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  1. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    Well, YMMV. I thought season 4 was by far the best season and season 2 by far the worst. I understood the reason for the focus on the docks with the overall theme of the drug/$ flow throughout the season but found the Sabotka storylines pretty meh. But I digress, The Door's faults were not enough to spoil what I found to be one of the best hours of TV I've seen in awhile. Right up there with "Hardhome" and "Who Goes There", "Form and Void" from True Detective.
  2. After Mandon Moore's death, Tywin threatened the QoT with appointing Loras to the KG. That goes with your point that some time went by before replacements were made for Moore and the Hound's vacancies.
  3. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    So you loved season 2 of The Wire?
  4. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    10/10 I thought it was an outstanding episode. I was pleasantly stunned to learn the secret of the Children/Others. I thought Emilia Clarke nailed her scene with Ser Jorah. Bran's mistake and the consequences matches well with other events of the books , especially the deaths of Bloodraven, Summer, and poor Hodor. People are complaining that the showrunners killed Summer and Hodor for a cheap shock...well what the Hell do you think constantly happens in the books? Characters make mistakes and they quite often face ghastly, shocking consequences. Sansa twice betrayed her family and lost her wolf and then her father. Robb bedded a girl while betrothed to another and that led to his death, his mothers, his wolfs, and the fall of his House. Cersei was hoisted by her own petard and had to take a walk of shame through the city. GRRM has long talked about what he hated about comic books...there was never any real lasting damage. The Human Torch shot fire at people but never really burned anyone. Wonder Man died but then he comes back to life a few issues later. The whole reason he created and then killed Ned Stark was to completely avert those comic book tropes. His books have bad stuff happen to the main characters, lasting stuff. Main characters, greatly loved characters, have died. While a few characters have pulled a Wonder Man, it seems they have not come back wholly who they were. Honestly, if you are one of those that is mad at the show for doing this, you probably shouldn't read the last few books. GRRM has called the ending "bittersweet". If he's saying that, I suspect that there is going to be a VERY high death count among the main characters.
  5. But not enough. And armor does provide protection against obsidian. We saw that tonight when a CotF tried to stab an Other with a spear but it din't penetrate the breastplate. I thought that was a nice touch. Meera, though, went for a headshot and bagged one.
  6. [Spoiler] EP604

    I LOVED that Tormund was making eyes at Brienne. This IS a guy who claims he is Husband to Bears. The Bear and the Maiden Fair indeed!
  7. [Spoiler] EP604

    And James Hibberd addresses the firepoof question:
  8. Let's meet John Miller, spokesman for Donald Trump back in 1991, who will tells you how awesome Trump is and how all the ladies want him. . But gee, Mr. Miller's voice sounds AWFULLY familiar.
  9. NFL 2016 Draft: To 6 More Rounds Of Misery And Joy!

    Yeah, they lucked out after getting leapfrogged for Lynch and Cook. He's been my sleeper, really glad they got him! I'm really hope the two d-linemen they got in the 3rd and 4th can pan out. Both seems to have starter potential, especially Collins. Dallas almost always hit in the 1st but the midrounds have been iffy. Hope they finally got some gems. They have to hope he's been completely humbled by all this and will just come in and work his ass off.
  10. August and Everything After

    I'd say this album in my top 2 favorite of all time along with Pearl Jam's Ten. So many good songs and some very personal for me, especially Anna Begins and Raining in Baltimore.
  11. NFL 2016 Draft: To 6 More Rounds Of Misery And Joy!

    Pretty shocked the Raiders traded up to get Connor Cook with the 1st pick of the 4th round when they already have a pretty damn good young QB. Might be trying to coach up and then trade a QB for a higher pick. Ron Wolf used to do that. I expected Dallas to get a QB but the DE they got, Charles Tapper, looks impressive.
  12. NFL 2016 Draft: To 6 More Rounds Of Misery And Joy!

    In defense of Larry Allen, he was a Pro Bowler at both guard spots AND left tackle. He also played right tackle his rookie year and more than held his own against the likes of ReggieWhite*. *Though there is an awesome clip of Reggie white using as swim move on Allen that made Allen fall over like a dead man!
  13. NFL 2016 Draft: To 6 More Rounds Of Misery And Joy!

    Cleveland picks first but took a QB in 3rd so Dallas should have their pick.
  14. NFL 2016 Draft: To 6 More Rounds Of Misery And Joy!

    The run on QB's has begun.
  15. NFL 2016 Draft: To 6 More Rounds Of Misery And Joy!

    I know, right? But damned if thatseemedto REALLY bother scouts and apparently teams. Although he is also infamous for practically stiff-arming Archie Griffin to get at an award.