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  1. Very cool idea. My only issue is why was it Mormonts Raven? Wouldn't it have gone with Benjen when he went north? For that matter do we know that it didn't, do we actually see the Raven on page for a period of time after he left (before he died under this theory)? I'm not completely convinced but very cool idea.
  2. It was clearly Lyanna imo. The voice is odd but that is an absolutely minor issue compared to all the clues and the meaning to the story it gives if it was her. I have absolutely no problem with her easily beating them at jousting. We saw her scatter them (all three at once) with a tourney sword after they were beating up Howland, it's implied her athleticism, coordination and determination was significantly greater than all of them. It's our only window into her meeting with Rhaegar, it explains why he crowned her and what piqued his interest, and why they probably fell in love. She has the motive to teach the squires a lesson and stick up for Howland. There have been clues dropped that she was an excellent rider. The story has no meaning or point if it was anyone else other than her.
  3. I wish people would be clear what they mean when they refer to the Night's King. I feel you almost need to put in a disclaimer if you are actually talking about the book version of the Night's King rather than some unknown entity that may possibly be leading the others that we haven't seen. It's difficult to see what Benjen could possibly have to do with the Night's King unless he returns to the wall with a pale woman and becomes commander. It is interesting however that the Night's King was the 13th commander, an (in)auspicious number. Numbers 999 and 1000 could arguably also be considered somewhat symbolic as well.
  4. I'm not convinced George had this completely fleshed out when he first penned this storyline. I don't think he really had a detailed reason about why Jaqen was in the black cells. If you start saying he deliberately got imprisoned so he could travel north with Ned and then kill him and take his face, you have to come up with an explanation why he wouldn't simply shadow the party north and move in for the kill one night. It would mean he wouldn't start from a compromised shackled position and he wouldn't have to worry about Yoren looking for a missing person. If anything he could kill Yoren first and take his face. We'll see if anything else is ever revealed, we will almost certainly get another look at Jaqen/Pate but I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for some answer to his past.
  5. I think it was Ravenous Reader that pointed out the third queen he was talking about could be Sansa. The "three queens game" is a chess analogy where the game starts with 2 queens but you advance a pawn (Sansa) and turn it into a queen. It could be someone else (Cersei, Margaery/Olena + Myrcella, Dany, Arriane, Olena etc) but I do like the explanation. It's certainly possible Littlefinger has someone in Dorne, I'm sure he would like to, but I'm not too sure how much effort he would go to cultivate someone reliable there.
  6. The stone beast could refer to Jon after the resurrection. He is a "dragon" and a warg, and if he does come back as a wight (I hope he doesn't) after some R'hollor ritual involving fire and having no flowing blood it could fit better. He is a lie not because he is claiming the throne, but simply because he is not who he claims to be... the bastard son of Ned Stark. He could fit in the same possible threat group of Stanis and fAegon.
  7. I don't think the timeline works does it? The period of time between Lyanna's disappearance and Ned arriving at the Tower of Joy was well over a year, probably closer to two. Yet everything points to Jon just being born when Ned arrives. For her to be pregnant before that makes Jon far too old imo.
  8. I'm pretty sure you are going to be disappointed Each to their own I guess. I personally think it is a very good piece of story telling. It simultaneously tells us about Rhaegar's character, it shows us how important prophecy is to him, it shows us how unreliable prophecy is, and gives a hint to Jon Snow's parentage. All done in a mysterious manner that makes perfect sense once you understand it. However I can personally understand not taking quotes outside the actual source material as evidence. Until it's published it may be a mistake, something that gets changed, a misquote or even a lie.
  9. I had to google what this was about. You do have an excellent in depth knowledge of the material. Well you could argue GRRM thinks it is not ok since they killed the other one. Lots of moral stories there as it was also eye for an eye situation. I'm not sure I would describe that as a sacrifice actually, since Blood and Cheese hold both of them, Halaena had nothing to give up. Anyway, I can see GRRM preaching that it is not OK to sacrifice a child under any circumstances. I can't see him destroying the world because no one did, or saving it because there was.
  10. He is dead, his has more meaning for the plot dead than alive. His death is likely to cause tension between Dany and Dorne (but nothing that can't be overcome). He was also part of Danys womb prophecy.
  11. I think Chrisdaw answered this pretty well. Doing a small evil to avoid a bigger evil, is still an evil thing. Avoiding the temptation of this is something I could definitely see GRRM preaching. My only quibble is with the word necessary. I think I would change that to "the easiest way".
  12. Vic is going to have the horn blown pretty soon, he is not going to wait for Dany or Drogon to get back to Mereen. Or at least he intends to. Vic is definitely a pawn, but who controls him? Euron did originally, but could it now be Moqorro? And what will happen when the horn is blown? I have no idea but the general picture I get is that all the winds preview chapters we have seen stopped just before that point. It will be one of the first new things we read when we get the book. I think Euron and Dany will be enemies, I don't think Euron wants her as a bride at all, he is definitely more interested in the dragons.
  13. OK, so why would they choose Aegon, especially given that his brother was still alive at that point?
  14. How do you come up with this being a 50/50? Why would it be Aegon? I guess it is not possible to prove it's impossible, but I don't think it likely nor have I seen a single argument with any evidence to point towards it. I'm not saying this is definite proof in the negative, but GRRM did answer this around 15 years ago... 5. Since all of their mothers died, who gave Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister their names? Mothers can name a child before birth, or during, or after, even while they are dying. Dany was most like named by her mother, Tyrion by his father, Jon by Ned. from If the promise was to raise Jon as his bastard child (to protect him from Roberts possible wrath) it would make perfect sense to name the child after his good friend and former father figure Jon Aryn. I don't see why he would need a targ name at all.
  15. Rhaegar screwed up and was mistaken. It wasn't the first time. We know he originally thought he himself was the prince that was promised. Then he thought his three children were, and that was why he needed to father another one. And his son Aegon has nothing to do with ice. The vision is pretty clear once you understand that Jon Snow was the child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyana Stark. I'm utterly convinced that Aegon (with the golden company) is fAegon, and I actually think the vision reinforces that since Rhaegar already considered Rhaenys and Aegon to be heads. If Dany and Jon are prophetic dragon heads then that is already more than three.