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  1. Exercise and Fitness - high intensity interval posting

    He was doing overhead squats. Can't use a squat collar for those
  2. WWE Royal Rumble

    I do but the overall quality has been really good lately.
  3. WWE Royal Rumble

    Smackdown has been better than Raw for months.
  4. What are you listening to? Vol. XXI - Soothe Me

    Architects - Gone With The Wind. Such a banger.
  5. Dating: Hell is Other People

    Have sex with the first type and use the latter just as intellectual puzzles. Best of both worlds.
  6. Dating: Hell is Other People

    You can always afford to be picky.
  7. Exercise and Fitness - high intensity interval posting

    Just don't upright rows in general. Terrible exercise. Asking for injuries for little benefit.
  8. Of dreadlocks and cultural appropriation

    Yeah this is bollocks. I see a black guy with dreads he normally rocks it pretty well, you see a white dude with dreads you think he's probably jobless and takes a lot of drugs. I think it must be a UK vs American thing. Black people with dreads do not get a negative reaction over here from what I have seen.
  9. Of dreadlocks and cultural appropriation

    Pretty much. This is why the Wales not existing jokes get a free pass even though they piss me the fuck off.
  10. WWE Royal Rumble

    Miz is the most under rated guy on the roster imo.
  11. Top Tenish Favourite Albums (by genre?)

    Replace Ire with something else and not bad. For me Gojira - From Mars to Sirius Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me Counterparts - The Difference Between Hell and Home The Amity Aflliction - Youngbloods The Elijah - I Loved, I Hated, I Destroyed, I Created Heights - Dead Ends Letlive - Fake History Silverchair - Diorama Hatebreed - Supremacy Parkway Drive - Horizons Probably my top ten when I factor in everything. Would probably change every day though. Mixture of metalcore/hardcore mostly.
  12. WWE Royal Rumble

    Worst mania I have ever watched.
  13. WWE Royal Rumble

    Womens match would have been a 10/10 if Ric Flair wasn't involved.
  14. WWE Royal Rumble

    Working for me.
  15. WWE Royal Rumble

    Nakamura is god. Really not a fan of Balor at all, sooner he leaves the title alone the better. They fucked up not having Joe win last night,