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  1. This ignores the sources of the crime in the first place, which generally comes from socio-economic factors. The Mayor has very little control over that.
  2. What party leads those States? Just being a Democratic city doesn't mean shit when the State makes all the laws. If I'm not mistaken, 4 out of 5 of those states have a Republican governor and Congress?
  3. Jesus. Sean Spicer just spent 5 minutes on MSNBC extolling Rick Perry's qualifications because he comes from a state with strong oil and gas production. He only talked about Perry and how he'll work on oil, gas, solar, and said not a single thing about handling our nuclear capability. And the host didn't question him on it. Wow.
  4. Yea, there are a lot of things to hate about her but I'm more interested in how Senate Republicans can vote for people who are clearly unqualified (see DeVos, Carson, Perry) or corrupt (see Price, Mnuchin). I get wanting a Republican and I get not wanting to piss off Trump but at some point, they have to realize they're on the hook when all these things fail right?
  5. This shit drives me nuts, especially because it gets so much play and is so obviously false. I watched some clips of Betsy DeVos' confirmation hearing yesterday where she not only knew fuck all about Education in the United States but also pretty much admitted that she gained influence by her family donating $200m to Republicans (her nomination plus Erik Prince, her mercenary brother, will be a shadow advisor for Trump, whatever that means). This woman is going to actually get confirmed. How can a Senate Republican sit there, watch her stumble on every single answer, refuse to answer the most basic question about supporting "equal accountability" among schools and still vote her? This is a woman who has never been to public school, never put her kids in public school, knows no one in her immediate circle who has been to public school and wants to gut public school across the country. And this is the woman to lead our Education department and make it better? This is one of the biggest things wrong with our political system; the fact that right now, Senate Republicans do not give a fuck whether someone is qualified for the position or not, they just care that they're Republican and nominated by Trump. How is there not two to three Republicans out there with a spine to put the country first and party politics second?
  6. Yea except only a few of those articles are from the mainstream media (i.e. Washington Post, CNN, NY Times, Wall Street Journal) and the ones that are tend to be the most balanced of the bunch. If you want to say it's propaganda, that's fine because it likely is, but lets be clear it's not really the mainstream media that's pushing it.
  7. I'm just not seeing the hysteria. I read a lot of news but maybe I'm reading the wrong sources. Can you point to a few examples of manufactured hysteria in the biased media towards a Russian invasion of the Baltics? Fact is, the incoming administration's relationship with Russia is like nothing we've ever seen. It doesn't logically follow the relationship the US has had with Russia over the past 60 years, nor does it make sense given Russia's actions in purposely trying to sway the election. So if the incoming administration's only change to the Republican platform was to soften their stance on Russia/Ukraine (and lie about it), the incoming administration consistently devalues the purpose of NATO in public, the incoming administration consistently lies about their relationship with Russia and Russia becomes more proactive in affecting world affairs (legal or otherwise), do you not think it's cause for concern? Do you not think that it's worth talking about the consequences of these actions and what it could mean over the next 4 years? As an aside, American ignorance is famous. I don't see what point you're proving with your proposed poll. If you put a poll out there asking if Obama was the antichrist, you'd get 25% people agreeing.
  8. I'm a really big fan. Much prefer it to vinegar based.
  9. Football: Reds Rising!!

    I agree with this though the only caveat I'll add is that Pep almost always has unlimited budgets. It's not like he's coaching an Everton with a 20m summer budget. But I do agree that him facing adversary at City in his first year doesn't mean much.
  10. Hell, given our buddy buddy with Russia going forward, maybe the US will help him invade the Baltics. That'd be fun.
  11. There are also issues with Snowden and the Russians. The cases aren't even close to the same.
  12. I think this is true. I just don't believe there will be a plan from the Republicans that they'd agree with. Their approach is the antithesis of what they believe in. If they take the same elements from Obamacare, fix them and call it Trumpcare, I think they'd be ok with that.
  13. Well yes. But that's nothing new. He lies 80% of the time.
  14. In other news, CBO just released a report on what would happen if the Republicans repealed Obamacare. As expected, it ain't pretty.
  15. The Young Pope (Sky/HBO/Canal Plus)

    It is a beautiful show. A bit strange and it doesn't always work but it's always beautiful.