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  1. M: Robb B: Renly - I guess whether he likes it or not. K: Stannis Side kick edition: Bronn of the Blackwater Podrick Payne Samwell Tarly
  2. Easy one for me. Arya. Not only do I love the character she is much more interesting to me. Also I feel she deserves to live. She has fought almost every day to survive. Not that Sansa hasn't had her own trials & tribulations but they just aren't on the same level as Arya's. At least IMHO.
  3. Ahh me too! I don't like her at all. Don't get me wrong I didn't cheer at the RW or anything but she does irritate me.
  4. Lmao!!! M: Daario who is Benjen B: Mance who is Rhaegar K: High Sparrow who is Howland Reed - nothing against them I just didn't want to marry or bed either of them. Cruel men Aerys Targaryen The Mad King The Tickler Vargo Hoat
  5. I'm not sure I want to Marry any of them LOL M: Brandon B: Rhaegar K: Young Robert Red witch edition Melisandre, Thoros, Moqorro
  6. Haha! I gotcha. I know she is bad. I just feel like she may not have been as bad if Robert hadn't been whoring & drinking.
  7. I agree. Had Robert loved her & treated her kindly there is a good chance the children would've been his anyway IMO
  8. I haven't read it in a while either but Mance doesn't need Jon's authorization to leave the wall. He isn't a member of the NW, he is Stannis' prisoner. I was under the impression Mance needed the spear wives to infiltrate WF because he was going to save fArya prior to her running for the wall. I may be wrong though
  9. Oh my this one sucks! M:Joffrey - I think I can handle this little twerp. B: Euron - bedding him doesn't prevent me from killing him later I suppose K: Ramsay - best to get him out of the way straight off. Dead men Ned Stark, Oberyn Martell, Tywin Lannister
  10. Ugh I HATE RANDYLL TARLY lol! I've always liked The Hound. Even before his character started to turn. I think mine would be Cersei. I sympathize with her. She gets forced into a loveless marriage & isn't allowed to love the person she really does. Her children are considered an abomination to those who know their true parentage & she is trapped in a patriarchal society. She is also bat shit crazy.
  11. I agree only I think Bran did it to save himself which is just as bad. The final warging of Hodor, that is. Some of the most evil acts I can think of: - Ramsay in general. Everything he does is pretty damn evil - What Tywin did to Tysha & Tyrion - I know it's been mentioned but Blood & Cheese has to be at the top. - The tickler's questioning techniques - Joffrey beheading Ned - I get that this is not on the same level as the other things mentioned here but the fact that his daughters watched him die is heart wrenching to me.
  12. M: Hoster Tully B: Jon Arryn - only by default lol K: Walder Frey Khal Drogo Jaime Lannister Jon Snow
  13. Wow. Crickets! Lol
  14. One of my favorite games before the update & I don't see it on here any more so I decided to start one. It's simple. The poster above you presents you with 3 characters & you then have to pick which you would marry, which you would bed, & which you would kill. Then you present 3 characters for the poster below you. Example: If I started the post with: Arya Arianne Asha The next poster may say: Marry: Asha Bed: Arianna Kill: Arya Samwell, Dolorous Ed, Grenn & so on. You can post the reasons why you chose the way you did or not. The three characters you present need not be related in anyway other than being characters in aSoIaF. Here's my start: The Baratheon Brothers Robert Stannis Renly
  15. She passed gas