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  1. Well JMS's Sense8 project has been cancelled, maybe he'll consider pushing a new B5 story of some kind with Netflix. I agree though that it would be in his best interest to get B5 on Netflix/streaming, rights or no rights. DS9 and Star Trek/etc have HUGE ratings on Netflix, I remember a couple years ago when I was campaigning to get the Star Trek 4 TV series added to the Canadian Netflix library (back during the big VPN crackdown, US Netflix had the 4 TV series, but not Canada), Netflix told me themselves that TNG and DS9 were 2 of the higher used programs in their catalogue. B5 would be similar I'll wager. It would show Netflix that there is interest in the stories, characters, and creators still.
  2. I just rewatched "The Gathering" last week. I remember reading that Stephen Furst nearly lost a foot to diabetes complications, and lost a lot of weight and changed his eating/exercise habits during the filming of the TV series, you can see in later seasons he really trimmed down. A shame the disease never left him, another great actor and person gone. So many have gone early from this great series. I think I'm going to do a re watch too, Wert are you planning a thread for a B5 re re watch? Such great information in the OP, I loved the ship designs in B5, even some at NASA thought so much of them that they became interested in that "workhorse" Star Fury type ship, I'm sure Werthead knows the name of what I'm talking about, it was featured in one of the TV movies IIRC. Other ships as well though, particularly the Earth vessels that didn't have artificial gravity, very interesting designs. Early CGI work was great IMO back when B5 came out. It was the 2nd sci fi series I discovered, the first being DS9, and having B5 recommended to me by a co worker, and fell in love with it. I really like "The Gathering", found it better than most Season 1 episodes in fact. Delenn's make up and character were very interesting in this pilot or whatever you want to call it - I wish they'd kept some of her traits and look the same for the first season until she "changed". I read Claudia's autobiography last year, I wish Jerry Doyle had been able to apply the success she had with The Sinclair method to get a hold of his own demons with drinking. Such a shame. Doyle's stories about living with Katsulas are hilarious, especially the "free ham" story he's told a few times at conventions. I remember when Doyle passed JMS said "it isn't fair, how much more are we expected to take". Now Stephen.
  3. I'm still hoping for an adult oriented animated ASOAIF series. So many great voice actors out there, and animation fixes a lot of the CGI costs for dragons, wolves, and other things in the GoT universe. Also, numbers of troops on the battlefield, while this has improved slightly in recent seasons, it's still a far cry for the battles GRRM describes in his books, the Blackwater Bay battle especially, which looked like about 100 Lannister/KL soldiers vs about 300 Stannis troops. With an animated series, you could put 10s of thousands of troops, cavalry, etc on screen at at time. Also, characters like the Mountain could be made to be actually nearly 8 feet tall and 500lbs of walking muscle, instead of a 6"7 guy who weighs about 300 lbs. Things like that. Of course I want to see live action series first, but I do feel that a secondary or tertiary series would be great as an animated project. Robert's Rebellion or TPAQ, any of the stories that require massive battles and such would work well IMO.
  4. Regarding Michael Mando - watch the first episode of Orphan Black season 1, the premier EP. Mando is so brilliant there, especially reading his letter at the "wake". Truly a gifted actor, when you compare what he shows in Orphan Black to BCS. Easily my favorite character on Saul.
  5. Heh, I wonder how the USA, and with it the rest of the world, would have turned out had JFK not been killed, and spent 2 full terms in office, followed by his brother perhaps. Regarding Jesus and liberals, the Democrat party, etc, I've also always found it curious that Carter spent his Sundays teaching Sunday school at his church. I don't think being a "believer" and being a kind, ethical, and generous person are necessarily at odds. Those were different times perhaps... This I agree with too - back in the 40s, 50s, and even into the 60s, most families could purchase a home, a vehicle, and have several children, and support all of the above on the wages of just one person. Today, even with both partners in the work force, owning a home, much less providing for things like children's future education, is a very tough stretch, a majority surviving month to month and amassing huge debts just to even TRY to do what was easy a generation or two ago. Economics, thanks to not just the Repubs but the Dems too - stupidity from our leaders, bankers, etc, crosses all borders - is what caused the family unit to "break down" as much, or more IMO, than anything else. Wealth inequality is responsible for the change in the family dynamic, not the reverse, again IMO. What I see, hear, and read from the Christian programs/etc out there, is that in virtually every case they hold liberals, progressive politics, and the like, responsible for the family unit breaking down. Ridiculous.
  6. Great launch and landing today. I've been reading about Bigelow Aerospace a lot lately, what with his recent comments about being 100% that ET/UFO/etc are here already. That aside, his company is building a full sized autonomous space station based on their tech that is already an attached room on the ISS, and plan to be ready to loft it in 3 years in 2020. A space station without NASA control and classified clamp down on thing already in earth orbit, be interesting times.
  7. I agree that it's wrong, as does most everyone else here I'd bet, but it still doesn't answer as to why the rest of the planet that has been involved with one another and had our ideals evolve over time, don't act as nearly ALL of the uncontacted tribes still do. I suppose what I'm saying is that I believe that it isn't in human nature to know right from wrong. Are we not just animals, organic machines not all that different than a dolphin or some other intelligent animal - or do you suggest we have some magic spark in our "soul" that tells us right from wrong? Much of what I've seen in the mid east, and in the former Yugoslavia, leads me to believe that once society has broken down, the rules, and that kinder, gentler humanity you mention, flies right out the window. I don't disagree that this is wrong, however "wrong" I believe is based on the social conventions, and rules/laws, we've agreed to as a collective group in civil society. Once that civilized compact is gone, broken down by war or some other reason, mass famine, whatever - why do we as humans then largely ignore the "rules", and do whatever we please?
  8. Falcon 9 launch to the ISS for a resup mission is about 1.5 hours out, it's live on Space's website as well as Youtube.
  9. Fair question, and mostly, yes. Any group of a few or more becoming a "society", as it takes relations with others for rules and laws to matter. Isn't that the entire point of "freedom" and "democracy", that we decide our rules of right and wrong, and agree to act in this manner? And, that over time, these ideas and laws have greatly evolved and changed, mainly for the better? What do you believe then, if not this?
  10. WHAT?! Where did you get that from, from what I asked? My point was that civilized society and its laws didn't just pop into existence from something "self evident" or whatever you were describing in yourself, that it happened over a very long period of time, and as a group many, most, societies decided collectively what was right or wrong. How does that condone anything the Nazis did? IMO the rise of the national socialist workers party in Germany is nothing more than a good example of what happens when you stomp on people who are already down, and simultaneously through fate or bad luck a man or group comes along to stoke that fire - sound familiar? - IE election 2016 (and no, I'm not a Trump supporter). Those who formed the punitive treaty of Versailles are as much to blame for the Nazis as anything else. That still has nothing to do with the fact that undisturbed societies that still exist on this planet still maintain a pretty brutal standard when it comes to bringing harm to other people. How does that square up with other theories as to why the rest of us have an understand of right from wrong, without such things is laws or religion? Or, you can just throw the "you're a nazi" and punch me in the head instead of responding. I really am interested in an actual response, OGE is one of the members here I most enjoy reading, and having worked with many Marines, and having had a best friend that was a US Marine, I respect your opinion as both a Marine Officer and an educated and interesting poster here.
  11. OGM - do you believe that you came to believe these things are wrong without any outside stimulus? That it just happened to be self evident to you? If that 's the case, why do most uncontacted tribes on this planet not subscribe to the same beliefs as you do? The Sentinelese for example - every single person who has had the unfortunate chance to end up stranded on their little island, has been both raped, tortured, and eaten, sometimes while still alive, and not in that order. They have none of the social restraints against these things that developed societies have. This blows a big whole in the whole "self evident" idea IMO, as they are far from the only uncontacted tribe to behave in this manner.
  12. I read the book in anticipation for this series, Gaiman meanders a little too much for my liking, but overall I loved the book. So far I'm digging the show too, especially the last couple episodes. The actor playing Sweeney, Pablo Schreiber played a friend of mine in another film (Benghazi), and he's a complete nut, perfect for this show. Trebla - I came to the same conclusion. Also, if the House on the Rock is going to be season 2's opener, MAN are they plodding along just slow as they please. If that's indeed the case, we could end up with more seasons than GoT at this rate, which I wouldn't complain about if the quality stay high. Is Ian McShane fantastic still or what? I'm an avid WW2 aviation history student, and re watch 1969's Battle of Britain film at least yearly, and every time I see McShane in that film, it blows me away he's still kicking ass. I truly hope the rumors of a Deadwood TV film/reboot are true. Regardless, McShane as Wednesday is something I'm finding myself looking forward to every week.
  13. They did release and awful lot of books which covered this, which they called "The DS9 Re launch", in at least some sort of semi official capacity. DS9 relaunch has its own wikipedia page, if you want to read about it, or ask Wert about it. I too wish they would go 5 or 10 years post Dominion War/Voyager, for all the excellent reasons Wert has already mentioned. If I was placing $ on best, I'd be betting large that Discovery is going to be in trouble ratings wise, and not just because of the content delivery method.
  14. Glad your daughter is OK. Incredibly tragic event. Having been hit by IEDs and VBIEDs myself, I'm very sad that your daughter had to experience this at her age, in such a great country and city.
  15. I would like to think that's true as well, hopefully those detractors won't matter. Still, I wish they would release it through regular channels, or at least NetFlix or some other similar, and already established, outlet.