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  1. If it came to a point where somehow the lords of Westeros wanted either a Targaryen or Baratheon restoration then they could just propose a compromise with a marriage between Mya Stone and Jon Snow. A lot of people would have to be dead for them to want to support two supposed bastards though. The Faith would throw a fit.
  2. An argument could be made that 13 year old Dany suffered from Stockholm Syndrome, which is why she started to love Drogo after he brutally took every night while she cried into a pillow. Who knows who told Brandon Stark what. Someone must have told him Rhaegar was in King Landing when he wasn't, maybe they also told him Rhaegar was keeping his sister his bed slave or maybe even killed her. Also it was an imprisoned and drunk Jaime Lannister telling Catelyn that Brandon Stark used the words "come out and die," while he's trying goad her. He may not have been telling the full truth. Who knows what else Brandon may have said or if those were the exact words he used. IIRC, Jaime is the only one who gave an account of what happen, until I hear the same from another character I'm going to take what Jaime said with a grain of salt.
  3. Well the Reach isn't at full strength because of (f)Aegon's invasion, so if there was ever a time to go for Old Town I guess now is the time. Also I think Euron's goal may not be to sack and win Old Town, but cause even chaos to maybe sneak into the Citadel or High Tower and steal something important. I don't think any of the plans Euron has laid out for the Iron Born are completely honest. I doubt he trusts Victarion to follow through with his orders. I'm sure he realizes he doesn't have the man power with his current forces to hold and keep a large part of the Reach either.
  4. Thank the Seven that Euron is attacking the Reach which is helping his cause. Once he hears Daenerys is MIA and isn't going to be ready to help his conquest anytime soon he should marry Arianne and get Dorne's armies. Then pray his "friends from the Reach" are ready for him to take King's Landing and turn on the Reach lords loyal to the Lannisters/Tyrells. Tell Varys and his birds to quit messing with Cersei and finally kill her already. Once he has King's Landing then he can reassess everything and go from there. Send an envoy to the Iron Bank and tell them Stannis is frozen is in the North and the "real Targaryen king" is back in charge and if they want to see some repayment send him some ships and gold ASAP. Also do everything he can to support the faith and smallfolk so they are on his side. Then if his Aunt isn't willing to become his second wife and co ruler and instead decides to try ro usurp him she'll look like a foreign invader with savage armies trying to kinslay him for ultimate power.
  5. It was an easy choice for Daenerys, she had to have known after she freed the Unsullied they would want to fight for her. It's not like they were going to sail to the Summer Isles and start families after they were freed. They were basically Ser. Barristan after Robert's Rebellion, they needed someone to fight for and lead them because fighting and obedience is all they'v ever known. The Slavers probably figured they could always make more Unsullied, getting a dragon is a once in a lifetime deal. If they were somehow able to tame the dragon they could use it like a sellsword company, and fly it to cities who paid them enough to scare off Dothraki or hostiles at their door. They were already looked to for those that needed protection and needed Unsullied in the first place.
  6. Jon Con is fAegon's chosen Hand, the one man fAegon trust most in the world. So I don't see them getting rid of him anytime soon. As one of Rhaegar's close friends, they need Jon Con to support fAegon once he gets on the Throne. Or else it will be the Golden Company and bunch of people who have never seen Rhaegar before supporting his supposed son. Also Connington has way more experience in battles and leading men then Darkstar. Darkstar is not really liked by anyone in Dorne and has never lead any armies in Westeros as far as we know. All of the rumors about him known to people are bad, not really someone who people would want to follow. He's yet to do anything that would make him qualified to lead anyone, let alone the Golden Company, who have no reason to trust him. I can see him hiding out and trying to steal Starfall from Edric while Dorne's soldiers leave to join Faegon, Maybe even sneak into the Water Gardens and befoul the pools that the children swim in so Doran is forced to close them down.
  7. The North lacked ships and was in open rebellion against the Crown with most of their fighting forces in the Riverlands. That's why Ned told Catelyn to keep Theon hostage no matter what. The North was the easiest pickings for the Iron Born and Balon wanted fast victories and castles to go along with his new Kingship.
  8. Jon Snow will never sleep with or marry anyone who he is even remotely related to by blood. Stannis will be a dragonrider. Darkstar will do something cool eventually and not get slapped around by Balon Swann.
  9. If Robert had a child with Lyanna he'd legitimize him and make him his heir. Then go on and on about how Jon was the product of their undying love.
  10. Tywin and the Tyrells had a lot to do with that victory as well, it wasn't simply just Tyrion and the wildfire. Still, Stannis is considered the better battle commander then Roose. During TWot5K Roose was basically losing battle's on purpose instead of winning them. Roose openly admits he has trouble controlling Ramsay. Doesn't change the fact they are a threat to Ramsay's claim to the North if Walda has any sons. It's in his best interest if the Freys in the North all die.
  11. I think Ramsey will want as many Freys as possible to die in the battle. Any children Roose has with Walda are a threat to Ramsey's claim, he knows the Freys in the North with support and protect any children Roose has with Walda. That and the discord with the Manderlys trying to sabotage Roose's efforts could have a huge impact. Plus I think Stannis is cooking up something brilliant strategically. We know from the Greyjoy Rebellion and the battle with the wildlings he knows what he's doing when it comes to battle tactics. If only he could figure out how to talk to people.
  12. IIRC Alys was just nice enough to dance and talk to Jon as well as Robb, where as all the other young ladies that came to Winterfell with their lord fathers probably just ignored Jon and focused all their attention on Robb. Doesn't exactly mean she preferred one over the other. Ned should have arranged a betrothal for Robb before he went south and had him married well before winter came. Edddard seemed blasé about his elder children's marriages until Robert brought up the Joeffrey match. However he had to have known Robb needed to marry a northern lady since he himself married a southerner. This all comes back to haunt Robb when he is not even betrothed when he crosses the Twins. Catelyn should have made a match with one of the northern lords before she stepped into her negotiations with Walder Frey.
  13. If his analyse allows Stannis to ride a dragon I support it.
  14. Maybe there wasn't enough wet nurses in Winterfell at the time. Strong Robin is a hungry lad and needs his milk to grow strong.
  15. The Freys, who have maintained that Robb and his men turned into Direwolfs and starting attacking people during the wedding.