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  1. AFAIK, HBO isn't involved anymore: And I still say this focus group sucks.
  2. I believe that's accurate to what RSB always said in the past, as in when he was still writing the Prince of Nothing. But he also said that the Aspect Emperor was supposed to be 3 books. And that a lot of things in the books would have a point. He says a lot of things that end up being less than factually accurate.
  3. The show's been picking up a bit. The first few episodes were pretty meh, I thought, but it seems to have found it's legs in the last couple. I can't help but giggle at Daniel Bruhl's particularly breathy line reading, though, especially on words that start with a "wh" ("Wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhy?"). I keep waiting for him to go full hookah-smoking caterpillar anytime now. If only the guy playing Roosevelt wasn't terrible. I genuinely feel like an actual wooden sculpture of TR would be less wooden than this actor's performance.
  4. Mine, too. I know it's a bit of a heretical opinion, but the draw for the Souls games for me was always the game play, and, for me, DS3 has the best game play of the 3 DS games (I'm a PC gamer, so no Demon's or Bloodborne for me). And I think the pvp is a lot of fun. It's actually the only Souls game where I've done any pvp, so I'm not comparing it to anything directly, but I have a blast with it.
  5. The Good Place is excellent. Tone-wise it fits into a similar spot as Parks and Rec, in that it's wholesome without being lame. It's consistently funny and has a lot more going on from a plot perspective than most network dramas, let alone sitcoms. I can't recommend it enough.
  6. This is kind of a small thing, and applies to movies, TV, really all forms of fiction as well, but when someone is hit on the head and is merely rendered unconscious for a narratively convenient amount of time, and then they wake up with no problems. As opposed to having the serious concussion, brain damage, and/or death that would likely result from such an impact.
  7. There has got to be an easier way to run a focus group.
  8. And by the guy you wrote it, you mean Donovan. What are they teaching kids in school these days when he's just some random dude nobody's heard of before? I think the song's alright, if an exceedingly odd choice for a theme song for such a show. I mean, it's no Season of the Witch or Sunshine Superman, but it's alright.
  9. I would agree with this. Also, Veep is going downhill. Last season wasn't especially great, although it did have it's moments. Probably would've been a good season of any other comedy but as a season of Veep it was sub par (and the handful of very lazy transphobic jokes weren't welcome at all). But it's probably a good thing next season is it's last, I hope they stick the landing.
  10. Surely you can't be serious.
  11. I definitely enjoy both. Faithfulness to source material has never been very important to me with regards to adaptations. And considering how many book adaptations are out there nowadays I find it refreshing that one just says, "fuck it, we're doing our own thing." I mean, I already know how the books went, why do I need to see that story told again? Maybe if I felt a bit more strongly about the story told in the books my opinion would be different, but I like the fact that even though I've already read the books the show can still surprise me.
  12. Anyone else catch the Dagger & Coin reference? At one point Bobbie asks Holden about a band called Kurtadam, which is one of the races from D&C. A small thing, but I thought it was pretty cool. Anyway, just finished the book, loved it, can't wait for the next.
  13. Went and saw the new Martin McDonagh flick Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri last night. Loved every second of it. Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell were magnificent, as expected. Would have loved to see more of Peter Dinklage, but he made the most out of a small role. And, once again, McDonagh's dialogue is second to none.
  14. Shit, you're right. Well, nevermind then.
  15. I'm operating under the assumption that being twin-souled is what makes the insertant for the No-God work, and that Nau-Cayûti is also twin-souled (he had a stillborn twin). If Bakker contradicted that somewhere...well, I'm also operating under the assumption he can't be trusted, so.....