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  1. This Deadspin article goes in HARD on the T-Wolves and has two gifs of D-Rose in which he is mindbogglingly bad. The ISO ball problem sounds familiar, the 2015 Bulls had that problem with Butler and Rose taking turns playing hero ball.
  2. Stubbs is head of security and I would assume to be leading the fight against the hosts. That could make for an interesting situation. I'm thinking of the final book of The Wheel of Time where...
  3. Oh there is going to chaos. Hosts killing guests. Hosts pretending to be human. Perhaps more hosts that don't know they are hosts. I'm still wondering who Ford was building in his secret lab when Bernard killed Teresa. I've assumed that it wasn't really Ford that Delores killed but a host copy but people keep saying that Ford is dead for good. So I think there are two possibilities: Elsie or Stubbs. Both were attacked by hosts but we didn't see them die. Both are in season 2. As for going off the rails, if the critics are to be believed this season is better than last season.
  4. This is making Twitter blow up right now. If Fox News has any ethics, Hannity would be in deep shit for not revealing this after he has spent weeks of his program railing against Mueller's pursuit of Cohen. Instead I'm sure they will roll out more "news" like the sex-crazed pandas tonight to avoid talking about it.
  5. I expected her to be great in the role but IMO her character was the biggest disappointment of the series...
  7. That's true on the jump balls, that was the one thing Dez could still do. Romo was great at them but Dak just couldn't connect as often. As for a trade, I don't think any team was willing to take on his contract, even for a late round pick
  8. I think the difference here is that Moss was said to have had 4.3 speed when the Pats got him while Dez has suffered a series of leg injuries since 2015 and now lacks a burst. I spent the '17 season wondering if his production drop was because of Dak Prescott or his own doing. The consensus from scouts and analysts was that it was Dez, he could no longer beat even single coverage let alone the double coverage he used to face and often win against. Mid-season Dallas' offense tanked and it wasn't just because of no Zeke. Defenses started to double cover Cole Beasley on third down instead of Dez and that became a very effective in stopping drives. Dez became angrier and angrier that he wasn't getting the ball despite being covered which culminated in the Seattle tantrum. When he finally did catch a pass in that game he promptly fumbled it. This was a tough decision but one I support. His play and his attitude were no longer worth his salary.
  9. Just watched the first two episodes of Netflix's "Lost in Space". It's pretty good though I have some issues with it such as Still it has it's strong points such as the acting (the kid that plays Will can act) and the overall plot seems good. There is a lot mystery to it that they are gradually revealing.
  10. 'Member when he said that he wouldn't make military announcements to alert our enemies? Good times.
  11. The MAGA crowd is celebrating this as a win and talking about getting rid of Mitch McConnell next.
  12. Boy, that swamp is sure being drained!!!!
  13. Interesting...apparently US Attorney Geoffrey Berman has recused himself from the Cohen investigation.
  14. It's got me as Very Liberal, a Console Gamer, and a Frequent Traveler. The last one is a little inaccurate unless going on vacation once or twice a year is frequent.
  15. Trump calls the Cohen raid a disgrace and an attack on the country. He also said: Meanwhile, this old tweet has been making the rounds again.