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  1. Arguably yes, but Rome is neck and neck on this score. What could have been - Deadwood, Rome, and Firefly, my triumvirate of disappointing early ends. Great post Bard, Doc was my favorite character as well. Brad Dourif played a favorite character of mine on the otherwise lamentable Star Trek Voyager, Lon Suder, and his arc was fantastic, probably the only good thing that came out of that series for me. As Doc in Deadwood, Dourif did what IMO was his best work, and right from the first episode, he put on a clinic. I agree regarding a community rewatch, if by some miracle the Deadwood HBO film happens - I rate that as likely as getting Winds of Winter in 2018 - I think I'd enjoy a rewatch thread with all the talent that is here doing such things like Werthead and so on. I had just started my own re watch of Deadwood last week, I'm 1/2 way through the first season or so, it's a yearly event still to this day. I get something new out of each episode, every time, even after seeing them all at least a 1/2 dozen times or more.
  2. I`d never read the comics, nor did I know any of their stories or information. Very interesting indeed, it`s odd that being such a huge B5 fan, rewatching the series yearly, that I`ve never known this... Great work Werthead, I hope you continue this thread and work.
  3. Regarding chess, this is my opinion regarding male/female disparity right now. It's not a question of intelligence or capacity for intelligence and intellect. I firmly believe women are every bit as intelligent as men and have the capacity for equal brilliance. Chess is a game though, and a game where tactics, strategy, aggression, and defense all play a massive part, as well as obviously memorization skills, experience, and everything else. The first 4 are where women are at a disadvantage IMO through thousands of years of genetic history. It's nearly always been the male who has engaged in fighting wars and the hunting duties - the things that have shaped our genetic experience and abilities throughout our history, and only recently have women started to filter into combat roles in a larger part. Chess, a game, yet the game requires these instincts which men have had the advantage of acquiring through most of our common past. Is it not also a recent invention, opening up competitive chess to both sexes in the same divisions? Certainly less than 30 years I think. I'd bet in another 50 once women become more interested in chess and are competing and advancing with other men and women, it'll become a more equal split in terms of numbers, and rankings. I feel the instinct/genetic bit is only about 10% of it, and that it's mainly due just to a lack of inclusion until recent times, and that a a culture chess just wasn't something that women were "supposed" to be interested in. That's changing, and IMO it'll change quickly comparatively speaking. I don't necessarily believe some of this, there are incredible amounts of great women into all things nerd/geek, look at all the great YT channels run by women into nerdish things such as code, gaming - eventually chess will catch up. "Important issues". I think that entertaining oneself, gaming, and nerdism are all very important issues. I agree with where you're coming from in the first bit though, that it's primarily due to just fewer women into chess, but that'll change IMO, as chess is pretty far down the "geek" flowchart these days, but more women will filter down and find it. Again, 50 years, I believe and hope there can be a female world champion chess player, or at least several ranked among the top players. Just a generation or two.
  4. 100% agree. Ridiculous how powerful and rife with abuse the asset search/seizure methods of L/E and the government have become. Also, I know many libertarians or classic liberals such as myself who think very poorly of Trump. America was cursed with two horrible options in the last election IMO. I wonder how it would have been had Bernie actually won frequently now... 2018 is going to be interesting, hopefully the USA can keep things together until 2020.
  5. I watched it as well, it's becoming almost "normal" now, watching these rockets return to earth and land. It's incredible what SpaceX has done in such a short period of time. Great to see them helping the USAF loft their bird too, it'll be interesting to find out what that x37 has been up to all these years, should that ever become declassified. It's amazing tech in its own right too, staying in orbit literally for years, doing things we can only guess at. I was hoping after the 2nd stage separation sequence they'd turn the camera towards to payload, as they did with the last satellite launch, so we could watch the X37 deploy - alas, I'm sure that USAF/DND classification rules cut that feed to us mere civilians. I think if just a matter of a couple/few years, civilians will be going into space, even orbiting the moon, thanks to SpaceX and other civilian space tech companies. I still feel we should get our feet under us by establishing a moon base or colony before taking shots to Mars, and I hope that advances in tech will do that. Does anyone else who watches these launches frequently think that if we could only have peace, and not waste SO much on defense, that we could as humans be moving so much faster into our solar system? Such resources and lives we waste fighting each other, over nonsense mostly, and every time I see how fast our tech and space capabilities are advancing, I wonder just how much farther we could be going by putting our efforts into peaceful and helpful endeavors. Every new launch and landing I watch, it's a marvel, but I can't help but still have these feelings, every single time. This is a great thread, SpaceChampion, Scot, others, it's always a good visit to the board when I see this thread near the top.
  6. The former poster already mentioned the VPN thing, as the Golden Firewall Project, or Golden Shower project as I prefer to call it, blocks the majority of the common Western apps you may be using, and some sites. I haven't been to the mainland in a few years, but I lived in Hong Kong for nearly 2 total, and visit every 2nd year for a month. China is a great place, make sure to visit cities in various "categories" that they have, not just the big/high rated ones, if you get the chance. ADVCHina is a great Youtube channel to check out, lots of info from 2 Americans living and working in China right now. Make sure you don't bring any prescriptions on the banned list in, and other than that, I can't think of anything else you need to be concerned with - great opportunity for you IMO, it's an interesting and rich nation and culture, enjoy soaking it all up. Re languages, I'd start working on picking up some basic Mandarin, Beijing dialect if you want to be specific, but you can also use various translator apps with your phone/tablet, which work incredibly well in my experience. You can interact with people who can use these apps to communicate back with you, as well as translate whatever you type or say into vocalized Mand through the speaker. Beats the "old" ways of trying to hand sign and mime and such, until you pick it up, which will happen quickly if you try just a bit. It is one of the more difficult languages to learn, especially to write, but to become passable should happen easily in your first stay there in my experience.
  7. GRRM has stated IIRC already that neither Robert's Rebellion nor Dunk+Egg are going to be among the 4 ideas competing. I'm good with anything really, PATQ would be great, but expensive for Dragon CGI unless they find a way to lower that cost somehow. Aegon's conquest would be cool as well. I hope they entertain the idea of doing an adult animated show in the IAF universe someday as well, you could have battles of great scale in animation that you never can with real life actors and extras.
  8. Speaking of Ruth, she is probably my favorite character in the show.
  9. That's a great description the "show hasn't found its footing". I too was hooked early, the night it aired on NF, at 12:05, I was up, and binged it in a 10 hour marathon. I'm reasonably impressed with this show, it slowly grew on me, and so far as its footing - I remember a similar opinion many had of the already mentioned "Breaking Bad". The first season of BB was certainly no better than Ozark IMO. There has been a lot of building blocks established in this first season which I'm hopeful has a similar effect on future seasons, similar to Breaking Bad, and how it really took from season 2 forward. "Finding its feet" so to say. They have the potential to do the same, if they do or not is up to the writing IMO, as the actors are more than up to it, in particular Laura Linney, who is one of the best actresses of her generation.
  10. This x 10. Absolutely agreed. Going from units with old 4x scopes mounted on Mp5s, to starting to use alien tech sidearms and other weapons was just the start. Once they reverse engineered the death glider into the F302 prototype and later production fighter, it got very interesting in terms of the tech Earth created. The cruisers in particular, and they really dipped into various space tech/issues, such as limited life support, and various other things, so far as the writing regarding the tech goes. I really miss SG, and think we all got ripped off with the early cancellation of both SGA and SGU. I just read last month a blurb from Joe Flannigan, who had a deal basically done he said to lease the remainder of the SGA assets and had the $ and backing in place to continue on for at least 2 more seasons, but the MGM bankrupcy caused a lot of changes in personnel, and he lost the deal due to nobody knowing what the deal entailed with all the layoffs/etc in staff. Damn SHAME, IMO. I wonder what goes through these execs heads, when pitched something like a pre WW1 era "prequel" for SG/SG1? How can THAT be a good idea, with SO many other, better, options out there. Hell, even an amalgamation of SG1, SGA, and SGU characters and stories into a single cohesive show would IMO be a much better seller than this new idea.
  11. Heh, my Youtube feed had Children of the Gods show up in it, the 1st SG1 episode, this morning, and I watched it, thinking about how it must be 20 years now since SG1 first aired. Heh. I wonder what this new 10 part series will bring. I too wish they would just follow on with the current SG universe with a new show, god knows it'd get viewers. I'm surprised Netflx didn't pick up Universe tbh, or at least reboot SG in some manner.
  12. I thought the Sand Snakes fight scenes were much improved from their horrible ones in season 5. Heh, too bad it's their last, haha. Go Euron!
  13. Deathwalker was great, I loved Londo's line "Well, all's well that ends well" - such great delivery and timing, and was perfect in every other way so far as the character goes. I wish the series had shown us more about the war with the Dilgar, perfect opportunity for some flash back episodes or scenes that never ended up happening. I've always hoped that a reboot would focus on that war and time period, or at least, again, have some flash back eps/scenes.
  14. What pisses me off is that the quality is just meh, yet the length of the episode is still quite short - we waited an extra 3 months for this, and now 3 fewer episodes, and 4 next year? D+D = bring me a block.
  15. Hah, I remember hearing JMS talk about swallowing a mitful of Percocet (PercoDan back then) due to a dental emergency right before his pitch, and that the words just spilled out of him in such a positive manner from being out of pain, that he swept their doubts away. Funny how the world turns on such small things, no broken tooth = probably no B5 in the universe. Deep. I'm looking forward to your opinions on a first viewing on a few of those B5 films Werthead.