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  1. Why there is not Baratheon POV chapter in asoiaf

    Stannis is the last true born Baratheon left in the world besides his daughter Shireen. Daenerys makes a big deal about being the last true Targaryen in the world even though Esoss is filled with those of blood from Valyria. Stannis is the last of the Storm Kings, It's up to him to keep his line alive because he knows if he dies then Shireen will likely be killed as well. He has no dragons either and can't seduce men to his cause. The one draw back his character has is that after his parents and Proudwing died he forget how to be human.
  2. I challenge you to justify supporting the Others winning

    Didn't Waymar swing first? Maybe the Others tried to make peace with man before but it was a problem of communication?
  3. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    Robert/Stannis for me as well. Stannis is either deeply deeply insecure or is an asexual robot.or maybe both. If I could have any POV chapter from a character that doesn't have one it would be Stannis, I need to know if there is more to him then he lets on. Does he wear a mask or is he an entirely unemotional being.
  4. I challenge you to justify supporting the Others winning

    If the rulers of the realm can't put aside their differences and keep choosing to fight each other and politic and scheme instead of coming together to fight their common enemy then maybe man is too flawed to remain living.
  5. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    Maybe Dorne wasn't in the first few books because they had no dog in the fight in the War of the Five Kings. Doran probably just wanted the Lannisters, Baratheons and Starks/Tullys to all destroy each other. They all were involved in the rebellion that got his sister and her children killed.
  6. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    Hotah seems more then content with his Axe, I doubt he'd even give Dawn a second look.
  7. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Yeah, I can understand your viewpoint and respect it, there are many and more things that need to come to light in order to really get a full understanding on things regarding the Rebellion. I agree that Rhaegar is an enigma I don't think there is anyone left alive who knew everything that was going on in his head which leaves so many mysteries unsolved. We do know that he was right about the Others. Just taking what happened on face value alone though I still feel like the Kingsguard were mismanaged by Rhaegar. From what I can gather Rhaegar wanted three children of his body to be the three heads of the dragon that would save the world. However I feel like he put the cart before the horse and that got his other two children and heads of the dragon killed. Hindsight is 20/20 but I'll always wonder why he didn't take at least Arthur or Ser. Gerold with him to the Trident.
  8. Les Miserables

    Dalla/Lyanna didn't take much interest in her long lost son. I think she told him magic was dangerous and called him a kneeler then never talked to him again. So much for mother/son bonding time. Also I didn't know Val's dark honey blond hair was a Targaryen or Stark trait.
  9. Bran vs. Jaime

    Daenerys isn't objective and rational when it comes to the "usurpers dog" the Starks. She believes they murderer her family just to steal the Throne. Not sure you can say she is better suited to rule then Jon or anyone else or that she is more objective and rational when it comes to the Houses she believed wronged her family.
  10. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Well they said Aerys would still be on the Throne had they been in King's Landing instead of Ser. Jamie so I'm not sure they wanted Aerys dead if Rhaegar died before him. Unless they were lying. So you don't think seeing the White Bull Ser. Gerold Hightower and the Sword of the Morning Arthur Dayne on the field fighting with them at the Trident would have raised the spirits of the Royalist Army? Wasn't it said the rebels fought harder after seeing Robert leading the fight and destroying foe after foe like the Demon of the Trident he was that day? Why couldn't the Targaryens have won the war and kept Jon and the other Targaryens safe? By winning the war they would have had a far better chance of protecting the Targaryens long term I would think. By losing they were in a worse position to protect the Targaryens and the prophecy if they had believed it. If it had been someone else other then Ned Stark that arrived at the Tower of Joy Rhaegar's last son could have been killed like Aegon. If Ned was a different man Jon could have been put to the sword, he could have made a different decision. Obviously the Kingsguard had thought that possible or else they wouldn't have fought Ned and his men trying to kill them all. The 3 Kingsguard at the Tower in Dorne ultimately failed anyways as Lyanna died and Jon Snow fell into the hands of a rebel leader, it was just lucky happenstance that the rebel happen to be Ned who loved his sister and honored his promise. Like someone else mentioned 3 Kingsguard would not have been enough to protect Jon Snow after the rebels won anyway. It all came down to Ned be an honorable man who chose to keep his sister's promise even though her actions directly or indirectly resulted in the deaths of Ned's father and brother and thousands of others. If you had been in Ned's position would you have forgiving Lyanna so easily and went against your best friend and King to protect him? Jon Snow got extremely lucky that it was only Ned and his Northmen that came to Dorne . It wasn't like it was Rhaegar's doing that ensured it was Ned and his Lords that came to the ToJ instead of say Tywin or Stannis or there men. What if Ned himself died at the Trident? Rhaegar seemed to have lucked out that he didn't and someone else didn't come to rescue Lyanna in Ned's place because literally anybody else would have told Robert of Lyanna's child I would think. There was no fighting in Dorne and Lyanna may have been better off having one Kingsguard 10 Knights and a maester to help deliver Rhaegar's child. The other two well known Kingsguard could have changed the outcome of the war if they had fought in the rebellion. After Robert smashed Rhaegar the loyalist army was pretty much done fighting and Barristan himself switch sides. What would have happened if Arthur Dayne faced off against Robert instead of Rhaegar and actually guarded his prince using his prowess with a sword instead of staying in Dorne and standing guard outside of a Tower that wouldn't have needed much guarding had the Targaryens won. If Ser. Arthur or Ser. Gerold killed Robert would the rebel armies have fallen apart seeing their leader killed? I think the loyalists would have at least won the battle had they killed Robert and Ser. Arthur most likely would have been by Rhaegar's side during the whole battle and could have faced off against Robert. Wouldn't Aerys have wanted his best sword and his Lord Commander of the Kingsguard at the Trident instead of baby sitting Lyanna Stark? They are directly under the command of their King and not the Crown Prince. On top of it all they failed, Rhaegar's mistress/wife./captive/beloved died giving birth with no maester present(as far as I know) and his son fell into the rebel's hands. I'm pretty sure that they failed the commands of the Crown Prince who had no authority to give the commands in the first place. Maybe I shouldn't just reevaluate King's Aerys II Kingsguard but reevaluate the Kingsguards purpose and effectiveness in general. Following orders that go directly against the best interest of the people you are sworn to protect is counterproductive. The Targaryens might as well have just bought and installed Unsullied as their Kingsguard instead of having Knights if they wanted to have mindless body guards who would follow any order without question no matter how foolish that order is.
  11. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    You got to admit the Kingsguard was pretty smug about protecting their dead princess' mistress and his bastard.Bragging about the vow they swore that basically kept them out of the biggest war Westeros had seen in a hundred years. "The Kingsguard does not flee" "Then or now" They didn't fight either and most of the royals they score to protect died. Including the one in the tower they were guarding. Makes you want to reevaluate the great Kingsguard of Aerys II that Jamie is always gushing over.
  12. Yeah but what about a hundred years after the rebellion?
  13. Once the Kingdoms were separated it would be a matter of time before some Lord decided to take a neighboring Kingdom and try to conquer it. Two Kingdoms might form an alliance through marriage and take more then one Kingdom. Just the nature of things.
  14. 10,000 spears seems to be what Dorne usually offers up when it goes to war. Would that be enough?
  15. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Hey I never said it was a good theory just one of the possible non R+L=J I liked the best. Well this is 14 years later maybe Ned has soften up on his feelings for Catelyn? Maybe he pushed aside his feelings for Ashara from guilt and does't think about her much. Just like he doesn't think about who's Jon's true mother is at all. Just because it was custom doesn't mean he was happy about it at the time. Well IF Jon was Ned's he would have demeaned Cat when he slept with another woman at the start of their marriage. You got me on the looks. Some people look a lot alike who aren't even related at all though? It would be a wild coincidence. Like I said though I believe in R+L=J. However the thought of Ned bringing in a random boy and claiming him as his bastard does kind of appeal to my sense of humor.