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  1. Why did Roose never remarried?

    You're right, however Robert isn't the kind to care about details isn't he? His plan was to marry his stag to a she wolf. He won't care about which is which and he'll certainly wont force Ned to go back from his promise (Assuming he promised Sansa to Roose). Also Arya pretty much resembles his beloved Lyanna while Sansa is pretty much an innocent version of Cersei. Ned would only have to say 'Arya resembles Lyanna' to warm Robert to the idea of marrying her to the crown prince.
  2. Jaime's secret

    I think it’s mostly down to his upbringing. Tywin grew up seeing his father as weak. Tytos was too lenient with his banner men and his affections towards his lover made him look like a fool with Tywin. That’s a lesson Tywin made sure he’ll teach his boy. Jamie early years were terrible. The Lannisters were under attack by the dragon with Aerys trying new ways of pissing the lion off. Showing any signs of affection or weakness could be costly. Tywin’s only love was harassed by Aerys, Tywin’s heir was appointed KG and Cersei was humiliated and passed on by Aerys. Such personal attacks enforced Tywin’s believes that emotions make people weak whom in turn encouraged him to teach such lessons to his children (Jamie in particular). This had an impact on Jamie. He grew up hating ruling, to be as independent as possible and to never show any weakness. Lions cannot show weakness because if the enemy knows their weakness then they would exploit it. Such rigidity also contributed to him loving (to the ridiculous) the only few people he was allowed to love ie his family. Jamie killed a king to save his brother. He nearly caused a war to keep Cersei safe and went total bonkers when Tyrion was kidnapped by a Stark.
  3. Why did Roose never remarried?

    Joffrey would marry a Stark irrespective if she's Sansa or Arya.
  4. Why did Roose never remarried?

    In hindsight you’re right. If Sansa was married off to lets say Willas then Robb would have easily won the war. Robb would take Renly’s side and even if the green boy decided to put a crown over his head then I am pretty sure that Daddy in law Mace would intercede between the two until both see reason. Stormlands-Riverlands-North-Reach would be unstoppable Prior to GOT, the kingdom was not at war. Thanks to Cat, Ned had marital ties with both the Vale and the Riverlands which means he can’t have his daughters marry within those houses without risking interbreeding issues. Renly was pretty much hooked to Margaery Tyrell, so the Stormlands is out. The Northerner absolutely hated the Lannisters so that boat had sailed too. Which leads us to the Martells, the treacherous Greyjoys whom Ned had contributed in wiping most of them and the Tyrells (strong house but they fought at Aerys side and were being treated like shit by Robert). With Robert probably marrying his firstborn to a Stark (that’s only fair considering the years of service rendered) then Ned would be better off staying away from those three houses unless he wants to see his children fighting against one another. There's also a question of proximity. The Reach's 60k army would greatly bolster the Stark army. However if lets say the Wildlings invade or a co-alition of bannermen decide to rebel then the Starks would be relying on the bannermen around them to come to the rescue. Which leads us to my next point. Starks had been marrying their bannermen for centuries. It was Ned’s father who broke that rule when he had Lyanna promised to Robert and Brandon promised to Cat. If Ned repeated the same mantra then he risks to disillusion his bannermen who will start wondering if their Warden thinks its beneath the Starks to join houses with them. What better ways to consolidate power, than having Sansa marry Roose? The Boltons are a powerful and ancient family, the only one in the North capable to go toe to toe against the Starks. Roose had, till then, been extremely loyal to Ned. He had fought alongside him during Robert’s rebellion. There’s nothing prior to GOT to suggest that he is an evil person and while Ned never trusted him, there was no reason for him to complain about his banner man. If Ned could give the go ahead to a marriage between Joffrey (From all people) and his daughter then surely he can give the same go ahead to a marriage between a powerful Northern Lord who had always shown loyalty to the Starks and his daughter. Not to forget that with Jon Arryn being ancient, its only fair to think that Robert would soon need a new hand of the king. Sure there’s some great candidates out there (Tywin, Stannis and Renly), however its fair to think that Ned name would be in that shortlist especially since the king would be honouring him by having his son marry one of his daughters. That means that Ned would be spending most of his life in KL, a decision which will leave a big vacuum in the North. An alliance with the Boltons would facilitate the smooth running of the North as no Northern bannerman would even think going toe to toe against Starks AND Boltons.
  5. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    In the clash of kings we had 3 main houses who turned against their Wardens/LP ie the Freys, the Boltons and The Florents The Freys and the Boltons sided with their Warden/LP until it was evident that he had lost the war. Both had valid casus belli. The former would claim that the King dishonoured them by breaking his promise. Roose would claim that Robb wasn’t king anymore since he lost the North. He also had to take care of his house interests especially since he was the last Bolton alive The Florents were the only ones of the lot who went against their LP from day 1. They also have a valid casus belli. Stannis wife was in fact a Florent so they were bound by blood to fight alongside him. Also by siding with the younger brother, the Tyrells had created a discrepancy in inheritance law. If Joffrey was illegitimate (something the Tyrells agreed upon, hence why they sided with Renly) then Stannis should be the rightful king not Renly. The Florents could argue that their LP had refused to abide to the inheritance rule and thus they were in duty to side with their rightful king and against them. Not to forget that the Florents had never fought the Tyrells in battlefield (it was the Tyrells who attacked the Florents at blackwater’s bay not viceversa). House Hightower and House Redwyne have no reason to rebel. There’s no way to proof that Aegon is a Targeryan and even if he is, Aerys had stripped his father from the line of succession in favour of Viserys. That means that Danny and not Aegon is next in line to the crown. Also both houses had bent the knee to Robert and Joffrey, legitimising (from those houses side) their rule over Westeros. From ‘blood’ point of view it would be an outrage. The queen’s mother is a Hightower and her grandmother is a Redwyne. If these houses rebel then they would be not only against their LP and their king but also against their very blood. All of which would occur at a time when the Reach is being attacked. The risk is far too high (the Reach alone can raise 4-5 times the troops the GC can raise) and the benefits too few for them to go through that route. As said the more realistic option would be a- Dorne joins Aegon. b- Cersei goes full Reynes of Castamere over the Tyrells residing in KL forcing Willas to switch sides c- The Tyrells decide that its time to pull the plug over the Lannister rule, they stage a successful coup in KL with Cersei/Tommen ending up executed and Aegon is crowned king with Margaery becoming his queen. That would fulfill Maggy's prophecy.
  6. Why did Roose never remarried?

    It may not be loved but its an ancient and powerful house, the only one that can go toe to toe with the Starks. Roose is a proven general, someone who fought alongside Ned during Robert's rebellion and is possibly the only one in the North with brains. If anything had to happen to Ned, then the young wolf would surely need experienced people around to give him council. Brother in law Roose would be perfect for the role. Prior to GOT, The Starks are blessed with loads of alliances and children. Ned's heir Robb is the LP of the Riverlands nephew and the Warden of the East cousin. In the past generation or so, all Starks were either promised to foreigners or sent to the wall. Ned wouldn't want his bannermen to start thinking that the Starks had become too snob to marry their bannermen. What better way does Ned have to consolidate internal power then to marry one of his daughters to his strongest bannerman, ? That would consolidate the Stark's power in the North while freeing Robb and Arya to better matchups.
  7. Why did Roose never remarried?

    Roose is as fit as a fiddle and the Lord of the second most powerful house in the North. If Lysa can marry a pensioner then surely Sansa or Wynafryd can marry Roose. These sort of marriages are common even in today's world (ex think of Trump) let alone the feudal times. Sansa is a Stark but she also share blood with the Tullys and the future Lord Arryn. If Roose managed to convince Ned to let him marry her, then the Boltons would suddenly have indirect alliances with 2 wardens and a LP. Not to forget that Ned is also close friend with Robert and hold Theon as ward. That means that if Ramsey dares touching Sansa or her future children then he'll barely have anywhere to run to. A preamptive action is also possible. The Trouts have that sparkle of madness in them, which activates whenever their little children are in danger. Can you imagine what Lady Cat would do if someone had to tell her that pregnant Sansa is in danger? I can't understand Roose tbh. Ned may be Warden but the dreadfort and surroundings are firmly under his control. If Roose could rape a woman and get away with it then surely no one would give a feck if a snow suffers an accident, especially someone as cruel as Ramsey is. You wouldn't want somebody like him around.
  8. Prior to GOT, Roose was Lord of the second strongest house in the North. He was a respectable and feared Lord, the last of his name and under threat from Ramsey Snow who is rumoured to have killed his son. Roose could have easily married somebody to mitigate such threat. A bethronal between Roose and Sansa would have consolidated the Stark power over the North and would have reduced Ramsey's threat to the bare minimum. Surely not even Ramsey would dare touching a child who share blood with both Stark's and Bolton's main branch. Alternatively Wynafryd Manderly or Alys Karstark would strengthen the Bolton's stature in the North.
  9. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    Please read my previous post
  10. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    Why would they? They have a good thing going with Mace Tyrell and a 10k army will not sway anybody to break the ranks. Not to forget that currently the Reach is being invaded. Surely neither the Redwynes nor the Hightowers would be such an arse to abandon the defense of their region to fight for some Blackfyre? I am more inclined to believe that Dorne would join Aegon. If he can make Doran believe that he's Elia's son then the Martells will be duty bound to defend his claim. If GRRM wanted to beefen up Aegon then he would have made sure that the Velaryons wouldn't join the war of 5 kings. That would give Faegon more men. However we already know that Dorne simply do not have the men to go toe to toe against the Tyrell-Lannister army. Doran is also said to be very cautious so to pit him in a war against such odds would be out of his nature. Therefore if GRRM wants to make Aegon credible then something unrealistic must happen for the Tyrell-Lannister alliance to collapse (Margaery's and probably Mace's death). Which would portray the Lannisters as a bunch of incompetent fools. I love Aegon story. While I do agree that its a side-story I think that GRRM had executed it perfectly, giving consistency to Illyio's/Varys plan to put their man on the IT to control Westeros. The latter two were introducted in the late part of GOT and are portrayed as the typical capitalist lobbyists, who first endorsed Viserys/Danny rise to power only to turn to their plan B when the former died and the latter went out of control. Blackfyres had been trying to take the crown for quite some time. That's quite realistic and interesting Regarding the second point...well it would be nice to see the pissed off Tyrells staging a successful coup in KL, possibly with the legitimacy given to them by the Faith.Cersei would be arrested and executed alongside Tommen, freeing Margaery to marry a triumphant Aegon. Jamie would escape to CR to raise an army there. That would be quite consistent to the build up of the story. Tyrells had always been Targ Loyalists. Ever since the Tyrells had sealed an alliance with the Lannisters, the Tyrells had worked extra hard to appease the smallfolk. Meanwhile the lion hasn't stopped poking the rose, causing Loras death and Margaery's arrest. If Cersei goes wild and Mace ends up a victim of her madness, then there's absolutely nothing to stop the wiser Willas to stage that coup.
  11. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    He doesn't annoy me at all. His history is barely credible but Aegon could be a great character rrespective if he's Rhaegar's son or just a Blackfyre. What annoys me is that he barely stands a chance. He's got just a 10k army when Lannisters and Tyrells can raise 40k-60k each. That's like sending a 10 year old boy to conquer Washington DC while armed with a wooden sword. He would be way more interesting if Aegon came back married to the queen of Pentos or something and with a 40k army + 10k from the GC at his back
  12. What should Stannis have done after Renly's death?

    a- Take as many troops and supplies as possible away from the Stormlands and land them to Dragonstone. Irrespective of how many soldiers the Lannisters-Tyrell can master. They won’t be able to take dragonstone without losing most of their forces. Therefore Stannis men will be safe. b- Send Ravens to Robb. Renly is dead, the Tyrell-Lannister alliance is imminent and there’s no way in hell the young wolf would survive this. The time of pettiness is over. Stannis will offer Robb a trip to white harbour and a 20k army at his disposal if the latter commits himself to fight for Stannis claim and offer his family + men asylum. Robb can keep the North for himself once the war is over. c- Stannis fleet will escort Robb and his man to white harbor. It would then go to dragonstone to transport Stannis men to the same destination. Meanwhile Melisandre will be encouraged to create more shadow babies. Margaery, Tywin and Joffrey will be the next targets. d- Robb would probably march his men north to secure Winterfell. In his absence, Stannis should lead his troops to secure Moat Cailin. Once the road to the North is open again, Riverland Lords will be able to find refuge to the North. Hopefully that would further boost their army e- Dominance at sea is paramount. Lord Manderly will be encouraged to build more ships. Meanwhile Stannis fleet will set sail to Arbor to take the Redwyne’s fleet by surprise. By doing so, it would disrupt the crown plans of attacking the North by sea.
  13. I find it very hard to believe that Aegon survived the slaughter a- Elia had no reason to worry. She was a defenceless woman, a mother and more important a Martell. Since the beginning of time, members of the top families were treated with kiddy gloves. Rebel houses were allowed to retain their power over their lands in exchange of them bending the knee. Tywin wouldn’t dare killing a Martell in Robert’s behalf b- Elia would, most probably, have guards at the door. There’s no way Varys would enter in the queen’s chambers without her consent. c- Assuming Elia believed Varys to let him in and take her child, then surely she would have asked him to take Rhaenys as well. The Eunuch not be able to take the boy without taking his sister as well.
  14. Second strongest houses in each kingdom?

    The Vale - House Royce The Reach - House Hightower Dorne - House Yronwood Westerlands - Lannister of Lannisport Iron islands - Harlaw North - probably House Ryswell (which can rely on Lady Barbry too) or the Manderlys Riverlands - House Frey (House Baelish can rely on the might of the Vale) Stormlands - House Tarth (they haven't committed any troops)
  15. The stepstones was the home of pirates. Lys and Volantis were blood of old Valryia. Aegon could have persuaded the other Essosi that he's only interested in bring the Valyrians under one roof. He wasn't interested in anything else. Marriages ties would be made to ensure that. I really cant see Bravoosi warriors going toe to toe against dragons to safeguard the blood of old Valyria interest. They hate their guts