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  1. Say what you will about the guy, but Vox Day has definitely mastered the art of trolling.
  2. I've only read two books of his (13 1/2 LIves of Bluebear and Rumo and His Miraculous Adventures), but I loved both of them. I have a couple more of his books sitting on my kindle that I really need to get back to. I read them in English, btw.
  3. Well, you might as well just rip your eyeballs out now. It's one of the worst things I've ever read. Its existence is a stain on the fantasy genre.
  4. I just picked up Torment for Xbox One. It seems like it would be a good game, but it runs like ass and freezes quite a bit. Hopefully a patch will be incoming. ::edit:: Ok, quick change. It freezes pretty regularly to the point where it is almost unplayable past the first hour. Apparently other people are having this problem on XB1 and PS4. Boo.
  5. The Edge Chronicles most definitely holds up. I just reread a few of them... love that series.
  6. I went with Wrath by John Gwynne. That whole series just hit the right notes for me.
  7. "90% pointless bullshit" - The Wertzone. That should be the blurb on the cover of the next printing of WMF.
  8. MS&T is an absolute classic.
  9. Forget Winds of Winter, my money is on getting the final book of ASOIAF before Doors of Stone... and I'm not joking.
  10. I really liked John Gywnne's series. The best way I can describe it is "YA David Gemmell." It's a fun series with some great action scenes... but the world building is only serviceable if that's really important to you. Luke Scull's trilogy is ok. If you like Abercrombie then you'll probably at least find it worth a read. A series I'm reading right now is "Inda" by Sherwood Smith. It has solid world building and it's pretty epic in scope. It might be something that you'd at least want to look at based on your tastes.
  11. I don't reread, but I do listen to audiobook versions of novels I've already read while I'm driving or jogging.
  12. There needs to be Hugo award for best title. Tingle would win every year.
  13. I assume he's been busy counting the piles of cash that his books inexplicably brought in.
  14. No, the interlude shouldn't look like that. I have the Kobo version and it's perfectly legible.
  15. Hugh Howey has said something or other to that effect... but I don't recall if he backed it up in any way. Plus, it's pretty easy to dismiss the impact of piracy when you're selling millions of books and have a movie deal