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  1. No problem It would be missing a great opportunity for drama if Jon didn't learn about his parents, so I think it was always a given, anyway.
  2. That's incorrect. The exact quote: Alaurian wrote: GRRM, First, let me just say that I love ASOIAF. I am eagerly awaiting the next book, but I fill my time with, amongst other things, re-reading each one so I pretty well have them memorized. I have a million questions, but the one that I really am most wanting to know is .... will Jon ever find out about his parentage? GRRM: Eventually, yes. Just to note, this was answered on ‎04-14-2008, so he had written the fourth book by that point.
  3. The Bolton line is also extinct, and I would imagine that the Arryn line is teetering on the brink of extinction with Robin being its only heir. Right now it's essentially civil war all throughout Westeros. Power voids will no doubt happen and be filled by those who are opportunistic and strong enough to do so.
  4. The cliffnotes version of a book is still the same story with the same ending. They aren't different stories just because of length.
  5. Of course he would. There's absolutely nothing in the text that says he wouldn't. He hates all Targaryens, dreams of kill Rhaegar every night, knows that the Targaryens are a threat to his throne, and rewarded Tywin Lannister after he ordered the Targaryen children butchered. Ned even tells Cersei to run away because he knows that Robert would kill the children if he knew they were bastards born out of incest. I don't know why people would think that Robert would do all of that and then show mercy to the son that he believes was born from the rape of the woman he loved more than anything or anyone in the world by the man he hated more than anything or anyone else in the world. Makes no sense at all.
  6. It was a jumping the shark moment in the books and they avoided it in the show. Good for them.
  7. Best season so far for me...everything just clicked and moved ahead at a breakneck speed and kept me excited throughout.
  8. Can't say I've noticed it at all, to be honest. I have enjoyed the slim-down of unnecessary characters and finally seeing an end in sight.
  9. They know what's beyond the Wall. They know that what's beyond the Wall is slaughtering people by the thousands. Why would anyone believe that Bran is still alive? And what difference does it make anyway? What are they going to do, leave it vacant until Bran possibly returns? Send search parties beyond the Wall to find a crippled boy who has been missing for months in a winter wasteland (because it's been at least that long, if not longer, since Sam met up with Bran). My point is, Bran is not, nor will he ever, be the King in the North. It's not an inherited title, he's been missing for far too long in the North for anyone to truly believe he's still alive at this point, and he's crippled and not a warrior in the first place. If the Northerners would completely skip Sansa, a trueborn Stark, and choose Jon instead, then Bran has even less of a chance to be chosen as KitN.
  10. It was a long time ago and all Jon knows is that a crippled boy went with a mentally handicapped man and Howland Reed's kids beyond the Wall...and now no one knows anything about them. Jon thought they would be at Craster's but he never saw them. So even if he told Sansa (which is likely), they would really have no reason to believe he is still alive...especially since he himself barely made back from Hardome alive and thousands more didn't. Also, as noted by others, King in the North is not an inherited title at this point, so Bran would not be KitN by birthright, anyway. He would be Lord of Winterfell...which Jon is not. So it's really not applicable, anyway.
  11. This isn't a 'basic of writing' issue. You are the one who has determined that there was a need for investigation into Tommen's death despite the fact that we, the audience, know how he died and the people in the show clearly know how he died. Cersei just killed everyone who could have even been remotely implicated in Tommen's death had there been a reason to believe it was anything but who would she blame anyway? It's a pointless question and it has nothing to do with 'bad writing'.
  12. It's not a 'failure on behalf of the writing' when they don't feel the need to waste time addressing something obvious that we, the audience, saw happen with no ambiguity whatsoever. It's just people nitpicking the nitpicks.
  13. Jon appoints Leathers Master-at-Arms at Castle Black in the books and he's not trained in tactical swordplay.
  14. It's essentially right of conquest at this point. Also, no one really knows if Bran is alive at this point anyway...the last time someone saw Bran was Sam and that was in season 3.
  15. Does everything have to be a conspiracy?
  16. My father-in-law and sister didn't see it coming at all...they only watch the show and they are casual viewers at best. But they liked it.
  17. Very true. And there's no evidence that Lyanna wasn't part sperm whale and could have carried a child for 14 months with Robert's we can't jump to conclusions.
  18. Well, it makes so much sense that Robert would want to kill his own son birthed by the woman he loved more than anyone else in the world. I mean, who wouldn't?
  19. Ned did name him (confirmed by GRRM) after his mentor, Jon Arryn. Which is clearly not something that Rhaegar and Lyanna would name their son. So Jon's true name is unknown at this point...however, my guess is Aemon. There are clues..."I'm no Aemon Targaryen" and the fact that Jon loved pretending to be Aemon the dragonknight as a boy. Really, though, I'm more interested to see if his last name is "Targaryen", as it would mean that he is actually legitimate. As far as "GRRM would never change his name", I disagree. Many people have their given names and then have nicknames...I myself have a given name that no one has ever called me. Doesn't change who I am, and it wouldn't mean that Jon would go by "Aemon". I could see it being a King George situation, where it becomes his official name, but everyone still calls him Jon.
  20. Bleeding star. Also could apply to Arthur Dayne's death. Lyanna's salty tears. The only thing missing is smoke...but doesn't Ned burn something afterwards? It would fulfill the prophecy.
  21. Martin already said he would.
  22. There is another question to answer...what is his real name? Would love to know that.
  23. Solid 8/10. Great pacing, great character recalls, and more plot movement. Loved getting the Hound back and seeing Blackfish and Lyanna Mormont being badasses was great.
  24. Looked like she was trying to make Arya suffer first to me.
  25. Eh, I think it's simply the progression of the story. As characters move and situations change, so will the 'best' storylines. It used to be that everyone loved King's Landing and hated Bran and Jon's it's the exact opposite. The only real 'stagnant' storyline for the entire series has been Dany, really, because she's been promising to do this one thing for six seasons and hasn't done it yet. So it gets old. Definitely miss Tywin's character, he was amazing. But I love that Davos and Jon have joined forces, and that Bran has finally moved away from that tree...but I understand if people really miss the old KL.