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  1. No, I don't think it did. Might have gotten coverage on Maddow but I don't watch her enough to know. Other than that, haven't seen it anywhere else. I think I posted it here though and we glossed over it since there was no "answer".
  2. To the point about Nix being suspended, seems like he's been suspended from a shell company, not SCL, which he's CEO of. And then this...
  3. Ralph Peters, retired United States Army lieutenant colonel and Fox News contributor quit Tuesday. Here is his letter to his colleagues.
  4. I mean, we knew she wasn't lying. Trump added himself to the lawsuit and moved it to Federal Court.
  5. In more Channel 4 Cambridge Analytica news, here is their latest video + recap.
  6. So many lawsuits. Stormy Daniels. Karen McDougal. And now, Summer Zervos' defamation case is going to court. And, with the SCOTUS refusing to take up the PA Congressional Map case, they have officially filed legislation for impeachment.
  7. 9:30pm est at the moment. We have a few west coasters, myself included, that won't be able to get out of work much earlier.
  8. I think this looks good. Note: I haven't read the book.
  9. Agreed. I still have to read Animal Farm myself. I have read 1984 recently though.
  10. I thought the issue had more to do with CA operationalizing the data rather than it being used for research purposes which is what the original app and data collection was supposed to do.
  11. Nope. Not in this league. I can only handle one baseball league a year.
  12. Good. That was the right decision.
  13. So that Channel 4 undercover video on Cambridge Analytica? Not good for the company. Can't wait to watch the whole thing tonight.
  14. Didn’t realize. I can do Wednesday but don’t think I checked it.
  15. This will be fun. CA trying to get this killed.
  16. The top of the food chain is always last in an investigation like this. You build from the bottom up. Every white collar investigation is the same.
  17. Russian ballot stuffing.
  18. We live in America. Capitalism at its finest.
  19. This looks to be coming into focus now. Supposedly Maggie Haberman and Mike Schmidt have a story coming out that Muellers team recently sent a list of questions to Trumps lawyers that they’d ask in an interview. I take it they’re not enjoying them.
  20. Seems this was pretty abnormal. This is a statement from McCabe's counsel, also a former DOJ Inspector General.
  21. We'll see. I still want to see what the IG's report says. It doesn't sound like any of this is normal process. Even if OPR does make a recommendation, there is normally a lengthy period to determine proper punishment with enough time for the person to respond to the accusations. I don't believe they ever speed up an IG report, make a recommendation and then fire the person literally the same week. This was clearly done to try to stop McCabe from getting his pension as a way to discredit him as a witness. If he's fired for "lying" then he's "lying" about everything having to do with Comey.
  22. More from that article...
  23. Rich people generally don't.
  24. From the article...
  25. This isn't about Bannon being special. It's about Wylie going on the record to talk about how Cambridge Analytica got access to 50m users worth of information from Facebook in a potentially illegal way.