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  1. I also wondered why the Undying ones would allow such a dangerous thing to happen. They have lived a long time, by not being stupid. There must be many people who would want to assassinate them somehow and to allow Danny to come into a room where they all were seems a little risky. You have an interesting idea about the Shade of the Evening drink. So does this this mean that Euron also has some reactions to drinking this stuff too? Afterwards in Qarth there seems to be an increase in magic too. I know it seems like there is a connection between dragon and magic, could the Undying ones get some benefits somehow from having a dragon with in there location?
  2. Yes, Bloodraven must be a different person. Still if he has the power, why wouldn't he try to warg a simple minded person like Hodor? He must know a lot about the wrights, the white walkers, the children, ect. So he could take that knowledge somewhere else. Also why will Bran be the last Greenseer. It seems like the Fire and Ice time frame moves fairly slowly as far as cultural change. There must be people born later on with this ability of Greenseer. Now that we know there are live Children of The Forest also, it opens up the idea that there will be more Greenseers. It seems like that race has not died out yet. Once this training is done, will Bran even leave this area? If he becomes part of the weirwood like Bloodraven, then the other members are just collateral goods to be added to the bone heap in the rooms and Bran will have weirwood chair.
  3. I think this is a good point. Martin does not seem like the kind of writer to make some nice Dumbledore type of wizard teacher out of Bloodraven. Also according to the Order of the Green Hand Bloodraven was tricked by the children of the forest into sitting down on his wierwood chair anyways. So if he could swap with Bran, but Bran's brain may be too powerful, so I think he could somehow use Bran to escape from his deal : with his past history wouldn't he do so? To warg someone you need to be close so it is a good point on why he would lure them all to his location, or may be warg just Hodor. Why wouldn't he not do it if he could escape from his situation and feels he needs to serve the realm in some future way? Hodor seems like someone good to warg and then combine power with Bran to do some plan which he worked out. Ever since I read the POV on the skin changing I always wondered why wouldn't this power corrupt the guys more? It is quite seductive to live long amounts of time and gather more and more knowledge and power. Going into weak brained people seems to be easy. I always thought if I was a warg master type of guy you could search out some simpletons and keep them healthy and by your side as servants or something and when the time arises just swap bodies. The stronger the mind the more difficult the warging, which was shown in the POV so retarded people are much better. But I agree with you. I just do not see Bloodraven being some wizard mentor for nothing and then dying. Look at the long youtube on Bloodraven and then how could a reader really think that this guy would not try to do more?
  4. Littlefinger, Tyrion, Bran, Daenerys but I doubt it. The stories flow on like history so people you think should die don't and people who shouldn't sometimes do. That is what makes this series so good. I hope Euron dies at least and I really hope Lady Stonteheart if possible.
  5. One of my favorite characters is Doran Martell. Even though he is almost a total invalid as far as his body goes he seems totally there mentally and is really cool how he keeps track of things. Littlefinger, Petyr Baelish is another character I really like. Scheming and totally wacking the system. He started out with nothing and he has stirred up the whole pot. I like it that he does not care about the baggage of history and plays of the arrogance of the old families. Every time you read about him you wonder what he knows what plots he has going on and who is thinking of taking out. Qyburn is interesting and he also is a guy on the move. It is hard to see how his character will end up. Stannis Baratheon's character is really good too and following his travels, travails is fun. When it comes down to it I like most of the characters except for the Boltens, Walder Frey, and I really hated the Mountain Gregor Clegane. I hated him