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  1. Dorne pledged their spears to Daenerys on the provision she married Quentyn Martell. He is now dead and spurned. Now it is unconventional to think that Arrianne will side with Dany, but it is even more unconventional to believe that the Yronwoods, who fostered Quentyn and saw him spurned firsthand, will support Daenerys. I can't see any reason why they would if the Martells do not.
  2. I believe it occurred largely as another complicating factor for Arrianne's decision to support fAegon (who she will realise is a fake) or Daenerys. I think she will go for Daenerys, but some of Dorne, led by the Yronwood's, may revolt.
  3. I think idle gossip is an extremely unreliable source to be making deductions from. He is worried people around Winterfell are gossiping about who Jon's mother is and that his cover story about Wyalla is going to be discredited. The above gossip is clearly riddled with fallacy. We know Ned didn't slay Arthur Dayne in single combat. Why do you hold any of it to be true when it is such an unreliable source? If anything the above passage is a clue to the reader to start asking questions about who Jon's mother really is.
  4. Podrick is a lot older than a newly born baby, but I also don't think we know she was going to hang him. The entire scene, likely including what Thoros told Brienne in private earlier, was an attempt to manipulate Brienne into doing something she wouldn't normally contemplate. And because it is presented from Brienne's point of view, it can also mislead the reader.
  5. This topic is highly speculative, has never been presented as anything else, but I think it is quite intriguing. I definitely don't think it is probable but I don't think it is unlikely either. We don't know details about that period of time, we have the world book and a more detailed set of stories about both Duncan and Aegon a much earlier point in their lives. I think everyone would agree that Dunk is the sort of person who would try and save an unborn infant who was about to be sacrificed in a sorcerous ritual. Most people here seem to not believe Aegon V would initiate such a ritual however. Let's take a look at what we do have. So we know Aegon really wanted dragons. We also have hints that he changed significantly as he grew older, he became almost obsessed with the possibility, ignoring friends and counselors, convinced that Dragons would help him make the world a better place. We know he was willing to explore ancient lore and take risks. Summerhall was almost certainly intended as a ritual to hatch dragons. And we know Dunk saved someones life. As the OP pointed out, there is a striking resemblance to how Daenerys' dragons were hatched and what some differences were at Sumerhall. And this is the sort of thing GRRM likes writing. He builds his characters by testing them and forcing them to make decisions they don't like. Would Egg want to sacrifice an unborn child, one of his own blood to boot? Of course not. But would he do it for the greater good and could he himself believe that the soul of the infant would live on in the Dragons? Such an idea is a lot more dramatic than an accident and we may get more on this in the future if GRRM gets round to it. I wouldn't rule this out.
  6. I'm not sure I would consider Joffery or Roose less evil than Tywin or even Littlefinger.
  7. I think a very fitting end would be to pass on her life to Jon Snow, the boy she hated to follow the last command of the son she loved. I think there is still a lot of the memories of who she was when she was alive in her mind.
  8. Greed as in lust for power. I don't believe there is any other reason to separate them. The advice was generally sound because that is the best way to trick someone. Keep everything as truthful and logical as possible, and only deviate where necessary.
  9. Ice - Stannis will defeat the Frey forces outside Winterfell but I think tragedy will strike shortly after. Either he will fail to take Winterfell, die in the process of successfully taking it, or have to return to the wall in chaos after taking it. I can't see the story progressing with Stannis in his current role. Fire - Chaos. Barristan will be winning the battle (with no Daenerys) but on the cusp of victory, Victarion will have the dragon horn blown and the dragons will go crazy. So Mereen will win the battle but there will be massive carnage everywhere including the Ironborn fleet. Blood - I think Euron doesn't even care about the battle or his fleet. It is largely a diversion so Oldtown brings it's ships out to join the fighting. At that time Euron will sneak into Oldtown and sack it, he is personally after something in the Citadel and doesn't care about his men at all. Euron's fleet will largely be destroyed. Steel - Firstly Connington will capture Storms End by pretending the Golden company has been hired by Stannis to relieve them. Then soon after he wins a decisive victory against Mace Tyrell who marches from Kings landing. Randal Tarly will betray Mace and switch sides.
  10. I must admit I don't really care about fAegon but I'm not trying to cast a moral judgment here. I think it was awesome because it was an exceedingly clever manipulation, a perfect play on an egotistical teenagers insecurities. He only planted a suggestion and even gave a backhanded warning fAegon ignored (as Tyrion knew he would). He is not doomed to die by Lions either, it is pretty clear that Tyrion did it to isolate fAegon from Daenerys, and fAegon's doom, when it comes, will most likely be from a Dragon. It's is a tricky topic to discuss because although we can be pretty sure Tyrion was manipulating fAegon, we are much less certain about why. I believe Tyrion has figured out he is Illyrio's son rather than Aerys' and that he wants isolate them so he himself can assume a position of power at Daenerys' side. The only reason I am uncertain about that is that is he was still with them when he performed the manipulation, I presume he meant to escape or convince Connington to leave him behind when they departed for Westeros, but there is a risk in that. Anyway, that also means I think you are wrong about bitterness and spite. I think it much more likely he did this motivated by greed.
  11. His Cyvasse game with fAegon to trick him into invading Westeros without Daenerys is pure awesomeness.
  12. It looks like you've put a lot of effort into this and it does look an interesting subject, but I have a problem getting started. I presume Jonnel is a typo and should be Ronnel? My issue is with whether these two bolded, italicised parts are pure assumptions or if there is something that actually hints they may be likely? Is the rest of what you have written like that? If there is nothing to back them up I feel this may be too wildly speculative to interest me given the precise detail involved.
  13. Lots of quotes available to answer all three of them fully and I don't really have time. I'll focus on the second point since that is what you were talking about but briefly touch on the other points as well. Arrianne has had a relatively long relationship with Myrcella and she knows the girl well. We have direct conversation with her and I find the fact a ten year child imposter would not answer questions in the manner she did. Further Arys Oakheart would not have embarked on this mission leaving the real Myrcella behind. Anyway regardless of whether it was the real Myrcella who got cut or not (and I definitely believe it was), I am convinced it was Dayne who did the cutting. This is the description of the incident It is written in such a way that could possibly support your argument, she was on the ground with memory loss and not a clear picture of the scene in the key moments immediately after Arys had been decapitated. What we do know from this however is that Myrcella had her ear cut off at this point of time. It was not one of Areo's men as Myrcella was behind them. Both of these quotes are similar and occur before she speaks to Doran or anyone else after being imprisoned. She has travelled back to Sunspear and had the opportunity to talk off page however. She already believes it was Darkstar who did the cutting with absolutely no doubt. He father later confirms exactly the same scenario adding her horse shied away at the last minute. Now for your theory to hold it meant one of Garin, Drey or Sylva would have needed to do the cutting while instantly forming the plan, along with all Areo's men, to tell Arrianne a falsehood about who cut her. But they would have needed to invent that on the fly because they could not have planned around the intangibles of Arys Oakheart's action, Arrianne having a moment when she didn't know what was going on and realising that, nor Darkstar himself. That meant it couldn't have been preconceived, and I struggle to believe any of them would have the authority to make such a plan on the fly. Note that they only wanted to scar her, and you haven't presented any reason why, and not kill her since they could have done on the way back. You are also claiming that this plan did not involve capturing the dangerous Darkstar as a priority. Your theory becomes even more stretched when Arrianne is used to speak to Myrcella (or the girl without the ear if you insist) to convince her to lie to Balon Swann. You are now claiming that either she is in on it as well or she didn't know who it was that cut her. I'm afraid I can't see any evidence at all to support your claim or any motivation about why they would do it. Just to support the last of the three points, you have quotes out of winds She still fully believes it was Darkstar and her thoughts are in no way ambiguous.
  14. Before I answer this I need to know what exactly you are claiming. That Arrianne does not know who the real Myrcella is? Or that Arrianne did not see exactly who cut Myrcella and assumed it was Darkstar when it wasn't? Or that Arianne's thoughts, which we get to see, are written in a way to trick us?
  15. I think he is probably Doran's informer and he is going to be the new Oberyn. I think there is a high chance Dorne is going to have a civil war with some of the population wanting to support fAegon and the rest wanting to support Daenerys and he will be a reasonably important figure in that. First of all though I think he is going to kill Balon Swann. Don't we virtually know that it wasn't a lie because Arianne saw Myrcella afterwards? And Balon saw her as well.