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  1. We don't have a Randyll point of view, but why wouldn't he want it? It was the most valuable tract of land given as a prize, but he stayed loyal and should have inherited it through his wife. A misconception? Tyrion says it as well. I think your argument claiming that Mace Tyrell's positioning won the battle, is quite weak by itself. Additionally is there even any evidence to suggest that Mace was a general? Aerys was the ultimate commander, but the general at that time who would have been ordering both Tarly and Mace would probably be Jon Connington or possibly his predecessor. When has he ever been rewarded properly for his service? With minor titles? As was just pointed out above the Tyrells could have been seen to actually steal Brightwater from him. What he thinks of Mooton is irrelevant. He made the betrothal for some reason. Most likely it is to acquire control over a relatively powerful house in the riverlands. I did think the fact that it is a Targaryen loyalist house to be somewhat interesting although it is a very minor point. In any event I think it shows that he is politically motivated to acquire more power and influence. Arianne is being sent there to determine whether he is what he says he is. Use your imagination. Perhaps there is a birthmark, or perhaps she will interrogate Connington and be less gullible sensing falseness in the story. Gerris is not going to lie though. And no they are not honorbound but I believe they will support her anyway. And she has dragons. The writing is full of symbolism. From the Winds of Winter
  2. It is highly speculative and there is no hard evidence for Tarly to be leading a defection but there are certainly motivations for it. We have repeatedly been made aware that Mace Tyrell likes to be seen as a warrior and has claimed the honor that should have been given to Tarly. “Your father is an able soldier,” King Stannis said. “He defeated my brother once, at Ashford. Mace Tyrell has been pleased to claim the honors for that victory, but Lord Randyll had decided matters before Tyrell ever found the battlefield. He slew Lord Cafferen with that great Valyrian sword of his and sent his head to Aerys.” We also know that Randyll Tarly does have an ego, so he is almost certainly annoyed (at the least) by this “It takes more than a pretty cloak to charge a shield wall,” Randyll Tarly announced. “I was leading Mace Tyrell’s van when you were still sucking on your mother’s teat, Guyard.” And then after the war against Stannis, the Tyrells not only claimed the richest prizes, but the richest prize, Brightwater, should have actually been inherited by Randyll Tarlys wife who was a Florent who stayed loyal. This is a serious slight and could give cause to serious grievance. Highgarden reaped the richest harvest. Tyrion eyed Mace Tyrell’s broad belly and thought, He has a prodigious appetite, this one. Tyrell demanded the lands and castles of Lord Alester Florent, his own bannerman, who’d had the singular ill judgment to back first Renly and then Stannis. Lord Tywin was pleased to oblige. Brightwater Keep and all its lands and incomes were granted to Lord Tyrell’s second son, Ser Garlan, transforming him into a great lord in the blink of an eye. His elder brother, of course, stood to inherit Highgarden itself. Lesser tracts were granted to Lord Rowan, and set aside for Lord Tarly, Lady Oakheart, Lord Hightower, and other worthies not present. Note that he also betrothed Dickon to Eleanor Mooton of Maidenpool, a house that sided with the Targaryens against the Tulleys, so there is a link there as well. We have been over this before and I am not going to go into it in depth again. Based on the story structure, it would seem incredibly odd to me that GRRM has put so many chapters into Arianne, her task of identifying whether Aegon is genuine, examining her thoughts around longing for a potential suitor, only for her to meet Aegon and simply sign Dorne up. GRRM likes to force characters into tough decisions. I think she will identify that he is a fake, be tempted to try to seduce him anyway, but ultimately she will resist her temptation and tell her father the truth. Quentyn brought his fate upon himself. Doran will understand that and his friends will provide the true account. Symbolically, Dorne has always sided with the Targaryens in every Blackfyre rebellion as well. And Daenerys actually has dragons. And I believe he will go wherever the Ironborn are. I also believe Euron is targeting Oldtown.
  3. I think Mace Tyrell is about to die and Randyll Tarly is going to lead a mass defection to fAegon's army. Willas and Garlan will then be put in the position of leading the fractured remains of the Reach against the Ironborn and their former vassals. I don't think Dorne is going to side with Aegon though, so Willas will try and bring them together and ultimately align with Daenerys. I think Euron wants something in Oldtown but doesn't actually care about his own men, so Garlan will successfully defeat the Ironborn, but only after Euron gets whatever it is he wants.
  4. Killing Joffery AND framing Tyrion for it. He almost certainly does want Tyrion dead even if his plans for Sansa aren't exactly what he has stated. It almost worked but Tyrion escaped unexpectedly.
  5. Yes. He also lifted Thorne clear off the ground by the throat which is a significant display of strength.
  6. Where is the text? Can people please provide a quote when making these statements, you may well be correct but I don't recall reading this and so often I find the text does not support what they are saying.
  7. IMO Iron Emmett has not bested Jon over and over, in fact I would go so far to say that in a real battle Jon is amazingly underrated on this board and would comfortably account for Iron Emmett. The only text we have to support either stance is from the training session that was described... From this description it is clear that Jon is initially distracted. He takes a wound while thinking about something else, at that stage he loses himself in memories and forgets that he is training. When this happens he doesn't hold back and he simply obliterates Iron Emmett. There are other examples of when Jon is angry his full strength comes through. Also it should be noted that Jon is very modest. If he thinks he usually gives as good as he gets, then he does, or better. I personally respect the way he modestly downplays himself and strives to improve. As for his fight against Mance, I think Mances motivations are driven by grudging respect of Jon and his actions and honour, especially towards the free folk, while still disliking the fact he was betrayed and fell for the betrayal. He wants to test him but he also wants to smack him around a little. Mance united the free folk by beating everyone north of wall, it's hard to say exactly what sort of feet this is, but he does prove he is at the very least competent, and I think he is also extremely confident. Also note the fight wasn't completely one sided... ...even though he was outclassed, he still got into a situation where he managed to get into a grapple situation. I have no doubt that if Jon was angry instead of puzzled and contemplative during the fight, he would have won, probably quite easily.
  8. An apprentice can be a slave but he/she doesn't have to be. Apprentice is a professional status while Slave is a legal status. They are unrelated and not the same.
  9. Yeah I agree with that. My biggest issue with what had been originally claimed was around Loras, where I felt that GRRM had pretty clearly stated within the text that Garlan was the superior fighter. To claim that George had, outside the actual material, said that Loras was superior did not sound correct to me. I also think that what he said was in no way supposed to be definitive. Tourneys are a sport down in the south and this is what GRRM was talking about. It isn't a sport in the north and there are also plenty of other fighters you could make cases for.
  10. This is why it would be great if people always provide the source when they are making these arguments using quotes from GRRM outside the source material (also book quotes inside the material is important as well, but at least in that case we can reasonably have been expected to have read it). Just small subtle details do not match with what was claimed. GRRM was giving a lighthearted talk about comparing sportsman to his warrior characters. He says... "You can make a case for The Hound or his brother Ser Gregor [Clegane] or Sir Loras [Tyrell], the Knight of Flowers. These are all first class Knights. Or even Ser Barristan The Bold [Sir Barristan Selmy]. These are all guys who are top at their own particular sport, which is swordsmanship and jousting, and all of the combat skills that attend knighthood." Note the importance of those first 6 words. To reinforce that just a couple of questions later he says... "Eli Manning would probably be someone like Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers, who has a bigger brother, Lord Garlan Tyrell, who is an even better swordsman than he is (laughs). If this was the only source, GRRM did NOT definitively say... .
  11. Forgive my scepticism, but where is the source of him saying this? This does not sound like something he would say at all.
  12. You can win a war without winning a battle. Without knowing exact numbers, it's implied that Stannis locked down, effectively neutralising, a vastly greater force for around a year. It was equivalent to scoring a decisive crushing victory.
  13. So many to choose from. Tower of Joy dream Robb's speech to Catelyn about his will Walder Fray chastising Robb about breaking his word (and just as good when you know what's coming) Jaime confronting the Blackfish Lead up to Jon decapitating Janos Slynt Tyrion manipulating Aegon during cyvasse game Wyalla Manderly's speech (and Wyman's when he releases Davos)
  14. I think it far more likely that it is just a clue to point to the fact Illyrio is fAegons father (through the resemblance).
  15. No chance in my opinion. As far as I am aware he never said the character in question died in any particular season. The way he describes it the twist grows out of a decision a character makes. He also says the twist feels organic and makes perfect sense To me what you suggest feels completely opposite of what he has said here. It is and will be an interesting discussion as to what the twist actually is however.