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  1. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Agreed. But Fellani was stupid for stepping through him.
  2. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Never mind. I see.
  3. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    What injuries? Only turned it on at 70th minute.
  4. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Yea but two of your goals were horrendous goal keeper errors. Can's was lovely.
  5. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Incredible. Well done Bournemouth.
  6. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    This turned interesting. Missed all the Bournemouth goals when I walked out of the room. Blah.
  7. NFL 2016 Week 13: Bigger, Stronger, Faster to IR

    Rams just gave Jeff Fisher a 2 year contract extension.
  8. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Boruc is bad, wow.
  9. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Aguero now misses game against Arsenal in a few weeks. Incredibly stupid challenge.
  10. And the Republicans enacting voter suppression tactics in each of those states.
  11. U.S. Politics 2016: "You Suck!!!" "No, you Suck!!!"

    Same. My fiance went to a charter school in NYC and it was a really good education. I went to public school in VA and it was a fine education. I think both have their pluses and minuses. What I am against is de-funding one to fund the other and I'm very much against a voucher system or privatization of primary/secondary education. None of this should be run for profit but should be an investment into our future as a country. The single biggest way to help rural America is to invest in and improve education. Jobs are being created, skills required these days are just different. Companies will be willing to open offices in smaller towns if they can find the talent they need. I get tired of the "bring manufacturing back" mantra but ignore the practical reality of today's economy.
  12. Hamilton Creator to Take Reins On Kingkiller Chronicles

    I hope he sticks with one medium so he doesn't take on more than he can chew but I couldn't be happier. Lin-Manuel Miranda is awesome and he loves the stories so he'll do it justice.
  13. College Basketball 2016-17: Trippin' Ain't Easy

    VCU is now 6-1, first time we've started off this well since 1993 with our only loss coming to Baylor. Really like the make up of this team. The real star right now is JeQuan Lewis who has just upped his game to another level, similar to what Melvin Johnson did last year. Outside of that, we're really balanced, where there seems to be one or two players each game who steps up, whether that was Johnny Williams with 22 pts against St. Johns or Justin Tillman with 17 against LSU or Lewis with 25 pts and 12 assists last night against Princeton. The other thing that has been nice is two of our Freshman, Samir Doughty (avging 9 pts per game) and De'Riante Jenkins (top 50 recruit) seem to figuring out the game. Really think they'll be huge for us later in the season when we get into A10 play and the game slows down for them. We still foul too much, turning the ball over more than usual and we're still mediocre from the FT line but our FG % is way up this year, we're taking better shots and we're much more balanced across the board. If we can stop spotting teams early in games (Princeton was up 16-0 last night after 6 minutes), really think we have the potential to do some damage this year. There has definitely not been a let off from Shaka Smart and in a lot of ways, I think Wade is an improvement. It'll be interesting to see if we keep getting better like I expect us to.
  14. Careerchat II

    A few things I've noticed when working with PMs that determines how good they end up being. Problem solving. How quick are they to solve an issue when it arises? Do they know who to contact, how to solve it, how to get the right people on the phone quickly to work through it and then make a decision on the direction you need to go? Issues crop up all the time and the ones that have their fingers on the pulse, understand what is a big issue/small issue and are able to correct it quickly tend to have more success. If you wait too long to escalate, can't get it fixed, need additional approvals, schedule is thrown off. Communication. How close are they with the members of the team, whether that's development, business leadership, testing? The closer they are, the faster they communications out to relevant parties on what is going on, the better off they tend to be. Also, how good are they at articulating what the project is, what it's going to accomplish, how it's going to help users/business? This helps get more of the right people involved in the design and testing which helps the development actually create a product/system that people will want to use and bring the appropriate business benefit. Too often people think that Project Management is just about managing a project plan, tracking risks/issues and status slides and I think that misses a lot of the point of what a good PM can do. To me it's about bringing the right people to the table to design, build and test whatever you're trying to do and keeping people excited about what is coming. Not sure if it's taught that way but having worked in Change Management and been a PM in a previous lifetime, the better ones tend to treat it that way.
  15. Careerchat II

    A lot of time it's not the methodology's fault but other factors such as talent, leadership and/or their commitment, sense of urgency, scope creep, poor requirements from the business, lack of communication with the business, resources, etc. It's how a project manager deals with those elements that helps determine the success or failure of the project, not necessarily the methodology. And it can be hit or miss on how good those project managers actually are. Also, what I see happen a lot is they have the wrong talent for the right methodology. For example, they have developers and leaders who predominately know waterfall but have them in an agile environment or vice versa. Or they use the wrong methodology for the project (i.e. using agile for what should be a simple design/build project or using waterfall for what looks like an iterative build with lots of added components). Finally, the change management aspect of a project is ALWAYS underestimated or completely ignored and that is one of the biggest driving factors of a successful project. This, unfortunately, isn't within any of the methodologies so it tends to get ignored by Project Managers.