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  1. Tell Me About A Great Biography You've Read.

    I don't read a lot of biographies, but when I do they tend to be music autobiographies. Two I really liked were Levon Helm's and Miles Davis'. Be warned, Levon's book will really affect your ability to enjoy the Last Waltz, at least for a little bit. And Miles Davis uses "motherfucker" the way Al Swearengen uses "cocksucker." But both were good reads.
  2. Not really. There's a suggestion that they may be prostitutes or concubines or something of that nature (although I'm sure there's more going on there). A few relevant passages from Claw (all from Chapter XXX, pg 461 of my copy): "I learned much later that there was a good reason for selecting only boys well below the age of puberty to carry the messages our proximity to the witches required." "...and we knew it was the witches themselves who screamed thus...Nor were those screams the howlings of lunacy and the shrieks of agony, as ours were." We meet one, Merryn, who is with the Cumaean during all the Apu-Punchau business at the end of Claw. She seems to have some knowledge of what Severian (and the reader) would term "magic" but she also says, "There is no magic. There is only knowledge, more or less hidden." So I think it's safe to say Witches have some knowledge on the more hidden side of the scale. Honestly, about all we really know for sure is that they acquire new members in much the same way as the Torturer's Guild. Boys born to prisoners of the Torturers become Torturers, girls become Witches. It's why Severian says that if he has a sister, she's a witch. Not much to go on, really.
  3. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    ASAP. There's no reason to sit on it. IIRC there was about 2-3 months between when GRRM said he was done with A Dance with Dragons and when it was published, which is crazy fast for the publishing industry. But when you've got that many guaranteed day 1 sales just waiting you streamline the process. And there was only 1 season of the show out at the time, the books have only become more popular since.
  4. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Caught the first episode of Feud last night. Really well done. Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon are perfectly cast as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. Definitely going to be keeping up with this one.
  5. I agree. Seems like they've gotten more comfortable with basically everything as they've gotten further and further away from the source material. I'm okay with it.
  6. Didn't we figure out before that his whole schtick is SEO related, or something along those lines? Something about driving page views, anyway. Or am I misremembering?
  7. Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    There's probably a show or 2 I'm forgetting but I think this is everything from his year. Very few of these shows have finished their seasons so everything is subject to change. 1. The Young Pope 2. The Expanse 3. Baskets 4. Girls 5. It's Always Sunny 6. The Magicians 7. The Mick 8. Sherlock 9. Taboo
  8. Sopranos- so awesome

    re: the ending, I didn't watch the show the first time around, I binged it only a couple years ago. So I'd heard a lot about the ending already and was prepared for sudden disappointment. Maybe that helped, but I loved it. I thought it was completely unambiguous while at the same time allowed the audience the chance to get there on their own, if that makes sense. Or at least that was how it hit me.
  9. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    R.I.P. Clyde Stubblefield
  10. February Reading 2017

    Finished Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow about a week ago. What a mindfuck. By far the most difficult book I've ever read and I'd be lying if I said I understood the half of it. Still, there's something there and I think I might return to it in a year or 2 and see if I can make more sense of it. The man can write a sentence though, the prose is gorgeous throughout. Followed that up by ripping through Neil Gaiman's new one, Norse Mythology. It's exactly what it sounds like: Neil's take on Norse mythology. The prose is very simple and straightforward. Other than a rather graphic description of Loki's binding it's probably appropriate for children. Thor and Loki make for an awesome comedy duo. Next up is a reread of Wolfe's Latro in the Mist. I could be wrong but I think I've only read this one once, which is a damn shame.
  11. For me, season 1 of Baskets was the best comedy of 2016, and season 2 is shaping to be to be one of the best of 2017 as well. I cannot rave enough about Louie Anderson, his Emmy last year was much deserved and it wouldn't surprise me if he wins again.
  12. Absolutely. In fact, I'd go as far to say that some of those early Simpsons (I'd say roughly seasons 2-9 or so) represent comedy at it's pinnacle. Some other shows have also reached that level but none have surpassed it, IMHO. If someone can't religiously quote the Simpsons from this era I don't trust that person's sense of humor very much.
  13. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX) [spoilers]

    I'm mainly watching for Delaney's hat. That's one bitchin' hat.
  14. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    This excerpt from Tedeschi Trucks Band's upcoming live album/DVD. Gotta love Derek Trucks playing Derek and the Dominos.