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  1. East of the Sun, West of the Moon....

  2. Traveling abroad for the summer....bear with me if I am not as quick to respond. :)

  3. Traveling abroad for the summer....bear with me if I am not as quick to respond. :)

  4. I love these boards, but sometimes the attitudes of posters try my patience. :(

    1. Fragile Bird

      Fragile Bird

      Amen, baby, amen!

  5. Patchface Prophesies

    Yes, there is an Old English kenning for a ship, mere-hengest ('sea-stallion', or 'sea-steed'). :)
  6. Cersei and her ill-fitting gowns.

    I agree that it was likely just weight gain, but I'm guessing that if anything, she's maybe actually on the too thin side at the moment after her imprisonment ordeal.
  7. Beards are best.

  8. The Bear & the Maiden fair

    Regarding the 'rapey' imagery: I think it is purposefully meant to be ambiguous, and one can definitely interpret it as though the maiden is er....enjoying it. ;) But I can see the non-consensual side of it too. :stillsick: Personally, I don't think it refers to any one specific person or 'pairing', but is rather a bawdy song that can apply to various characters throughout: Dany, Jorah (or any of the Mormonts), Jaime, Brienne, Sansa, the Hound, or any seeming- 'monster' etc. The song may apply directly to some of them, but I think its more of a general theme (a dirtier beauty and the beast if you will :leer: ) that runs through the series. Edited to say: :rofl:
  9. Patchface Prophesies

    Sorry, I should have read more closely. Thanks for explaining again. :) I certainly don't have a better answer at this point, I was just curious.
  10. HBO , why u no love San/San?????

  11. Patchface Prophesies

    Why is it certain that 'starfish soup' refers to Davos? And who are the 'crabs'? Maybe starfish soup is Patchface's way of saying 'Frey Pie'. ;)
  12. References and Homages

    Brilliant observation. Sansa's paragraph even outright states that she feels does not 'belong' in such a landscape, and yet is tempted to linger.
  13. The Mad Genius Of Petyr Baelish

    Well, it might have been a long post, but I *did* read it all the way through. Definitely sums up what is known of Littlefinger thus far. You listed multiple motivations for his various actions and left the final verdict open-ended, which is good instead of jumping to the conclusion that its *all* about Sansa Stark. Yes, she's a major pawn/(player?), but I doubt she is his entire motivation. As mentioned, he feeds on chaos, and is a bit of a trickster/Loki type character, just more subtle in that he's not openly gloating about his tricksy genius ways to others (though the HBO show would have him doing so to his whores, lol. :P) So, thanks, its been a while since I read the books all the way through and it was nice to have a refresher. Cheers. :cheers:
  14. Haha, yes great sig, Simon! :-)

  15. Rhaegar Targaryen

    I'm not sure if they said no flashbacks at all, only that there wouldn't be flashbacks in the pilot episode. Perhaps I am wrong though. I agree though, that even if there are flashbacks, there is no need for Rhaegar to be a an actor even. As people have already said, a really gorgeous yet still manly-looking model would do the trick. I for one will be reallllly disappointed if we never get to see Rhaegar at all in the series. His prescence looms largely enough in the books, and I think it would be a shame to never get a visual depiction of him. I think for the non-readers in the audience, it would be beneficial for Rhaegar to appear at least a few brief times, along with some flashes of Lyanna as well. But that's just my pathetic romantic wishes.......sigh. :P