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  1. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    You don't have to tell me. CAF's qualifying system is a joke. I personally think that it's one of the biggest things that has hurt African team's performance in the World Cup. It relies soley on FIFA rankings without regard to current form, new players, etc. Because of that they often do not send all of the best teams they could at a given time. It's a concession to the fact that they play 2 African Cups complete with their own qualifiers. Somehow CONCACAF manages this yet still manages a superior qualifying system which ensures that all of the best teams will play head to head to qualify. Or even AFC's qualifiers. CONCACAF'S setup is only possible because it doesn't treat all teams equal, which will never happen in CAF. I think that this, more than anything, is why CAF lobbies so hard for an expanded World Cup. They have to know that their qualifiers are crap. So upping to 7 spots bails out the system by providing a pathway for group runner-ups and allowing for more continuity for Africa's top sides. It is what it is, sadly. Me and others have hashed out numerous alternative formats which would merge the AfCon with WC qualifying and sufficiently expand qualifying to make it more legitimate. It seems so doable, that it follows that if they haven't done it by now, they will never do it because they can't be bothered to. So that's why I personally have to hold out hope that the WC expands, much as others will hate it. Because it will actually keep CAF from continuing to hamstring its better sides.
  2. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Nothing makes me happier than to finally see Iheanacho and Iwobi starting on the pitch together. Defending could use work but, with Rohr's aggressive tactical setup, they seem to be the engine that finally resurrects Nigeria's stagnant attack. And they're both only 20. They can do this together for a long time. Hopefully Success will be back against Algeria. If they can put them away at home, they'll be in really good shape to escape a group that I didn't think they'd have a chance in just a half year ago...
  3. MMA & Boxing (v16)- Get it together, man.

    I'mma have to get in on this later cuz I gots alot to say about this but I don't have the time atm. I love this....
  4. Suicide Squad -- A David Ayer Film

    She did well enough for an action heroine. Since when were Sly and Arnie renowned thesbians? They sell the action aspect of the hero. They can kick ass. Why is that dynamic different for women? Then again Sly and Arnie types aren't being asked to headline superhero movies for the most part these days... Still I think Gina could have done it. Or at least they could have tried to find a woman who could sell both aspects. Anyway, I am pleased with their Harley Quinn choice. Harley is dainty. She was a shrink before turning to crime. Even Joker's dainty by supervillian standards. Her acting in Wolf of Wallstreet shows a good aptitude for this role and I can't wait to see Harley on the big screen. It will be hard to beat Ledger's Joker but I'm glad they're bringing him back. Can't keep that character shelved forever.
  5. Youtube Videos.

    Lik dis if u cry evertim. 5ever
  6. Suicide Squad -- A David Ayer Film

    It's about not portraying the cookie cutter archetype of a woman. If you want a strong archetype portray a strong archetype. Society seems to be fine with this until it comes to the portrayal of what's acceptable for women. Then it becomes a very singular idea. If you want to portray a strong empowered female amazon then stop being afraid of casting a strong empowered female amazon who's still very attractive and feminine. It would have been a very progressive casting choice, especially in this day and age when we like to say that we're past this sort of thing, and I thought that Gina showed impressive acting chops in Haywire. That could have sent a positive message. They missed an important opportunity and I think that she would have done a fine job with the role. Possibly better than what Affleck will show as Batman. And it's not like they cast the second-coming of Merril Streep for the role either.
  7. Suicide Squad -- A David Ayer Film

    Yeah, I take more of an issue with who they got to play Wonder Woman than this. Harley Quinn is a crazy girl with a gun, alot like the Joker in this respect. She's not a warrior or a straight fighter. I wish they'd gotten Gina Carano to play Wonder Woman instead of Godot.
  8. Suicide Squad -- A David Ayer Film

    Margot Robbie is gonna be such a sexy Harley Quinn. I can't wait for this!
  9. Another thread about hiphop...

    Pretty much anything before 2005. It's pretty broad but it's been well-received so far.
  10. Another thread about hiphop...

    So classic hip hop stations have begun popping up all around the country over the past few months. The same company seems to own most of them. The started their first one in Houston in October. Two started up this week here in Dallas. Apparently they've since gone to quite a few other cities including Philadelphia. It's something that I've mentioned a few times on this thread, rappers tend to go out of style and are never heard of again. Can't even count on their former followings to still turn out for them when they tour. Rap has a long enough history now to start paying some reverence to the legends of the past so I'm happy to see this start to take hold.
  11. Formula 1 - 2015 Ferrari Rising

    So happy for Lewis Hamilton. There are so many scenarios that could have played out; Lewis could have been content to sit back in second and coast to victory; Rosberg could have slowed the race down to try to crowd Hamilton into the rest of the field, etc. In the end Hamilton chose a fast start and went for the win right away. A shame about Rosberg's ERS troubles but it was great to see him decide to finish the race anyway. Now F1 has to deal with it's issues and find ways to be more inclusive and competitive, but that's on them. I've enjoyed watching the races and this is my first season following the sport this closely. It hasn't been bad. I've liked Hamilton since I'd heard of him and it's clear that he has talent and winning a second title secures his legacy. Hopefully the UK public learn to appreciate him eventually. Alot supported him this year against Rosberg, but reading some of the comments now that he's won make me cringe. As if Becks didn't have tatoos or friends who were rappers, he's buddies with Snoop Dogg,... jeez. Is this typical of the F1 fanbase vs football fans? With that said, the double pts thankfully made not a difference, but upon hearing that Bernie had actually wanted multiple races with dbl pts, I actually find that I supported that idea. Having a quartet of "Majors" similar to tennis and golf would have been a wonderful idea. Having Monaco, Silverstone, say... Singapore (perhaps Monza or just rotate it) and the season closer on whichever track is chosen as double pts would have been much more fair and added some variety to the season. The problem is that if that's truly what Bernie wanted, then he should have pushed for that and that alone because doing it this way has just soured the entire idea altogether. My two cents and in line with what I said before. The idea might have worked had it not been done in just one race offsetting the bulk of the work done for the rest of the season.
  12. Youtube Videos.

    Respect Makoto's Vajayjay! Bojack's Theme
  13. Youtube Videos.

    Has anyone yet posted the Jameson First Shots yet? Uma Thurman 2014 - The Mundane Goddess Uma Thurman 2014 - The Gift Uma Thurman 2014 - Jump William Defoe 2013 - The Smile Man William Defoe 2013 - Saving Norman William Defoe 2013 - Love's Routine Kevin Spacey 2012 - Spirit of a Denture Kevin Spacey 2012 - Envelope Kevin Spacey 2012 - The Ventriloquist
  14. Formula 1 - 2015 Ferrari Rising

    True. But then again, NASCAR under France has heavily promoted the personalities of their drivers and so they know that pretty much anything goes. F1 and the teams don't seem to have that attitude so the drivers follow suit. As long as the confrontations are within the realm of "competitive fire" and don't seem to get personal NASCAR pretty much looks the other way.
  15. Formula 1 - 2015 Ferrari Rising

    If there's one thing Hamilton can't afford it's a DNF. I'd say that if he wins in Brazil, then it makes it an easy decision to merely avoid Rosberg altogether since he'll only need to place 5th at that point. Don't want to damage a wing or anything. But I think he still needs to go for the win in the next race to make it as easy as possible with the double points. But you're right, a desperate Rosberg can be dangerous. It's like Titor Ortiz said, if you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin'.