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  1. Robert Arryn snuck into Sansa's room, suckled her breasts then wet her bed. If that along with Lysa's proposed betrothal doesn't make him a proper suitor I don't know what would.
  2. Maybe if Bronn lost his duel and Lysa threw Tyrion out of the moon door the Vale would have felt compelled to fight the Lannisters with Robb as an ally fearing future Lannister retribution. But unless Harrold didn't exist and Robert Arryn was born a healthy female for Robb Stark to marry I don't see the Vale kneeling to Robb. There would really be no reason too.
  3. Jonsa, One more reason GRRM hates fan fiction sites.
  4. Would Lord Lyonel Baratheon's duel against Aegon V's champion Dunk count?
  5. Yes. I fully believe Viserys would have taken Dany's hand and/or have her severely beaten. He ordered Ser. Jorah to have Dany beaten once before. Viserys is not a good person if you haven't noticed. He beats his 13 year old sister and used her maidenhead as currency. He would have took it himself if he wasn't planning on using it to buy an army. Dany broke this law when she struck her King and made him bleed his own blood in Vaes Dothrak. Then he was never a King because he never ruled in Westeros. Your making my point for me. Viserys was only a King to Daenerys. That's the only subject he ever ruled over. Robert ruled over all of Westeros while Viserys ruled over a girl until she turned 13. Viserys never sat the Throne and never ruled so how can he be recorded as a King? Like you said he lived his adult life in Essos where he had no power and was not considered a King there. Again you make my point. When Braavos demands Dany pay back the debt the Crown owes them do think she'll tell them "but Robert wasn't really a King" and Braavos will except this?
  6. Not much with Viserys obviously, that's why I think considering him a King during Robert's reign is silly. I don't think the histories will consider him a King either even if a Targaryen ends up back on the Throne.
  7. Maybe AA knew he had to murder a sibling and a spouse so he married his sister so he only had to kill one person?
  8. No she struck a king. A prince or princess still serves at the pleasure of a king as his subjects. That's why Viserys tells her she'll regret hitting him when he comes into his Kingdoms. He as King Viserys tells her she'll regret it implying punishment as is his right as her King. She broke the King's laws by breaking open the King's face. Aegon is still a King even in Essos as you believe Viserys to still be one while he's in Essos. Does Illyrio not refer to Viserys as Your Grace? Illyrio is not Westerosi. So how can it not be Kingslaying? You slay a King your a Kingslayer. Good point. Daenerys was also ordering around Ser. Jorah who swore himself to King Viserys. Dany undermines her King by giving his man Jorah orders. That seems like borderline treason in itself.
  9. But Dany is, and the fact she did not punish them for murdering her King means punishing anyone who removed her Mad father is a double standard. Read what I wrote again. I said Kingslaying not Kinslaying. Which the Dothraki that Dany rewards are guilty of if Viserys is a King. Anyone who commits a crime against a King is guilty of that crime no matter what or where they are or else he was never a King in the first place. Dany herself considers Viserys her King while they are in Vaes Dothraki where he was murdered. "He was still her King, after all, and her brother" This is where Dany should lose a hand as punishment for when she struck King Viserys with a belt. That's treason twice over, for shedding blood in Vaes Dothrak and for striking her King. So if Aegon I had went to Myr on his Dragon and was killed by a merchant would that merchant not be guilty of Kingslaying? If a Dothraki went to Westeros and murdered Aerys II would that not be the crime of Kingslaying?
  10. Exactly. If a King visits Braavos and one of his Kingsguard murder him it's still a crime even though they aren't in Westeros.
  11. Then who is? You made it obvious that you see Viserys as King and don't recognize Robert as one. If Viserys has no subjects, even the Dothraki who promised to fight for his claim then who is he the King over? His sister? It's smart to ignore Kingslaying? Dany is setting a dangerous precedent for herself.
  12. Drogo backed out of his promise to give Viserys his army. That's treason. If King Aerys had the right to murder innocents without repercussions then King Viserys does as well. Murdering a King is treason, Dany not punishing them would be the same as her not punishing the usurper and his dogs, if not then it's a double standard.
  13. By your logic didn't Dany usurp King Viserys? Is she not guilty of treason? She supported the men who murdered her rightful King Viserys. Instead of executing everyone involved in killing King Viserys' she made them her top advisers.
  14. Aerys would send a follow up raven demanding Jon Arryn send him his own head. Emboldened by this strategy Aerys would then start sending ravens to any Lord he was suspicious of demanding they send them their own heads because it worked with Jon Arryn. Then after Rhaella gives birth he betroths Daenerys to his heir Viserys.
  15. Wouldn't Yoren be an oath breaker as well then? For sneaking Arya away from the Crown and trying to take her back to Winterfell. Was that not interfering with the affairs of the realm?