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  1. Which is something I never thought we'd be able to say about this team. What a 180 under Rutherford. I HATED that choice when they brought him in, but you can;t argue with success. Rumor is there is already a deal in place with Vegas for Fleury. that would give them a decent chunk of cap space this off season. Kudos also to Sullivan. Really makes you realize what a travesty the Bylsma years were.
  2. Multiple media outlets are reporting that this may have been a suicide bombing. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/deaths-injuries-confirmed-after-explosions-heard-u-k-concert-featuring-n763286 Very sad.....
  3. Indeed. There is no basis for making confident predictions about this one way or the other until the investigation is complete, and the facts come to light.
  4. I'm still not sure I'm really following you. There are too many moving pieces here and too many caveats in your explanation for me to draw anything particularly meaningful from it. I mean, obviously, if you defund anything beyond 'a certain level' there will be impact. The fact is, an insane amount of money ALREADY goes into education. The devil is in the details. The only stuff I've seen at the macro level is that increased spending has basically not resulted in corresponding increases in academic results. Which DOES make sense at a high level, because how much you spend cannot be decoupled from where you are spending it if you're talking about whether or not there is benefit. Federal funding has surged over the past few decades, and it's reasonable to ask if we are getting a good return on that investment.
  5. Does it? it makes sense, i suppose, if you consider that the education sector is enormous, and that outcomes are likely based very specifically on the details of what is being funded. So you'd expect some funding to have an impact, some would not. I'm not sure how to make sense of that statement at all at the macro level, though.
  6. Indeed,
  7. I can hear it now.... 'Well, wilson wasn't injured, so.....' it's just so friggin short sighted.......
  8. In fairness, i think there are several definitions of 'broke' under which you could make a strong argument that that's exactly what she's doing...
  9. Do you have citations for this? I've seen quite a bit of information to the contrary. That additional investment does not seem to be yielding better academic results, based at least in part on where the additional investment goes.
  10. So you're response to suggestion of Melanis being portrayed in non feminist ways is to basically call her a gold digger? Nice.
  11. Wingels doesn't even get a hearing. What a friggin joke. As for the pens, it seems like they've figured out not so much how to overcome the nuetral zone and get into the offensive zone, I don't think they've really been struggling with that, but that they've figured out how to take advantage of being kept outside once they are in. Get a good cycle going, control the ouck outside, keep it going until the d is tired............... . It happened multiple times game 5.
  12. I suspect, though it's just a suspicion, that the rates of acceptance among the target audience of a show like this are likely to be higher than among the general public.
  13. Sure. I'm in the same boat.
  14. Likely. I do wonder though how the left will react if there's nothing to the testimony that we don't already know. Acceptance in that unlikely event would probably prove difficult for many.
  15. That sucks. I hate to see guys go down in the playoffs like that.