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  1. Aside from the visions, another interpretation I kind of like is that she is referring to the light of civilization, hinting that Essos' time as the center of human growth has ended and that focus may shift westwards again towards unknown lands across the Sunset Sea. I'm also not cempletely writing off the possibility that MMD was just saying "never" with flourishes, though.
  2. They don't literally reverse, but if you define east by relationship with magnetic north than they are reversed when that goes is my point
  3. Aha! The aurora borealis! Electromagnetism again. Spitball: Perhaps it isn't too primal a force to be "hacked". Maybe the Storm God/Great Other is the Gray King who used the megadeaths of the Nagga catastrophe to impose his will and personality upon that force, lightning most definitely included, that I believe the Bloodstone Emperor may have done to become R'hlorr using fire.
  4. I wonder if Tyrion's heterochromia could be a riff on Brahe's parallax and suggest something about Tyrion's ability to discern things? I absolutely agree- the whole Tarth Evenstar and the Dayne Sword of the Morning and a hundred other things. I'm pretty sure that it is associated with the Maiden and I'm basically just floating the idea something happening to the Venus analog could be an alternative to a second moon. On the seven wanderers- I've been ordering them in the "crystal spheres" model; moon, sun, mercury but I'm not sure on how they relate to the Seven (beyond the Smith). Best guess- Moon=crone, Sun=Mother Mercury=Stranger Venus=Maiden Mars=Smith Jupiter=Warrior Saturn=Father And how significant do you think it is that Mars is Vulcan here?
  5. I agree. I just like to be play around with different ideas. TBH, I hadn't even considered a mutated Doppler effect until this thread.
  6. I like that one- it has much more explanatory power going for it. I see the whole prophecy/replaying of events as possibly being symptoms of a wound in time trying to close so this is more up my regular alley.
  7. If the poles reversed, wouldn't east and west switch as well? Anyways, that's not actually my guess as to the prophecy, just my most "scientific" one. It does nothing to explain the rest of the prophecy so it's just a little bit of tinfoil jigsaw with nowhere to fit, most likely. I do think there is something significant about the absence of magnetic compasses, though. If anything like a pole-flip is involved in the Ice/Fire dynamic it is manifested through an electromagnetic force that has been severely altered by magic. I do believe that natural forces have been subverted but I think electromagnetism might be a little... primal? Lightning seems to function as normal and although no explicit mention is made of static electricity that I can think of (nobody has a cat being rubbed by a balloon for their sigil?) I have no reason to doubt it.
  8. A reversal of the planet's magnetic poles? I don't recall any mention of magnets, lodestones, or compasses so I'm not sure what is going on with that anyways...
  9. ! Now that ghost moon is some suggestive astronomy!
  10. On the comet's red color: What if the red is caused by a magical, inverted version of the Doppler effect, one that causes the comet to glow red when it is inbound and fire is ascendant and blue when it is outbound and ice is rising? There hasn't been a blue comet as of now, but the tie-in with the eye colors of various magical people would be a bonus.
  11. Exactly! This, combined with the maesters' frustration with the magically altered seasons, led me to speculate that the comet actually might NOT be outside, but an atmospheric thing like Aristotle postulated. GRRM thematically pooping on expectations of a rational universe, comets as another symptom of the world gone mad?
  12. Interesting! Would that make this impact a symbolic opposite to Starfall?
  13. The comet's appearance isn't rising so much as appearing, a symbolic virgin birth? And I think the morning star/evening star dynamic may be ambiguous and that is reflected here? That's an interesting idea and could correlate Venus/Maiden's retrograde rotation with a comet strike/Blood Betrayal event and the culprit or parts of it continuing on for future strikes?
  14. Without a doubt. The question is how many other things?
  15. My most tinfoil-and-spit guess, my stab at Grand Unified Theory of Everything Westeros at this point regarding a (faux)comet: The "second moon" refers to a Venus analog, the evenstar and the morningstar, the Maiden and the Stranger and the Blood Betrayal; representing the slaying/usurping of the Amethyst Empress by her brother and that this celestial body could thus be a kind of heavenly embodiment of a Persephone/Hades duality governed by a now-irregular orbit and a struggle between Ice and Fire. In re-enactment of the original event, as events below seem to be doing in some regards, perhaps this body has thrown a bit of itself towards the sun? As for the "comet" being something within the atmosphere- in that case it would serve to reinforce that things are not as they appear? It was just something I felt should be mentioned. GRRM seems to enjoy turning expectations on their heads so I could see him doing that with comets although having them be red herrings would be more economical. Granted, most of the above tinfoil could as easily fit into a more traditional comet, even and perhaps especially the Tycho Brahe stuff and to an actual second, displaced moon as well. I just like to explore all of the possibilities.