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  1. Yeah tore my hamstring dead lifting last August ish. Welcome to strength sports I guess. Just don't enjoy the exercise, puts a lot of strain on shoulder and lots of better exercises out there for upper body.
  2. PR OR ER!
  3. That's how I am trying to look at it hah! Could have been wayyyy worse. Focusing on the positives.
  4. That's what happens when you collapse under a 180kg atlas stone I guess
  5. I'll try. Looks like I have damaged my right knee and left ankle in the same incident. Time to become bench press king. (I fucking hate bench pressing)
  6. Ahhh well they sound like assholes.
  7. Anyone else not at all worried about this? Like ehat are FB going to do with the information that could possible hurt me. I am struggling to think of anything.
  8. Tore my freaking adductor on Saturday so will be out for a while. Video on my instagram of me almost getting squished by a 400lb atlas stone for those interested hah.
  9. Melzer is an idiot but can't argue too much with those ratings. Feel like both main roster title matches are rated too highly though
  10. The latter is definitely a factor. There are a lot of boring rugby games.
  11. Really? I've never seen a game of hockey in my life but it's pretty famous!
  12. What? Football does not have the monopoly on drama and surprise results.
  13. Isks suggestions are good. It is something I struggle with too.
  14. I feel like we talking about two different things. I am not saying variety is bad BUT the original statement was "they always end the article with the caveat that it's important to mix it up because the body will adapt to excercise A and it will no longer give the desired effect.." Which is flat out false, your body doesn't know the difference, "confusing your muscles" etc is not a thing.
  15. This however is true. Thats why I added the caveat of as long as he doesn't mind sticking to the same routine constantly. If you're bored then changing it is probably a good idea!