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  1. Because they swore a vow. The Kingsguard were there not only to guard the king but guard his right. They fully intended to crown Jon. Ned would never physically hurt Jon, but they were pretty sure that he wouldn't go along with their plan either.
  2. To me Jon is what her arc is most likely about. The conflict within her between following Robb's last wish and her hatred of Jon Snow. GRRM is all about conflict of the human heart It also comes in handy that she can resurrect the dead and Jon happens to dead. Knowing Arya is still possibly alive just makes it harder and more interesting for her. She will pass her test give up her own "life" to bring Jon back leaving him Robb's crown.
  3. Cersei inherited madness from her father And Tywin was an arsehole but perfectly sane.
  4. I think that they have been implied to be an extremely dangerous threat. But wanting to kill every human or their motivation for wanting to do so is an assumption. The point I was making, this is not a mindless zombie apocalypse. There is almost certainly an intelligence behind it, and that means there is a motivation which hasn't been revealed yet.
  5. Cersei if she counts. I hope she regains power for a while at least, and takes down those righteous sparrows. And Littlefinger as well, I hope he rises higher before he falls. But I don't want to see either on top at the end so my support is only fleeting.
  6. Also need to point out that the Others didn't even really kill that many wildlings. Just enough to convince them to try to pass the wall. This means that the Others are either not (currently?) that much of a threat or they didn't want to kill them all. If they didn't want to, that raises the question of whether they just weren't interested or perhaps manipulated the wildlings to try to pass the wall by attacking the Nightswatch (and maybe even blow that horn). It's largely speculation if you try guessing their motivation. We have been given clues, but not enough imo to make any real solid theories.
  7. Is a depraved act more evil when it is does for gain (Tywin) or when it is simply done for the hell of it (Ramsay)? Not sure myself. Anyway, Euron, who seems somewhere between gain and mindless, probably deserves a mention as well for his treatment of Falia and the rest of those he has mutilated and kept aboard his ship. And Craster for his treatment of his daughters and sons.
  8. I think I understand where the OP is coming from (although I personally have the same issue with dragons as I do with the Others). I like a good fantasy story so long as it is grounded in reality, which so far GRRM has done very well. But he has written an amazing story, and it would still be every bit as good if you removed all the magic, others and dragons. I just don't want all the different story threads to become basically irrelevant and completely overshadowed by the mystical presence currently lurking in the background. I don't think it will be though. I can't see a guy who has so perfectly woven all these complex threads and relationships to just let them play out with no importance.
  9. He isn't a point of view because GRRM decided Jon Connington's thoughts would be more interesting and he was the overall best choice out of all relevant characters in his location. I highly doubt it is because young Griff knows too much. Rather Connington is guy the making the decisions and he is the guy with the haunted past that will have a bearing on what happens. He wanted Connington to contract Greyscale to test him and lend an urgency to what he decides. I doubt it is coincidence that he was in love with Rhaegar and thinks he is helping Rhaegars hidden son, when he could eventually be forced to choose between Rhaegar's real son or the boy he has falsely raised. It's full with the potential for emotional torture, which is what GRRM loves doing to his characters. Young Griff just doesn't have that depth so I personally wouldn't have even considered this a controversial choice. Edit : Oh, and of course Rhaegar's real surviving son is a POV as well.
  10. Largely guesswork. I think quite a few. Stannis, Shireen, Ramsay, Roose, Mace, Margaery, Tommen, Lady Stoneheart, Varys or Littlefinger, Victarion, one or two of the Sandsnakes, Dolorous Edd, Melisandre, Pyp and pretty much everyone left at the wall at a certain point.
  11. That is GRRM, virtually nothing is simple or black and white. I hope it doesn't turn out like that either but it is a distinct possibility (probability?)
  12. Seriously? This is the guy who started the story as an aggrieved and moody bastard, the guy who believed getting away to the wall was an escape from his tormented life and then found that his previous life wasn't actually that bad. This was the guy who came to realise that his views on people he thought were beneath him were wrong. This is the boy who heard from afar that his father was named a traitor and then murdered. And when his best friend who was half-brother rode off to avenge their father, he was forbidden to help. And then he was betrayed and murdered, just as his other two half brothers were later betrayed by a close family friend. This was the guy who swore to follow his own vows and was then ordered to break them. This was the guys tormented by temptation when he swore a personal vow he would never father a bastard himself. And then he was tempted by being named the trueborn lord of Winterfell, something he longed for but couldn't take for two different reasons. This was the guy who went from almost being executed to becoming lord commander...and then starting to play the game. This is the guy who brought the wildlings through the wall bringing two people together. The guy who desperately wanted to help Stannis deliver him vengeance but had another vow telling him not to get involved. This is the guy who watched his much loved sister get sold to a depraved maniac. This is the guy faced with evidence and offers of magical aid, but from a source he personally finds abhorrent. This was the guy who finally gave into the temptation of breaking a vow but is then betrayed and murdered by his men, just like his father and brother were before. This was the guy we learn was a lie and not a bastard at all but actually the trueborn heir to the seven kingdoms while being completely oblivious to the fact. I can understand you not liking him. It's kind of edgy to not like heroes, and Jon is the closest thing to a hero that the series has. What I cannot understand is why you don't think he has had any character development. George has been mentally abusing him over four books. Dangling carrots in front of him and whacking his ass with a stick. To be completely honest I didn't particularly like him until Dance or at least right at the end of Storm. While he was OK there were many characters I enjoyed reading more, but after Dance he would be one of my top two. I find him and his views very different from the start of the story and I really appreciate how his character has grown, because doing such a nuanced hero is quite tricky.
  13. The Mountain was being kept away from Kings Landing while the Dornish were there.
  14. What makes you think this? It wasn't just members of the kingsguard that Rhaegar defeated but also Lord Yohn Royce and Brandon Stark. And at a previous tournament at Storms End... I think from this you can take it that Rhaegar was an exceptional jouster and Arthur and Barristan were not afraid to hit him with a lance (the person who actually beat Rhaegar was of course Barristan Selmy who is telling the story). I admit that I never considered that they all deliberately lost to Rhaegar before now and that was possibly naive. The motive to make Rhaegar look awesome and gather more support as king is plausible. To me it lessons the love story and casts his life in a very different light which George does at times like doing. But I am still not convinced. We were inside Barristans head at other times when he was thinking about Harrenhal, imo that would have been the time for GRRM to actually reveal the truth about it if he did throw the tournament (unless he plans to return to it later but I find that unlikely). The way he spoke in the passage above does not sound to me like he was lying. If we don't get any future confirmation I am still going to believe Rhaegar won the tournament on merit.
  15. He is hoping Cersei believes it is the Tyrells (with Tyrion) and the Tyrells believing it is Cersei.