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  1. Hi Kat, welcome to Westeros! If you haven't finished the books yet I'd advise you tread with care in the forum, as there are a lot of spoilers!
  2. Ah I see. I don't really know what HBO on demand is, but it sounds rubbish if they only show a few episodes from each series! If you can get hold of the DVDs or something then you're in for a treat. I wasn't sure what you meant about Sansa playing an active role in the game of thrones (I've read all the books, but only managed to watch the first 2 series of the TV show), so this makes me wonder if this is one of the places where the show takes a departure from the books...(or overtakes the books)
  3. Surely it's "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"? Oh the irony, hehe. Ah interesting, I hadn't looked at it that way. For me they came into the story so late, I've always felt like they had such a minor role, but I guess it'll be interesting to see what happens in The Winds of Winter. Welcome! Wow, you watched like 40 episodes in 2 weeks? That's intense!! You'll enjoy the books, although you might find it takes slightly longer than 2 weeks to get through them. :P
  4. Hi Jon Martell, welcome! So I take it you're a fan of the Martells then? So what are your reasons for supporting them? I've only read the series once, but I always became instantly bored whenever the story came back to Dorne, so I'm interested as to what it is Dorne / Martell fans like. :) Not that I'm asking you to justify yourself or anything, I'm just interested. And hi to Strong Belwas! I'm amazed that username hadn't been taken earlier, now I think about it. And a big welcome to any other new people I've missed. I haven't come in here for a while so I expect I've missed a lot of new folks. Welcome one and all! :cheers:
  5. Wow, I was expecting you to say one particular type of dancing, I'm amazed and slightly envious at all that dancing you do! Apologies if I asked a much asked question, I hadn't seen your answer(s) to the question anywhere else on here. There are so many kinds of dancing I'd like to learn.
  6. Welcome all new members! :cheers: What type of dancing do you do? Lindy hop, is it?
  7. Welcome all newbies! :cheers: Here's some Lindy Hop for ya Hoppy Hour. If you don't Lindy Hop, do you like Mr Hoppy in Esio Trot?
  8. What he said. Come say hi!
  9. When I finished A Dance With Dragons I was like "Noooo, what will I read now?!", but luckily for me I received a ton of books for Christmas - 3 Sherlock Holmes books, which I've nearly finished and all the Hunger Games books. When I've read all that I think I might already be ready to start re-reading the ASOIAF books! PS Do check out TTTNE if you have time. :) Hi Hunter, welcome! If you're about to start A Feast for Crows, you might want to know: the pace does slow down rather suddenly after A Storm of Swords, which is probably the most action packed of the series. Not to give away any spoilers or anything, I just wish I'd known that when I started it as I was quite disappointed at first.
  10. Hi Roose is Azor Ahai. Swimming in 4 ft snow!! That sounds like a lot of fun, (and very cold).
  11. Yeah the shows are really addictive, aren't they? I recently watched all of Dany's season 3 clips on Youtube and had forgotten quite how addictive and awesome the shows are. I'm planning to re-read the series at some point and I'll rewatch each season at the same time. (Well, 1-2)
  12. Eddard Scissorhands! That's an awesome name. Welcome! Hi Nina, welcome to the boards! Wow, you've seen the TV series 4 times. Damn that is good. Have you got them all on DVD? I wish I had the other seasons, I've only got 1-2. I bought my brother season 3 on DVD for Christmas, so hopefully I can watch his copy at some point. :rolleyes:
  13. Hi Reuben, welcome! So Lady Stoneheart's one of your favourites eh? That's interesting, I don't think it had occured to me she could be a favourite, although I guess Cat was never one of my faves, which probably clouds my judgment on that one. I think everyone here knows who my favourite character is. :P Yeah def stick to the General Chat section to avoid spoilers. I'd say keep away from the 'General (ASOIAF)' section most of all, as I think that one is the most spoiler-heavy, as well as people spoiling what comes next with their theories.
  14. I think it's highly doubtful The Winds of Winter will be out this year! I reckon one of the best things you can do to make the wait less painful is to just re-read the whole series. It'll certainly keep you occupied for a long time (It took me 16 months to read the entire series the first time around) and it means when Winds of Winter does come out you won't be all like "Damn, what happened with X last time?". I had initially planned on stalling my re-read for as long as possible, but changed my mind when I remembered about the final installment of the Harry Potter series coming out and I hadn't yet finished my re-read of the previous book, gah! So yeah, re-read the series, then re-watch the TV shows, that's my plan. :)
  15. Thanks for the tip! Yeah, now I think about it, just simply reading a chapter of each in turn probably would be awful! And thanks for the heads up about 'A Ball with Beasts'. I've found it and added it to my bookmarks. I guess I'll decide which one to follow when I actually get around to re-reading the two books.