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  1. Really enjoyed The Sinner as well. Good story, good acting.
  2. Indeed. We're basically Real without Ronaldo.
  3. That's been Arsenal's MO for years.
  4. I think it looks good and I like Vikander. Think she's a good actress, especially in The Danish Girl and Ex-Machina. Thought she was also good in that Guy Ritchie film that no one probably liked but me.
  5. I hope he kills the Iron Fist.
  6. Here is another article about why the NFL isn't fun anymore.
  7. NFL sucks this year.
  8. I think this show is great. Love seeing NYC in the 70s, especially as I live there now. My wife remembers when Times Square was all seedy so she's loving this too. The atmosphere is great, the acting is great, the story is interesting. Really glad it was just renewed for season 2.
  9. Can't imagine any situation where Oliver was blatantly in arsenals favor and certainly no situation that changes the game. Even if Luiz didn't get a straight red for a studs up challenge, he'd get a 2nd yellow and still get sent off.
  10. Solid game so far.
  11. Sanchez on the bench, Ozil out with injury and we continue with a back 3. Should be a fun match.
  12. Bengals defense is good. Tough to score on. With Burfict back, they will be even better.
  13. He was. It was my mistake.
  14. Not really. I think he'll be taken in the mid rounds. He does have some attributes that compares positively to Russell Wilson. I'm sure he'll get a shot.