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  1. Can't really fault him.
  2. They do? Doesn't seem like it if you spend much time in Wales.
  3. Definitely not a thing of the past though. Extreme weight cuts are still the norm in a lot of weighr class sports. Got my next show in 3 weeks and I'll be dieting properly for this one.
  4. Oh its definitely unhealthy and won't be something I will be doing again. I just let myself go a bit and waited too long to try and fix it. 10% of bw is towards the top end of what you can cut for sure.
  5. Water/sodium/carb manipulation and extreme dehydration. Thoroughly unpleasant!
  6. Note to self. Don't drop 11kg in 3 days for a competition. It will hurt your soul.
  7. It was an excellent match. Curry seemed to everywhere, very impressive.
  8. Yup. I always voted plaid when I lived in Wales.
  9. Feel sick. Seeing all the statuses and pictures. Never had something like this happen so close to home before. Was at the Arena a few weeks ago
  10. Utterly baffling.
  11. What other Scottish players would you take and who would you replace for them? The only bad choice is Biggar imo. Launchbury is the best lock who's not going.
  12. Elliot Hulse went off the deep end a few years ago. The guy is nuts.
  13. Apparently the other prop was seen warming up before the "head injury". France could be in a bit of trouble:
  14. It's boring