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  1. I don't think your going to find a clinical answer for why she survived fire and asphyxiation. This is a world with dragons, giants and ice zombies. She survived because of some sort of magics and hatch dragons, I think you'v just got to take it at face value. I don't think she died either, her heart never stopped beating and she never went unconscious,. I think Ilyrio is speaking of her metaphorical rebirth. She was once a frightened child and became a conqueror through her trails and tribulations.
  2. I definitely agree that Aegon V very much wanted to hatch dragons. I don't believe he'd sacrifice a babe of his own blood to try to do so though. If I remember correctly Dany would put her dragon eggs on top her pregnant belly, maybe that helped awaken them so they could be hatched later on. So maybe that's why Aegon V thought he needed a pregnant Rhaella at Summerhall. So she could place the eggs on her belly, then after that he'd put the eggs in the wildfire or something. Before the dance when Targ babes were born they'd but a egg in their cradle and somethings that egg would hatch and that dragon would become the child's. Perhaps that is the connection Aegon V was looking for, between pregnant Targaryen's and dragon hatching.
  3. Well, she was not afraid of a bloody sword.
  4. By the time Dany gets the Westeros there is a good chance she will probably be facing off against people who had little to do with Robert's Rebellion. Like (f)Aegon and Euron for an example, then when that's done she'll probably have to deal with the dead next. She won't be facing the foes of her father/brother but new foes who are after her crown.
  5. I don't know, I guess it would depend on what the one doing the ritual considers to be "king's blood". All I said is if Melisandre considers Mance's blood to be "king's blood" then I think she'd consider a Khal to have "king's blood" as well, since they both became/become kings/khals in very similar ways.
  6. Well if you want to get technical about it there is evidence for Jon/Satin as well. Jon comments on how pretty Satin is almost as many times as does Val. He also makes Satin his squire/top steward, passing over many men more qualified but not nearly as good looking.
  7. Depends on who you ask probably. Though if Melisandre considers Mance's blood as "king's blood" then I think she'd consider a Khal's blood "king's blood" as well. Like a Dothraki Khal, Mance got his kingship through being the strongest and smartest leader among his piers.
  8. Of course, lying and spying on your queen or king is treason. Daenerys even considers it as "one of her three treasons she will know." So she definitely considers it to be treason.
  9. Except after Drogo and the babe are dead Jorah doesn't seem to keen on going back to Pentos and doesn't mention it again. He wants her to leave with him and start a life together and sell the dragon eggs. He never mentions Illyrio or returning home to Bear Island. "My...queen," Ser Jorah said, going to one knee."My sword that was his is yours, Daenerys. And my heart as well, that never belonged to your brother. I am only a knight, and I have nothing to offer you but exile, but I beg you, hear me. Let Khal Drogo go. You shall not be alone. I promise you, no man shall take you to Vaes Dothrak unless you wish to go. You need not join the dosh khaleen. Come east with me. Yi Ti Quarth, the Jade Sea, Asshia by the Shadow. We will see all the wonders yet unseen, and drink what wines the gods see fit to serve us. Please, Khaleesi. I know what you intend. Do not. Do not. He basically proposes to her in hopes of them living in exile together like he did with Lynesse. No wonder why she took her chances in the funeral pyre. And that's his problem, he's so obsessed with her he doesn't treat her as he should. As his Queen. Lying to a Queen is treason and to continue to keep lying to her shows he has no real respect for her rule, in my opinion. Honestly, I think he figured he'd keep lying to her until he could bed her, for if she knew what he was doing she'd never trust him enough to even consider letting him in her bed. Had he truly been thinking with his heart instead of his member then he would have confessed his treason after she birthed her dragons. She seemed to be in a forgiving mood at the time, yet he still sends reports behind her back after she birthed the dragons.
  10. Then why does he want to take her to Asshai? That doesn't sound like a very safe place at all, and its far away from Varys and Ilyrio's network of influence. If he wanted to follow Illryio and Varys orders/plans to keep her safe and under their care wouldn't he have wanted to take Dany back to Pentos? Exactly which is why he does everything he can to get her to become attracted to him and eventually take him as a husband. Which he later flat out suggests to her after he kisses her and she rejects him because she wasn't into it. The kissing or the idea of him as a husband. I guess this could have been an added reason on top of why he already wanted her. If it never happened I doubt his feelings would be any different though. Jorah was a slave trader himself, I'm sure he knew some of the people he sold into slavery were raped or even worse. We'll have to agree to disagree on that. I don't think he idolized her, I'd say obsessed is a a better word for it. He still sends his reports to King's Landing without telling her after that happens. If he idolized her from that point I think he would have told her everything he'd been doing behind her back. Then after she sends him away from Meereen because he shows no remorse for his spying he goes to a brothel and finds a girl that looks like Dany to sleep with. I doubt he idolized that girl either.
  11. He may not love her but he certainly lusts after her and wants her sexually. As soon as Drogo falls from his horse Jorah tries to talk Daenerys into going with him to Asshai. That's what I meant by him taking Dany and getting as far away from where they are as possible. After Drogo is a zombie and her babe is dead he continues to try to get her to go with him to Asshai and other places. I doubt he just wants to be her father figure. In your opinion when does he fall in love/lust with Dany then, if he wasn't by the time he saved her from the poison wine?
  12. Jon, named after Rhaegar's second bestest friend after Arthur Dayne, Jon Connington. Then when Ned found him he named him after his foster father Jon Arryn. Rhaegar and Ned both named him the same thing.
  13. Jorah wanted to look like a hero to Daenerys so I wouldn't be surprised if he set the whole wine thing up. He wanted to be her brave Westerosi Knight in hopes she'd start falling for him. if Jorah thought for second that only Drogo would drink that poison wine I'd bet he'd do nothing. Wait for Drogo to die and take Dany and those dragon eggs and get out of dodge.
  14. Maybe they just wanted Margaery to become Robert's mistress, have him fall in love with her so he would listen to what she whispered into his ear. In theory she could suggest new members for the Small Council/City Watch/KG/ect. and fill King's Landing with Tyrells and their supporters. Then when Robert croaked the Tyrells would be in a prime position to put Renly on the Throne and then marry him to Margaery. Renly could put the remaining Lannisters under lock and key like he wanted to do with Eddard. All believed possible because of how much Bob moaned about his lost love Lyanna. Renly and company thought Margaery could be Robert's new Lyanna.
  15. I once had a theory that Rhaegar first went to the ruins of Summerhall because he was going to try and rebuild it all by himself without Aerys' permission. However the manual labor was too tough for the silver prince so he just got drunk and wrote a song while he was there. The song was a hit and when he sung it it made all the maidens weep. So that's why he kept going back to Summerhall, to write and sing songs that make maidens wet cry. Summerhal was his muse and it's where he sharpened his skills as a musician. If that doesn't make the ruins of Summerhall important I don't know what else possibly could.