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  1. MMA & Boxing 17: And NEW

  2. MMA & Boxing 17: And NEW

    Someone is mad because pretend wrestling is more popular than MMA will ever be.
  3. January Reads: Setting the Tone for 2016!

    That's a shame. Read Shadow of Self a few weeks ago and enjoyed it.
  4. WWE Royal Rumble

    Goldust has never been awful. Brilliant worker.
  5. What is wrong with self portraits/selfies ?

    I have zero interest in skype. Sending a message to a friend with a picture of face though I enjoy.
  6. What is wrong with self portraits/selfies ?

    I just use it to send/recieve stupid videos.
  7. January Reads: Setting the Tone for 2016!

    Finished Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman a few days ago. Loved it. Haven't really read any superhero stuff before but this was excellent.  
  8. What is wrong with self portraits/selfies ?

    Snapchat is great. The way your daughter uses it isn't its only function. One of my favourite apps.
  9. WWE Royal Rumble

    Better than Reigns but yeah ruined an almost perfect Rumble.
  10. WWE Royal Rumble

    Charlotte. More Ric interference.   AJ FUCKING STYLES!!!
  11. WWE Royal Rumble

    Glad he did though. Their matches over the last few weeks have been great. Del Rio is gold against the right opponent.
  12. WWE Royal Rumble

    If you can't find you can watch it online on the wwe network. They are doing a free month. The royal rumble match itself hasn't started yet. Be about 15 minutes if I had to guess.
  13. WWE Royal Rumble

    Make the right choice Xray.
  14. WWE Royal Rumble

    He is. Nowadays he is awful though and just embarassing really.
  15. WWE Royal Rumble

    I'm watching. I want Chris Jericho on my screen as little as possible.