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  1. I LOL You'v got to admire his loyalty though.
  2. fAegon and Cersei's children would be very beautiful.
  3. I agree. Though I actually like the theory that Mance is Rhaegar AND Arthur, it means that Rhaegar was in fact his own best friend.
  4. Yeah because why would Dalla's or Val's personality come into play when it came to Mance "choosing" a bride? It's not like Mance might have gotten to know Dalla and connected with her and fell in love with her instead of Val despite Dalla not being as beautiful and full breasted. I mean why did Ashara choose Ned Stark over Brandon Stark? Brandon Stark is described as being very handsome and Ned looks plain compared to him. Does this mean Ashara Dayne and Brandon Stark were related? I mean why else would Ashara choose the less attractive sibling like Mance did? I'm also still waiting on the "clarifications" on my other questions you decided not to answer. If what the Greenhand said about what happen between Ned and Ashara was true then the Daynes would HATE Ned Stark with a passion.
  5. So, if you can impress a 16 year old Jon Snow who has never seen or fought against the great southern knights of Westeros your the "best in the series? I mean you yourself just said no one at the Night's Watch is very good so Mance being better then them would not seem very impressive. Also is that a direct quote from Jon Snow? I don't remember Jon saying he was in awe of Mance Rayder's swordsmanship. Again I'm going to ask the same question I asked you before. If Mance Rayder is the Sword of the Morning true born Arthur Dayne why do they need Jon to wield Dawn when they have Arthur. The man you just said was Mance Rayder who is "the best in the series?" Wouldn't Arthur be the one best quolified to wield Dawn? Please I need a clarification on this.
  6. Is this also a known clarification? How did Mance become the crowned champion in Westeros? Who did he beat as Mance Rayder that makes his record so impressive? Why do they need Jon Snow when they already have Mance Rayder/Arthur Dayne the best swordsman on the planet? Why can't Arthur just wield Dawn like he has for years?
  7. But Arthur Dayne AND Mance Rayder both can fight with a great sword, how can you possibly explain that if they are not in fact the same person?
  8. I thought the same of their "clarification" videos as well until I saw their video "clarifying" that Val is also Ned and Ashara's child and is in fact Jon Snow's twin sister. When they brought up the fact that Ashara and Val are both described as beautiful full breasted women so they must be mother and daughter they got me. Hard to argue against that. Boy did I feel silly not putting that one together on my own.
  9. While Loras is more dashing and comely I think he was already a KG member by that point. Either way he was in King's Landing and his absence would probably be noticed. Plus with Willas already in the Reach he would be in a better position to gather the men and ships needed to impress Daenerys. I would not be shocked if the Tyrells have their eyes on Dany and it could be part of the reason Willas is still unwed despite being the heir and well past usual marrying age.
  10. Benjen may have just wanted to leave Winterfell because it reminded him of the siblings and father he just lost. There probably wasn't too many places in Winterfell that didn't remind Benjen of his recently deceased family members. Doesn't mean he did anything to feel guilty about.
  11. Sandor is no fool, he knew exactly what he was doing saving Mace Tyrell's favorite son. If things ever went bad for him with the Lannisters he'd have an in with the second richest House in Westeros. Taking into account that he had been harassing Joff's future wife just days prior it was a smart move. Sandor was looking out for his coin purse's future just like when he nabbed Arya.
  12. Willas Tyrell shows up in Meereen with ships, 20,000 soldiers, a golden crutch and a winning smile. A little ways down the road Mace leads the Dothraki to a number of decisive victories forever shutting up Olenna.
  13. For whatever it's worth Kevan Lannister thought that prime Cersei was more beautiful.
  14. If they do help you'd think Dornish knights would want Arianne size nipples on their breastplates. It would give them an edge and pay tribute to their princess.
  15. Ser. Loras to Renly and Grand Maester Pycelle to Tywin Lanniser.
  16. This theory would confirm my suspicions that Jon Snow and Euron Greyjoy share one mind and one soul . Leading a group of wights does seem like something Euron/Evil Jon would be down for.
  17. It's possible for a crazy person to have two normal parents.
  18. Righteous being the key word in that sentence. A battle that is justified fighting. It's still hard to label him a warmonger when he never started any wars, even as King. He may have loved the song of war hammers and waxed poetic about his single's combat victory over Rhaegar but he still only went to war when he was provoked and others he respected thought it was the right thing to do. For example if he was a warmonger he probably would have declared war on Dorne when Oberyn was trying to raise Viserys against him. instead he sent Jon Arryn there to seek peace with Doran.
  19. Despite being a legendary warrior and great battle commander Bobby really wasn't the warmonger people make him out to be. He was forced into Robert's Rebellion after Aerys signed his and Ned's death warrants. Then he fought the Greyjoys after they declared war on the green landers by burning Lannisport. Robert really didn't go looking for wars but when found them he finished them.
  20. The only way Robert would start a war in Pentos or Braavos is if they kid napped his Ned. In which case he'd grab his war hammer and go into full Demon of the Trident mode all over Essos till they gave him back his Ned.
  21. hmm I don't remember any text that says he was very discreet. Only that he had over a dozen children with three different women which to me suggests he was not. I mean fathering 2 or 3 children on one woman is one thing but fathering over a dozen on three different woman is different. He became less discreet with each woman he bedded and each child he fathered. Unlike Lewyn Martell who had one mistress and as far as we know no children.
  22. Well Lucamore Strong didn't seem to be very discreet about what he was doing by fathering over a dozen children on multiple women. It almost appears as if he was flaunting it which must have really pissed of his fellow KG. Opposed to someone like Lewyn Martell who was a respected member of the KG yet also kept a mistress in secret. In his case his fellow KG knew about it but kept his secret instead of revealing it to their King. Well I think the fact that he was sleeping with the King's mistress had more to do with how harsh his punishment was in the end.
  23. I'm no expert but wouldn't that lead to some of the men dying of infection after the castration? Who at the Wall would even be qualified to do it? The Maester? All this to stop them from visiting a near by brothel every now and then? Isn't that a little harsh?
  24. I shudder to think what some NW members would turn to if there were strict rules preventing them from seeking out whores in Mole's Town.
  25. I believe Mace Tyrell is much smarter then people believe him to be. I think Olenna's verbal bashing of him is part of a larger plan to get people to underestimate Mace.