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  1. I just don't think the theory matters to them even if they use those arguments. Those people with good educations and prestigious jobs tend to benefit when companies use extra cash to increase shareholder value.
  2. The simple fact is that if companies get more cash, they will spend it on share buy backs. It's what they've been doing for years while making record profits. I'll give an extreme example. One of the clients I work with got a $350m cash infusion when they were given a separation payment after a failed merger. Instead of taking that money and investing it in the company, improving their technology and cementing their position down the road, they bought shares back in an attempt to increase the value to their shareholders, which mostly were not employees of the company. Now, 3 years later, they are running into major expense issues where they're too expensive, have terrible technology, are investing in technology piecemeal and have commissioned a top consulting company to come up with a cost cutting strategy for the future due to their expense issues. Had they taken that money, invested in themselves, they would be in a very different position. This is why supply side economics doesn't work. Public companies are always worried about the bottom line and shareholder value. They have very little incentive to increase wages for their employees when they're already doing the job for a cheaper amount and need to continue to march to strong profitability in order to beat the street's estimates come quarterly reporting time.
  3. No, most Americans do. They just can't do anything about it right now.
  4. Not sure if this was posted already but if not, it's worth a read. Remember when Trump told Lavrov and Kislyak highly classified intelligence from the Israeli's on the day after he fired Comey? Here is the story.
  5. I am embarrassed to be in the US and thankful I'm allowed to be.
  6. Another situation that surprises no one. Schneiderman wants to investigate 100,000s of public comments using false (or real identities) that are required by law to be taken into account and FCC is completely ignoring him.
  7. I do. I work with a lot of women, I go out to dinner with women after work, especially when I'm traveling for my client. My wife trusts me and I trust myself. It's not an issue. I still worry about false equivalence. I get the Franken backlash but it's so small in comparison to the years of abuse that we're seeing from people like Rose, Moore, Weinstein, Goodman, Spacey, etc. I just think the level of outrage should be consistent with the actual instances and pattern of sexual harassment. Franken's seems so small in comparison and is something I have experienced as a man on multiple occasions, from men and women. Not saying it's right, just think we're soon going to be on the verge of overreacting to all of this and be screaming for the same punishment for any accusation, no matter what it is or who it comes from.
  8. Here is the article if people haven't read it yet.
  9. Turnout will be important. Have to hope pedophilia will, at the very least, keep some Republicans home. Still annoyed that the media has barely mentioned Jones other than to say he's the opponent of Moore.
  10. Key lesson here is don't lose to the Bengals at home. That and don't start Osweiler or Siemian.
  11. Great signing by Arsenal. Just hope Wenger doesn't fuck up the transfers with his indecision. Also hope this gives them a chance at Pulisic, which I'd just love being an American.
  12. Yea, the media has done an astounding of job of ignoring Doug Jones, his background, his message, his campaign. All the focus has been on Moore, his press conferences, his love of teenagers. It's over-saturation to the extreme.
  13. That's just not true (he must be a bad candidate because the media doesn't talk about him). The mainstream media doesn't talk about positive stories these days. It's all negative because negative stories gets clicks. They are doing the same thing to Jones now as they did to Clinton, just without Clinton emails. That means, any message he has is drowned out by every little story about Moore and his quest for teenagers. It's all Moore all the time, exactly what happened with Trump. We'll see what happens as we are already seeing justification to vote for Moore because of Supreme Court Justices, tax cut, repeal and replace Obamacare and the media is doing a fucking terrible job of even showing Doug Jones for 30 seconds.
  14. Mustafi was awesome. Never seen him play this good for Arsenal.