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  1. At least Neidermeyer is still dead. And on the lighter side of the news, 'member when Trump made fun of Little Marco for needing water during a speech? Why do I ask you say? Well...
  2. The RNC just ended their support for Judge Roy Moore. Popcorn time!
  3. How is my wanting Marvel to buy back the X-Men, FF, etc. DIRECTLY supporting conservative media? So does that mean that when I watched Deadpool and the Cubs World Series I aided and abetted Sean Hannity and Jesse Watters?
  4. Hopefully he will also spend his 2 week timeout NOT eating the letter W.
  5. Yes because if this deal doesn't go through, NewsCorp. will wilt and die and Rupert Murdoch will end up homeless like the Duke Brothers.
  6. Lighten up, Francis. I rather like the news because it gives the MCU access to two of Marvel's greatest villains: Dr. Doom and Magneto. I've agreed with the MCU criticism that they've had weak villains. I wonder if they would greenlight Secret Wars ?
  7. Federal judge reinstates the Ezekiel Elliott suspension for 6 games.
  8. Unless he's only worried about the next year or two because he and Brady will retire together. Would Kraft be okay with that?
  9. Carter Page isn't very bright.
  10. I've been reading speculation that Papadopoulis may have been wearing a wire sometime in the last few months. Attorney Seth Abramson gives his take: I'll make a second post to include the rest.
  11. You can do both. I initially hired a tank and healer until I met companions along the way. Companions will give you the extra dialogue as well as quests and xp. It's always good to extra party members at your stronghold who will be able to perform tasks for cash or items while you are off adventuring.
  12. Another observation I forgot to mention was the nice use of The Police's "Every Breath You Take" in the final scene. That song has some infamy since people have treated it as a love song despite the fact that the lyrics make it plain that it's about a stalker. Sure enough, the kids slow dance to it at the end, all happy as can be. But then the camera rotates to the Upside Down and we see the Mind Flayer menacingly loom over the school. "Every breath you takeEvery move you makeEvery bond you breakEvery step you takeI'll be watching you..."
  13. More on Papadopoulis
  14. If you're talking about the Seahawks-Texans game, it was on CBS.
  15. On a re-watch with my daughter, it occurred to me why the the dogs left him alone: the phone ringing at the Byers house. Once the Mind Flayer heard it, it ordered the dogs away from the facility to go kill Will's captors. As I said upthread,I think the hive mind is the Mind Flayer's Achilles heel. As far as that plot direction, the writers may have felt they needed to give Paul Resier's character a good reason to help El get a fake birth certificate that say she's Hopper's child. Hopper saved the doc from bleeding out.
  16. A previous NYT story on Rick Gates. eta: This is REALLY interesting if they are following the $
  17. Yeah, the last shot with it looming over the junior high in the Upside Down made me think it is seething and planning vengeance. It's not mindless like Demogorgan, it is highly intelligent and made calculated moves that might've worked if not for it's one weakness: the hive mind. The Hawkins gang were only able to win because they were able to lure the Demo-dogs away from the gate to give El time. Methinks the Mind Flayer will spend the next year re-thinking it's strategy.
  18. I also think it was better than season 1 but just barely. Unlike season 1, it had an episode that I disliked (ep. 3) but the first two episodes and then everything after 3 was stellar. I actually very much liked El's standalone episode even though it was a break in the action. It answered a lot of questions and placed El in a situation where she had to decide how far she was willing to go with her rage at the facility. I was happy with her decision. Other thoughts: -I loved the ending and am glad we had a conclusion and not a cliffhanger. Yes, the Mind Flayer is looming but these kids may get some time to be real kids before they have to go back to being warriors. The events at the dance were sweet, even for poor Dustin and that hair of his! - Though one thing that did bother me about the last episode is that there seemed to be no consequences to the kids being gone all day and night while fighting the Mind Flayer. Yes, things were different in the 80's but not THAT different. - I hadn't thought Billy was gay until you guys mentioned it. I thought he had narcissistic tendencies along with rage issues due to his father's abuse. But he DOES seem to be rather obsessed Steve that could be more than just competition. That locker room shower scene could be viewed as some classic hoy yay. Then again, it's very possible that he's banging Mike's mom next season. - I think Noah "Will" Schnapp will get a LOT of award nominations over the next year. His performance required some big acting and I think he delivered.
  19. How in the HELL does Alonso not get thrown out for that hit? And there were multiple personal fouls in that scrum. Atrocious officiating eta What he said...
  20. Eagles fans cried all week about the officiating last week and they start with 4 straight penalties and end up 1st and 33 on their 1 yard line followed by a pick. eta: Actually, they had FIVE penalties with the 12 men in the huddle that put them on the 1!
  21. You're right, it was the NFLPA that took it court. I wonder if that last sentence will comeback to haunt the union again.
  22. And then that team will get attacked on Twitter by none other than the President of the United States. Trump's rabid base will call that team unAmerican and begin boycotts. Trump will happily tweet about it everyday as the Mueller investigation ramps up and war with North Korea and/or Iran heats up.
  23. I'm not so sure. The NFL wins in court, it's one of the reasons the owners still back Goodell. Back in 2010, the league OBVIOUSLY colluded by not allowing unlimited spending in the uncapped year and punished the Cowboys and Redskins for not following along. I recall Giants owner John Mara smirking to reporters that the punishment of his division rivals was not proof of collusion and lo and behold, the courts agreed. I think in this case the courts will side with the NFL because if they do side with Kap, it will actually invalidate the current CBA.
  24. NFL Red Zone just confirmed it's a broken collar bone. He will either have season ending surgery or wait and see and perhaps come back near the end of the season.