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  1. Thomas Covenant is the easy win here. He's not a character I love to hate, I literally just hate the motherfucker. I was so happy to finish Lord Foul's Bane so I would never have to read about that insufferable prick ever, ever, again.
  2. You're thinking of Four Revelations, not False Sun. Here's a link to the color coded version
  3. FYI: for those waiting in the U.S., it appears as if Barnes & Noble has some copies in stock now. I just put a copy on reserve and received a notification they're holding it for me so I'll be picking it up when I get a chance later today.
  4. According to this article Eccleston's departure was announced on March 30, 2005, just several days after the new series premiered on March 26 (I got that date from wikipedia...). And Tennant was announced to be taking over just a couple weeks later on April 14. So it looks like everything happened while that first season was still airing.
  5. Just wait until Dr. Franklin falls in love with a pop singer whose hip new sound is suspiciously similar to '90s era slow jams.
  6. 1. The Simpsons (through season 10 or so...and I'm being generous there) 2. Arrested Development 3. Parks & Rec 4. Community 5. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  7. That was the whole chair yoga scene with the mic that Jimmy "accidentally" left on.
  8. Some updates, now that most of the April/May shows are finished or almost finished with their seasons: 1. The Leftovers 2. American Gods 3. Better Call Saul 4. Sense8 5. The Young Pope 6. The Handmaid's Tale 7. Feud 8. Fargo 9. The Expanse 10. Baskets 11. Black Sails 12. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 13. Silicon Valley 14. Master of None 15. The Path 16. Girls 17. Love 18. The Last Kingdom 19. Hap and Leonard 20. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 21. Veep 22. The Magicians 23. Grace and Frankie 24. The Mick 25. Sherlock 26. Taboo
  9. I watched the first episode of Long Strange Trip, Amazon's 5-part documentary series about the Grateful Dead. I thought it was amazing, but as a deadhead I'm going to be biased. Still, I think it's compelling enough that even non-heads would find it entertaining. I can't wait to dive into the rest!
  10. As does Cirionj and there's a few more around the southern Kayarsus, probably some others I've missed. Asteroid impacts? Other sections of the Ark that split off? Other "Arks"? Your guess is as good as mine.
  11. Once again, lots of The Allman Brothers. Been a rough year for those guys. R.I.P. Gregg Allman
  12. Yep, and loving it. There's a thread for it here:
  13. This first season is supposed to cover the first 1/3 of the book.
  14. The OP has a history of starting threads asking for help for a fantasy book/series based on a particular historical time period, but he never actually asks a specific question, just for "help," generally leading to confusion and snark. I only just now realized this one didn't actually say it's for a fantasy book, I just assumed after the others.
  15. OMG he's back!