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  1. Since the next book will never be released, it is my head canon that Jon Snow returns to the moment he found the Dirrwolves, then just runs away to the summer isles and parties till he dies
  2. Jon Snow
  3. BS+AD=AD
  4. The Fire and Mud analogy, along with the Dany/Daario/Quentyn is GRRM slapping us in the face with the truth. Ashara willingly and joyfully spread her legs for Brandon. They were both two of the most desirable people in Westeros and wanted to have some fun. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  5. Well, she is not really a good judge of character, considering she ran off with a married man.
  6. It was Brandon who bagged Ashara. Ned/Howland is just wish fulfillment, rooting for the nerds.
  7. Feels like I'm in a conspiracy forum where people believe that the president is a lizard.
  8. I have come to imagine her looking like Anne Hathaway.
  9. That's what I want to know
  10. Nope. Unlike robots, glass is a product already in the making, part of the economy.
  11. Not the same thing.
  12. Not the story, but the economy. I can't imagine that Myr would be okay with one of their most lucrative products being made completely irrelevant.
  13. Let's say that in 285 AC Willas Tyrell finds the solution of creating clear glass.With the help of an alchemist, along the years, Willa's creates superb Telescopes, Binoculars, Microscopes, etc. How does this effect the economy? And how does the East, specifically Myr, react to House Tyrell creating firmly superior glass products?
  14. Uh, no. They can't blame Tyrion for Joffrey killing himself because he is an abomination born of incest.
  15. Let's say that sometime before his wedding, Joffrey comes to the realization that he is a bastard born of incest. In a fit of madness he hangs himself, the night before his wedding, and writes a note saying goodbye. How does the story change? No Tyrion trial, Tywin still alive, Sansa never escapes, Oberyn lives?