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  1. I’d love this. But only if Wenger goes with them. Hate listening to Szczesny talk about how Juve practices their shape all week, watches film of their opponents and then watches the game afterwards to see how they did. Then says all Arsenal does is train to get physically ready and it shows every week. Drives me nuts.
  2. And they’re playing like the line up would indicate.
  3. Agreed. Love this overachieving team.
  4. Think that’s fair.
  5. Again, I get your point but you billed it as the game was decided by Watford's use of Deeney vs Arsenal's use of Giroud and that's not at all what I saw. I saw a terrible penalty decision (nothing to do with Deeney), bad defense (especially in the midfield), a lack of effort and missed offensive opportunities. Did Watford have the front foot towards the end? Yes. But it's not because Deeney was so good but because Arsenal stopped giving a fuck. Seriously, watch the end of the game. They didn't close down once, didn't move to follow players and literally standed still when Watford had the ball. It's a player and Arsenal culture issue and this won't be the last time a game goes like this. Actually, it's not even the first time this season and Deeney had nothing to do with those other situations as well.
  6. He also said Wilshere wasn't ready for the competition of the Premier League. He tried to put him in but Koscielny got hurt and they replaced him with Rob Holding (who hasn't had a good game in a year).
  7. Sorry Polish but I don't see what you see. Arsenal didn't' move the ball quickly all game. Literally, not a single time did they move the ball quickly. Giroud wasn't going to change that. The pressure Watford put on Arsenal wasn't because of Deeney but because Arsenal switched off. They didn't close down, they stopped tracking back and as the last goal showed, the midfield gave zero fucks in terms of marking. Watford got lucky that Richarlison is a great diver compared to Welbeck and Arsenal did not care enough to play hard for 90 minutes. It was an effort thing, not a single player vs player usage situation. As Mertesacker said after the game, Watford wanted it more and that is very clear to me. They showed inifintely more effort in the last 20 minutes and if you want t say it's because of Deeney, fair enough, but that's not what I saw.
  8. That's more down to the players not giving a fuck than Deeney vs Giroud. Koscielny getting hurt and bringing on Rob Holding (who fucking sucks) instead of Wilshere didn't help. Xhaka was horrendous all game (offensively and defensively minus one corner kick) and Iwobi was a complete waste of space. Welbeck lasted a whopping 60 minutes after being out for a month and half. This loss literally had nothing to do with Giroud vs Deeney but the inability of Wenger to field a side that can move the ball quickly (and behind the lines), finish easy chances, stay healthy or defend properly (mostly the midfield).
  9. More that they had a bullshit penalty called against them and their players fucking blow (see Ozil and Iwobi's terrible shots). Xhaka literally watched the guy sit there and score. He didn't move at all except to put his head down like a jackass after the wide open guy in front of him scored a wide open net. None of that score had to do with Giroud or Deeney.
  10. VCU moves so fast. I'm good with this hire.
  11. Bam! Pumped. Bring it on Astros.
  12. She did from my recollection.
  13. Bengals defense is great. Injuries piling up though. Great time for the bye week. Thought offense played pretty well despite Green’s uncharactistic mistakes. Without those, and the game isn’t close. Buffalo only had 220 yards of offense. Bengals just need to cause more turnovers. The talent is clearly there. After an 0-3 start, they are only 1 game out of first in AFC Norh. Still in it with Steelers up after bye. Only issue is 4 out of next 5 games are on road.
  14. So Pence flies from NV to Indy to attend a Colts game against the 49ers. Before the game even starts, Pence leaves the game due to the 49ers kneeling which they do every game. Then he flies back to CA to fundraise for Rohrabacher. It costs 43k an hour to fly AF2 and we paid for that political stunt to throw more fuel on the fire. These people suck.
  15. I thought it was fantastic. I was gripped and it made some choices that I very much agree with. Highly recommended to anyone who likes PKD and enjoys his view of the future.
  16. As will I. Dems have to win VA governorship. From what I've read, the biggest issue is lack of enthusiasm. State governorships just don't have the same hype as federal congress seats. That being said, Trump tweeting against Northam, saying he's backing MS-13 gangs when there are zero sanctuary cities in VA, is good for Northam. It brings national attention to the race.
  17. I'm going tonight. Cannot wait. Just watched the Final Cut last weekend so I'm ready.
  18. To the Tillerson question...
  19. This is shocking...
  21. This is a compelling read. Exclusive emails from inside Breitbart's operation including how they catered towards the hate and were funded by the Mercers. ETA: No idea why my twitter links don't end up posting like it used to.
  22. That's funny.