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  1. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Not sure how Pawson missed the Sissoko elbow. He was literally standing behind them with the best view staring at it. I guess he zoned out?
  2. NFL 2016 Week 7: Nobody's Burfict

    He's sick. Some incredible catches today.
  3. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    David French's account of being harassed by Trump supporters.
  4. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    This people are incompetent.
  5. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    No, I'm not suggesting you give up a well paying career because there are Trump supporters or saying you choose your managers or your competitors. I'm saying your comments are entirely based on anecdotal evidence that isn't representative of the country as a whole. When you see statements that say Trump's base is uneducated white men, it doesn't mean that everyone who supports him is uneducated or white men, but that polls conducted across the country suggest that is a large portion of his followers, to the point where that's the only demographic where he has a clear, distinguishable advantage over Clinton.
  6. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    And that makes sense because of the people you surround yourself around. But if you look across the country, it's quite different and there are enough studies to show that.
  7. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    This guy is insane. We know this but jesus.
  8. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    It is up for grabs but that's between Coquelin/Xhaka. I think behind Cazorla, it's down to Ramsey/Elneny and I'd argue that Elneny is better for the balance of the team. I know we haven't seen Ramsey/Xhaka together but I've seen Ramsey in the middle a lot over the past few years and I know how he can be. He's not as disciplined as Cazorla, nor will he move the ball as quickly or accurately. He's also not as good in tight spots and is more prone to make mistakes in bad positions leaving us susceptible to the counter. I think he throws off the balance though he does add more to the offensive side if he ever reverts to goal scoring form which we've only seen for a part of a single season. I'm good with him coming on to be a difference maker, but he's not a starter anymore at CM and for me, not even first off bench for rotation. I'd much prefer him to be purely offensive on the right, coming in for Walcott/Chamberlain or Iwobi and allowing him to combine/interchange with the front three of Ozil/Sanchez/X.
  9. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    I think it's fair to say that if we lost one or two of our best players (Sanchez/Ozil), we'd not be as good a team as we are now with them in good form. And I think that's normal. For now though, I think we have great balance to our play with enough squad depth to not see a big drop off if we rotate 3-4 players in a game. Lucas Perez looked good in his short cameo, Gibbs looked as good as Monreal, Elneny has a non stop engine and does a great job keeping possession and Coquelin was a force. Even Chamberlain looked good! Granted this was Ludogorets but gotta win those games too. Not sure Wilshere has a place here anymore and I don't think Ramsey provides the same level of balance that we get from Coquelin/Xhaka/Cazorla/Elneny in CM so no idea where he'll fit. Giroud is a good second striker but as a side, we've looked so much better with Sanchez more or less playing a false nine that I think I'd rather see Lucas play centrally if we're going to rotate Sanchez. 7 PL wins in a row and we've won 9 of our last 10 in all comps (draw against PSG). Hope we can continue to win (not draw) before our inevitable form dip.
  10. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    Yea, but it's not us, it's the Iraqi military.
  11. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    Clinton is all offense. Loving it.
  12. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    She's said it many times. This is nothing new. No one is going to take away your guns. A policy debate is not good for Trump. Clinton is very impressive so far.
  13. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    So Arsenal played well...
  14. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    It was polarizing because critics only saw the first 3-4 episodes. Once critics saw the full show, some of them wrote reviews backtracking on their original thoughts.
  15. The Gambling Thread

    Yea. At US Casinos, it's normally 10% of the pot with a max of $4-5. It's beatable by good players. That's for some of the smaller games. For the bigger games, it's normally a timed fee where you pay ~$6 every half an hour. House always win with poker.