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  1. WWE Royal Rumble

    Nah Bobby Roode entering at number 2 will top it. Glorious!
  2. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    I was at the Arena. Atmosphere was insane.
  3. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Oh Fifa https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/sep/25/fifa-anti-racism-task-force-russia-2018-world-cup "Fifa has disbanded its anti-racism task force, declaring the work complete despite ongoing concerns about discriminatory behaviour in Russia, the hosts of the 2018 World Cup."
  4. The Dark Tower: Stringer Bell as Roland Deschain?

    It's my favourite by a distance
  5. Restaurants that don't do reservations can fu(k off.

    I made a reservation for my girlfriend and I a few weeks ago at one of the nicer restaurants in town (or so I had been told) we got there on time then were made to wait 45 minutes for "our" table. I would have left but we'd already ordered a drink and I was really hungry by this point. ETA - They didn't tell us it would be a 45 minute wait. We just ordered a drink and assumed it would be 5 minutes
  6. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    I've got tickets to 204 which I'm pretty psyched about!
  7. WWE Royal Rumble

    His wrestling skills are fine but the demon bullshit is the worst thing currently in WWE. I'd be fine with it if he changed at all in his demon persona, like added a move or two , or got more aggressive but nope he's just normal Balor in paint. It's so so stupid it hurts.
  8. WWE Royal Rumble

    Yeah I know this but I'll take the blessing of 6 months without him on my to screen
  9. WWE Royal Rumble

    I don't want Balor anywhere near the title picture. I hate seeing guys get injured but I'm so glad we have Owens instead.
  10. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    Unattractive to you maybe. I love watching Maia
  11. Exercise and Fitness - Olympic spirit!

    I'm so close to getting 20 straight pull ups it's painful hha. Keep hitting the wall at 17/18 might shift some body weight just to do it.
  12. It is dickish don't second guess yourself, sounds like an immature guy but if you can take positives from this then win
  13. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    He will be back soon enough.
  14. WWE Royal Rumble

    Ridiculously awesome you mean. It's ovaaahhh