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  1. Ned tells him to shag off. Robert begrudgingly listens, but it's the end of their friendship.
  2. Does posting this constitute masochism?
  3. *Cough cough* Now that I've stopped being twelve, it seems rather obvious you're correct.
  4. The legend never dies.

  5. Dickon Manwoody is always the worst, no exception.
  6. April Fools is somehow responsible for my not being available for the following months.

  7. More love for "Sam the Slayer"
  8. Goes without saying, I figured.
  9. Jorah needs to learn to manage his words more than his deeds one would think. Tywin feckin' deserved it. At least it was quick and he didn't know the mockery they'd make of his corpse. Victarion is a just getting worse. Selmy's new knights are some of my favorite minor minor characters. Larraq the Lash, because who needs to learn classical weaponry when you can just pick such people apart with unusual; fighting styles? Tumco Lho, the best natural swordsman Barristan has seen since Jaime Fookin' Lannister The Red Lamb has much in the way of rough-spun wisdom and badass one-liners. "I CAME FOR BLOOD, NOT FOR GOLD!!"
  10. Bloodraven has presence and drama. I like it. Darkstar is ruined by the fact it's owner is a Dorkstar Mind you, "The sword of the evening" is also pretty cool, even if it is meant as an insult. (Sorry Vorian) Oh, and "The Starfire" I'd like to know the reason behind that.
  11. I desire some form of ungodly revenge on Ramsay. Roose can get offed with a single sudden strike and a Bond/Chuck Greene one-liner
  12. You know that was just an example, right? I'm aware of the nonsense about the throne using a even more misogynistic primogeniture than the rest of the seven kingdom's. Yandel and Gyldayn spout it at literally every juncture.
  13. Indeed. Well, at least there isn't anyone unironically claiming that all 283 years of Targaryen rule was a brutalizing regime and that Bobby B is the savior who delivered us into the golden era.
  14. I don't get this "JonXDany" is overrated business when 90% of the people I know are of that opinion. Or this one of those "Stannis is most popular on the forums, but Dany is way more popular outside them so our behavior is entirely justified." shticks?
  15. I think we're all aware that's what it really comes down to and really Tommen is the "True King" but we all like or silly arguments in favor of our favorites. "Aegon is believed to be the eldest son of Rhaegar and he likely has Aerion Brightflame's claim. "Stannis is the heir of Robert, who de-throned the Targaryen's." "If all Targaryen blood today comes from Rhaenyra's line how do you entertain this bullshit about Dany's claim being inferior to Stannis'?" ETC. Power is a mummers trick, a shadow on the wall, etc.