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  1. I also completely agree. Then afterwords as they are traveling 13 year old Daenerys is actually "thankful" that Drogo gives her a pillow to cry her screams of agony into as he savagely rapes her from behind every night. It always disgusted me and I had a hard time reading those chapters. I never liked Drogo and never thought of Dany and Drogo as some epic love story some people believe them to be.
  2. Robb was fighting a war that was impossible to win from the start because of his tides to the Riverlands. He would have been fighting wars for the rest of his life to defend the borders of the Riverlands unless who ever sat on the Iron Throne acknowledged his Kingship of the North and Trident. Also the fact that Lysa didn't aid the Stark/Tully cause with her husband's armies made it impossible for him to win especially when the Reach joined the Lannisters. Then on top of that you throw in Balon finally getting his chance to go after the Starks with his Iron Born invasion of the North. Robb was a very good general and leader but not even a great general would have been able to overcome the odds Robb was facing. Now if the Vale would have joined Robb and Theon was somehow able to convince Balon to join Robb's cause things would have gotten very interesting.
  3. Wasn't Tyrion's marriage to Tysha annulled in some way? I mean a septon did marry them. Was Tywin able to have it annulled on the grounds that she was a "whore" or so he claimed? Did he ever get the faiths approval at any point?
  4. I simply don't see Eddard Stark dishonoring a high born woman that he is not even betrothed to especially if he has strong feelings for her. IF he was in love with Ashara I think he would have begged his father and her's to except a betrothal between the two before he'd sleep with her. That leaves Brandon Stark, who we know has no qualms about sleeping with high born Ladies who he isn't going to marry. Ned and Ashara may have fell in love at Harrenhal but if a Stark bedded her it was Brandon, in my opinion. I don't see why her suicide would be hard to except, we know practically nothing about her personality.
  5. Isn't Benjen the only child of Rickard Stark that doesn't have grey eyes? Aren't his eyes in fact, blue? Blue like the Others!
  6. Rhaegar wouldn't fight in any trail. He sat out the entire war and only fought the last battle after Aerys sent Gerold Hightower to find him and bring him out of hiding. If Brandon was given a trail by seven he would have most likely picked the men that accompanied him on his trip to King's Landing. Of course they'd still be two short, whether or not they found two more men in King's Landing willing to fight for them the result would have been the same as if they didn't, Aerys would burn them all alive.
  7. Maybe Aerys sent his Kingsguard to capture Rhaegar and Lyanna and forced them to breed.
  8. In this universe Roose Bolton would definitely be AA/TPtwP/most handsome man alive.
  9. Sure, but I'm not saying Stannis has to be AA or TPtwP. Just that he could possibly be a dragon rider. If (f)Aegon is fake and neither Tyrion nor anyone else is a secret Targaryen, besides Jon, I think it's possible Stannis could be the third dragon rider.
  10. Honestly why is Stannis never considered as a possible dragon rider? He's 1/4 Targaryen and bonded with his goshawk proudwing. I mean some people believe Quentyn was on the verge of taming a dragon successfully and Stannis has way more Targaryen blood then him. Why not Stannis?
  11. It would be funny if Rhaegar planned to name Jon after Jon Connington for whatever reason, then Ned ironically named him after Jon Arryn not knowing this.
  12. I heard their men are fond of sheep.
  13. I doubt he'd care much about Jon and his possible parentage. Jon's at the Wall and is not a player right now. I think it's more important about what Varys wants rather then what he knows. Right now Varys wants to get his (f)Aegon on the Iron Throne. All his scheming and plotting has lead to this. He has to create conflict between the Lannisters and Tyrells.
  14. In what universe could Jaime charging a dragon and it's rider be considered a cowardly move? If Jaime still had his right hand he would have thrown the spear and killed Daenerys. I couldn't help but cheer for Jaime this season. I wanted him to beat the Tyrells. I wanted him to beat the savage Dothraki. I cheered when Bronn hit the dragon with the bolt. To me Jaime looked like the valiant knight ready to put his life on the line to slay the dragon Queen and end the war. I dunno, It's hard to root for savage Dothraki and dragons when they are killing Westerosi men trying to defend their homeland.