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  1. Glad your daughter is OK. Incredibly tragic event. Having been hit by IEDs and VBIEDs myself, I'm very sad that your daughter had to experience this at her age, in such a great country and city.
  2. I would like to think that's true as well, hopefully those detractors won't matter. Still, I wish they would release it through regular channels, or at least NetFlix or some other similar, and already established, outlet.
  3. Red Snow, I think that's a great point - Gene R and the cast and crew performed as if this "ground shaking" concept of mixed race casts was completely normal. Most of us accepted what they put forward as the new normal, which is about as progressive as you can get. DS9, I remember watching the episode live when the Dax character kissed one of her symbiant's former hosts/lovers. I didn't take any special note of it, and only after reading in the media back then as it was, all the fuss about it being such a "shocking" thing having two women kiss, did I realize it was a "first" for prime time TV. Considering how split the nation is right now on LGBT rights - and everything else - having this issue added to the numerous other things this new Trek series needs to battle...who knows, maybe since it's the right thing to do, it'll have the opposite effect and help this series surmount other problems. I remain concerned, but I'm hopeful.
  4. Since 40% of Americans aren't in favor of LGBT/etc , or characters based on these communities, and that number is pretty similar across the West where this show will air, not only are they taking a risk on their delivery message, but their content. These 2 things combined are going to make the success of this show a very steep uphill battle in my opinion. Which sucks, as I'm really looking forward to some of the characters and ideas they are implementing in tradition of past Trek (DS9 being the first woman/woman kiss on prime time, TOS having one of the first really multi racial casts, etc).
  5. I'm not liking what I'm seeing so far either - at all. Hopefully a full episode will surprise me, but I'm not hopeful.
  6. Here here. I realize the thread is about console gaming, but when talking about retro/favorite consoles, it's difficult to have that conversation in a gaming context without talking about the first home gaming PCs. I was of a similar age, around 11 when I got my first C64, and then I got the 128 which did nothing the 64 didn't do except look "cooler". SO many great C64 games, it truly launched the PC gaming craze we're still in today, as the Vic20 or PET computer (I had the PET too, my first PC, it was in Star Trek Wrath of Khan, and my uncle owned the first Commodore store in Canada back in the 80s). I still mess with an emulator on my modern gaming PCs, when feeling nostalgic for some of the great C64 games, but it just isn't the same. I only wish I'd hung on to the old PCs and consoles I've had over the years, I only have the Intelivision left, and that was by fluke as it was packed away in a box of other important things.
  7. Old school is Pong, Intelivision, ColecoVision, and Atari, not SNES. The Intelivision was the first console I was given, it had an additional voice synth device that was only supported by a few games, but I had all of them. Atari was a decent system, and the famous Donkey Kong was on the Coleco system, but the Intelivision had some of the first role playing and other adventure type games, and IMO was the superior system of the three. It also feature a controller with more than just a couple buttons, it had 4 buttons, and a full telephone type keypad which you could slip plastic control cards over that came with the games, giving thousands of possible control combos/etc. Once PC gaming came around with the Commodore 64, I've only bought consoles for specific games that aren't available on PC. The "NHL" hockey game series on Sega Genesis comes to mind, and of course the Halo series and some others like that. I wouldn't argue with anyone placing the SNES as the number 1 on a list, that's for sure, it truly put console gaming on the "map". In fact the OP post pretty much IMO says it all.
  8. When was the last time the longer term/high post count members all met together in person? Was it at the Hugo awards or a convention of some kind? Is this a yearly thing?
  9. I'm saying that it's doubtful that China would do anything where it would end up sharing a border with the South, responding to your suggestion of annexation, the solution you yourself have suggested - the annexation of the DPRK by China. Any Korean re unification, regardless of how it happens, or an annexation of the North by China, result in the same thing strategically for China: a shared border with South Korea/Korea which has a large contingent of established US bases, as well as a presence of US troops and air power, not to mention South Korea's own huge and advanced military. Considering the lengths China is going to in the South China Sea, building up Island bases and militarizing them, all in order to keep US/ALlied/ETC forces further away from the mainland, and add anti access/area denial depth should they ever have to fight in the South China Sea, making a move which shortens the distance to their largest perceived threat, ie ending up with a common border with the ROK/US forces, is the 1/x of what they've been up to recently. Even IF the US agreed to withdraw some or all of its forces, they are really a drop in the bucket compared to the ROK forces, whose forces outnumber their US counterparts massively. There is only a wing of US fighters, F16s, some A10s, and about 20k of US Army troops, the 8th Army, which is made up largely of the 2nd Infantry Division and its attachments. It's not even 30k total US forces including all the air, land, and small contingent of naval forces permanently stationed int he ROK. You can't "draw down" the bases, which the US could surge forces into VERY quickly in time of conflict even IF the USA withdrew all their troops in some sort of "deal" with China. So long as the ROK and its military exists, the US can deploy there, and so far as air power goes, very quickly.
  10. The last thing China wants is to share a border with South Korea where US troops and bases are. The DPRK has always been a great buffer zone for China.
  11. Revolutions in the context you're suggesting - over politics/government/etc - have historically involved violence, ie force, in nearly every case. Violent - as in not throwing fireworks and bottles, but smaller much faster, and harder projectiles, in the 3000 foot per second range. In the USA, which side, the left or the right, has the majority of such weapons, ammunition, and more importantly the training and ability to use them? If you think any kind of revolution using force from the left has a hope of winning vs the right, you aren't being very realistic. That's such a non starter that it's almost laughable. Exactly - it takes more than bandanas, black clothes, a backpack, some dreadlocks, and the ability to throw things or hit people with bike locks. What's funny is that one of the heroes of "the revolution", said things perfectly clearly, and accurately. Mao Zedong, said nearly 80 years ago that "all political power grows/flows from the barrel of a gun". Strangely, you don't see many Antifa people picking up Mao's mantle. The other side however.... So far as some technical/technology miracle that somehow would overthrow those evil Republicans and right wingers, and give power back to the nice, thoughtful, and competent left wingers and Democrats...I wouldn't be holding my breath.
  12. Regarding driving on the left/right, a Brit Youtber I've watched and communicated for years with, LindyBeige, had a great video a while back on the subject from his always very...British...position. Some good info IMO, and entertaining as always.
  13. Those return landing videos are even more impressive when there is some scale to them - it's easy to underestimate just how big those things are from the videos. Googling some pictures of people standing next to them, securing them after they've landed and cooled off/whatever - it's really an amazing thing something so large can do this. What a fine balance between thrust/gravity those engines must keep to set something so large with so much mass down gently enough to not wipe out.
  14. I wonder if they can find that magic formula that B5 and DS9 had - they had a combination of episodic and season, even series long story arcs, and it always seemed to work. Any new Trek is something I'm happy to see coming, it's been far, far too long.
  15. Anyone else see the triangle lights + 1 forward light object appear in the rocket camera, and then they cut the feed right away? The same object has been seen on video from the ISS - sure didn't look like "ice crystals" or "space junk", and was identical to previous objects seen on ISS feeds before, and there is proof of that on the net already. Could be some classified observation/recon craft, like the x37 but actually classified in existence, and not just mission. I'm not going to sully the thread with links, it's mostly the UFO types mentioning this, but I did find it interesting that the shape of lights/objects seen in the launch a couple days ago were identical to other light formations seen from the ISS cameras, and the feeds are always cut within a second of them showing up. Such an amazing achievement, the faster SpaceX gets certified fully for manned space flight, the better.