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  1. Bonus spitball: The Moon-Pale Maiden is the full moon and the Father of Waters is the tides, her "child" by the Merling King.
  2. Bingo! Thirty different gods stood along the walls, surrounded by their little lights. The Weeping Woman was the favorite of old women, Arya saw; rich men preferred the Lion of Night, poor men the Hooded Wayfarer. Soldiers lit candles to Bakkalon, the Pale Child, sailors to the Moon-Pale Maiden and the Merling King. The Stranger had his shrine as well, though hardly anyone ever came to him. AFfC
  3. That is the Temple of the Moonsingers." It was one of those that Arya had spied from the lagoon, a mighty mass of snow-white marble topped by a huge silvered dome whose milk glass windows showed all the phases of the moon. AFfC Or if you want you can go by the Moon Pool, where the bravos duel at night... AFfC The moon as a sacred symbol comes up again and again in Braavos- and why not since: "The Moonsingers led us to this place of refuge, where the dragons of Valyria could not find us," Denyo said... AFfC The Moon is even found prominently at the House of Black and White: The left-hand door was made of weirwood pale as bone, the right of gleaming ebony. In their center was a carved moon face; ebony on the weirwood side, weirwood on the ebony... Their tall chairs were carved of ebony and weirwood, like the doors of the temple above. The ebon chairs had weirwood faces on their backs, the weirwood chairs faces of carved ebony... AFfC And there is this: "All men must serve." And so she did, three days of every thirty. When the moon was black she was no one, a servant of the Many-Faced God in a robe of black and white. AFfC Spitball: The Many-Faced God is a reference to the many faces (phases) of the Moon. The Faceless Men are associated in particular with the new moon when the Moon's face is hidden. The revolt that led to the founding of Braavos was not spontaneous, but planned in the mines of Valyria by Faceless Men who were already closely tied to the Moonsingers.
  4. I think that Penny is his hope for redemption in that regard. If he can learn to see beyond the enormity of his own shadow...
  5. Making other people feel uncomfortable is pretty small potatoes. I find his own comfort with cold-blooded murder far more problematic. I think there is hope that he can learn to be a better person, however. He is clever, after all. He constantly reminds everyone around him of it.
  6. The horsey color code: I wonder how the Ryswells, the House of 4 different colors (if I might cruelly stretch a pun), relates and how the they relate to human hair and eye colors: We have 4 horse's heads and 4 colors; black, gray, brown, and gold. Death, death-in-life, the commonality, and royalty?
  7. I don't think Bloodraven chose the visions- those come from the weirnet and from Bran himself. I would guess, from her place in the apparent reversed chronology of Bran's visions, that she is from the era of consolidation of Stark power in the North. My guess is that her foe is a Red King of the Dreadfort, although the Warg Kings, Barrow Kings, and even Kings Beyond the Wall could also fill the role. Power from blood. "Fool's blood, king's blood, blood on the maiden's thigh..." ASoS Even burnt blood.
  8. I think there is, although I am still floundering in trying to pin it down. Gray seems to be the color of blurred boundaries- death in life if you will. One of the Frey boys has slain the other, and I wouldn't put money on his surviving the winter.
  9. "She turned her back upon the night, to where Barristan Selmy stood silent in the shadows. "My brother once told me a Westerosi riddle. Who listens to everything yet hears nothing?" "A knight of the Kingsguard." Selmy's voice was solemn."... ADwD This, combined with their vows, does remind me of the Silent Sisters, the Gray order of Death in Life.
  10. That fits. Barrows and runes; preservation and remembrance. And we'll have a barrow of fun! She did gift those freylings with horses so... Tangent on boars: I wonder why the Crakehall boar is brindled?
  11. Tyrion and Pretty Pig! As you point out, with a sister like Cesei/Circe I suppose its inevitable. Varamyr's bear was a more perilous seat even than the Iron Throne. I wish we knew what Lord Dustin's stallion's name was.
  12. Perhaps Dany was drowned in the Grass Sea and was likewise kissed by fire?
  13. Like the doors to the House of Black and White?
  14. Absolutely. I wonder what the axes in the Dustin sigil signify?
  15. Several kings throughout WoIaF are described as basically having saddles for thrones, riding from revolt to revolt. Bittersteel's dragon-winged stallion mating his father and mothers houses. The centaur of House Caswell. I think the smallfolk usually content themselves with garrons, drays, stots, and swaybacks. Horses may not be as exciting as dragons, but they are much more common and found in a bewildering variety from the sand steeds of Dorne to the improbable zorses of the Jogos Nhai.