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  1. If he doesn’t have any other charges, so be it but he still has two cases to take to trial.
  2. Feel like Watford has someone sent off every game for a month.
  3. #draintheswamp. They added a last minute provision that wasn’t in either bill and guess who it benefits?
  4. In other news, this might actually be a legitimate scandal. DOJ spokesperson said they consulted the IG about the release of the FBI text messages. The IG says they didn't.
  5. Tax bill summed up in the last tweet. Hope Democrats can distill this message into easy to understand bites in 2018.
  6. You could be right. In the end, they had no teeth anyway. The amount of " I can't remember or it's privileged" meant nothing could truly ever be learned.
  7. Never good when the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee thinks the investigation is going to get shut down.
  8. Another special election worth paying attention to is Tim Murphy's old seat (PA18). Connor Lamb, a 33 year old Marine vet, is the Democratic candidate and once again, it seems the Republicans chose a poor one. This election is particularly interesting as the make up of the electorate is 95% white.
  9. No surprise. Rubio is a coward. He wanted $2000, he got $1400 and he's a yes.
  10. Yea, it's actually flat out not true. I get it. But he may not have the House for long and if he does fire Rosenstein to then fire Mueller, I think there will be a huge reaction in the country, which will push more people to the polls in November. And a lot of the investigation has happened so what happens with those 16 prosecutors? All of the information collected?
  11. He will have to fire Rosenstein first since Rosenstein just said on Wednesday that there is no cause to fire Mueller and that everything he has been doing has sound legal standing.
  12. Thread from a reporter for the WSJ who read all 375 texts between Page/Strzok (he wrote an article but behind pay wall). As you would expect, it wasn't all anti-Trump and the media once again jumped without providing the entire context.
  13. FCC voting on Net Neutrality right now.
  14. NYO had them for weeks. I don't think Comey had been informed until shortly before he sent the letter to Congress.
  15. Just to highlight how ridiculous the GOP's push against Mueller is... good thread below.
  16. It was a confluence of factors. By publicly closing the investigation and telling Congress he'd let them know of any changes, he was obligated to let Congress know that circumstances had changed. His hand was forced because he was afraid agents in the NYO were going to leak that he was looking into a new batch of emails and it'd make it look like he's lying to cover for Clinton. So he sent the letter to Chaffetz who then promptly leaked it. As for the NYO, I believe those leaks are under the scope of the IG report. I wonder what text messages they managed to get for that.
  17. Well yes. Republicans are hypocrites in literally everything. It doesn't matter.
  18. That's what gets to me. Not only that but Trump's own public reasoning for firing Comey (outside of the whole Russia thing) was that he screwed over Clinton. Not sure how it works. I think the filing period is over in Texas.
  19. Another one done. As expected.
  20. Yea, Wilshere has played well this season. Hope to see him get more of a run with the first team.
  21. Washington Post just released a big article on how Trump has done nothing about Russia's interference. Worth a read.
  22. Yea, I watched the first few hours of it. Jordan and Gowdy were giving a closing argument rather than actually questioning him. They were pulling various pieces of disparate information to make a conspiracy of massive proportion, one where the FBI is complicit in attempting to take down Donald Trump and save Hillary Clinton. It's now at the point where Fox News is even today suggesting the FBI is like the KGB and should be shut down entirely. This is based on one out of context private message from Strzok, his involvement in both the Hillary email investigation and the Trump/Russia investigation and the GOPs dislike for what is happening in both. It was bad. On the flip side, I thought Rosenstein handled the questioning well. The OIG is investigating Comey, Strzok, Hillary, etc and there will be a full report early next year. He also defended Mueller, defended his reputation and background, defended his investigation and claimed that everything Mueller has so far done has had a sound legal basis and there is no cause to suggest otherwise.