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  1. I feel like Tyrion overstates his cyvasse rating. Sure his game would be considered top shelf in most of Westeros. But Essos? I doubt he'd even make the top 100. Heck, I doubt he'd crack the top 10 in Dorne.
  2. I was never big on Daenerys not being who we think she is theories. Dany is the only known 100% for sure real true born Targaryen. If this theory was true she'd be a bastard, I don't see what that would add to the story. Also what type of person would Arthur Dayne be if all this was true? He stays loyal to Rhaegar while Rhaegar takes his highborn sister as a mistress then takes Lyanna as another one? Was that Oswell Whent's plan as well? Did he organize the tourney at Harrenhal to set up the fair Whent maid to be Rhaegar's next paramour? Where does Rhaegar's mad harem end?
  3. I have to agree. Barb tells us that Brandon Stark had no qualms about taking a highborn Lady's maidenhead when they were not even betrothed. We learn in the same book that Ashara turned to "Stark" instead of Barristan. Barristan knew Eddard Stark and seemed to respect him. Which is why I think he would have just referred to him as Lord Eddard or Lord Stark in his POV. Where as by referring to someone by only their last name is not only impersonal but is almost an insult. I feel like that's how he would refer to a less honorable wild cocksman like Brandon, who never in fact held the title of Lord as he died at the same time as his father. I also don't see Ned, who didn't even have the nerve to ask for a dance, sleeping with any women he was not married too, especially a highborn Lady like Ashara. Ned would probably see it as dishonoring her. So I think the child Ashara lost was Brandon's. The whole Rhaegar/Ashara and Arthur/Elia potential girl swapping scenario because the Dornish are kinky theme is interesting but I have a hard time buying into any of those theories with what we'v been giving so far. Could it have happened? Sure. Would it surprise me? A little.
  4. Well they say the best revenge is living and living well. Poor plain faced Ned won in the end. Catelyn ended up loving Eddard almost as much as Robert did.
  5. Nope. A random knight can make anyone a knight for any reason. In the Dunk and Egg series a knight agreed to knight a prostitute's son in exchange to her services. That's why some of the characters in the series don't put much stock into a knighthood.
  6. Then Ashara agrees on the condition that Brandon saves her a dance later that night away from prying eyes. She wants to tame the wild wolf, make him howl, but only for her.
  7. Cersei probably figured since Tywin was able to handle Varys over the years she would be able to as well. In her warped mind she thinks she's as smart or even smarter then Varys, and Baelish for that matter.
  8. Try telling that to Barristan on those cold lonely nights in the White Sword Tower.
  9. I don't think she was either foreign or a prostitute. Just a common born daughter of a candlestick maker. Her station may have had little to do with the situation in Tywin's eyes. She was a women who sought to replace Tywin's mother's position and was succeeding. She took her place at the table and was wearing her jewels. All this without even being Tytos lawful wife though it seems she was the Lady of Casterly Rock in all but name. I would not dismiss the effect all this had on Tywin's outlook on remarrying. He obviously had a great deal of respect for Joanna and didn't want to do anything that would be seen as replacing her in the eyes of his family, people or even himself. And that ended up working out so well for Jon Arryn and Lysa.
  10. Tywin was probably paranoid of being made a fool of by a gold digging younger woman because of what happened with his father. That and Cersei would probably throw a massive tantrum. Overall it was just easier for him to visit prostitutes on the down low every now and then.
  11. But why? They are not even remotely related.
  12. This actually might be a good option. I could see Jon being a widower and really pulling it off. It would give him yet another excuse to mope around and brood. I definitely picture Jon as a widower before having multiple wives. It never seems to end well.
  13. His cyvasse skills are middling at best. He is also a poor sport when playing said game.
  14. The fact that Sansa is suppose to look a great deal like Catelyn Stark might bother Jon. Every time he looks at Sansa he'll see the woman who was disgusted by his very existence. On the other hand there is Arya who is said to look a great deal like Jon's real mother. The woman he dreamed and fantasized about holding him and kissing his boo-boo's. Then there is his Aunt Daenerys who is almost as beautiful as his real father that he has no idea he is related too. Finally there is Val of the Northern Free Folk. She is strong, trustworthy, incredibly beautiful and regal. She is also the only one of the four who is in the same location as Jon.