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  1. Ah, you've just persuaded me! I don't normally care much for the Ironborn but your Reader impression makes me want to read him now. As others have said, Varys and LF would give away too much but a Tyrrel POV could be nice... Willas? Away from all the scheming in KL, giving us a perspective on the family and the Reach. Also, a wildling POV could be nice... Tormund, and his secret feelings of inadequacy as regards his member, but also wildling "politics", culture... Just to get to know someone north of the Wall better, their experiences, insights, feelings.
  2. Sansa knew about Jeynes faith

    We're never given any direct information on Jayne's faith, but I assume Sansa would have known about it. The girls would've visited the sept together and septa Mordane probably instructed Jeyne alongside Sansa.
  3. Survey: The Lord of the Crossing

    I'd advise the Queen to build another bridge across the Green Fork.
  4. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    Many apologies, you are, of course right.
  5. Puns and Wordplay

    I'm dragging up this thread because I admire all the work you've done, all the food for thought you've given. I don't agree with many of the - to me - tenuous pun/word play "links" like anagrams or foreign language "hints" but this kind of idea swapping will produce some gems in the end, it's good that this kind of conversation is going on. We'll all be enriched by it. One query I have, though. Does anybody know GRRM's German skills? In the 1980s in the US, you needed to have taken a year or two of a foreign language in high school to get into university. (At least in the states I lived in). Maybe it was similar when GRRM applied? So he might well have some knowledge of German. Or French or Spanish or whatever. To make cryptic foreign language word plays in his books. Right? In my country, you don't even get to university without having done 2 foreign languages in high school. At university, you have to demonstrate a certain level of knowledge of 3 foreign languages. The easiest is reading comprehension, then listening comprehension, writing, speaking... aaw, I actually fluently speak 3 or 4 languages. Make terrible grammar mistakes, though. I can properly write only two, mine own and English. I salute Missandei of the Island of Naath for her superior linguistic skills.
  6. Baby swapping in Westeros

    I just feel sorry for all the swapped babies. You know, the ones who took the hit for the precious Targ babies, dying in infancy... Sorry, OP, but I don't think baby-swapping was established practice. I think the point of the ONLY case of baby-swapping we know for sure of - Jon forcing Gilly to leave her baby behind to take Dalla's baby to safety - isn't meant to illustrate a common baby-swapping practice but to show how Jon has "killed the boy" and is prepared to use his power to do quite horrific things for the greater good as he sees it. I got TWOIAF for Christmas, and among 300 years of Targ history, there isn't a single hint of baby-swaps. Were they so successful nobody noticed? Swap an infant, swap back a toddler? Just, no. And babies don't all look alike, you know.
  7. Discusssion of the Political Philosophy of ASOIF

    Ah, this seems like such an important and interesting topic. Will definitely look into it more when I have more time. The immediate idea that sprung to my mind was the wonderfully horrible weddings in ASOIAF. That's a sign their societal order is breaking down, right? Because it's a feodal society, in which marriage alliances are of crucial importance. A society like that cannot take too many Red Weddings or Purple Weddings, it undermines their whole social construct. Similar with guest right and oaths, breaking them undermines the world as they know it.
  8. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    I'm not sure but I think he's around 15-16. Certainly older than Sansa. Jaime, who takes him as a hostage, certainly doesn't treat him like a little kid. He treats/thinks of his "squire" (hostage) Little Lew Piper, who's 12-13, as a kid.
  9. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    Why no Little Walder on the list, he's the same age as Big Walder. Aah, he'd dead, natch. Missandei is certainly a linguistic genius. Myrcella is very good at Cyvasse (=tactical, even strategic thinking). Shireen knows her history. Arya is streetwise and smart, as is Big Walder, though he also sees the bigger picture. Bran is having to learn to be wise beyond his years but still sometimes fails that high bar. Rickon Stark is too young (but doesn't strike me as particularly smart), Sweetrobin is spoiled and stupid. Ned Dayne seems nice and fairly intelligent, Wylla Manderley might be too old for this, she certainly knows her mind... Top three: Missandei, Myrcella, Big Walder
  10. How did Cersei get Jamie in the KG

    Aah, I'm on the fence on this... It was something Cersei wanted. Maybe Varys slyly put ideas in her head, promised to put other ideas to Aerys, who would've liked the idea of depriving Tywin of his golden son... So I think Varys let Cersei do her thing to rope in Jaime and let her think it was her brilliant idea... Cersei certainly would've been able to rope in Tywin's golden son. Naive Jaime probably almost thought it was his idea at the time. ETA: Won't take away Jaime's free will and his decision to join KG. He was kind of duped but he should've known better.
  11. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Well, that's arguable. For me, Jon Snow will always sort of be a Stark. He was brought up by the Ned, Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell, as the lord's bastard son. Jon certainly has always thought Lord Eddard is his father. That's why he has moments of doubt and conflict about honour. But... Maester Aemon tried to explain love and duty to him... And Jon tragically chose duty over love (Ygritte, we're looking at your dead body). The all-so-honourable Ned chose love over duty or honour. Love of his sister, love of his sister's infant son, his nephew, over the duty he owed to his King and friend, lying to his friend and king Robert. The things you do for love... Oops, that's someone else's catchphrase, isn't it? Or are Ned and Jaime more similar either care to admit? Of course there's the whole mess of Jon's real parentage. Paternally, maternally Stark - don't worry, he's more Stark than Robb ever was. There's also speculatiom as to his parentage on the other side and he might prove to be quite... hot?
  12. Crownlands Noble House Scenario

    My bad, I didn't understand OP's scenario the right way. Apologies. Please, do carry on!
  13. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Sorry to have been so facetious in my previous post. I was only replying to the question in the topic. Now, I like Jon Snow most of the "Stark kids". Robb, Sansa, Arya are all entitled and bratty in their own ways, without realising it. Bran, too, but it gets pretty weird pretty soon. Rickon is super bratty, disturbed (understandably) but he isn't a real character in the books. Jon Snow, while given a privileged castle education and being somewhat bratty early on, grapples with his entitlement, or, rather, the lack of it, as he's a bastard. He becomes reconciled to what he seemingly is, he's making his own way in the world... At least until his NW brothers kill him. We don't know what he does after... haha, indeed if he doeas ANYTHING after. Now, many readers will have deduced R+L=J (I did, all alone while half-way through ASoS, no online stuff), a theory that has not been proved in the books. I don't want to mention the unmentionable too much but it confirmed R+L=J. Continuing to discuss book things, pretending the show hasn't confirmed the fucking most popular fan theory will be just silly.
  14. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Because he isn't a Stark?
  15. Crownlands Noble House Scenario

    Isn't Ser Bronn of the Blackwater now the de facto Lord of Stokeworth? Lady Tanda of the many meals served to entice suitors to Lollys now dead, the older daughter and heir Lady Falyse and her husband now dead (thanks to Cersei), the younger daughter Lollys inherits, so that makes her husband Bronn the consort of Lady of Stokeworth... And given that Lollys is a "lackwit" (probably an intellectual disability caused by a difficult birth), Bronn rules the roost. Maybe Cersei was right to worry about him. The interesting thing is whether Bronn would have any loyalty to Tyrion, should he (Tyrion) ever return to Westeros. My guess is, if Bronn sees an advantage to himself, he'll go with Tyrion again, citing their old "friendship". Lord Bronn of Stokeworth will only look after his own advantage. Maybe his sons', if he impregnates Lollys soon enough once or twice.