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  1. Yes, he is physically attractive. Not like Lora's or Jaime, but attractive, sure. The author would not have wasted time alluding to so many females shoeing sexual interest (Mel, Val, Alys, Shireen, Ygritte) unless he meant for Jon to be appealing.
  2. What the hell would a marriage to Edric give them? It's unlikely Edric will marry a northerner, more likely marry someone from Dorne to strengthen ties. The North offers him nothing
  3. I'm sure the lord if the North would happily follow Edmure and Lyn Not
  4. Thing is, Robb couldn't handle the pressure. And ultimately failed in the end, trusting the at ng individuals, breaking his promises, not commuting to alliances.
  5. He was going up against mediocre competition a d a small pool of talent. Not that impressive.
  6. He is obviously supposed to be physically appealing. The author wouldn't go out of his way to make so many characters attracted to him if that were not the case.
  7. It needed to be someone with Stark Blood. So no one.
  8. Is the local basketball player a prodigy when he trounces on 5'10 middle schoolers? Probably not Robb went back p against a small pool of talent who were not picked for their skill anyways. If every person in Westeros received his education. There would be a million or so people on his level or better.
  9. Veryfew, aside from power hungry politicians would prefer a 5 year old boy to a grown adult, bastard or not.w
  10. He'd make a good hand.
  11. Rickon is 5 years old. No one gives a crap about him.
  12. Don't forget Val and Alys and Shireen. They are not attracted to his looks either. They only are attracted to him for his power, too. And because they have never seen good looking men before.
  13. Lol just tell the Blackfish it was Petyr who defiled Lysa and that he claimed to do the same to her sister. Petyr won't live for long.
  14. Sure.
  15. I'm of the opinion that Varys and Illyrio are playing both the Golden Company and eventually Westeros. Faegon is probably just some peasant boy - Serra was probably just a whore and nothing else. The Blackfyre angle is just there as a safety net so that when it is revealed that Faegon is an imposter, people will immediately point their finger and say "Blackfyre" since at least he would still hold legitimacy.