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  1. Well, you can tell yourself that but the League Remembers. Brady and Little Bill aren't immortal and a head coach needs assistants, scouts, and the ability to deal with other teams. Good luck with that.
  2. Well, there is at least some immediate fallout for McDaniel's pulling the Lucy to the Colts' Charlie Brown. McDaniels' agent has dropped him as a client. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how toxic McDaniels will be. He'd better hope that the Pats are more honorable than he is because it doesn't seem that there is anything in writing that he is the heir apparent. So if Kraft changes his mind, would ANYONE else be willing to hire him? I doubt it. Plus, you have to wonder if he will have issues hiring assistants once BB retires. The national narrative this past season was that McDaniels had proven he had grown up after all that happened in Denver. He looks even worse now.
  3. Even a D&D apologist like me is nervous about this. Oh well, since I'm also a Disney apologist I guess I'll just say "In Disney We Trust"?
  4. I just heard on the radio that the Colts had already signed some of the assistants when McDaniels changed his mind. If that's true, what a huge clusterfuck. Who will agree to be head coach when there are already multiple coaches already signed. eta: Looks like it's true.
  5. With this win,Philly is no longer the only NFC East to not win a Super Bowl, In fact, I think the NFC East is now the only division in the NFL where each team has a Lombardy trophy.
  6. Mirotic is an enigma. He has played really well at times and he's played REALLY soft at other times. It's been said it took getting his jaw shattered for him to start playing hard. It will be interesting to see which Mirotic shows up in New Orleans. As for the Bulls, it just about the pick. After the practice fight, everyone knew he wanted to be traded so it was thought the Bulls would be lucky to get half a ham sandwich for him. So to get a mid-1st (the likely spot) they have to count themselves fortunate. Now they have to get back to the business of tanking hard.
  7. Bulls trade Mirotic and a 2nd to Pelicans for a 1st, Omer Asik, Jameer Nelson, and Tony Allen. Woj is reporting that the 1 has "minimal protection", I heard on the radio that it's Top 5 protected. Also heard that Tony Allen will probably be waived.
  8. Have the Seahawks quit on Pete Carroll?
  9. At least Neidermeyer is still dead. And on the lighter side of the news, 'member when Trump made fun of Little Marco for needing water during a speech? Why do I ask you say? Well...
  10. The RNC just ended their support for Judge Roy Moore. Popcorn time!
  11. How is my wanting Marvel to buy back the X-Men, FF, etc. DIRECTLY supporting conservative media? So does that mean that when I watched Deadpool and the Cubs World Series I aided and abetted Sean Hannity and Jesse Watters?