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  1. Drawk's Back To Crisis Mode

    Holy shit, Drawk. Definitely talk to your neighbor's daughter. Keep us updated here.
  2. Sell me your local neighborhood cuisine

    To be quite frank, I'm not a huge sausage fan. ...*snicker* I do enjoy Taiwanese sweet sausage and kielbasa though.
  3. Sell me your local neighborhood cuisine

    I'd eat haggis like that. Send some please! :P
  4. Sell me your local neighborhood cuisine

    Sell me on haggis then. I am not opposed to eating animal organs.
  5. Sell me your local neighborhood cuisine

    "Top notch" and "haggis" - oxymoron?
  6. Sell me your local neighborhood cuisine

    Ah, I used to live in Pittsburgh and around Princeton but that was a long time ago. I used to go to Tiger Noodles but since I'm Taiwanese they let me order whatever and it was always good. I can't speak to the quality of their normal menu. Pittsburgh has awesome crepes at Crepes Parisiennes. I live in Decatur now and the Brick Store Pub is basically one of the best pubs in the entire Southeast region. Chef Liu on Buford Highway has pretty good dumplings (Shanghai soup dumplings!). There are also a ton of family-friendly restaurants where I live, so we've got a lot of pizza places and coffee shops. Dancing Goats wins my coffee shop vote, Revolution Doughnuts wins my doughnut vote. Where else are you going to get orange pistachio glazed vegan doughnuts? I love Sweet Melissa's for breakfast - good, standard breakfast, plus excellent service. The Mercantile has the best, most affordable take-out dinner. Not a restaurant take-out, but something you might prepare at home. Their roasted chicken and pot roast are a staple of my household. I miss Taiwanese food but I live in the wrong part of town for that.
  7. The real crime here is that 146 families thought that Aayden was an acceptable name.
  8. Saurian, thanks for the comment like... two months ago. *ashamed* Things are going pretty well! We'll have to take it to PM or something. XD

  9. Hey, hope all is going well

  10. Your avatar is pure win.