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  1. Euron Greyjoy, everyone loves a charismatic villain. He has some of the best speeches and has sailed the known world.
  2. I think everything moved too quick for Eddard Stark, as he said he was never meant to be Lord of Winterfell it was to be Brandon. I mean Robb was what almost 15 and it seems like Ned hadn't even considering who he would marry him too. How long was he going wait with Robb his heir? I'm not saying he needed to be married at 15 but him and Cat should have at least had a list narrowed down to who would be his best options. I don't think Ned put too much thought into Robb ruling or what Jon was going to do as he saw them as children still. With a long winter coming to the North it would have been wise of Ned to have had a wife chosen for Robb unless he wanted to wait until winter ended which could have been a decade for all he knew. The Night's Watch doesn't care how old the men are that they are getting and want to put them into their system as soon as possible. Unlike Ned who just wanted to watch his kids play.
  3. You know what this means? Viserys was to be the next Sword of the Morning/Azor Ahai/Savoir of humanity. Those horse lords killed him and screwed over Westeros in doing it. The Dothraki only bring death and destruction and they sealed the fate of the world. Barristan needs to start training Daenerys with swords pronto when she gets back or else all hope is lost.
  4. Maybe they are sick of the Wildlings and their barbaric ways and want to be left alone. Maybe they just want to scare the Kingdoms into unifying and stop all the human on human killing. Maybe they just get their jollies off scaring humans.
  5. Climax would be the better word then finish I guess. I'll try to be as clinical as possible with the wording. A person on a heavy dose of opiates can have a very hard time ejaculating. Don't believe me look it up.
  6. Gregor also drank huge amounts of Milk of the poppy because of head aches. Anyone who has ever had surgery and has had to take strong pain killers knows it's hard to.."finish" on opiates.
  7. The message could be anything really. It could be to Stannis saying he is the true king It could be to Robb and Catelyn reminding them to man Moat Callin and NOT let Theon go. Help me I'm in a dungeon and Varys want stop bothering me for certain samples.
  8. Isn't Benjen the only one of his siblings to have blue eyes? Where as Brandon, Ned and Lyanna have the usual Stark grey eyes?
  9. I'm really not trying to be rude or anything but are you involved with making the videos for the order of the green hand? Every time I see you in a thread about Jon/Val/Mance/Arthur/ect. you come in and post something that comes from the order of the green hand. Then when someone asks why you think that you post a link to their videos.
  10. I remember in one of the Dunk and Egg novels Dunk wants to go North to help them fight the Iron Born. This is when Bloodraven was hand and had his eye on the Blackfyres so the North had to fight them themselves. Obviously they were causing big enough problems for the North if Knights where hearing of the Iron Born attacks from the South.
  11. Kind of off topic but whatever happened to the dagger? It was a pretty cool weapon, seems like someone would have wanted it considering how rare VS is.
  12. It's just too bad Renly and Stannis could never find common ground, what Stannis lacked Renly had and vise versa. I wonder how all of the Baratheon brothers relationships would have been different if their parents never died on that ship.
  13. As I said in another thread I find it strange when people try to dismiss Val as some sort of background character when she has been Jon's right hand women since she came to the Wall. She's helped Jon out a lot and Ghost seems to really like her, that speaks volumes within itself.
  14. Wun Wun, give him a log and he'll take out everyone in your top five all at once. Has to be a big log though. Have a smith make him a massive sword then give him a week to train and he'll take out your top 10.
  15. Maybe because he was the one being played and used as pawn and it seemed a bit out of character for him? His plot line was used to further other character's like Oberyn and Sansa and Joff? While in the other books he's the one making the moves and in control for the most part.