates that city as much as our little sister loves it." AFfC
  2. The first thing I conclude is that what the Targaryans are heir to and have taken to incest to preserve is fundamentally an abomination- a hybrid of two different systems of magic. This doesn't seem to happen to anyone else- the Starks don't have stillborn sphinxes (or at least that we don't have any information on such- but you never know). Secondly, that this is caused by the misuse of the "natural" cycle of souls. The Targaryan's have a blood bond with dragons due to the Lightbringer incident and this somehow involves sharing souls with dragons and that somehow in all of the fire(dragons) and the blood (babies) sometimes things go wrong? Eggs don't hatch and abominations are stillborn. And a couple questions: What do you make of the distinction between sphinxes and valyrian sphinxes? I think GRRM makes enough of it for it to be significant. Do you think these sphinxes are spontaneous? Or is it only something that happens due to outside agencies? Would Rhaego have been monstrous if Dany hadn't struck her foolish bargain? I think some of the others listed in the worldbook are questionable as well. I'm honestly not sure myself.
  3. Well said and well thought, CF. I would like to add Arya of the many names to the roster of sphinxes? She is her own riddle.
  4. I like that idea, but it begs the question how they knew that he was still alive. Interesting. The maesters have knowledge of the 3EC, perhaps, and Lewin recognized him from Bran's dreams? It would indeed, and raises the possibility that the Night's King or Queen could be that target?
  5. Wild Cards was how I first stumbled onto GRRM. I noticed that Roger Zelazney was in so I had to check it out.
  6. Yep. I'd say his 3 biggest fantasy-fictional influences in terms of world-building are (in order of influence) Lovecraft (the outright references are too many to list), Moorcock's "Elric of Melnibone" series and to lesser extent other Eternal Champions (The 70's anti-Tolkien), and Tad William's "Memory, Sorrow, Thorn" (fairly recent but GRRM has name-dropped it as influential).
  7. I think the Yggdrasil imagery is definitely important- we the CotF, the squirrel people, as little Ratatoskrs and we have have hints of an antagonistic relationship with the firenet via Nidhogg? But who is the Eagle? Doesn't bode well for Bran, does it? And we also have not one but two Dagda candidates- the King the Wall called the Horned Lord, and King Robert Barratheon as the more buffoonish version that became popular later with big belly and giant schlong. Nope.
  8. An interesting line of thought. I've long speculated that the Long Night was all about the BSE achieving immortality. It does to keep the souls from circulating, and they seem to retain something of personality and perhaps even something of will. I think special circumstances are required, though- not just anyone slain on a VS blade is going to a part of the Sword's personality. For example- if Mott hadn't melted down and reforged Ice after it drank Ned's life what would have happened? Or if he had washed it? Taking another example, the deserter that Ned beheaded early on- did his soul move as normal, did it longer on Ice's surface for a time and the pass on when Ned cleaned it later beneath the Heart Tree, or did Ice absorb it for some purpose of its own? Exactly. An interesting one. It would certainly put a new spin on just about everything else. Somewhere in tWoiaF I remember a quote from some maester about how the dates given for the expansion of First Men from Dorne just didn't add up and that they were in the North way too quickly- I think that you are exactly right. There are multiple influxes of "First Men" from either different places -and/or- different times. The CotF are fairies of a sort, and time is always distorted in Faerie so it may be that this explains the disparities in advancement regarding bronze vs. iron, etc. I dunno for sure, but like I've said before when you have this many anachronisms and prophecies clashing something is going on with the fabric of time itself.
  9. Exactly! Not beyond what I've said above and elsewhere: that it all boils down to soils, both in their forging and those that they "drink" in combat. And questions, of course:Do swords that have more souls have more power? Are there other ways to use this energy? To what extant do these souls tie these Swords to the web of destiny and prophecy? Dawn is the sword of Westeros- I think it is Excalibur and the Holy Grail in one (Holy Blade and Holy Blood?), sword and swordsman. I think that these could be either weapons made of the corrupted weirwood sent to the Drowned Men by their underwater "god" which either begin life black or become black after drinking souls (?) either as staffs and cudgels or forged like VS through some unknown process (the IB are renowned as ironworkers after all) -or- they are VS swords taken as plunder or purchased or bartered for(using other loot), Or, of course, these are just stories. I seldom bring it up, because its just... not fun, but it is always possible. I think there is too much about swords that drink stuff for this to just be smoke, though. The question is are these weapons from the forges of the IB or the Valyrians (or are they even older than Valyria?)?
  10. Ha! Once again we are off by a matter of generations- I also suspect that Garth was one of the Dawn Emperors, but that he is one of the gemstone emperors, who also correspond with the Seven, the Wanderers, and the Kingdoms. I don't think this is coincidence. I think they each visited Westeros at some point. I think they might be the sun and the moon. Celestially, the Lightbringer Incident was an eclipse during the Lion of Night presented his dark face (the new moon), by overshadowing the Maiden-Made-of-Light and creating the fiery crown of usurpers shown in my forum picture. I think they probably are as old as the CotF- just not on Westeros. One of the weirder aspects of this constructed history is the way different timelines and worlds seem to clash. We have dinosaurs and mammoths and cavemen (Lovecraftian Hairy Men of Ib and some of the more retrogressive Wildlings) and knights. I've considered the idea that each continent was once its own world, or part of one, and brought together artificially. Which species are native and which are alien? The Dawnites sound kind of alien to me, and I've tinfoiled that the pearl palanquin was some kind of lander. The Deep Ones seem very alien. There is an awful lot of human history at play here, so I'm inclined to peg humans as native, but with some temporal weirdness going on. I'm on the fence on whether the Dawnites were human, superhuman (homo arcanus?), or alien.
  11. I'm looking forward to it. For what it's worth, I've considered Brandon (or a variation thereof playing my own games of names) as the BSE's son's name. Or at least one of them. So again, I don't think we're too far off from one another ultimately.
  12. I don't think any humans are naturally magic-users. First Men made blood pacts with sacrifices to the weirwoods and bought into that system- like the oldest moment that Bran has seen so far in his visions (I think) when his ancestors shed blood for the trees. The magic properties of Valyrian blood were, I believe, paid for in the same way during the Lightbringer Incident. Magic is always a violation of nature.
  13. Lightbringer Incident is a big ball of tinfoil so I think that truth behind the stories of Lightbringer and the Long Night might be something like: (this is a VERY tinfoily theory going full bore to specific details that I am not at all confident about but I'm throwing in for grins. I have many different versions but this is my fave) The Opal Emperor had twins- the oldest was a girl named Valerys and the younger was a boy named Rhaellor. Valerys was destined to assume the throne and became in time the Amethyst Empress but Rhaellor went into the world traveling- either to expand his mind and experience like Oberyn (presumably) or in exile (like Euron). Regardless, while travelling he found secret and forbidden knowledge from both the CotF and from the Deep Ones. He returned to capital of Asshai with his ambitions and his wicked knowledge and married his sister in order to complete his schemes. At Stygai, the Dawn Empire's version of Summerhall (Winterhall?) his sister died in childbirth and the Lightbringer Incident happened. Rhaellor's first goal was godhood- and he was partially successful, becoming R'hlorr, the inhabiting intelligence of the Firenet (an adaptation of the weirnet). His son is the first dragonrider, Azor Ahai. Valerys is transformed by magical backlash into Night's Queen- mother of Undeath. The Long Night begins as nature recoils at the massive use of magic to violate its order. Somehow the Last Hero managed to bring the Dawn.
  14. This is my biggie- combined with my identification of the Deep Ones with the Foymor and Euron with Balon (the name is only a brother away after all!). Jaime replaces the Danaan's lunar silver with solar gold but he has given away his sword and seems unlikely to wield Stannis' psuedo-Lightbringer but I wouldn't be surprised to see one or another fall into his good hand before he falls to Euron. I'm on the fence with this one- there is so much nordic symbolism going on with the weirwoods and the CotF as ratatoskrs and BR as Odin hanging for runes as I said earlier and Nan's story of the world coming a giant's eye, and Bran the Blessed, etc but the ragnarok theme is interesting and worth exploring. I need to find my copy of the mabinogian. The Arthurian subtext (inverted mostly) is something I've explored in many different threads- often focused on Lightbringer as an Unholy Grail (Dawn is the Grail itself probably)- and then often meandering into alchemy and Philosopher's Stones and Lapis Exillis- and on Florian the Fool as Percival. I think its GRRMs greatest strength- taking symbols and legends and reinventing them by tangling them up in disparate themes and with myriad stories. He goes deep and then he turns it around and shows it to you in a new way?
  15. That would make sense as well- perhaps both the White and the Black arrived as stones with the power to alter local life to more closely resemble that of its home world; instead of arriving as literal seedships that sprout when they land they are extra-dimensional or extra-planetary ships that can seed worlds with their essence (magic). I had a thread a while ago but I don't think I had that idea in there. I might need to amend and I have. It was either there or they brought it from elsewhere, like BSE's black stone, his Magna Mater Stygai. I think the obsidian that almost certainly was found in Valyria serves the same role in the Firenet that OBS does in the Deepnet. It is possible that either both obsidian (fire) and OBS (mutation) are used in VS or that only obsidian is necessary. Regardless I'm sure that fire and blood to required to bind it all together and provide a unified matrix of matter and energy to hold the souls that power magic. I wish we knew exactly what the magic is! Is it just to make swords lighter and stronger or is there more going on here? I think there is and that binding Fire into the blade may be what makes them effective against Others but their habit of drinking light speaks of OBS. Thoughts on exactly what kind of magic is found in these swords- not just in their creation but in their essence?