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  1. I don't know. Lost was a complete mess by the end but I think it made more sense than what GoT is doing these days. The characters were certainly more consistently written at least (until the last few seasons). That said, the plot never made much sense except maybe in seasons 1 and 4 (emphasis on maybe). By season 5 it was clear that the showrunners really had no idea what they were doing and then everything just blew up in season 6. If GoT is doing that at this stage, I can't even imagine how incoherent and terrible it'll be two seasons from now...
  2. Don't underestimate D&D's ability to introduce plot elements that make absolutely no logical or practical sense. I guarantee they'll have Arya killing Cersei before the end. And probably several other characters that aren't even on her list. How exactly will that go down? Probably something like this... Arya will use her Cloak of Invisibility that she looted off a guard in the Twins and a +5 Dagger of Bitchy Queen Killing that she obtained in the stables of the Red Keep from a level 2 rat. But before she kills Cersei, she'll make sure Cersei knows that it was actually her that killed Tommen, Myrcella, and Joffrey. Cue flashback sequences (from Bran's perspective) that show how Arya time traveled, teleported around, changed her face in each instance, and made it back to where she was before she left. EASY!
  3. All I have to say about this episode is thank the gods for these "Criticize Without Repercussion" threads. They help me keep my sanity during the 10 weeks Game of Thrones airs every year. Far too many hilarious comments to begin singling them out. For those that have complained about look of the actress that played Lyanna Stark (Aisling Franciosi), she's actually quite beautiful if you eliminate the factors that intentionally made her look worse in the episode (i.e., just having given birth, dying). No one would look good after giving birth and dying shortly afterward. Aisling Franciosi - Pic 1 Aisling Franciosi - Pic 2 Aisling Franciosi - Pic 3 In no way am I trying to defend this farce of an episode (even calling it a farce seems too generous) but I thought the casting was actually quite good for Lyanna. Aisling has a striking resemblance to Maisie Williams, Kit Harington, and Sean Bean. Or close enough that I could believe the character was related to their characters. The biggest problem is we didn't get to see her playing a healthy Lyanna. She was playing a sweaty, bloody, dying Lyanna in a poorly lit room.
  4. Why don't you say what you really feel? My point is simply that the show has laughably bad writing and expecting actors to deliver the lines they're giving them in a believable manner is simply ridiculous. The writing for Dany (and most of the characters) has been getting more and more simplistic and cliched with each episode. Many of them seem to be phoning it in while hoping the nightmare will end. I don't agree that Emilia is the weakest link in the cast. But even if I did agree, she's still being given some truly terrible material to work with, which wouldn't help her get better. It makes sense that as her material gets worse, she would also get worse.
  5. To be fair, the material they've written for her has also been drastically declining since season 1. I don't think even the best actors on the planet would be able to convincingly say the nonsense D&D have been giving her.
  6. Not true! They know plenty about women. They know that women have boobs and other fun body parts that can be described with vulgar words. Ok, I guess that's probably the limit of what they know...
  7. I don't believe I said you said any such thing. My post was a general response to the Emilia Clarke hate. Hence the lack of a quote. Also, TV Jon Snow is almost nothing like his book counterpart.
  8. Maybe Emilia Clarke was better in previous seasons because they didn't simply treat her character's material like it was an afterthought. Iain Glen was better in previous seasons too when they treated Jorah as more than a prop that occasionally spouts plot points to the audience. In other words, they had more to work with. But the writing can't possibly play a role in any of these things because D&D are the best showrunners and writers of all time.
  9. One of those Barristan chapters (Barristan I, I think) was published in the paperback edition of ADWD. It's also in the Kindle Edition.
  10. It looks like there are 6 but only 5 have been available in their entirety as far as I know. - Theon - Mercy - Arianne - Ser Barristan - Tyrion Part of a Victarion chapter was read by GRRM at the end of a TIFF Bell Lightbox interview. That interview should still be available on YouTube. He reads the chapter at the end. Supposedly 2 other Tyrion chapters were read at conventions. I'm unsure if they were unique chapters or if they were the same chapter released in the A World of Ice and Fire app. I haven't been able to find a reliable source to refute or confirm that.
  11. I love all the comments in this thread directed towards people disappointed with the episode and the show. "Stop watching! D&D are gods that can do no wrong!" Please. This show isn't perfect and it's ridiculous to tell those that are criticizing it that "it's no big deal." It is a big deal because D&D's changes indicate they're no longer intending to adapt the story GRRM is writing. That may not bother some people but it sure as hell bothers me. Some of us that have been disappointed with this show started out loving it. D&D started out in good faith at the beginning of the series. They made great claims of being faithful to the books while scaling back or changing little things that would have blown up their budget or would have taken too long. And the show mostly matches those claims early on. As the show has gained popularity, they've invented more and more storylines and changed more and more from the books simply because they can. It's gone out of the realm of "adaptation that's true to GRRM's vision" to fan fiction. D&D are now making changes that seem intended to give book fans the middle finger. They've deliberately changed major storylines and characters in ways that don't even logically flow from what they've written on the show. Characters feel more like props than people reacting to events around them. Changes are fine and acceptable if they make logical sense. Most of the changes they made this season do not make sense. They go on and on about budget and time constraints and then they devote tons of time to invented plots that go nowhere, spend money on elaborate and ultimately hollow set pieces with lots of CGI in an attempt to cover up the lack of depth in their version of events, and rush the bigger, more interesting moments, and then often drop the ball in completely baffling ways. If you change the characters and their motivations, you change the story. This show no longer feels like ASOIAF. It feels like ASOIAF fan fiction. It's becoming generic Hollywood fantasy. That's why I'm so disappointed with the show. They may change directions next season and I may fall in love with the show again. But right now season 4 really left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It wasn't ASOIAF on TV. It was D&D stringing a collection of duels, some plot points, and a ton of nonsense together in a manner that sort of resembles ASOIAF but ultimately falls so short that it doesn't feel like them adapting GRRM's vision. The season is a mess. The pacing is atrocious. It's far from perfection. And these guys can and have done a lot better in the past. Telling people that are disappointed with the direction D&D have chosen to take the show to "deal with it" or "stop watching" feels like little more than people just not wanting to read valid criticism of the show. Some complaints are nothing more than rants or a list of changes. Acting like everyone that posts something negative is doing that is ridiculous. There are lots of well-reasoned posts that express disappointment without resorting to being rude to others because they happen to have a different set of standards.
  12. I did read your post. It wasn't clear to me.
  13. Um, what? It's 163 children that were crucified by the slavers in the book as well. Unless you're referring to a different 163 children...
  14. This. Thank you.
  15. But that's exactly how GRRM describes the dragons in his books.