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  1. Football - dawn of optimism

    Makes me cry every time I think about it. Think our business with Mustafi, Lucas, Holding and Xhaka is solid. Don't think we win the league but should get top 4. Basically, another year like every other year.
  2. Football - dawn of optimism

    Anyone is better than Walcott or Sanchez at CF.
  3. Love this show so much. I really hope it gets a 2nd season. I'm a bit obsessed with the MEW, especially knowing that she has a puppy and lives near me in NYC. My gf and I want her to be our new best friend.
  4. Football - dawn of optimism

    I was disappointed too. I hope we sell him and he gets an opportunity to succeed elsewhere. It's clear he has no future with Arsenal and I'm not sure why. Totally agree that he was much better than AOC and Walcott.
  5. Biggest issue with the casting of Tom Cruise is the character of Jack Reacher, as has been told over like 15 books, is a 6'6, 250 lb giant of muscle. His biggest asset, besides his brain, was the intimidation factor of this force of nature who was taught to be better than the best the military had to offer and who used his size/strength to overpower opponents. Really pissed me off as an avid reader of the books and while I thought the movie was pretty good, I just wish it wasn't called Jack Reacher.
  6. Football - dawn of optimism

    I agree with everyone that Holding looked good. When you have an experienced badass next to you like Koscielny, you're bound to look good as long as you don't make any huge egregious errors. Chambers also looked very good next to Koscielny. We still need an experienced CB though. Can't rely on Holding to play like that for the next 55 games. But as we knew, the biggest issue was at striker. Not going to wax poetic there, it's a broken record.
  7. US Elections - There is 'Ahead in the Polls' behind you

    But but but... I thought Trump is a great businessman who hires the best people possible for the role? Oh wait, that's the 2nd campaign manager who was essentially fired. Keep up the good work Trump.
  8. NFL 2016 Offseason: THIS Is The Year!

    Yea they do and I think they will this year, even with all their injuries so far. The team is pretty solid and a D with Atkins/Dunlap/Burfict and an O with Dalton/Green/Hill/Bernard is enough to do some damage. It'd just be better with their last 4 first round picks...
  9. Football - dawn of optimism

    Gimenez is a better player and one I'd rather have. Thing is, we're not actually in for him. It was Arsenal leaking names to the press to try to force Valencia's hand. Annoying but that's the game with them. Get the cheapest possible price and if it's not in the "value range" walk away. Unfortunately, that leaves us short every year.
  10. NFL 2016 Offseason: THIS Is The Year!

    Agreed on Nugent. I don't trust him. Also agreed on the injuries. Hate it more than anything, especially to young players as I think rookie to 2nd year is where you can expect one of the biggest jumps and we're losing that from two expected contributors. That's what has happened with Dennard and it looks to be happening with Ogbuehi too. At least only WJ3 and Billings are long term injuries. Everyone else should be back, even if it takes a few games for them to play well. Problem there is our schedule is the hardest of any team for the first half of the season. Blah. At least Green/Boyd looks good...
  11. Football - dawn of optimism

    Maybe miserable is too strong a word but he's definitely a failure. When you buy a player for 30m+ then sell him within 12 months, that generally constitutes a failure. But you recouped most of the money and for that, I say congrats. Lord knows Arsenal buys players who have never lived up to their hype and keeps them around forever.
  12. Football - dawn of optimism

    Yea I agree, especially about using us to get new contracts. Players have been doing it for a few years now. Really tiresome. Definitelt not going to worry about this season in terms of how we do. I have zero expectations since I don't actually think we will do well.
  13. Football - dawn of optimism

    Also likely means we won't sign anyone of Benteke, who was a miserable failure at Liverpool, goes for 27m + add ons. Wenger is to cheap to pay what's needed to get a top quality striker in. We're less than 2 weeks from end of transfer window and not really a sniff.
  14. I really liked it. Totally hit me in the right spots. This, so much this. My gf and I were high fiving when it was over. Amazing sequence.