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  1. I remember. I argued against this idea as well because it doesn't make sense. Margeary did not have a claim to be the "rightful" queen over Cersei by virtue of marrying Tommen and the show itself established this in conversation between Margeary and Cersei. In the warped show logic, Olenna rules the Reach all by herself and it invents terms like a hereditary "Wardeness of the North" position. Cersei and Olenna were both ruling on the grounds of being mothers and wifes of dead people without any hope of this continuing the bloodline in anyway at the time that Tarly made his choice so I felt it plausible Tyrion was referring to Tarly's loyalty to the Reach first in a hamfisted way.
  2. If it applied to Margeary it is technically correct (at least from the perspective of someone that doesn't believe the incest rumors, which does not include Tyrion, who know Margeary is no more rightful queen by marrying Tommen then he is). If Tyrion had said "you follow the rightful queen that murdered a queen." he would be just as technically correct. Which kind of makes it a meaningless sentence. To me the sentence implies that the latter is the queen he ought to have been following as opposed the latter. But where is that coming from? In show Margeary and Cersei do actually adress this point in conversation. The mother of the King is still called Queen Dowager. Now Margeary had the king's ear, has more sway with the Tyrells forces in the capital, popularity of the masses and all that good stuff but to actually be the only and only queen in the eyes of the law, Cersei would need to be dead or actively stripped of her land and titles in some way. Just the act of marrying Tommen does not accomplish this.
  3. Tyrion himself says that as Queen-Regent, even Tywin the Hand of King and most powerful man in the Kingdom serves at her pleasure officially. A Queen-Regent rules the Seven Kingdoma. The wife of a adult King does not. Had the Regency ever fallen on Margeary before she died, the people would owe her allegiance before anyone else. That never happened.
  4. Maegor the Cruel and Aegon the Conquerer practiced polygamy 250 years ago. None of them afterwards. Even Aegon the Unworthy who wanted nothing to do with his wife and son but kept tons of mistresses and acknowledged his bastards didn't see marrying twice as an option.
  5. Guess who also have no power, every other queen in Westeros. Outside of a Queen-Regent like Cersei was or ones that are actually heirs the throne like Rhaenyra and Dany, they are not in itself invested with power to order around Lords. A queen like Cersei or Margeary might be more powerful because of the numbers of their household guard, how much the King or his heir, the Prince of Dragonstone decides listens to them, who is paying the gold cloaks, their relationship with the Hand and so on but the Lord of Westeros serve the King, The Regent, the Protector, the Hand, their Lord-Paramount, their cardinal direction's Warden and then themselves. Queen doesn't inheritely get a place in that pecking order. And if they do, there's certainly not a law that distinquishes the newer Queen from the older Queen as more "rightful". They get to bully around their household like any proper Lady. The Lord of Hornhill doesn't have to give a ****.
  6. Visenya remained a queen after Aenys and Maegor became kings with their own wifes, Alicent remained a queen when she crowned her married son king. There's no precedent for unmaking queens by marrying their kids.
  7. I know you never said. I'm saying it. Cersei and Margeary are both queens, rightful queens of the Seven Kingdoms as long you believe Tommen is heir to Robert Baratheon by Cersei Baratheon who has legit rulership of the Seven Kingdoms by right of conquest. You can naysay the right of conquest or claim Tommen is a bastard or being charged with treason by the High Septon strips them of their privileges and have a point but that all discredits them both. There is absolutely no version of this where Margeary was the rightful queen of Randyl Tarly but Cersei wasn't. And of those two queens only Cersei was given right to autonomous rule until Tommen came of age at any point. Tyrion is full of ****.
  8. Cersei has been queen for years. Got the Regency taken from admittedly because of her crimes in the eyes of the Seven. But it was not then given to Margeary, who was likewise under investigation and then died. There was never a point when Margeary was lawfully a higher queen then Cersei in life. That's not a thing, there's only one Regency, one Protector of the Realm and Margeary was a queen that was never any of them unlike Cersei.
  9. Margeary is no more Tarly's real queen then she is Tyrions. Nor did Tarly betray her any more then Tyrion.
  10. Anullment of the marriage to a Martell in favor of a Stark would have absolutely resulted in another civil war even if Robert had accepted Lyanna's decision in complete good humour. Robert did everyone a favour bashing Rhaegar's chest in before this came to light.
  11. My biggest petpeeve is Tyrion telling Tarly that he betrayed their real queen. The Tyrells were never their kings or queens, not before, during or after the Targaryans and the Baratheons had their time in the sun. And even if they did, Olenna isn't a Tyrell.
  12. Plenty of different accents among the Northern characters, Jorah has a better excuse then most.
  13. Rhaegar already rode straight past his pregnant wife to name someone else Queen of Love and Beauty in front of hundreds of nobles, got Lyanna to break her engagement, then did nothing for a close to a year while her family died and war erupted over his decisions. We passed the point where we can call Rhaegar a jerk a long time ago.
  14. Their ruling family is gone so they ceased existing.
  15. Yes, Tyrion did. Bronn had no idea Tyrion would be able to talk them out of certain death with the Mountain Clans and walked the High Road with a companion that was, lets be honest, utterly useless in a fight, having seen how dangerous it was on the trip here. In Season 1 was it was also established he'd be north of the Wall for business. I highly doubt that was a venture certain to pay off. Bronn is absolutely a guy that takes massive, stupid risks, so long as he'd be better off in success. Just not fighting the Mountain, cause even if he won ouright, as unlikely as that already is, Tyrion wouldn't actually be in a position to pay him off. Just make it even more likely Cersei would have Bronn killed.