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  1. Never watch credits. Never heard of this guy/or recognise his face
  2. Oh man. So much fluff!
  3. Good to hear. Going to pick it up on the weekend.
  4. Shit what was that called. The innocent mage?
  5. Ditto. I have no time to go out twice a week.
  6. I got a Pomchi puppy a month ago. She is the cutest thing EVER.
  7. Thanks! That's why I stopped at 365. Originally plan was 385-400.
  8. So because I can't help myself and with the help of very aggressive modern healing methods I ended up competing the weekend just gone and dead lifted 365kg for a competition PB. About 10% down on what I had originally planned for but I am happy enough as it is still a welsh record and came through unscathed. Hamstring tightened up a bit but it seems fine. 8 weeks of training before Worlds in America now!
  9. Because they are trying to say look at me I have a gun be afraid.
  10. Nah nothing wrong with just wanting a comfy lie down! Unless it turns into not moving for 2 days.
  11. You been to a physio or chiropractor? That would be my first port of call.
  12. Bingo.
  13. Yeah I am not getting understanding the outrage. Are the police psychic? If no one heard or reported the security guard shooting how would they know about it? Am I missing something here.
  14. Facts are not allowed here. Please leave.
  15. 100% incorrect. Guns increase the likelyhood of the suicide attempt working massively and Liffguard covered the rest above.