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  1. I thought about that, but I've never really associated weirwood with ice. The trees were all over Westeros, after all, until the Andals cut and burnt them down. It just seems silly to me, to come at dragons with something so flammable.
  2. Why weirwood, though? It's not like it's fire resistant or has magical auto-aim capabilities. All it takes is one breath from the dragon and your arrows are literally toast. Wouldn't you have a better chance with metallic weapons?
  3. Perhaps I should rephrase: it was what Varys wanted to used as his selling point.
  4. The reasons you listed, plus him living like a peasant was one of fAegon's selling points. You kind of lose that if you send him to live in luxury as one a Martell bastard.
  5. As dull as the latest Arya chapters have been, they at least don't frustrate me. How the hell has Sansa still not figured out what a goddamn 10 year old has already figured out??? So I'm going with Arya. She's got to head back to Westeros at some point, right?
  6. Wouldn't it make more sense for it to be the other way around, since AA seems to be an Essos thing, and Dany is the one associated with Essos? Anyway, those are really obscure references to smoke and salt. Remember, the average reader isn't going to remember details like Jon being born near a river that ran into the Salt Shore (I sure didn't). So if Jon is AA and we get to the scene where that's revealed, and the characters explain how his birthplace represents salt and smoke, the average reader is going to think "WTF is the Salt Shore?" Also, does Westeros know the sun is a star? Medieval Europe sure didn't. They do call the comet a star, though: "The first star was a comet, burning red." "The Dothraki named the comet shierak qiya, the Bleeding Star." "I see them in my dreams, Sam. I see a red star bleeding in the sky." I mean, meteors aren't stars either, but people still call them "shooting stars".
  7. Isn't House Darry decimated? I think there's only the female line left, and they're all married to Freys. And one of them married Lancel.
  8. I just remembered that Euron is messing up the Reach. Perhaps Dany gets the Redwynes or some of the other Reach houses near the coast by roasting Euron, à la Aegon and Black Harren. No, I'm referring to the Yronwood who accompanied Quentyn to Essos. When Q died, Gerris Drinkwater got upset and blamed Dany while Yronwood stayed calm and objective. I'm not saying the Dornish houses are prone to in-fighting, just there's an exploitable rivalry between the two most powerful families. I can't quite remember the passage(s) that suggests this (maybe it was in TWOIAF?), but I'm sure I'm not pulling this out of my ass. Think of them as the Karstarks to the Starks. They're friendly now, but what happens when they're not on the same page where Aegon is concerned? Or when Dany rides in with her dragons? I think the hint of friction has to be more than just world-building, considering where the story is headed.
  9. Well, just look at how people are already reacting to Aegon. They're all doubtful of this baby swap story. That doesn't mean he won't get support, but it does weaken his claim, particularly when Robert's line still exists, not to mention Dany, who is unquestionably a Targ.
  10. This actually isn't that bad of a crackpot, but I still find it unconvincing. If Elia was in on a baby swap, she wouldn't have been clutching onto her fake son when Gregor came for her. At the first sign of danger, it would have been her actual child she'd run to protect. You could argue she was keeping up the act, but that's not how people react when they're panicked. Another implausibility is this idea that having more babies - in a second marriage which is unlikely to be accepted by most, no less - would secure Rhaegar's claim. As the King, Aerys had the power to name any of his children as heir, regardless of how many children Rhaegar had. In fact, Aerys having a spare heir quashes any theory that includes Rhaegar going after Lyanna because sickly Elia couldn't produce more heirs. It's not so important that Rhaegar has heirs, as it is House Targaryen as a whole having enough heirs, and the King and Queen was clearly still capable of pumping out more of those. As an aside, I'm glad more and more people are taking note of "Sights and sounds of days gone by and days to come and days that never were" in interpreting the Rhaegar scene. It's clear that part of it, maybe even all of it, was just a vision.
  11. "Roberts Rebellion, hate Mad Kings Daughter" is pretty reductive. Not every lord is that petty, and none of the surviving members of the former rebel houses (except Stannis) had a personal stake in RR or an emotional connection to it. I think Yronwood is being set up to ally with Dany. They're the second most powerful house in Dorne and seem to have a bit of a rivalry with the Martells. Archibald Yronwood was also very chill and understanding about Quentyn's death. I'm sure there are other houses (probably a few from the Reach and Riverlands) but I'm not observant enough to say which.
  12. No, Jon's eyes are mentioned as being grey quite a few times throughout the books. But this could still be considered thematically relevant.
  13. Davos seems like an alright Dad, though he loses points for half of his kids ending up dead in one go.
  14. Just to clarify - because I'm genuinely confused - you're in the dragons are evil camp, right? As to characters, we've seen that they also consider dragons to be a spectacle. Others think they're magnificent creatures.
  15. Huh? You were the one who brought scale into this. I was arguing that dragons are no more or less "bad" than a warhorse, remember?