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  1. Holly Macaroni's animated ep07 recap: I really loved the point about Viserion feeling more fulfilled and recognized within his new job in the White Walker enterprise.
  2. But if he is the kind of resurrected where he is actually a walking dead to the point his blood doesn't flow tehn he has no heart rate, he doesn't breathe, his body is room temperature, his metabolism is a moot point, he doesn't need to eat and go to the bathroom... all that might have start spooking people around him. I guess, Dany is enough Fire to not mind sex with an ice block. As for erection: rigor mortis?
  3. If it's only 4 dragon hours away, Dany could have taken one afternoon off and verified the existence and threat of this Army of the Dead easy peasy, from the start.
  4. Actually Dany arrived at Eastwatch at 8:05 am but had to fill out paperwork before taking off again due to Drogon hitting a raven while landing.
  5. So... why did they build the Wall again? Might as well dug a river and used that special magic to keep it moderately heated...
  6. I can understand the need of visual mediums to avoid headgear or helmets. On one side it makes more difficult to distinguish between characters, on the other it covers the facial acting. Though I guess neither would have been a real problem in Dani's case.
  7. Long distance travel in half a episode is no problem, as "one episode" is not a measure unit inside the story. The problem comes when it's measured against other events inside the story. The stranded wight capture team shares the same time frame as Dani's coming to rescue. So it's either a. Dani takes a few days to arrive, but then it's absurd that the stranded team doesn't freeze to death and that the wight didn't move, OR b. The travel to Dragonstone is just a quick trip. But if everything in TV-Westeros is so close, it wouldn't have been a problem for anybody (or their representative) to just take a few days to travel to the Wall and check this Army of the Dead. Drogon has even passenger seats now.
  8. The wights are obviously picky and like to gain/loss evaluate. Some six dudes are not worth wet feet (and the Hound didn't even bring them any chicken). But for a dragon? A freaking dragon! It's scuba time!
  9. And Gendry is a blacksmith. He could have made a couple of dragonglass enhanced weapons.
  10. I don't watch the show anymore, I just have fun following the critical analyses, but as I understood, Sam leaves Maester School saying, "I'm tired of reading about the achievements of better men". It just made me think about Isaac Newton's words, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants", because they are the opposite of what the show seems to consider the appropriate inspiration for Sam, ie Randyll Tarly's narrow minded view of the world: "You've managed to stay soft and fat; your nose buried in books. Spending your life reading about the achievements of better men. I'd wager you still can't sit a horse, or wield a sword."
  11. I think Harrenhal is neglected too.
  12. Well, at this point I don't think I can hold it against the actors for them to find a way to keep themselves motivated. Surely they can't talk bad about the show, and they have to take the script as it is handed down to them...
  13. HA! See, when a woman pursues her career, she neglects her children and they die!
  14. I don't even watch the show anymore; I just follow these threads. Popcorn is ready.