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  1. Recommendations for two weeks in Japan

    Tokyo national museum is interesting, I spent 2 days there. Also, if you're into Japanese history and weapons, the Japan Sword Museum is in Tokyo as well. Opportunity to see many swords from famous makers, going back many centuries.
  2. They'll be looking for a lot more than a few seasons IMO. Also, the negatives to the Rebellion is having to get all new cast just after the current series end, replacing known and adored characters with mostly new people (due to age, example, look how much NCW playing Jaime has aged since 2010 when they filmed the first episodes/reshoots). There is also little room for "magic", and no dragons, a creature/concept sort of vital to the TV end of GOT, again, just IMO. That's why I'd guess it will be either the conquest, or perhaps the Dance. I do agree though that the rebellion would provide some great potential, telling that story on screen would be something I'd love to see. Again though, I think they would reject it just based on having to change out so many known, and most importantly recently known, actors for almost all of the characters. The show got away with it with Ned and some others being recast younger in the flashbacks, due to it being closer to a decade than not since he was seen on screen in that role. It wouldn't work with others like Jaime, Cercei, Tyrion (obviously), Baelish, etc...
  3. Reported that GRRM has stated that the GoT related thing he's working on with HBO is NOT either a Dunk/Egg or 9PK series, sooooo...I wonder what it'll be? Aegon's original conquest maybe, or perhaps Bob's Bellion now? Original Dance?
  4. Just finished the first episode of season 2. I noticed that the thumbnail for Last Kingdom on US region Netflix doesn't have the new graphics, nor the "New episodes coming weekly" infographics at the bottom of the thumbnail for the show in the Netflix page like Canada has right now. Maybe it isn't coming out for a while in the USA.... Enjoyed that part as well. "Uhtred, that borders on blasphemy".
  5. Snatch: the tv show

    Just finished first ep, I'm in for the rest now. I will say not being British, understanding WTF the characters are saying without subtitles can be a challenge.
  6. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    We're truly living in the golden age of TV - so many fantastic series, who would have thought just back in 2010 that Netflix would be producing so many great products, but HBO and other networks are proving up to the task too. SyFy with The Expanse, and now this program - Legion has completely blown me away, I've been waiting a while for something like this. A friend of a friend, Youtuber (Peter Chow/David Tong) from up here in Vancouver had one of his first notable TV rolls in this new show. I never thought I'd reach a place where, even being on disability and having limitless free time - I wouldn't have time to watch all the great new programs that I wish to. I'm literally playing catchup constantly, so many series I need to watch, example, we binged "Girls" right up to this week's episode, and still have dozens left to see. Speaking of Blacksails, just finished season 1, and started 2 tonight, Master and Commander being a top 5 film for me, I have no idea why I've waited so long, loving all things nautical from the age of sail. Legion I'll be making time for, continually. Really makes me hopeful too for more future projects in these characters' universe.
  7. BOOO. The icon for the program on Netflix just changed at 1AM on the 16th, the day it's advertised to release - it's the same as other Netflix shows that run concurrently with TV released episodes weekly, the icon box now says "New Episodes Weekly", it's identical to the icon/thumbnail for "Designated Survivor". No new episode yet either, I imagine it won't be available until tonight, close to or after the time it's released live on TV. Again, BOOOOO.
  8. I'm not in the US, and Canada's Netflix region specifically has advertised it - I use VPNs to watch Netflix in all regions, they cracked down on a few, but I have 2 VPNs that have access to every Netflix region/servers, and have servers that haven't been found yet by the anti-VPN teams at Netflix. When I logged into Canada's Netflix a couple days ago it had a large top of site advertisement for Last Kingdom Season 2, just no other info than the start date. Netflix Canada also has the trailer for Season 2 as the first item under the little bell/what's new button in the top right of the Netflix control panel/website controls. It 100% is coming out tomorrow in various Netflix regions, that isn't speculation, it's fact, otherwise Netflix wouldn't be advertising it in the number 1 spot on their homepage in 4 different regions I just checked. I suppose at 1am I'll know if it's the first episode only or the entire season.
  9. That stupid president/WH show with Kiefer Sutherland is week to week on Netflix in various regions/countries where it airs, and I've seen other programs that are the same, and follow the TV scheduled release dates (booo).
  10. Anyone know if they are releasing the entire series "Netflix style" - on or if they are going to be releasing the 2nd season one episode at a time? Really looking forward to this in a couple days, very much enjoyed the first season, and have watched it several times now.
  11. Bladerunner 2

    I feel much the same, when I first heard about this sequel/reboot/whatever, I swore I wouldn't allow myself to like it. Now that I've seen a bit of the previews and read some more about the production, I'm starting to come around.
  12. Daylight savings time sucks spring 2017!!!

    Have to say I agree with the OP. So many strange happenings on spring forward/fall back days over the years. The only positive thing I have to say about "living in the middle", states/provinces in the Central USA/Canada region, has been that the clocks don't move forward or backwards.
  13. I thought the actress who played Draper did a great job this episode, other than that, it was just a filler as others stated, at least for me. Interesting thought still. Corvinus, agree, nice job, describes how centripetal forces work on docked spacecraft on a station constructed in that manner.
  14. (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    Agree Antony, great, intensive ending. I will say however - This season is going to be great, they've got several interesting arcs from the end of last season which they're developing already, that I'm already contemplating the possible results. There is also a very new arc (their cliche Pilot/Attendant personas and that mission, while mysterious still, was well built so far).
  15. Political power and arms

    You realize that Canada has over 13 million firearms, and in most cities every 2nd home have at least one firearm according to RCMP/Firearms center statistics...Canada is nearly as well armed as the USA, just with more restrictions, but there are still hundreds of thousands of magazine fed semi auto rifles, and millions of handguns in Canadian hands. Do Canadian gun control laws and initiatives make you feel any safer? (Hint, they shouldn't). Banning certain types and having magazine restrictions has been shown to have little effect on reducing firearms violence. I give you Chicago as a perfect example, all kinds of restrictions, yet 4000 shootings per year, and nearly 1/5 of these fatalities (you're 80% likely to survive a pistol gunshot in the USA statistically due to modern medical capabilities, and how quickly EMS can get you to them). There are many other examples I can use. If there ever was a civil war in the USA, it would be extremely ugly, due to the extremely high rates of firearms ownership, and also the high rates of training and capability among the civilian population. Hundreds of thousands of veterans that have fought in the wars of the last 15 years, and hundreds of excellent shooting/fighting schools are out there who pass what they've learned on to civilians. Check out any of the large shooting schools, they are always booked years in advance, thousands of civilians learning to fight with firearms...millions in fact most likely. I fought against insurgents in 2 countries, and I can tell you that just a few hundred scattered here and there, with a fraction of the resources that millions of Americans have in terms of logistics - primarily weapons and ammunition - caused American and Allied forces a lot of grief, for a very, very long time. Guys with nothing compared to the training, experience, and capabilities that millions of Americans have, were able to make life pretty miserable for our team. As for the OP's question, I do think that the US people bearing arms has some effect on the landscape still, however I find it unlikely that the people will ever "rise up" regardless of anything our governments do. A government would have to do some pretty crazy things to push people to that edge, and I don't think either side/party will ever cross that line.