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  1. He's definitely creepy, but also interesting and decent in his own way. He kickstarted the Rube Goldberg machine that is the series' plot, and basically saved Sansa Stark from certain death. He also orchestrated Joffrey's death, something that put him squarely on my good side, even though he did kill Lysa and frame Marillion (but Lysa did kind of have to go, she was seriously messing up her son). He's a jerk for (mostly) the right reasons.
  2. I'm about 750 pages into the AFFC (paperback version), and while it's so far the least interesting installment, I'm still going through it at a pretty good clip (been reading for about a month now). I love the Iron Islands chapters, and seeing Dorne is cool. While I miss Tyrion, Jon, Daenerys, Davos, and even Bran, it's nice to finally see Cersei's POV and to get more info on Jamie and the other characters. I also like Samwell's journey to the Citadel (been wondering about that place for a while now) and I have deep respect for Brienne's journey of honor. Arya and Sansa undercover is fun too, but I'm afraid Arya will forget her roots. Learning about the Drowned God and seeing how the Iron Islands pick their leader was awesome, too (Kingsmoot, great word for it). Asha's the best. I'm actually enjoying the slower pace of AFFC, I can feel it setting up something HUGE! I trust in GRRM's plan.