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  1. US Elections: Day dawns on Trump.

    Possibly, but I'm not holding my breath. There will be a lot more engagement during the next set of primaries for the Dems, that's for certain. Alot depends on the next 4 years and how it's perceived. If Trump is still unpopular then a Bernie Sanders successor might be possible.
  2. US Elections - Could this be an American Brexit?

    The polls at least had Obama winning that election.
  3. US Elections - Could this be an American Brexit?

    It isn't happening because people never make it an issue. Several cities already have ranked voting and Maine voted on it in this election. And several states have already passed the popular vote compact (which will definitely be challenged in court if it ever gets enough states on board to become law) without any type of popular push or media coverage. Imagine if people begin to champion these things as the heart of a cause. We've ceded movement politics to a dangerous element of the Conservative ideology, but this is a movement I think that we should all push for. The Democrats failed here for the same reason that the Republicans should have. There is no need for solutions and ideas when you can simply just try to make the alternative seem worse. Right now that's the only change that I believe in, bringing back issue-based politics and killing the two-party stranglehold on our country.
  4. US Elections - Could this be an American Brexit?

    DO NOT MOVE TO CANADA! Someone has to help us salvage this...
  5. US Elections - Could this be an American Brexit?

    Clinton was a horrible candidate, but it says a lot that even then a man like Trump is still considered the viable alternative. It is a stunning reality to go from possibly taking the POTUS and senate to losing all three and possibly the SCOTUS for a generation. But progressives are far too marginally engaged and that may be part of why this election never got put away. The biggest take-away for me though, and has been the case for some time now, is the problematic and easily manipulative nature of our election system. FPTP gave us this choice when it enabled the 2 major parties to be able to foist these candidates on us without any alternatives. And how can we continue to allow an electoral college systenm which makes elections a game of strategic turnout chess rather than the will of the people? It's time to demand change in the election sytem. It needs a complete overhaul.
  6. US Elections - Could this be an American Brexit?

    This is truly horrible. I cannot believe this. Maybe this will finally drive us to get rid of the electoral college and institute ranked voting. Both of these can be achieved at the state level. If we just legitimized this guy, then I fear where this country might go if we continue on this path...
  7. US Elections 2016

    Okay now that I put in what I thought would happen, now I'm going to reveal how nervous I am...
  8. US Elections 2016

    I want to get this in before it becomes too late to seem prescient. I don't think Clinton loses and would put money on it if there were any to be made. I can't see how the math equals to a Trump win unless a whole lot of Obama voters stayed home and Trump turns out new voters while holding a large majority of Romney's. Prepared to have egg all over my face...
  9. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    You don't have to tell me. CAF's qualifying system is a joke. I personally think that it's one of the biggest things that has hurt African team's performance in the World Cup. It relies soley on FIFA rankings without regard to current form, new players, etc. Because of that they often do not send all of the best teams they could at a given time. It's a concession to the fact that they play 2 African Cups complete with their own qualifiers. Somehow CONCACAF manages this yet still manages a superior qualifying system which ensures that all of the best teams will play head to head to qualify. Or even AFC's qualifiers. CONCACAF'S setup is only possible because it doesn't treat all teams equal, which will never happen in CAF. I think that this, more than anything, is why CAF lobbies so hard for an expanded World Cup. They have to know that their qualifiers are crap. So upping to 7 spots bails out the system by providing a pathway for group runner-ups and allowing for more continuity for Africa's top sides. It is what it is, sadly. Me and others have hashed out numerous alternative formats which would merge the AfCon with WC qualifying and sufficiently expand qualifying to make it more legitimate. It seems so doable, that it follows that if they haven't done it by now, they will never do it because they can't be bothered to. So that's why I personally have to hold out hope that the WC expands, much as others will hate it. Because it will actually keep CAF from continuing to hamstring its better sides.
  10. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Nothing makes me happier than to finally see Iheanacho and Iwobi starting on the pitch together. Defending could use work but, with Rohr's aggressive tactical setup, they seem to be the engine that finally resurrects Nigeria's stagnant attack. And they're both only 20. They can do this together for a long time. Hopefully Success will be back against Algeria. If they can put them away at home, they'll be in really good shape to escape a group that I didn't think they'd have a chance in just a half year ago...
  11. MMA & Boxing (v16)- Get it together, man.

    I'mma have to get in on this later cuz I gots alot to say about this but I don't have the time atm. I love this....
  12. Suicide Squad -- A David Ayer Film

    She did well enough for an action heroine. Since when were Sly and Arnie renowned thesbians? They sell the action aspect of the hero. They can kick ass. Why is that dynamic different for women? Then again Sly and Arnie types aren't being asked to headline superhero movies for the most part these days... Still I think Gina could have done it. Or at least they could have tried to find a woman who could sell both aspects. Anyway, I am pleased with their Harley Quinn choice. Harley is dainty. She was a shrink before turning to crime. Even Joker's dainty by supervillian standards. Her acting in Wolf of Wallstreet shows a good aptitude for this role and I can't wait to see Harley on the big screen. It will be hard to beat Ledger's Joker but I'm glad they're bringing him back. Can't keep that character shelved forever.
  13. Youtube Videos.

    Lik dis if u cry evertim. 5ever
  14. Suicide Squad -- A David Ayer Film

    It's about not portraying the cookie cutter archetype of a woman. If you want a strong archetype portray a strong archetype. Society seems to be fine with this until it comes to the portrayal of what's acceptable for women. Then it becomes a very singular idea. If you want to portray a strong empowered female amazon then stop being afraid of casting a strong empowered female amazon who's still very attractive and feminine. It would have been a very progressive casting choice, especially in this day and age when we like to say that we're past this sort of thing, and I thought that Gina showed impressive acting chops in Haywire. That could have sent a positive message. They missed an important opportunity and I think that she would have done a fine job with the role. Possibly better than what Affleck will show as Batman. And it's not like they cast the second-coming of Merril Streep for the role either.
  15. Suicide Squad -- A David Ayer Film

    Yeah, I take more of an issue with who they got to play Wonder Woman than this. Harley Quinn is a crazy girl with a gun, alot like the Joker in this respect. She's not a warrior or a straight fighter. I wish they'd gotten Gina Carano to play Wonder Woman instead of Godot.