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  1. I'd love to be wrong but I've seen this Patriots movie before. Pats D will hold Houston to a FG and Brady will drive for a last second game winner/
  2. The hair coloring for both is rather fitting: blonde hair has always been seen as angelic while gingers have often been portrayed as evil. I also love the inclusion of the infamous duck pond.
  3. David Johnson reportedly has dislocated wrist Yikes.
  4. It didn't even occur to me that Tony Romo called the Raiders/Titans game! Anyone give him a listen?
  5. They are going to be talking all week on why he wasn't in at the end since Howard heard foot steps and dropped a TD. Howard was known to have shaky hands last season. Elsewhere, Washington got robbed.
  6. You may very well be right. But former lawyer Mike Florio breaks this all down and it sounds like there's a feeling that Goodell might not get another bite at the apple.
  7. This might not be a repeat of the Brady case. Plus there's been the whole Kia Roberts issue. eta: The judge actually named her in the findings...
  8. WOW.
  9. Elliott's suspension upheld by arbitrator but he will play Sunday. Preliminary injunction to be heard on Friday.
  10. I thought the same thing. When he went in the Black Lodge again, he came out with some of BOB's mannerisms. The way he drove, silent and stonefaced was totally BOB. The way he told Diane to come to him in the hotel was similar to BOB when he told Jennifer Jason Leigh's character the same thing.
  11. It was kind of inevitable considering Lynch never wanted to reveal Laura Palmer's killer in the original series. They did provide a lot of closure in the first hour. BOB is finally defeated, Diane is freed, Cooper cloned himself so Dougie could reunite with Janey-E and Sunny Jim. ( I will forever love those 3 names and the way Naomi Watts pronounced them) But we are left with the WTF on where Cooper is now and that a bigger bad (Judy) is unrevealed. The Diane stuff in hour 2 was also very unsettling. It was obvious that she could not unsee Cooper as BOB and the way she covered his face during sex was heart-wrenching. Then she leaves him a Dear John letter but with different names. Right now the only meaning I can find is that being good sucks.
  12. Oh FFS...thanks for that kick in the balls, David Lynch!!! Sigh...there was some major awesomeness, especially in the first episode. But the second part was half confusing/half maddening. I suppose we'll get answers in another 25 years!
  13. Right before she tried to shoot the FBI agents, Diane repeatedly said, "I'm in the sheriff's station. I'm not me". How she may have ended up in that body, I dunno. Naido was the one that helped Cooper in episode 2. Naido is also a near anagram of Diane.
  14. It really was. The dragging episodes were totally worth Cooper finally waking up and being awesome. The Diane part was also pretty stunning and finally brought together a lot of plot threads: Why she was working with BOB, how BOB cloned Dougie, and I THINK the weird blind woman in the Twin Peaks jail. That's gotta be the real Diane, right?
  15. It appeared as if the writer re-racked the Clegane Bowl. I think the demonstration of how to kill a wight was foreshadowing to Sandor killing his undead brother. My own personal prediction is that Sandor kills Gregor with Valyrian steel, Heartbane to be exact. Sam has to give it to someone and the Hound is the likely suspect.
  16. 8/10. The Wall falling was spectacular, LF's end was satisfying, but Cersei's machinations were predictable and tiresome. It feels like the writers are really stretching Lannisters' role out to keep Lena Headey and NCW involved. That's not all bad, I suppose.
  17. When it happened,I thought it was Rhaegal but Twitter is saying Viserion. So much for the dragon having three heads...Jon gets his daddy's dragon
  18. 7/10. The plot teleporting was too egregious in this one. The NK's Game of Thrones skills were pretty impressive, though
  19. Now that the casting is underway, I got one dream casting hope: Karen Gillan as War.
  20. An editor at Breibart seems to be taking the Bannon news well:
  21. Those are two great hires! The critical part will be the casting of The Them. I found them to be the funniest part of the book but comedy is hard. I wonder if they might age them up a few years?
  22. Trump hasn't had the time to denounce the Confederates, KKK, and Nazis but he has found the time to denounce a black CEO that resigned from his President's Manufacturing Council: Great optics here.
  23. Aerys, Rhaegar, and Aegon were alive when Rhaegar left the 3 KG to guard Lyanna. So they weren't protecting "the King". And if Rhaegar left them to protect a bastard, they would have done so.
  24. Another thought about Drogon and Jon: It could make you re-think the scene from last season where Tyrion removes the collars from Rhaegel and Viscerion. I assumed they didn't roast him because they wanted the collars off. But perhaps they, like Drogon with Jon, recognized Targaryen blood in Tyrion.
  25. That note has to be the one Sansa sent to Robb telling him to come south and bend the knee. LF is trying to get Arya to go after Sansa which he thinks he can foil and solidify his position. So is it looking like Gendry will get the Stormlands while Sam will get the Reach? And who knew that it would be Drogon and Gilly who would give the reveal that Jon is a true Targaryen?