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  1. XRay beat me to it. I didn't really wanna say anything not being LGBTQ etc but I don't think I would handle a surprise like that well even if the I liked the general idea.
  2. Because the charge could have been a lot worse?
  3. How heavy are you? I can wake up close to 10lbs light SOMETIMES depending on hydration levels, how warm it is blah blah. If you are sub 200lbs though I would suggest your scales are broken.
  4. Yes but what has that got to do with Conservatives? The Brexit vote wasn't split down traditional party lines.
  5. It was even better just because the build up/whole fued was built perfectly. Probably my favourite feud of 2017. Speaking of Black I thought the Number 1 Contenders Fatal Four Way match was excellent.
  6. I haven't gotten round to it yet. How was the rest of WK?
  7. By who? Critics or actual people?
  8. I enjoyed it as did A LOT of people on my news feed. Not surprising to me.
  9. Still my greatest achievement.
  10. Came 20th in Worlds Strongest Man Under 105kg last week in North Carolina. Goal going in was top 10 so pretty disappointed but I am sure in a few weeks when I reflect I will cheer up a bit,
  11. 2017 was mostly awesome for myself. Hopefully 2018 is more of the same.
  12. Yeah today was the first time I have heard of blue passports.
  13. and as Theda pointed out one of those reasons is attitudes like yours.
  14. Exactly what I was thinking. Make your mind up mate.
  15. Or maybe he needs to de stress from his dissertation with a few dates