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  1. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    Trump and his campaign members are basically Breitbart commenters. Like this guy: That sounds a bit like a threat.
  2. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    Well, he DID throw his first pick! But he also threw 3 TD's and this has to be his team now. I remain gobsmacked by this team. This was supposed to be the hard part of their schedule but they beat Cincy and GB by double digits and ran all over them. The decision to draft Zeke Elliott is sure looking good right now. They have taken a strength and made it an OVERWHELMING strength. They ran for as many yards today as all of GB's other opponents COMBINED.
  3. U.S. Elections: Trumpsterfire Unchained

    Donald Trump would like for you to vote for him on November 28th.
  4. NFL2016 Week 5: Somebody Needs A Bigger Locker

    In 2014, I didn't believe the Cowboys were for real until they beat Drew Brees and the Saints in week 4. After this win, the 2016 Dallas Cowboys are for real. Their defensive line has enough to provide adequate pressure and the secondary is actually pretty good. Combine that with a dominating offensive line and talented young skill positions, they should be able to play with anyone. That said, they will almost certainly lose next week in Green Bay. But Philly's loss today keeps the NFC East race tight.
  5. NFL Preseason 2016: The Scar Strangled Banger

    Dallas claims Mark Sanchez... and NFL Twitters trolls rejoice. That said, it's a good pick up, While every one will remember the butt fumble on Thanksgiving I also remember he beat Dallas in Dallas 2 years ago on Thanksgiving. He's a good backup and a decent spot starter. They needed a veteran to backup Dak Prescott, especially since I suspect Tony Romo's career is over. The best part is Dallas gave up nothing to get him.


    Another thought I've seen on social media is that he's hoping that Mexico will descend into riots and thus prove what he's been saying about them. Of course, that would endanger the lives of everybody going with him to Mexico, not to mention those he is demonizing. About anyone else I'd say this line of thought is silly but it is Donald Trump. It reminds me of Lord Farquaad Shrek " Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make"
  8. NFL 2016 Offseason: THIS Is The Year!

    Yep. The play he got hurt was completely unnecessary. It's preseason and he tried to run for a first down only to get drillled in the back as he slid. With all his injuries, his approach should have been the Peyton Manning Fall Down as soon as a defender got close to him. Alas, that's never been his nature.
  9. NFL 2016 Offseason: THIS Is The Year!

    Some reporters saying he's out 6-10 weeks, others saying he could play week 1 by taking epidural injections. In 2014, he played two weeks after breaking a bone in his back against Washington. But this is now the 3rd or 4th time he has hurt his back. It was a bad back, not concussions that ended Troy Aikman's career. I think he might have to hang them up. Dak Prescott has looked great in the pre-season but teams will be able to game plan and scheme against him in the regular season. Cowboys will have to play more conservative in the passing game now and definitely lean on the run even more. You do wonder if they will employ the read option to take advantage of his speed.
  10. US Elections - There is 'Ahead in the Polls' behind you

    I often use the example that the name "People's Republic of China" does not make China a republic. I've never gotten that far into the argument. Typically the name calling starts after I make the China comparison. Oh I know. I hear the "Party of Lincoln" all the time. I then tell them to look up "The Southern Strategy" and then get back to me. eta:Oh look...apparently Donald Trump is an Alt-Right Denier.
  11. NFL 2016 Offseason: THIS Is The Year!

    3 plays in and Romo gets nailed in the back and has to leave the game in apparent agony. Ugh. He did remain on the bench and tried to talk his way back into the game. Garrett wisely left Dak Prescott in. On the bright side, Ezekiel Elliott ran all over Seattle's 1st team D (and trucked Kam Chancellor a play after Kam lowered the boom on his on a pass play) and Dak threw a TD pass to Witten. One way or another, this season will be anything but boring for the Carnival Cowboys
  12. US Elections - There is 'Ahead in the Polls' behind you

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that she shined a big light on the alt-right. It's been trending #1 on Twitter all day. I'm on there a lot and I've been familiar with their special brand of stupid for quite a while. A big talking point for them is that the Nazis were left-wing because Nazis stands for National Socialism.
  13. NFL 2016 Offseason: THIS Is The Year!

    I first heard that line when the Penn State scandal blew up and read that Joe Paterno ruled the area like Boss Hogg ruled Hazard county. In other news, I've been trying REALLY, REALLY hard not to get all excited about how good Dak Prescott has looked. It's just preseason, but damn!
  14. US Elections - There is 'Ahead in the Polls' behind you

    Trump lawyer Michael Cohen on CNN a little while ago. Wow. "You guys are down" "Says who?" "Polls" "Says who?" "Most of them...all of them?" (long uncomfortable silence) "Says who?" "POLLS" eta: On a more serious note, Trump was asked earlier today if he "trusts U.S. Intelligence"... He's making friends everywhere, it seems.
  15. US elections - may the polls be ever in your favor

    Yup and it's actually not the first time that he has conveniently forgotten 9/11.