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  1. Agreed. He'd do his duty much like Stannis did with his wife.
  2. Ned should have took Cersei up on her offer of her "being kind" to him with Jaime and Catelyn both far away.
  3. Keeping him a prisoner, like he intended, would have been better. However in her grieve Catelyn made a poor decision behind Robb's back that undermined his rule. It doesn't matter if Jaime swore to return Sansa and Arya even if he fully intended to do it. He is the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and doesn't have the power to guarantee the release of Sansa and Arya after he is already back in King's Landing. Joffrey, Cersei or Tywin could simply claim they never agreed to the hostage exchange. Further more in the eyes of the Crown Sansa is Tyrion's wife now and Robb is an enemy of the law. Returning her to a trader in open rebellion is something the Crown is justified in not doing, as they are justified in not giving Tyrion's wife to rebels. Jaime would have had to commit a crime against the Crown and sneaked Sansa out of King's Landing like he did with Tyrion, however he most likely wouldn't have Varys' help this time around. Also releasing a hostage(Jaime) without consulting with the party(The Crown) that is holding your hostages(Sansa) is never a good idea. If an exchange was going to be made they should have met under a temporary banner of truce and traded Jaime for the Stark girls at the same time. Robb himself did not agree to any such exchange and sent men after Jaime and his party to bring him back. Jaime was never a hostage that was freely returning home, he was a prisoner who escaped his captors.
  4. Not a POV character but Renly seemed to have the world by the short and curlies and his arc looked promising. Not only with the Reach and Stormlands backing him but by potentially reaching a deal with Robb Stark and his armies. It looked like he'd overpower Stannis then go on and take King's Landing. However using hindsight we can see that Renly didn't have any major POV characters by his side to tell a large part of that story. Stannis had Davos, Robb Stark had Catelyn, Joeffrey had Tyrion and Cersei. Not sure this is the kind of reply you were looking for or if it's even on topic, but it's a thought that came to my mind when I read your post.
  5. The Robert Baratheon knew everything theories. 1. That Bob knew about the twincest and just didn't give a damn. He knew Joff was Cersei's and Jaime's but hated Stannis so much that he rather have Joff be King. 2. That he knew Ned was hiding Rhaegar's and Lyanna's child and called him to King's Landing to deal with the fallout of his death as pay back. Which he knew was going to happen on the hunt. 3. He knew Stannis and Renly would end up going to war with each other. The idea of it amused him greatly. Bobby B knew good food, drink, wenches, war hammers and how to win battles. Sadly that's where it ended. Also that Cersei wouldn't have kept her promise of sex if Ned had he agreed to keep the twincest a secret, at least once. She believes Ashara Dayne, one of her competitors for the most beautiful women in Westeros, may be his bastard's mother. With Jaime far away she'd want to see if she could make the Quiet Wolf howl, for her.
  6. I'm not sure, do you remember what book it would have been where it was mention? Also finding out how many spears the Dornish marshaled to fight in the Blackfyre Rebellion might be a good indicator of how many spears they can muster. Dorne was pretty invested in that war as their Princess was Daeron II's queen and her children were his heirs. I'm not sure if those numbers were ever released though.
  7. I'm confused by this 50,000 number as well. I thought the whole "Dorne has 50,000 troops" was an exaggeration Daeron I made to make his short lived conquest of Dorne seem more impressive. The last war Dorne fought in was Rebort's Rebellion and they only sent 10,000 spears, and that was with Elia, Rhaenys and Aegon being held hostage in King's Landing. Doran had to know that if the rebels won and reached the capital that all three would be endanger. Also if the rebels won there was a good chance his nephew would never sit the Iron Throne. To me this seems like a situation where Dorne would want to do it's very best to make sure the loyalists won the war. Doran sending only 10,000 spears out of a possible 50,000 doesn't make sense, unless he didn't care for his sister and her children very much.
  8. With the backing he already has all Renly would need is the support of the Vale. The Vale would vote for Renly if he promised to make Strong Robin his Master of Laws and build him a moon door atop the Red Keep. Break the King's peace? You fly! Crime in King's Landing would be at an all time low. Busty noble women in the Red Keep will awake with wet and yellow bed sheets.
  9. Roose's has the appearance of someone half his age. He takes very good care of himself.
  10. Here you go @AlaskanSandman It has spoilers from Sansa's Winds of Winter chapters. I think this is in line with your thinking about Strong Robin. Now you can't say I have a "sad mentality" concerning theories that I don't agree with.
  11. That was pretty much my line of thinking. Trying to form a bond between a young Aegon II and Rhaenyra. Let Aegon grow up looking up to and worshiping his older sister who he'll someday marry. Though, I Hadn't even thought about the perks of having them both live at Dragonstone when Aegon became old enough to become her cup-bearer or page or whatever, that would indeed be an excellent idea. A young boy moving to a new home would look for a parental figure to look up to and he'd have one in Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra's children all grew up to love her as much as she loved them it seems, I don't see why Aegon II wouldn't have, had he'd been put in that situation. Keeping them both away from the Hightowers/Daemon ect would be another added bonus. Plus by the time Viserys I died it would be likely that Rhaenyra and Aegon II would have had children and an heir of their own. What would be the point in trying to split up a couple when in the end their child is already in line for the Throne? Could their be drama and powers struggles between the two? Sure. However would they really go to all out war against each other and risk destroying a realm that their child will inherit? I'd liked to think not.
  12. Married her to Aegon II when he came of age?
  13. Isn't the OP's theory basically just The Order of the Green Hand youtubers theory? If that's the case the OP didn't research the theory and it might explain the lack of text to support it.
  14. When in doubt, you got to go with what you know and are good at. Just imagine him at the Watergardens. The pools he plays in will always be the warmest, and have waves. That could be a side effect from all the drugs he's being forced to take. YES! I agree with this a 100%. Now that he's no longer cooped up in the Eyrie I think we'll see an improvement in him both physically and mentally. I feel like people are too hard on Strong Robin. The poor kid has some sort of epilepsy, a mother that stunted his growth, and is surrounded by people that are drugging him and are trying to kill him rather then help him. I don't know of any other high lords in the series that have ever been put into the position Robert find himself in. Like I said before he's the ultimate underdog, as far a nobles go, and I'm rooting for him.
  15. Made all the more laughable when they refer to their out there theories as "clarifications." I'm confused as to which of this is directed at me. I'v been very patient with you and your theories. Who are you to question my mentality because I gave my opinion on why some theories are made? I never even said coming up with such theories are necessarily a bad thing. But it's ok for you to label someone's mentality and classify it as sad and then make assumptions about that very person because they don't bye into someone's theory?
  16. Thanks. I think Renly was a very interesting character and out of the combatants for the IT would have made the best King. I would have really liked a POV from either Renly or someone close to him like Loras. Get more conversations like the one he had with Catelyn. Agreed. Hindsight is always 20/20, especially for us readers, but I think had Ned and Renly taken more time to form a relationship/partnership I think things would have went differently. Yes. Had Cat never vouched for Baelish I think Ned might have turned to Renly to confide in. I think out of all the options that were present it would have been most likely he'd trust Renly.
  17. Sure. I made a mistake when I said he "technically cuckolded" Tyrion. That was a very poor choice of words, indeed. However, I'd still argue that Strong Robin is attempting to make Sansa his and in the process would eventually make Tyrion a cuckold. He's put it out there he wants to marry her and share her bed forever. He kissed her passionately and is courting her the only way he knows how too. One could argue this is part of Strong Robin's courting process. He not only shared her bed, he marked it.
  18. Renly literally gave Eddard a life line and Ned spat on it. It was perhaps Ned's biggest mistake to trust Baelish over Renly. Renly was a walking talking representation of what Ned remembered Robert to be, the King he believed in. For whatever reason Ned chose to ignore this sign and it cost him his life.
  19. Might was his right. The last Lord of Storm's End became King of Westeros so why not him? He knew Joffrey and Cersei were tyrants and would most likely try to kill him after Robert died because the people loved him. Then the Lannisters killed a Stark like the Targaryens did before them. He wanted to recreate Robert's Rebellion and had the swords to win it. He was even going to let Robb Stark continue calling himself a King. He had done the Dornish no harm and the Vale believed the Lannisters killed their Lord. On paper he had a great chance of achieving his goal, had Stannis never had Melisandre, he probably would have.
  20. Daenerys "Stillborn" Targaryen? Doesn't have the same ring to it as "Stormborn" does. @Dorian Martell's son is right. The longer it takes for the next books to come out the more baby swap, and other out there theories will be made.
  21. I'm pretty sure this is the correct technical definition. However since Robert is only around 10 in my opinion what he's done with Sansa is a form of cuckholding Tyrion. He kisses her and sucks her breasts when he's in her bed. Robert not only sharing a bed with Sansa but also making it known that he wants to marry her is a very bold and offensive move against her husband. Even if he doesn't know she's married, because I'm sure he'd tell Tyrion to his face his intentions of love and possible marriage with Sansa. Robert does not lack for courage when he is challenged, he unfortunately goes into seizures though. Well he's being poisoned to death and is surrounded by people who want him dead. He also has a form of epilepsy. He's lost both his mother and father in a very short period of time. Though his mother babying him has slowed his growth mentally and physically. Now that he's away from her and is not cooped up in a Castle I think he will be less dependent on other people and will grow stronger both physically and mentally. Well he's been manipulated by a man who has manipulated half of Westeros. However I think he's starting to suspect Baelish. He's starting to not want to do what he tells him as we see when Robert tries to throw his oatmeal at Baelish but misses and hits the Maester. Also when has he been "cruel at will?"
  22. Are you saying that the Warden of the East doesn't know how to kiss properly?
  23. If I remember correctly Sansa is around girls who are gossiping about dreamy knights or something and she remembers Sandor kissing her before he left King's Landing during the Battle of Black Water Bay. But he never did. Joffrey, Sandor and even Tyrion her husband have never kissed Sansa, but you know who has? Robert Arryn, and more then once.
  24. I think now that he's out of the Eyrie and away from the weirwood throne he'll start improving. Also because he'll be around more people that were loyal to his father, he'll start distancing himself from Baelish. One of his defining facial features is his big eyes. I think Bloodraven might have used the weirwood throne to see through Strong Robin's big powerful eyes. Not necessarily because he has big plans for him like Bran, but just to use him to see what's going on in the Vale. Robert also has technically cuckolded Tyrion, so he has that going for him.
  25. I have to strongly disagree. Robert Arryn is a beacon of hope who will triumph through perseverance. The ultimate underdog who will conqueror his short comings and outlive his enemies. He's already weaned himself off mother's milk and recognized Harry for what he is. He'll continue his courting of Sansa and sway her this side. Then they will both put an end to Baelish. I think he'll fight in the war against the Others by leading the Vale Knight's into battle.