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  1. For Dallas, the runs on offensive linemen, receivers, and now defensive tackles may help them for the top of the 2nd round. There are some guys like DE's Kevin Dodd, JonathanBullard, and Emmanuel Ogbah should be there. LB Myles Jack could be there as well.
  2. If the Cards can keep Chandler Jones and Nkemdiche away from the peyote in the desert, they may have a scary front.
  3. Cripes...I went away from the computer awhile and was only half watching the draft and ANOTHER BAD story about Laramey Tunsil appeared. Tunsil was asked whether he took money while he was in school at a press conference Thursday. At this rate, they are going to find bodies in his freezer by the time Carolina picks.
  4. John Effing Elway, man. Dude is a gangster.
  5. They say he's not quite the runner Gurley is but a better receiver and a MUCH better blocker. Short term, it's a great pick. They are going all in for Romo's window of 2 years. Long term? Carr and Claiborne are both FA's next year From what I saw, he probably would not have gottenpast #11 where the Bears were and maybe Giants at #10.
  6. sigh. I really think they will regret this. I hope I'm wrong but long term I really think they should have gone Ramsey. He should go here to Jacksonville.
  7. Agreed. He's a 4-3pass rusher. Come on Cowboys....Ramsey.
  8. My gut is Chargers grab Ramsey and Cowboys draft Elliott. Hope I'm wrong.
  9. Laremy Tunsil....or someone, posted a video of him smoking weed through a gas mask on his Twitter account. It was almost immediately deleted.
  10. 2 hours away! I'm hoping Dallas get Jalen Ramsay tonight but man just about every draft guru thinks it's Ezekiel Elliott. That's been leaking HARD out of Dallas the past couple of days. I'm hoping it's a smoke screen so that someone doesn't leapfrog them to move up to #3 with a trade with SD. For the whole draft I hope there is one player they DON'T pick: Christian Hackenberg. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. Bad mechanics, panics in the pocket, and he regressed from his freshman year.
  11. Oh I agree but teams DO go stupid for QB's. I don't think either Goff or Wentz are worth what those two teams gave up for them. Someone might think that the Niners are going to take him at 7 and want to jump them. I wouldn't do it but again, I wouldn't be surprised if someone trades up for Lynch. Hell, maybe someone trades up with the Chargers @3. And agreed here as well. I think #4 is too high for a RB. I've heard the same on d-line talent so I hope they can get a late 1st round talent in the early 2nd. I'm hoping for a RB or WR in the 3rd and 4th. They have 2 4th rounders.
  12. So two days until the draft nor my beloved Cowboys. I've been reading the tea leaves from the national writers and then the local Dallas guys and it's interesting. There are 3 names that inevitablycome up for the #4 pick and they are: DE JoeyBosa, DB Jalen Ramsey and...RB Ezekiel Elliot. The national guys mostly think it's between Bosa and Ramsey but I'd say a majority favor Ramsey. More than one person (including Cris Collinsworth) think Bosa is a max 8-10 sack guy. That's good but #4 worthy? For us Dallas fans, that's Greg Ellis production, theguy they picked in 1998 instead of selecting Randy Moss. I played devils advocate here last week on having to take Bosa since Dallas has two DE's suspended but ultimately I agree you gotta go with who you see as the better player and long term fit. Locally in Dallas, there is more speculation that it's between Zeke Elliott andRamsey. Elliott would probably be the one player in the draft that could come in and have the biggest impact in year one. A 3 down back who can catch and is a really good pass blocker.The question is, from an overall philosophy, should you draft a running back in the top 5? History has not been kind to those who have and even great running backs start to break down by age 28 or so. So you only get one contracts worth of high production and if you pay the 2nd contract, you often are only paying for past performance. An argument against Ramsey is the lack of interceptions and the fact the Cowboys just got CB Brandon Carr to take a pay cut so they now have Carr, Mo Claiborne, and a knee-rehabbing Orlando Scandrick. Picking Ramsey puts one highly paid player out of the loop though you could argue only Scandrick is really good anyway and both Claiborne and Carr are now in the last year of their deals. An idea I've read repeatedly, though, has been that the Cowboys could move last years #1 pick, Byron Jones, from safety back to corner and move Ramsey to safety for his first year and then switch them back in year 2. Or not and keep them both at corner where you potentially have two big, long, and fast corners on the outside and have a hopefully recovered Scandrick in the slot where he is among the leagues best. The more I read from scouts, the more I believe Ramsey has immense upside. I think what I hope happens is that they draft Ramsey in the 1st, hope somebody like Clemson DE Kevin Dodd or Oklahoma State's Emmanuel Ogbah are there at the top of the 2nd round. After that, go offense in rounds 3-4. Players that might be there are: Standford's QB Kevin Hogand Miss St.'s QBDak Prescott,running backs such as Arkansas'(Jerruh loves his alma mater) Alex Collins and Utah's Devonte Booker, and THREE receivers fromOhio State-Braxton Miller, Michael Thomas and Jalin Marshall. I'm kind of enamored by Miller who is raw but is said to have HUGE upside. However, IF somebody wants to trade up to #4 to get OT Laremy Tunsil or even QB Paxton Lynch, I'd be in favor of trading down for more picks. Especially if you can trade down AND still get Zeke Elliott.
  13. How would you rate episode 601?

    7/10. I thought the first halfwas excellent, especially the pacing (not as much jumping around to check in with every single characters as in some past premieres) but I didn't care for the second half. I admittedly was pretty peeved by the events in Dorne but that was more for my love of the characters in the books rather than the decision of the show. From the show POV, I understand it: way too may characters and plot lines to make everything work. The ending to me was a WTF moment but not in a good way. I understand the shock value but I thought it was a poor choice because it left Jon in limbo, so to speak, and he's who most people tuned into see.
  14. But it's not just for a 4 week need anymore. Both dudes are in the drug program which means they have failed multiple drug tests. Once a player gets suspended for four games they go into Stage 3 of the drug program.Another slip up and they are looking at a 10 game orfull season suspension. NFL Drug Program
  15. He'll never be King - Prince dead at 57

    IMHO, the most talented musician of all-time. Singer, songwriter. could play SEVERAL instruments. And according to Charlie Murphy, was a Hell of basketball player! Prince didn't die, he just ascended to a higher plane.