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  1. I was under the impression that most readers thought Lyanna to be the KotLT. He doesn't forbid anyone to speak of Ashara Dayne. He tells Cat never to ask him about Jon. What evidence is there that Ned & Ashara fall head over heels for each other? Listen I'm all down for a good theory but how does Ned traveling = he traveled with someone = that person was Ashara Dayne, who is also Septa Lemore = Ned & Ashara fell in love & did the tango? Do you see the issue here? Just because Ned traveled to call the banners does not "make it safe to say he traveled south south somewhere with someone" How are those things even related? Who is we? Because I most certainly don't know Ned was on his way to Riverrun to get his father's blessing. There's no text to support this claim. Again. Just because there is a luxurious "cell" does not = they were hiding Ashara. What logic connects those two things? Wouldn't the most likely case be that it was Ned, Jon, & a wet nurse? Why wouldn't the child live long? I'm confused about what child you are even proposing this is that died in White Harbor Well no. I was born in 1980 but for part of 2017 I was 36 not 37. Thus for part of 300 Jon would still be 15. At any rate the TOJ didn't happen in 284. How would Tywin be privy to this info? Tywin says that because Robb chose to marry Jeyne for her honor. Much the same as honorable Ned Stark would have done. I don't mean to disregard you but with this many holes & leaps of logic in the first quarter of the post I didn't read the rest.
  2. Yeah definitely not a disagreement or an agreement. He is uninterested in Bran at all the wolf howling is what he is complaining about. Given the quote I don't think "send a dog to kill a dog" is far from "send a dog to kill a wolf" given Joff is talking about a wolf. He says dog the first time but then says WF is infested with wolves so they won't miss one. I'll agree it's still odd for Tyrion to misquote Joff later though. But what would be her motive to lie about Tyrion asking her about the dagger? It seems an odd thing to lie about when she could have just as easily left it out. Either way it doesn't mean she wasn't lying about what Robert said. That, she has a very clear motive for. I think she would lie to Jaime after the plan failed realizing it was not a very good plan to begin with. She prides herself on being the cunning one, smart one, courageous one, thinks she should have been born the male. Had this whole thing worked out; Bran was dead & she wasn't suspected, she would have taken the blame for it. Because it didnt she would lie. Not that I'm convinced Cersei did it, just my opinion on why she wouldn't take credit for it if she did do it. At the very least, as you stated, we know she isn't above lying to Jaime. This I love! It would be fantastic. I gotcha. It is contradictory I suppose, I just didn't read it like that. I just meant that, in an effort to boast as he is like to do, he claimed himself "no stranger" to VS thus giving himself away unintentionally. As for why he would give the assassin a dagger in the first place: because it was accessible? Because having an assassin smother someone with a pillow wouldn't be a very satisfactory death to Joffrey? Mind you I'm not 100% positive it was Joff & do see the descrepancy I'm just playing devils advocate. Nice. On a side note about the fan emails: doesn't GRRM say we have been given enough evidence to deduce who sent the catspaw in the first 2 books or something to that affect? He doesn't say "The person who sent the catspaw will be revealed" does he? Because I don't take that to mean it is or isn't Joffrey. Only that we've been given enough to figure it out.
  3. I agree Joffrey would be slightly familiar with it after having seen Ned be executed with a VS sword but to be fair that happened after the attempt on Bran's life so both could be true. Joff could have been unfamiliar enough with VS before Ned's execution to have been "foolish" enough to pick LF's knife & by his name day, after Ned's execution felt like he was familiar enough with it to boast that he is no stranger to VS - although I wouldn't necessarily say that qualifies him as familiar with it, given Joff's tendency to boast he may have. This is odd & like you said possibly an author error but if we operate under the assumption that it isn't an error or George's part & therefore is an error on Tyrion's part it definitely takes from Tyrion's deduction that it was Joffrey. I don't recall Joffrey disagreeing with Sandor about killing Bran being a mercy but it has been a while since I've read it. What exactly does Joff say? I only remember thinking Joff was very uninterested & could have cared less what was going on with Bran which does give credit to the theory that it wasn't Joff but I don't think that alone is enough to say for sure it wasn't Joff. Agreed. I didn't read it that way but I think it's absolutely fair to say it could be read that way & it makes sense. I get your point & Jaime absolutely let Cersei "help" him come to the conclusion it was Joffrey. I'll have to reread that part but I thought she was mentioning Myrcella in jest - which doesn't take from the fact that this is how Jaime reaches his conclusion it only means Cersei wasn't intentionally manipulating Jaime into believing it was Joff or one of the children. . If I understand you correctly here you are saying Cersei is trying to blame it on Robert & when that didn't work started blaming the children in an effort to point the blame away from her. My issue with this is I can't see Cersei blaming something she did on one of her children. That being said I would feel much more confident saying that if it hadn't been Jaime she was talking to. Had it been anyone else I would say for certain she would not implicate one of her children for fear of retribution on said child but she knows Jaime isn't going to say anything to anyone so it's possible. So who do you think did it? Cersei?
  4. I agree. I don't think it will matter one iota who has what claim to the IT. There may not even be an IT when it's all said & done. Also Jon doesn't & isn't going to ever identify as a Targ regardless of his parentage, he is Ned's son. Robb's will is floating around out there somewhere as well. It may or may not mean anything to whoever the King/Queen may be but it will mean something to the Northern Lords. I think it would be a nice twist of fate to learn Jon has been legitimized as a Stark but is truly a Targ bastard. Yes. Ahh genetics. I don't think GRRM was too worried about RL genetics. Especially when given the right circumstances 2 parents can produce almost any combination of child with or without their specific traits. The big issue with Joffrey, Tommen, & Myrcella is not necessarily that they all look like Lannisters as they are known to have a Lannister mother. The issue is that not only do all of Robert's bastards have black hair but every. single. Baratheon through out recorded history had black hair. That in & of it's self seems almost impossible & leads me to believe George did not concern himself with actual genetics.
  5. Yep. The recessive gene can be there & just not shown. For instance it's very likely for 2 brown eyed parents to have a brown eyed child however it is not impossible for them to have a blue/non brown eyed child. Parent 1: Bb Parent 2: Bb Child: BB or Bb - both would give the child Brown eyes but if both parents pass on their recessive non brown gene: bb then the child has non brown eyes. ETA: I would think Rhaegar would have to be bb in eye color as well. I'm not sure about the passing on of violet eyes but IRL violet is definetely non-brown & would be the recessive gene. So I would say Rhaegar would have to be 'bb' in both eye & hair color
  6. I know I wasn't one of the people debating with you but I'll give a shot at an answer here because this happens to me sometimes & it is very frustrating. I guess I disagree that Tyrion's reasoning is rubbish. He tries to work it out backwards. He knows LF told Cat the dagger was his won in the tourny. He obviously also knows it isn't his & that he doesn't bet against Jaime. He finds out it is Roberts won from LF at the tourney. He then starts deducing who could have/would have 1. Taken the dagger 2. Hired someone incapable to kill Bran. He comes to the same conclusion I did. He strongly suspects his siblings had something to do with Bran's "fall" but also knows the whole plot was too messy & not well thought out to be either sibling. He reaches the conclusion it is probably Joffrey before his name day & concludes he was right because of Joff's reaction to their conversation on his name day. It was the same conclusion I came to so I don't feel his reasoning was faulty. We later then get confirmation that 1. It wasn't Cersei or Jaime and 2. Jaime believes it to be Joffrey as well. Maybe Jaime's reasoning wasn't great but I honestly don't see alot of fault in it. I apologize if I didn't hit on your specific points as I am just jumping in the conversation. In the end Joffrey is an acceptable answer to me because he is the only one with the means, motive, & immaturity needed to plan a murder this sloppily.
  7. Yes!!
  8. He did lol only until she got her chores done.
  9. Hilarious! Kids are great!!
  10. I posted in another thread I have sworn by the old gods & the new while having normal, everyday, non-asoiaf related conversation. Also my phone auto corrects my words to characters names or other asoiaf words. The other day my daughter didn't do what she was supposed to so my husband said I should take her phone. Without missing a beat she said "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword." She has not read the books so apparently I say this too
  11. it's usually when talking to people who have no idea what asoiaf is so they just think I'm weird.
  12. Love it! I catch myself swearing by the old gods & the new in normal every day conversation
  13. I'm still not 100% convinced the corn code isn't true.