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  1. By read, they mean watched it somwhere. They got drunk one night, watched 300, then watched Lord of the Rings and said I KNOW!!!
  2. You are stating that people should not compare the two. Do you need to state that if noone does compare them? Youre comment is simply unwarranted and you are baiting the comment. In my quote, I did not compare them.
  3. Youre kidding right?
  4. Agreed. With Book backstory you can kinda get an idea of what theyre TRYING to do. Right now, you cant even get that.
  5. Can people stop peddling this tired line out? If you look in this thread you will find it hard to find someone actually comparing them to book details. Many here are criticizing the show plotlines as show plot lines. Separating them does not make them any better. Riverrun was still a utter waste of time. Arya was still 2 seasons of "Cool, now im going home" and Brienne just traveled halfway round the world to hear "Nope" and then got in a rowboat.
  6. She even twisted the knife. The waif stabbed and twist. Arya at 10 years old is the most resilient Stark in history.
  7. Terrible episode. I struggle to give it a passing grade. The writing this episode is the culmination of 2 seasons of poorly cobbled together plot points. Arya - We have wasted two seasons of her in Braavos. The Waif T1000's her through the streets and all of a sudden, nah Im going back to Westeros. Episodes upon episodes of her fighting whilst blind and working up to becomming a Faceless Man. For what purpose? If the budget is so tight, did we really need all of this? Riverrun - Siege is introduced this season, we had a total of what two or three episodes on it with the Blackfish making his return to slink off and die off screen in the biggest let down of the season. I have numerous issues with Riverrun. Blackfish says Edmure is a marked man last episode, Jamie this episode states his son has been born. Ok, if his son has been born, there is an heir to Riverrun and an heir to the Twins. Why is Edmure still breathing? Theres no way Waldr would allow Jamie to threaten the child. Why on earth would Brienne travel, literally thousands of miles and then accept a simple "Nah" from Blackfish (ignoring the fact that she made it there that damn quick). Why would Brienne sneak out the backdoor? She was given free passage she can just wander out. Why is it fine for Brienne to send a Raven from Riverrun to Sansa but not a Raven from Sansa to Riverrun? WUT. Blackfish killed off screen. Was credited to budget issues. If the budget is this bad, WHY DID YOU INTRODUCE RIVERRUN?! There was nothing here that could not have advanced Jamie and Briennes plot that could not have been done elsewhere for far less money. Showwatchers have forgotten the Blackfish and Edmure, just write them off. Instead we got a two episode plot that just angered us. Before we leave Riverrun - The Hound, him pissing in the river is pretty much D&D at this point trying to be clever by injecting a stab at the book readers by pissing all over LSH. *clap clap* you think youre clever. Meereen. Useless dialogue between Grey Worm and Missandei. Oh look Dany is back just in time for the Seige of Meereen. THE SAVIOUR HAS RETURNED *vomit* Oh look at all those ships! As if Urine Greyjoy's 1000 ship fleet wasnt enough we have the Masters! Kings Landing - Trial By Combat now banned?! The Faith Militant - whos very role is to enforce the Sevens rule by military might doesnt want combat because its violent? WUT. In other news, Cleganebowl, hold the hype. Cersei must be convicted now, does Tommen really believe he is a Baratheon? Where does this go? It doesnt make sense because the High Septon has invested so much into Maergary and Tommen. Tommen will be chucked off the throne as soon as Cersei goes to trial. Unless the Throne then goes to the Faith *shrug*
  8. What a shitty episode. Butchered the Riverun storyline. The seige lasted 30 minutes when Jamie decides to catapult the heir? Color me skeptical but I dont think Walder Frey would really go for that. If the heir has been born, why wasnt Edmure killed already? Oh look Dany is back right in time. OH AND LOOK AT HOW MANY SHIPS ARE THERE?! What an amazing coincidence. Trial By Combat is now banned? So much for violence. Arya skips her entire book plot and just gets back on a fucking boat to Westeros after interning at the Faceless Men? Blackfish just dies? All the action off screen. Fantastic ep guys.
  9. Just on the Asha/Theon dialogue. You have to remember that the Ironborn are effectively Vikings. Within that culture, there was no room for weakness. If you werent able to fight you were a burden. Asha's scene with Theon makes perfect sense. If you are going to be a burden, just kill yourself and retain some scrap of dignity. Asha's sexuality. Look, I dont care. However, the cynic in me says its been done to pander to a certain loud minority of complainer. Which leads me to this Theyre going to be taking on Victarion's storyline. I am putting down a cold hard twenty bucks that D&D and planning a scissor scene between Dany and Asha.
  10. Remember Robert was afraid because the armies were splintered, there were essentially 5 different armies with 5 different leaders doing 5 different things and had become fat and lazy through peace. Not just because Dany had a Khalasar. Using Oberyn v Clegane is a poor example. No war is a 1 on 1 duel. The Dothraki will not have the time to probe for gaps in armor and Jorah totally neutralized the arahk in his duel with one of Drogos fighters. The Dothraki will need to rely on cavalry speed and their hit and run tactics which will simply not work against a proper formation of pikemen. Once theyre off their horses, the battle is lost for the Dothraki because it becomes a fight between an unorganised militia vs military prowess. Having the Unsullied at the front line and then using the Dothraki as flanking cavalry would be effective, however, 5000 unsullied is not going to be enough to hold the enemy.
  11. Which is why the whole dialogue was so laughable. Holy shit, 1000 ships? You dont say? Well, good thing that, just last episode, Euron Greyjoy just ordered the commissioning of a new Iron Fleet, consisting of 1000 ships that doesn't have men to sail them and wants to arrange a marriage to Dany. Put a bow on it because its like Christmas. But I agree, why wouldnt the Masters, just give her 1000 ships in exchange for her pissing off and never returning?
  12. The lack of dick is probably the selling point. With Varys playing with Tyrion, they need some dick jokes for KL.
  13. As has already been pointed out. From a storyline point of view, the Dornish alliance means nothing and hopefully we never see Dorne again, so there is no need to keep up the lie that the Mountain is dead. They never sent his head and the Sand Snakes only commented that if Oberyn even scratched him, he would be dying. So there is only an assumption on their behalf. From a logical point of view, it was simply to keep it simple for the show watchers. We all knew it was Gregor and his sheer size alone would have given it away. So, instead of another name, just keep the status quo. They never actually said Ser Robert Strong, so, the Mountain is just easier.
  14. With all the good speeches already used, D&D just gonna take bits of Danys previous speeches and FrankenGregor them into something. Surprised she didnt try and break any wheels.
  15. Just did a rewatch. Dany is doing my head in. Same old recycled bullshit speech. I AM NO KHAL GIRLFRIENDS! I DONT NEED NO MAN! Yeah, we get it. You havent got a cock. Go join Varys for some flat parts jokes and get it over with. Her speech is very flat and just simply isnt exciting. "Who has 1000 ships?" "Noone" ....YET If Euron magically gets his 1000 ships by Ep10 I am legit fucking done with this show.