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  1. Went and saw the new Martin McDonagh flick Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri last night. Loved every second of it. Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell were magnificent, as expected. Would have loved to see more of Peter Dinklage, but he made the most out of a small role. And, once again, McDonagh's dialogue is second to none.
  2. Shit, you're right. Well, nevermind then.
  3. I'm operating under the assumption that being twin-souled is what makes the insertant for the No-God work, and that Nau-Cayûti is also twin-souled (he had a stillborn twin). If Bakker contradicted that somewhere...well, I'm also operating under the assumption he can't be trusted, so.....
  4. They've deviated so far from the source material now that there's really no point in comparing books vs. show in terms of how much plot they've gotten through. At least half of what happened last season didn't happen in the books at all.
  5. I'm imagining the whole thing will climax in an epic lute battle between Crabicus and the No-God, where Crabicus will be forced to play the best song in the world in order to win. TNG won't be that song, it'll be a tribute to it.
  6. Well, fuck. Congrats Yankees, you were the better team. Tribe wasn't going to beat anybody with the anemic offense we've had over the last few games. Guess I'm an Astros fan now.
  7. Excellent pitcher's duel tonight.
  8. Well, it's certainly a non-zero number, but I wouldn't say it's nothing but...... it does roll off the tongue rather well. "Windians." Yep, I like it. But I fail to see what's wrong with sharing some memes when you're excited about your team, though.
  9. That was a fun fucking game to watch last night. I'm not ordaining anybody yet, but this Indians team is really special team that's been a joy to watch all year. I'm glad today's an off day, I'm exhausted. oh, and @Jaxom 1974, I'll have a productive baseball conversation with you whenever you want.
  10. Playoff baseball time! Hoping for something reminiscent of the late August series with the Yanks, but we'll see. Go Tribe!
  11. I'm not sure that either HBO or Nolan are still involved at this point. I found a few articles like this one from June which seem to indicate that it's in the hands of something called Skydance Television and some people named David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman (I've never heard of any of the above). The article also ends ambiguously saying, " For its part, Skydance would not comment, but I am confident it is all coming together" and I can't find anything more recent or concrete, so who knows what's going on. Completely agree that I'm not sure how it would work for a TV show. SyFy's been working on an adaptation of that for a few years now, with Bradley Cooper of all people at the helm (I guess he's a big Hyperion fan). Haven't heard any updates on it's status in a while, though.
  12. Wizard's First Rule. I saw there were a lot of threads on here about Goodkind so I thought I'd give him a shot. Then after starting the book I actually read some of those threads and bailed after about 200 pages. That's pretty rare for me though, usually even if I don't like a book I feel the need to finish it. Like I despised everything about Lord Foul's Bane but I still got through it. I stopped the series there, but I finished that first one.
  13. He also mentions the same on his blog:
  14. I believe it was actually 3 horses that died. 2 during season 1 and then a third during the filming of what would have been the season 2 premiere. According to Milch they went above and beyond as far as safety goes, but when you have as many horses around as they did accidents are going to happen, and that's a lot of bad publicity to deal with. Of course, if those horses had been involved in actual racing instead of making a TV show many more would have died over the same time period. It's a shame, I think Luck was just starting to get comfortable with what it was towards the end of that season, if it had had another it may have turned into something really great. Also, I'd never seen the dude from Iron Eagle in anything else before!
  15. I think if he was making fun of you, you'd know it. Joe said on the last progress update at the end of July that he was working on the second book, so that jives. For this trilogy he's writing a rough draft of all 3 first, then he'll go back and revise, rewrite, etc, etc the first one and get that ready for publication. So it'll be a while until we see that first one but the 2nd and 3rd books should follow on pretty quickly after that.