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  1. Except the President didn't take any questions so that's pretty stupid.
  2. VCU moves so fast. I'm good with this hire.
  3. Two nominees that Trump has nominated to be a circuit court judge. They are exactly as bad as you would think.
  4. What also doesn't make a ton of sense is that he wants 10x as many apprenticeships with more or less the same budget as under the Obama administration. So like everything, it's a bullshit EO for optics that has no practical way of being implemented.
  5. He is responsible for the FBI, which leads the counter-intelligence efforts against the Russians. If I was him, I'd want to know what the Russians did and how we can stop them in the future because it's a big fucking deal and it's all anyone talks about. It would literally be my first conversation when I was sworn in.
  6. How is this humanly possible?
  7. Oh fun. Senate now closing themselves off right at the moment they're drafting a secret healthcare bill and holding very important hearings. These fucking guys man. It's clear they don't work for the American people. I really hope they vote them all out (i know they won't). At least Chris Murphy is out there. I'm sure other Dems will be the same. But Republicans want every reason to not talk to reporters and get on the record. According to the new rules, any interviews must be cleared by the Senate Rules Committee.
  8. Trump also doesn't understand how insurance works. The reason this is happening is because of him. The heads of Insurance companies are siting his inability to guarantee payments of subsidies as reason for them pulling out of markets or jacking up premiums. The polls are laying the blame at his feet. He can blame Democrats all he wants but reality is the voters and companies are blaming him. Healthcare is going to be his downfall, as it is with most Congresses.
  9. Oh you're correct. I'm just saying he has threatened multiple reporters with tapes that never existed. I think he does both and relies on his past history of recording to threaten.
  10. He also has a history of claiming to record private conversations as a means of threatening but not actually doing it.
  11. Trump's personal lawyer, Kasowitz, brags he got Preet Bharara fired. We knew this but it's still nice to add a new story to the mix right before Sessions is going to testify. Republicans give no fucks but would like to see the Dems ask about it.
  12. Say hello to our Dear Leader. The limits these people go to ensure Trump gets the proper amount of praise is out of this world and so incredibly fucking dangerous.
  13. He's claimed he has tapes of conversations multiple times with different reporters. He doesn't have any tapes and no one will give a fuck. It's like the 1000th thing he's lied about in the last few months.
  14. Sessions testifying in front of senate intelligence but canceling a public testimony to do it. Someone clearly didn't want him testifying in public.
  15. It will hurt America long past 2020.
  16. Exactly. Once again, if you reverse the positions and President Hillary Clinton told Comey she needs and expects complete loyalty and to drop an investigation into Huma Abedin, the right would be going mental. This is even worse given this has to do with an adversarial country that completed a multi year campaign to disrupt our democratic elections. But nope, it's all good. Trump is just having a "New York" conversation or is "too dumb" to realize he's obstructing justice.
  17. This is the same thing with the Sessions stuff. He volunteered he had no interactions with Russians (which we know is a lie) when Franken never asked him that question.
  18. The USA's standing in the world is already destroyed. Imagine what another year of Trump will be like. He's not going anywhere until Dems get control of Congress so either 2018 or 2020. It's going to get so much worse.
  19. Comey's statement he'll read tomorrow has been added to for the record. It's worth reading.
  20. So Trump, in an effort to distract from congressional testimony the next two days, nominates Christopher Wray to be the FBI Director. On the surface, this looks fine and non-political as he's a former AG with experience with criminal investigations. The only issue is he works for King & Spalding, who represents Trump's trust (supposed to vet Trump Org deals for conflicts of interest but doesn't seem to be doing anything there), Saudi Arabia lobbying interests and Rosneft. He also defended Chris Christie. No idea how involved Wray is in any of the law firms activities so maybe it's all fine but he was definitely picked due to his firm's closeness with Trump.
  21. It was a good, quick read for me. A bit much on the monsters since I wasn't a D&D guy but I enjoyed the story well enough.
  22. This is fucking scary man. We're in the middle of a war and the President of the United States is actively helping the adversary. The Russians are trying to destabilize our power and are succeeding at every turn. The import of this, if true, is huge.
  23. Yea, I think Monreal has played well in a back three. I think he's not as good as a wing back and his form has been up and down this season as LB. Still a valuable player, just getting older.