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  1. U.S. Elections - Philadelphia edition

    It's probably the latter but what's the problem here? It's compromise. If you changed your opinion because you were compromising, what's the issue? Isn't that what we want our President to be able to do to get laws passed?
  2. U.S. Elections - Philadelphia edition

    Not really sure what was expected. The Clinton and Sanders campaign worked out the Democratic platform and this was one of the things they agreed on. They have to change their stance based on the agreements they made with the Sanders' campaign. I don't see how this is dishonest. Looks rather like a compromise to me, something we should be praising her on.
  3. U.S. Elections - Philadelphia edition

    The creator of the viral pro-Trump act ‘USA Freedom Kids’ now plans to sue the campaign. Doubt he wins anything, but it's another of how unorganized the Trump campaign is and how working with them never pays.
  4. Customer Complaints: Do you make them?

    My gf and Dad send in letters of complaint all the time if something they expected isn't the way it's expected. Or sometimes my gf calls. She's always polite and always asks for some kind of compensation. You won't get anything back if you don't ask.
  5. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    Yup, cracked me up.
  6. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    That Juventus team is really good and has immense depth (they're getting old though). They're going fro the CL and I appreciate and am jealous of the ambition.
  7. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    I read the NYT article. I just didn't see anything about the emails actually being altered yet.
  8. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    Was this in the motherboard article you posted? I hadn't read that before.
  9. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    This is all true. The US has involved itself in other country's politics. It's a shitty thing to do and more times than not has backfired. I don't condone that either. But just because we've gotten involved doesn't mean we should accept Russia getting involved in ours, especially to put someone in charge like Trump. As for the hack, you're right, it could have been anyone. Just like the Sony hack could have been anyone but North Korea or the Chinese OPM hack could have been someone framing China. But back a few months ago, it was reported the hack was traced to two Russian intelligence agencies and now we have emails released with analyzed metadata that backs that up. If you think someone is framing Russia or is a state sponsored hacker from somewhere else, fair enough, but it's awfully convenient that: Trump has very large investors from Russia because no US bank will invest in him Trump's campaign manager and top adviser spent 10+ years advising the Ukraine Prime Minister with tight ties to Russia Trump's foreign policy expert for that region has economic and financial ties to Gazprom which owns all of Russia's energy Trump's campaign gave two shits about everything in the Republican platform except to lobby for no involvement in Ukraine Trump has publicly said he wouldn't necessarily defend NATO allies in Eastern Europe from Russia DNC emails are released shortly after the RNC and right before the DNC You're spot on that none of this is proof and it's all circumstantial. But you have to be fucking blind if this doesn't worry you in the slightest and that what you take out of this entire situation is that one DNC aid suggested maybe they use the fact Sanders is Jewish against him (which they never did) or some others discussed how to make Clinton the nominee over Sanders (which would have happened regardless given he needed 4+ million more votes and 350+ more pledged delegates).
  10. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    As a democrat, I care infinitely more that the leaked emails went through Russian computers than I do that the DNC wanted Hillary to win. From what I've read, their influence didn't change much and she won by almost 4 million votes and 350+ delegates (w/o super delegates). The DNC couldn't close that gap if they wanted. But the fact Russia is fucking with our presidential election and wants Trump in power should scare everyone. i have no idea why anyone is shocked or really cares. From the emails, the things they suggested weren't put in action and even if the DNC was biased, that's not Clintons fault. On top of that, te RNC tried so hard to keep Trump from getting the nomination. This is politics and isn't abnormal. What is abnormal is a foreign power hacking a political party and releasing the data in an effort to get another nominee elected. That's fucked up.
  11. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    Except the FBI didn't say she was hacked. They said she could have been hacked. If they knew she was hacked, knew that the emails and classified information was in foreign hands, they would have prosecuted her. But they don't and what they actually said is there is no evidence she was hacked but they wouldn't expect to find any cause hackers are good. So they left open the option it happened but have zero proof that it did on any level. As for Assange, he said he was going to release enough emails to get her prosecuted prior to her winning the nomination and I haven't seen shit. He released 20k emails that didn't add anything to the story. So we'll see. I'm still waiting.
  12. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    I didn't think any of these emails were from Hillary's server? I thought these were from top DNC people?
  13. Star Trek: Beyond the 1st Trailer

    I was wildly entertained. No real complaints at all. It did exactly what I was hoping it'd do.
  14. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    I don't buy it. I'd love it, but I don't buy it. As everyone else said, we have no one who can play the right wing. Walcott blows, Chamberlain is inconsistent and lacks end product, leaving Wenger to put Ramsey, Wilshere or Cazorla there, none of which are ideal options. Mahrez would be great. Slim. I know Wenger and Arsenal say we're still in but I can't see us shelling out the kind of money we'd need to get the players we need, especially as they're already saying we can compete for the title. That, of course, is ridiculous with our only striker being Giroud and 4 competitions to compete in.
  15. U.S. Elections: The Trumph of the Will

    On the back of Trump's base, David Duke has announced his run for US Senate in Louisiana.