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  1. They're tapping into certain feelings of people to keep power.
  2. This also seemed to be the response in Montana by GOP voters at polling offices..
  3. Yup. I did really enjoy those movies growing up.
  4. There is an overarching villain that really gets fleshed out in Season 2. In season 1, they are there, but the villains are generally the villains of the individual stories. Sense8 can be tough at first since it's not clear what's happening, no one is really connected and the rules haven't been established. The show really starts taking off in episode 4. If you don't like the show after episode 4, it might not be for you, but I'd give it to that point because the first few episodes are really tough given they created the season with the idea that people will binge/watch the show in chunks. I personally love it. One of my favorite shows on TV despite the flaws. It's just a show that hits all of my emotions.
  5. I don't buy this. She might get a better deal as a widow, but that means she has to deal with Trump until he dies. Who knows when he dies. I think she has a fairly good case against him for divorce based on 12 women saying he sexually assaulted him and his own admission he likes to do that. I think she'll be fine with what she gets given she'll be rich for life. And to be honest, might behoove her to do it sooner rather then later because of all the legal shit that looks like will hit him. If he can't be prosecuted in office for prior illegality of business (i.e. money laundering), he certainly can after he's no longer president.
  6. I bet they get immediately divorced when he leaves office.
  7. If Mueller doesn't shut it down.
  8. It's too bad you can't remove a President's security clearance.
  9. Nah, he'll sign a 2 year contract.
  10. Yea, Arsenal is fucked next week. What a loser of a season.
  11. It's not necessarily a denigration of the Europa league but more that I want Arsenal to win the PL and they have a better chance of doing that when they're not playing every 3 days, especially on Thursdays.
  12. Blah. Fuck Liverpool. I hate being in 5th. Would rather not play in Europe at all then be in the Europa league.
  13. Yea maybe but it'll be less effective on Mueller then Lieberman since Mueller is well respected and seen as independent whereas Lieberman is not.
  14. I guess this is one way to try to deal with Mueller. Certainly doesn't scream innocent.
  15. This made me laugh...