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  1. Your crackpot theories based on the TV Series

    All Stark heads of household MUST be buried in a crypt in winterfell or they will reanimate and try to bring about the long night. That is why so much is made of the crypts and not so much everyone else who dies. The first WW was a Stark. Stark blood runs through their veins. Benjen is still alive and that has something to do with it. The original Nights King was a Stark. Starks are like werewolves and have forgotten their powers.
  2. What will Arya do now

    Is this the place to ask if anyone else is wondering if area left a mark of some kind when they showed Walder's hands fall away from his throat then Arya reaching into his neck.
  3. Last scene predictions?

    I think they are done with Dany this episode and there will be scenes in: Kings Landing Arya (may be combined with another scene) The Twins/Freys WW's Winterfell (maybe this will contain a twist) Varys
  4. Last scene predictions?

    I gotta believe that Dany won't be traveling to Westeros until halfway through next season at the earliest. She has to shore up politics in Slavers Bay first; who's ruling in her stead? She needs to secure passage to Westeros (She is still short a few ships) She needs to draw up a battle plan (Who in her service knows Westeros? Tyrion & Vasrys, two smart advisors but not going to lead an army.) So she needs to give Grey Worm some geography lessons and have him promote people to lead troops. They haven't developed the Northern threat enough to have Dany come over.
  5. This whole "Run in zig-zag" thing

    Haven't read every post but did anyone work out if he could've made it to one of the flayed men and take cover?
  6. If Bran never fell?

    Makes me wonder about "Hold the Door" Hodor. He was made into Hodor in order to Hold the Door. If Bran doesn't fall, does he learn about 3ER etc? It's as if he was given the desire to climb so that he could fall, the Lannisters were just the mechanism. If not Jamie, then "fate" would have him fall another way.
  7. Dragons vs. WW (who NEED an ice dragon)

    Unless...... They delay Dany's trip to Westeros so that the army of WW's can battle humans, then like the knights of the Vale riding to the rescue, so does Dany. (that kinda eliminates the importance of R+L=J though)
  8. Last scene predictions?

    It would be good to find out what that sorcerer said as he removed Varys' carrot and peas. (maybe we find out who the parents of Varys are)
  9. Last scene predictions?

    I don't know how they will do it, in the trailer, isn't the HS speaking at her trial? Varys would need to kill him before the trial commences. But I do like that idea.
  10. Last scene predictions?

    The man who gives the sentence swings the sword, Mel is going to be executed and asks jon to plunge the V-Steel sword into her heart.......Lightbringer,.
  11. Melisandre Vs Davos

    My guess is that after the truth comes out, she is not taken into custody (she's not a physical threat) and that she rides off, possibly glamouring herself to look different. In her travels, she runs into Arya (they will meet again) Then, who knows.
  12. Melisandre Vs Davos

    the toy had dragon's blood lol
  13. Frey/Lannister wedding

    Nymera + horde would be awesome and even better if, during earlier episodes, there was mention of a large wolf pack roaming the countryside. It could've been done by: BwoB during the hound dinner scene. Blackfish mentioning it to Brienne and Pod as they rowed off. It could've been mentioned by a Vale officer to Sansa and Jon "Sorry we're late to your battle, we got hung up by reports of a large wolf pack"
  14. There have been rumors of an ice dragon,but if there isn't one, doesn't the battle become VERY lopsided? 3 dragons vs an army of the dead that can be defeated by fire? I picture the dragons flying over the WW's and roasting them by the thousands until they are gone. The WW don't seem to have anti-aircraft capabilities. Also, if Dany's dragons can do this unimpeded then the need for obsidian becomes reduced by a few factors. The books (maybe tv as well) talk of spiders as big as hounds and maybe they'll have some undead mammoths, but as it stands: No Ice Dragon = very anticlimactic ending.
  15. Who will resist Dany in Westeros?

    Good point, I forgot about the HOTU vision!!!This would confer with GRRM saying the end is bittersweet