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  1. VCU moves so fast. I'm good with this hire.
  2. Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2017

    That's why we only play half a season.
  3. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Independent commission anyone?
  4. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Well, he certainly did prior to Trump becoming president.
  5. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    This is going to be interesting.
  6. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Yup. Bannon's stated goal was to bring down Ryan's speakership.
  7. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I thought this was awesome. Loved everything about that episode. I agree about the info dumps but they were done with such flair that I was never bored. Just an incredible show. Also, special mention to Aubrey Plaza. She deserves an Emmy for that episode. Unbelievable.
  8. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    CBOs new score is the same in terms of uninsured but only reduces the deficit by $150b instead of the original $337b over 10 years. They managed to make a bad bill even worse. Congrats.
  9. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    I think he was very clear given what he's allowed to say. When asked by Chuck Todd if this was circumstantial evidence, he said no, it was more than that. He was very clear that this wasn't the same stuff he was talking about on Sunday when he was clear that he has seen a lot of circumstantial evidence of collusion.
  10. Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2017

    Pretty simple. My hitting is good. My pitching blows. Should be fun.
  11. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    This is fun. US Officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians.
  12. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Schiff just told Chuck Todd there is more than circumstantial evidence in regards to Trump/Russia. That's huge news.
  13. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    No idea what has to happen for this to be done. As an aside, Trump PACs sent a fundraising email shortly after Nunes press conference saying Trump is vindicated, MSM lied and asking for money.
  14. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Multiple issues here. 1. Knowledge of FISA warrants and targets are classified at the highest levels. Nunes said there are multiple out there and by even announcing this, seems to be letting Trump's associates know they're talking to people under surveillance. That's giving up classified information and unprecedented. 2. Nunes received this from a "source" and instead of letting the intel committee know, he held a press conference, disclosed shit he shouldn't have then ran off to the WH to let them. This is nuts given it's his associates who are having discussions with people being under surveillance with legitimate FISA warrants. 3. The timing is insanely suspect given the revelations on Monday and some Republican lawmakers telling him he needs to apologize because his credibility is at stake. 4. The surveillance was incidental collection and not specific to his associates. It was legally obtained and if some individuals were unmasked, it likely done following proper procedure to understand the context of the SIGINT. There is no indication the NSA did not follow procedure. Hell, Nunes even said himself that most associates were masked. His argument is it wasn't hard to figure out who they were which may be true. 5. What does widely disseminated mean and who has seen this SIGINT and why hasn't it been brought up before? None of this is normal and the way it's being handled proves an independent commission needs to be created to investigate all of this.
  15. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    This is absolutely nuts. Nunes calls a press conference, says he has a source who brought him information that there might have been legal, incidental collection of surveillance on Trump's associates during the transition. Now, instead of talking with the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee (Schiff), he holds a press conference and rushes off to the WH to brief them. Why is the head of a bi-partisan investigation into Trump/Russia briefing the people who are under investigation prior to even talking to his own committee? If there was ever a reason to have a bi-partisan independent commission to investigate this, we just got exhibit A. Exhibit B is Nunes not even knowing who two of the main people under investigation (Manafort and Page) actually are. Disgusting.
  16. Definitely agree in regards to VCU. No idea what will happen with Wade and LSU. He might be an egotistic snake and might be tough with players but he knows the game of basketball and what a program needs to compete. It'll be interesting to watch anyway.
  17. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    8 was my favorite mostly because of the drunken Lewis Tan. Most entertaining moment of the show. Reminded me of Jackie Chan in Drunken Master. 6 was mediocre even with Rza directing. The tournament made no sense, the fights were mediocre and the spider woman was some of the worst bit of writing in the entire show. But at least something happened.
  18. Just an update on the VCU coaching. Mike Rhoades had his press conference today and the fans showed up in the thousands. The overwhelming reaction to him brought him and his wife to tears. His first comments were "I'm home". It also sounds like he's spoken to the 2017 recruits and everything is going well so far. He plans on visiting them soon. All in all, I'm a lot happier today then I was a day or two ago. Also, he's bringing back Havoc. Should be fun to watch.
  19. Amazon’s 2017 pilot season - March 17

    Thought he was really good. The role felt natural.
  20. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    This explains a lot.
  21. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    Thanks. I'm sure everything will work out, it normally does when you have an excellent program that is coach agnostic. The issue, as I mentioned, is the recruits because we can't afford to lose another draft class and maintain the same level of high level play as in the past. We have 2 seniors, no juniors and if we lose this year's freshman class, we'll be in a world of hurt. Fingers crossed we move quickly and can get to the recruits before they make up their mind. History shows we'll lose a bunch, but hoping we can keep at least 2.
  22. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    It is really a weird situation. Word out of LSU media types is that Wade has expressed interest in their job even before the tournament so he was really looking to landing that job. Our AD just said that he sat down with Wade, discussed all of the enhancements necessary to the program that Wade wanted and agreed to every single one of them, which would include salary increases so this is 100% on Wade. He wanted to leave VCU and wanted to go to LSU. I don't know what the allure is for him there but this is definitely where he wanted to go. I mean, money might have been an issue but it's not like he was making pennies. I think he was on a $1.5m per year salary at 34 and if Smart was any indication, it would continue to go up every year as interest in him increases. Plus he had access to a brand new $25m practice facility which is just baller. Maybe LSU paid over $2m and that was enough to jump ship but it seems small to me given the drastic differences in program and commitment between LSU and VCU. As a side note, Wade did it in the worst possible way. He had a team meeting at 3pm, never told them that he was leaving then took the job a few hours later. The players ended up finding out he was leaving via twitter. At least when Smart left, he told the team like a man. Anyway, he's gone and it seems the players aren't too chuffed about it. We might not see any major transfers. I'm still worried about the recruits but VCU is moving fast and that will give the new coach an opportunity to try to woe the recruits. As we all know, they tend to decommit but it looks like VCU is going after Mike Rhoades who was an assistant of Smart's, his top recruiter and loved by his players. I think the VCU plane is scheduled to leave in an hour to Houston and I expect to hear an announcement tonight or tomorrow that Rhoades has agreed to the job. We should hear about the recruits over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed. Losing another class would destroy us.
  23. Whisk(e)y

    I bought it recently for $65 here in NYC where prices are jacked up. It's delicious. I currently have bourbon, rye, American, scotch, Irish, Japanese and Taiwanese. What are some other countries/distilleries that makes an excellent bottle? I like an eclectic mix.
  24. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    It looks like it's a money grab and conference envy. VCU moves quickly and they'll likely hire Mike Rhoades, former assistant to Smart and current coach at Rice. I think it'd be a good hire. I just hope with the hire, they'll be able to keep Batts. The others I would love but Batts is the key.
  25. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    And it's official, Wade leaves for LSU. Say goodbye to VCU for the next few years. I hope he fails miserably.