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  1. Hi guys, I've read and seen many comments on the Arya vs Sansa storyline in this season and specifically this episode 6 which pissed off a lot of people to watch Arya being a psychopathe with no empathy for Sansa. Even though it felt over dramatised, I think Arya is well aware of LF's game, she is testing Sansa's will to know how much of the young Sansa is left in her, after all they haven't seen each other in a while, she wants to be sure Winterfell is in good hands; I think she's waiting to catch LF and play his game making him loose his guard, before stabbing him in the heart.haha Well, that is just my thoughts, I don't think D&D and all the writer's team would write a stupid bully psychopathe Arya, she is well trained and saw in this episode that her sister is redeeming herself by fighting for her house ( without her, Ramsey would still be there) and that they will at the end have at least mutual respect if not some sort of sister to sister love. What are your thoughts about it?
  2. Wow, that's lovely to read. It's impressive knowing that apparently British accents are more difficult to do that an standard American one, so for a Danish or an American both Jaime and Tyrion are doing a great job. I hoped at some point that we'll hear accents from other countries like French, Carribbean, or Chinese, but my knowledge on the Game of Thrones World is quite small and I don't think it was meant to replicate our own real world. Even though in my head, Westeros is like the equivalent of the UK, Dorne is Spain/South America and East we have the 9 free cities/Dothraki Sea/The Red Waste that would be kind of the Middle East/Asia.
  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys. I'm quite interested in accents, but as a foreigner I can't tell if the consistency is respected, nor if the accents are the same whitin the same family. I was aware that for instance Sansa and Jon don't have the same accent, but it's interesting as you guys have an ear for it you might indeed feel a bit frustrated. Accents are rarely well done in tv/movies/theatre, it takes a lot of hard work and a dialect/accent coach on set for every single line to be sure it's respected. I always wondered if the Valyrian language was always consistent for all of the characters that speak it, I know they have a dialect coach on set and that apparently Grey worm has the best Valyrian from what I recall from an interview. Same for the Dothraki, but for this one it seems quite consistent to my ear. What about the Lannisters? Jaimie is played by a Danish actor but he seems quite good, it sounds like Cercei, Tywin or Jaime are using RP to me, Not sure about Tyrion though, is it a mix of American/southern british? I also love Bronn's accent, note sure where to place it, but definitely a Northern accent.
  4. Valar Morgulis, I was curious about the accents used in GoT, what are the accents of the different Houses? different characters? Jon Snow doesn't have the same accent as Davos or Varys...etc if anyone is good at accents and can tell me like which one they have that would be cool to know a bit more! Cheers
  5. Thank you Newstar, They might develop Robert Baratheon's rebellion and other stories in the futur, who knows. I'll keep an eye on it.
  6. Hi lovelies, I hope you're having a lovely summer. I was wondering if you guys know about any season 8 auditions? and if Yes, do you think we'll have other major characters casted? Do we already have an official season 8 release date? Cheers
  7. So no hopes for new characters from the nine free cities?
  8. Hi guys, I was wondering if you know any good places to watch Game Of Thrones live in London? Maybe some Pubs, or fan screenings venues or anything you have heard of? Cheers!
  9. Hi guys, I know that i am a bit ahead of the schedule, but as an actor, i also know that soon we'll see the casting breakdown for season 7, so there is still hope.haha I would like to know if you think that for the season 7, we will have a lot of new important characters or they will just keep a small amount of them by the end of season 6 and keep developping them for the final? I think there will be a season 7, but not sure if they have decided to go for a season 8? We are close to the end and i was wondering if there will be enough material to see new great and diverse characters? Thanks for your ideas!
  10. Very interesting to read many of you guys, some are getting seriously damaged by the tv show, you have to cool down a bit, it's a Tv show BASED on the book, we all know that and still we keep criticizing D&D. Of course there is a lot of weird stuff, bad staging, weird CGI, weird acting (don't forget that actors respond to director's direction, they don't really have there word in the editing room, they just give as much color as possible in every takes and then it's an artistic choice to keep that acting beat than the other other part of the buisness;)) also sometimes there is bad writing for some characters but they are doing an honest job about it in my opinion, , we have no idea how hard and tough is this buisness (yes, sorry it's a buisness) they have to cut pieces off, a lot off it and change some things here and there. But it's also true that many times i had the feeling that they didn't know what they were doing, maybe they had a lot of production's problems to deal with, i don't know what happened and i don't defend them, i am sur they can improve, but maybe they are keeping the gold for the next seasons, they probably already have an idea about how they will end. Anyway, i have a good feeling about the end of this season, the white walkers seems to be damn tough to fight with, i don't know why i have a feeling that they are not THE big threat, there is something behind there attitude, they don't kill to just kill and make their army bigger, the Night King seems to have a plan, i also though for a moment that the White Walker knight that Jon Snow killed was Uncle Benjen, that's why he didn't really tried to kill him, like he was trying to give him a chance to save himself by using that damn Valyrian sword to help him know about his magical power against the white walkers (i know sorry, weird though, it's very late out here.haha).
  11. They ( or the casting team ) can also have an other member account to check on things whitout beeing noticed, they don't have to use the official member account. :read:
  12. If you have some acting work i would love to see how Aeron could be with you and give you a feedback if you want. Anyway, give it a try, you have nothing to loose to send your self taped audition to Nina Gold's office. Goodluck
  13. You are right, thanks for the advice, sometimes i get excited by a subject and do not think to pay attention. And don't worry guys, no apologize needed, everything is fine, well i should go back to my books! Peace and love :cheers:
  14. Noooooooooooooooo, i am still reading the books.haha what a funny theory! Well, better have to finish A Feast for Crows and ADWD!
  15. Sooooo one actor for two characters that are so different...hmmmm...well it's also a buisness, it's cheaper to pay one actor than two i guess. I am suprised, but lets see how all that will turn. Thanks for the info.