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  1. First weekend over and the best team was... United? What? I have to hope to god their form was more down to West Ham and less them because I don't like Mourinho having a balanced team that can score goals. And I really don't like him winning another title with another team. If he does do it, it'll be this year since he always seems to win a title the 2nd year with the club (see all his other titles). In Arsenal news, Thierry Henry did a great job breaking down Lacazette on Sky Sports after the first game. There were multiple opportunities for Xhaka to put the ball over the top when Lacazette made a great run that he missed. I really hope they start playing to that strength rather then to feet because Lacazette is always seems active between the CBs and can cause a ton of trouble if they push the ball over the top. The one time Xhaka did put the ball to Lacazette over the top, it lead to a really great opportunity that Ozil scuffed. Could be really exciting if they're able to recognize and play those types of balls. It was what Cazorla and Fabregas before him were so good at. Xhaka is capable, just has to look for it.
  2. New season same shit. No luck from the ref and Wengers tactical brilliance to start the game is once again killing us.
  3. Unreal refereeing. Penalties, handballs, goals that aren't even close to offside. So poor.
  4. Oh man. I miss the Kottonmouth Kings. I used to listen to them all the time in high school. In other news, new story popped today about Bannon's house in Florida, the one where acid destroyed the master tub.
  5. VCU moves so fast. I'm good with this hire.
  6. Think this is the best part...
  7. "You can't quit, you're fired!" So much winning.
  8. I don't think so.
  9. Could be. I hate that we sold him for nothing. Such a talent that never got the opportunity.
  10. I only watched the first minute and half of the Vice News piece before I knew it's something I had to watch with my wife. Absolutely chilling. As a jew, also scary as fuck.
  11. Latest rumors has Chelsea wanting Oxlaid-Chamberlain for 35m. I'd do that deal. I don't see Chamberlain improving much. He has moments of brilliance but his football IQ seems to be stuck in neutral. You'll see him make 2-3 great moves then screw up the final ball. It has happened so much over the last few years that it's hard for me to believe it'll get better. It could just be Wenger and that Conte would bring out his best. If that's the case then good luck to him in his future.
  12. You aren't but others were and you were using the end result of the Civil War as a point for civil war without mention of the consequences of said war (death, destruction and many years of rebuilding). Just feel all this talk is premature and those justifying violence are not thinking beyond the immediate satisfaction of killing nazi wannabes (and even then they'd get none of that because the people in this thread would not even be close to the violence).
  13. A lot more then one demonstration where a single person was killed due to violence.
  14. Yup. Social media is speeding up the deterioration of society and has for years now.
  15. 620,000 Americans died during the Civil War and that was without modern weaponry. This was also at a time when the government was on the right side of the cause. If this is what people want, I hope they are the first casualties.
  16. It's early days. I could see them fighting for the title though, especially City. Their squad is disgustingly good. I think United will have more issues.
  17. I'm shocked that people in this thread are essentially arguing for a civil war. Lord help us all. The fall of the US is going to be swift at this rate.
  18. Yea, but Arsenal gave up the least amount of set piece goals last season. I tend to think it's an area that can be fixed by using our starting CBs.
  19. I fucking hate this man.
  20. At least one dead in car attack.
  21. Eh, I wouldn't stress over it. Two of the three goals were on mistakes during set pieces and the third goal was Xhaka's fault (plus a perfect pass from Albright), not the back 4/5. I think we'll be ok in the long run. My issue is we still need a CM like Seri to pair with Xhaka. Elneny will not cut it.
  22. Fun game
  23. He is a first choice CB, just not the center CB. He's the LCB in that formation.
  24. Well that was a great game. I do prefer a 4-2-3-1 formation to the 3-5-1. We're just much more fun to watch.
  25. Both. Arsenal making sloppy passes and giving it away in dangerous positions and Leicester capitalizing on them. This is what both teams do.