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  1. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    I know you are kidding but we will hear that from ppl all offseason. It's of course utter nonsense. When the Cowboys beat the Steelers, I said that Roethlisberger didn't lose, he ran out of time. Same applies here for Dak Prescott. After early struggles, the kid stepped up big time. Sigh...I'm mad but not too much. This team is CLOSE and they suddenly have a LARGE window of opportunity with a young QB who can duel Aaron Rodgers. Dallas has to find, draft or FA, a more consistent pass rush. They did all this this year despite their 2nd round pick being on IR. Jaylon Smith will be a real wild card next season. He was Top 5 draft talent before that ghastly injury. If he comes back next season, he could cure a lot of defensive ills, inclding a pass rush. There's no guarantee, though, because he had nerve damage in his knee. We'll see. Props to the Great Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.
  2. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    When you play prevent defense, the only thing you prevent is your side winning.
  3. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    And there it goes. Fuck.
  4. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    And here...we...go!
  5. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    I thought so too but they do review every turnover so there must not have been anything there to overturn. And yeah, Atlanta does look really scary. Great QB (very likely the MVP) and receiver, good line, complimentary backs and a pass rush on D. Yikes.
  6. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    It looked like he poked a Falcons' defensive player in the eye during that goal line scuffle. Yeah, if the score gets really out of hand I would bet he gets thrown out for something.
  7. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Atlanta's offense looks unstoppable and unless Seattle's interior offensive line picks it up, this game could be over early. eta: And GEEZ, Seattle's special teams are killing them.
  8. HUGE opening drive by Seattle. Russell Wilson looked really good.
  9. How about playing with TWO broken ribs?
  10. I still had it on, too, and LOL'ed at the Japanese robot committing seppuku AND the New Bill O'Reilly book, "Killing Hannity". Good stuff. Dal vs. GB is going to be a good one. Rodgers is playing his best, which he definitely wasn't when they played in Lambeau back in October. On the flipside, Dallas is getting back Morris Claiborne and all in all will be the healthiest they've been all season. The J. Nelson injury could be the deciding factor.
  11. Remember all the grief Romo took for going to Cabo on the bye week? Yeah...
  12. In-fucking-credible. How does he keep doing that? How do they keep LETTING him do that?!? He is awesome.
  13. You let GB hang around and just like that... Agreed with Rock, heck of game.
  14. Too much shirtlessness in South Florida??? (Hey, even the radio guys were bringing it up when I was driving back from the store )
  15. That was also major bullshit on the penalties. Bud Dupree almost kills Matt Moore with his crown of his helmet to Moore's chin while Jay Ajayi merely pushes Dupree so Miami gets a first down but with Ajayi's penalty it's 1st and 25.