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  1. I'll be interested to see how good Morata does for Chelsea. They tend to do better with big, burley CFs. Good signing though, they needed to bring someone in. So now United, Chelsea and Arsenal all have new strikers. Let the competition begin.
  2. Yea. He's been clearly working on this prior which is why Trump probably said something.
  3. Anyone read the excerpts from the NY Time interview with Trump? A few of my favs.
  4. You should because the only way to resist Trump is to give a fuck about those politicians keeping their jobs
  5. Trump expressed anger that Sessions recused himself in interview with Times.
  6. Totally missed this. Thought it was great. There were a lot of older Japanese whiskey's, some of which you can't actually get in the US anymore. Really enjoyed 6 out of 7. Wish I could remember exactly what they all were because at least 3 of them were insanely good.
  7. Yup. Also insane that the only other person in the meeting was Putin's translator.
  8. Trump's campaign is paying for legal fees for a totally independent business man 2 weeks prior to the Russian meeting breaking. Oh and the campaign is paying $90k to the Trump Org for legal advice which makes no sense.
  9. Looks like they're finally willing to pay the prices though Monaco is playing hard ball with Lemar. They may not let him leave even if they are strongly after him. But one thing is clear, they really really want him. If they do get him, I'm going to be extremely excited for this season. Just want to see us sell some guys.
  10. More interesting articles... AP had this to say after interviewing Akhmetshin: A month later, DNC emails were released and then these articles about the Victory Fund started popping up: DNC sought to hide details of Clinton funding deal. Did Veselnitskaya have some of the hacked emails with her prior to release?
  11. Arsenal really want Thomas Lemar. Not sure I've seen many situations where everyone seems to be talking about trying to sign him (Ornstein, Gavidis, Wenger). Hope they get him.
  12. The context wasn't very convincing that DJT was talking about the meeting itself. In other news, the ex-soviet FSB agent, Akhmetshin, was accused of hacking documents by International Mining Resources in a 2015 law suit. Absolutely nothing to see here. Nothing at all.
  13. Just to follow this up with a link breaking down the right conspiracy theories.
  14. Not sure if anyone is paying attention to the right wing news sources but they're pushing a very strong "Democratic set up" narrative in regards to the meeting with Trump Jr and the Russian lawyer/ex-soviet FSB agent. This makes zero sense but the right media gives no fucks. Logically, does it make sense that the Democrats set up Trump Jr using contacts that Trump Jr personally knew, then did fuck all about it for over a year while still failing to campaign in Wisconsin and Michigan? This is just like the whole 3m illegal voters that the Democrats used in all the wrong states. I'm increasingly worried that when/if Trump goes down, there will be violence. The bullshit propaganda coming out against Democrats with the revelation of every single piece of news against Trump is disturbing.
  15. I'm totally fine with Xhaka distributing the ball from deep. I think that's one of his strengths. I do think he needs a good partner though and while at times, Ramsey/Chamberlain/Coquelin/Elneny play great, they are not at all consistent.