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  1. Luckily for his lawyers, Trump isn't actually paying for them. The RNC and Trump's 2020 campaign are paying.
  2. I'm sure Mother Jones is digging. They're pretty good at investigating.
  3. More corruption... It's systematic.
  4. I give you. Jared Kushner, Secretary of State. So many coincidences.
  5. I agree. But if you can't tie the "what is this all about" to a tangible "it is about this and X is influencing him because of it" then it won't become a story for more than a minute. We'll see. They've projected anywhere from +5-8 to retake the house and with what we're seeing on average in the specials (+15), it's hard to really be annoyed that in March, it's fluctuating between +6-10. I'm not pessimistic yet.
  6. Not really. It's not salacious so the media won't spend more than a few minutes on it, especially with a new scandal every day. And nothing can be proved there. Trump won't release his tax returns and Republicans won't force him. Trump won't divest his conflicts and Republicans won't force him. So who cares who Trump is in debt to? He can be influenced in many different ways that Republicans don't actually care about. And until they care about it, until they do some kind of oversight, it's a story that will last 3 minutes unless it's proven the creditors are Russians and are using the debt to influence him.
  7. Just normal diplomacy...
  8. For sure. Peters is his own special brand of meh. But what he did is admirable and I wish more Fox News contributors would.
  9. No, I don't think it did. Might have gotten coverage on Maddow but I don't watch her enough to know. Other than that, haven't seen it anywhere else. I think I posted it here though and we glossed over it since there was no "answer".
  10. To the point about Nix being suspended, seems like he's been suspended from a shell company, not SCL, which he's CEO of. And then this...
  11. Ralph Peters, retired United States Army lieutenant colonel and Fox News contributor quit Tuesday. Here is his letter to his colleagues.
  12. I mean, we knew she wasn't lying. Trump added himself to the lawsuit and moved it to Federal Court.
  13. In more Channel 4 Cambridge Analytica news, here is their latest video + recap.
  14. So many lawsuits. Stormy Daniels. Karen McDougal. And now, Summer Zervos' defamation case is going to court. And, with the SCOTUS refusing to take up the PA Congressional Map case, they have officially filed legislation for impeachment.
  15. 9:30pm est at the moment. We have a few west coasters, myself included, that won't be able to get out of work much earlier.