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  1. I suspect, though it's just a suspicion, that the rates of acceptance among the target audience of a show like this are likely to be higher than among the general public.
  2. Sure. I'm in the same boat.
  3. Likely. I do wonder though how the left will react if there's nothing to the testimony that we don't already know. Acceptance in that unlikely event would probably prove difficult for many.
  4. That sucks. I hate to see guys go down in the playoffs like that.
  5. Ouch. What is the status of Fisher?
  6. For sure. he could cause some interesting dynamics in that space. just to be clear, i don't think he's a good choice for FBI head.
  7. Right. Like i said, the hate seems to come from being unwilling to carry water for the party. I don't get that. Disagreement, sure. I understand that. But i find it pretty interesting that the vitriol seems out of scale with the offenses. Seems like a pretty clear indicator of the power of partisanship over critical thinking to me.
  8. Good times... http://www.iflscience.com/environment/flatearthers-experiment-goes-viral-just-not-in-the-way-hed-hoped/
  9. Out of curiosity, i looked up Liebnermans speech and what he said about Obama. Here it is: https://www.nytimes.com/elections/2008/president/conventions/videos/transcripts/20080902_LIEBERMAN_SPEEC.html And here are the Obama parts. Seems pretty un hate inspiring.
  10. The real question is, have you ever seen me and Joe Lieberman in the same room together.........
  11. What do you think his motivations were for hurting democratic interests? And this is sort of my point. There are politics at play here and a there are things for democrats to disagree with him over. But it seems to me that the feelings about him are way stronger than that. Why shouldn't he endorse McCain if that's who he believes would be a better president? or is it your contention that he didn't really think McCain was better, and he simply endorsed him for the purpose of undermining Obama?
  12. Which party efforts are you talking about here? From where I;m sitting it appears that he was basically Sandersed by the party before Sanders was Sandersed. He committed the high crime of not carrying DNC water and being critical of the Clintons, and so he had to be hated, and they set out to make it so.
  13. Looks like Murray will get the nod tonight over Fluery. Tough call, but I'm good with it. They need to change something up, and he was solid in relief on Wednesday.
  14. Would you describe her as terrible? I mean... i would... I'd just be surprised if some of you guys would.
  15. Ahhh... i see. So essentially the answer for you to why Liebnerman is a terrible person is 'because he disagreed with me on a couple things'? I assume you also think HRC is terrible? I eman, she supported the war as well, as did just about everyone else ni congress at the time.
  16. Both of those statements can be true. Are you disputing that they are letting those calls go? or that that Ottowa is more suited to success in that style of hockey than the Pens?
  17. In what way(s), specifically, is Joe Lieberman 'i hate this country' level terrible?
  18. Ha. Man, you guys really are like, long term bitter about anyone who dares to not carry the DNC water, huh?
  19. Seems like an amazing opportunity for Lieberman to completely troll Trump. lead him on, get him to appoint you, and then when he does, pull an 'I can't in good conscience take the postion because... Trump'.
  20. I think the idea is that they don't go straight to impeachment, obviously, but instead start turning the abse. It won't happen overnight, but we are starting to see it already.
  21. Where was Courtney Love when he died?
  22. I think as long as the refs are gonna let the slashing/holding/interference go, the Pens are pretty fucked. They just don't have the personnel for that kind of game.
  23. What you did there, I sieze it.
  24. I'd impeach him just on the grounds that he's allowing the opening the door for the intelligence community to make some pretty unprecedented moves in terms of undermining a sitting president, and creating a situation in which a lot of people are ok with that. Pretty hard to put that particular genie back in the bottle.
  25. Daley is skating. Schultz, Horny and Rust are all traveling and DTD with UBI's.