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  1. The world building is the most atrocious of any kind I have ever encountered among professional works.
  2. The problem is that we are likely never to get an ending. If the author had not been so obsessed with frivolous details, the 3-5 year gap would have happened, and the next book would have been the last. Instead we get an entire book of useless fillers (Feast for Crows), and another book with elements few care about (Argon, Mereen, etc.) There are three books left, I don't think we'll ever get an ending.
  3. Lol at Ned bagging Ashara. It was Brandon who bagged her.
  4. It must be remembered that the health practices of our history were greatly influenced by mysticism, which lead to sorts of stupidity. The Masters loathe mysticism.
  5. Let's not kid ourselves. There will be no ending. WOW is probably being released in 2019, 8 years after DWD. And there should be 2 more books after that, so the series will be finished in 2030-2040. 40 years after AGOT.
  6. I mean not on a rating scale or even a list. But based on what little description we have of her, just how beautiful was she? What did people feel whenever they saw her, and how intense were those feelings?
  7. The Gap should have happened. Maybe not 5 years, but 2-3 years would have been enough. That way, we see the characters once they are competent and able. But Martin is obsessed with expounding on details, and now we have about 3 books of wasted time
  8. I think this was more of a recent development (for several years). Marianne is 24 yearsold, yet still comports herself in a manner unbefitting of a princess, and shows no real political saavy, and has bad judgment of people. Quentyn is timid, weak, and more Yronwood than Martell. I think somewhere along the line, Doran realized that he is old and sickly, with little years left. The Kingdom is tearing itself apart, and his first two children are so incompetent that they would lead his family to ruin. So he sends Quentyn on a journey halfway across the world, in a savage land full of slavers, grey scale, thieves, and sellswords - with a handful of men. Let's be honest, without plot armor, he does not survive long enough to even make it to Mereen. I don't think Quentyn was supposed to live. And I fully believe that Arianne will share a similar fate.
  9. Quentyn- Correct. I think Doran wants Trystane as his heir. Arianne is not stupid, yet certainly no cut out to rule an entire Kingdom, she does not comport herself like a princess, and would easily be taken advantage of by other houses. She has been influenced far too much by Oberyn and his bastards. Quentyn is far too timid and weak to effectively rule a Kingdom, and has been in Yronwoods hands for nearly his entire life. Again, I don't think it's plausible to believe Quentyn would survive his journey, let alone succeed. I truly believe Doran wanted him dead, and I believe the same for Arianne.
  10. I believe that Doran is a psychopath - and doesn't care about Elia Martell. I think he sent Doran to Essos knowing that it would likely lead to his death (Slavers, Greyscale, Sellswords, etc). And he is grooming Trystane to take over.
  11. Jaime
  12. Then Stannis leaves with the Royal Fleet to Essos. Robert: Yo Mace. I'm granting Highguarden to the Florents. Mace: Oh no, whatever shall I do!
  13. Right... I'm going with Margery being a teenage with raging hormones and a desire to NOT wait another 5 years to have sex. In fact, I would not be surprised if Margaery does not truly believe that her position as Queen is less than temporary.
  14. In some ways they are more advanced than their Medieval counterparts, and some ways they are not. Unlike their Medieval counterparts, Maesters in Westeros do not have an Aristotle to hamper their progress - they know the Earth revolves around the sun, they have a rudimentary understanding of the Germ Theory. On the other hand, they don't have a Clock, Compass or Printing Press.
  15. Exactly. I'm thinking that people confuse Book!Margaery for TV!Margaery. Book Margaery does not want to be Queen, she is just a puppet whose strings are pulled by her grandmother and father. She is smart to be sure, but not a mastermind. I'm certain that she probably didn't know about Pycelle's loyalty to the Lannisters, or she made a simple mistake in asking him, as all teenagers do.