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  1. The problem with the Dothraki is that they're just more trouble than they're worth. Their military capabilities are extremely limited, they would be an absolute logistical nightmare to even get them to Westeros and then you have to do something with them afterwards. Their loyalty only lasts as long as their Khal is alive (and an armourless man would not last too quickly in a Westerosi war); after that, they disperse and form new Khalasars. They are a PR nightmare, being slavers, and they would quickly eat any part of the countryside they're in bare.
  2. 15 years do not change your eye colour from purple to brown. You do not go from being tall to medium height. Silver hair dyed brown does not appear like brown hair gone to grey. It looks like dyed hair. Out of curiousity, what was Mance's plan for hiding his baby's hair and eyes if they happened to be silver and purple? So no, you don't have any actual evidence. Is it likely that they met? No, not at all. In fact, I'd say that they almost certainly didn't meet. But we cannot say that they definitely didn't (unless you are asserting that Stannis never left Storm's End apart from the times specifically mentioned). It's a frustrating line of argument, I know. Besides, Stannis should still have noticed if Mance's eyes were purple! He had a long conversation with the man and whatever one can say about Stannis, he is not an idiot. He would notice.
  3. Yes. And if he was already glamoured when Mel glamoured him, she should have noticed. Hence the idea that Mance takes off his glamour when North of the Wall. Again, I think that that's nonsense; the descriptions of Mance and Rhaegar are so different and I do not buy the explanations people have given. Purple eyes are similar to blue, and so could be mistaken. Brown eyes are nothing like purple, so cannot be hidden (imho, of course). And of course, Mance's baby doesn't have silver hair or purple eyes, which is a huge stroke of luck for Rhaemance.
  4. No problem. To be honest, until you sit down and lay all the facts of RR on the ground in front of you it's a bit tricky to really understand what happened. It's not like anyone ever gives us a nice layout of the Rebellion step-by-step, so your mistake is pretty common and perfectly understandable.
  5. RR was not caused by the disappearance of Lyanna. It may have led to the events that caused RR, but it did not cause it. Aerys killing Brandon and Rickard and then demanding that Jon Arryn execute Robert and Ned was the cause of the rebellion.
  6. Apparently, Mance is not glamoured when North of the Wall (read pages 5 and 6 to see our discussion about this). I think the physical discrepancies between Mance and Rhaegar are too great to not require a glamour to hide them.
  7. That would make Jon a lot older than he actually is. Several months, in fact. There is no way Ned would be able to pass off Jon as his bastard born after marrying Catelyn in this situation. Either that, or Lyanna was pregnant for over a year. I suspect I'm about to be bombarded with comments about 'bastards growing up faster' and bizarre explanations for Cat not noticing the huge discrepancy in age even though I myself (a pathetic man-child) can easily tell the difference between a newborn and a 6 month old baby.
  8. Ah, you can say Stannis never met Rhaegar based on what evidence, exactly? I mean, we can't say that they did meet, but we can't say that they didn't meet, either.
  9. I just want to make clear (since it really wasn't in my original post) that my intent was not to poke fun at the theories you believe in, merely your choice of wording. Whenever someone types something like 'I'm a believer in...' or 'I'm a follower of...' - and I've caught myself typing the first a couple of times - it sounds like something a cult member would say. So, apologies if my post came across as mocking, because I sincerely didn't mean it that way.
  10. I always wonder, do people who write this kind of thing ('I didn't believe it, but when I saw the evidence...' 'Now I'm a firm believer' etc.) not realise that they sound like they've been inducted into a cult?
  11. 1 - Jon himself is not particularly tall (Joffrey is taller than him) and yet he describes Mance as 'middling height.' Rhaegar is described as tall. Jon, being of average height himself, would be more inclined to describe Mance as tall. But he doesn't. 2, 3 - Obviously, I don't have evidence that Stannis, Rykker or Thorne met Rhaegar. But they might have done. And lack of evidence doesn't seem to stop the theory of Mance=Rhaegar, so I'm not sure why I'm held to that standard. 4 - Blue and purple are already similar colours. And even with his blue hair, Tyrion is still able to discern his purple eyes. Brown is not similar to purple. 5 - Jon was looking for anything (demeanour, clothes, behaviour, jewellery and so on) that might suggest a King. Hence why he thinks Styr (with his bronze armour) and Tormund (with his gold bands and ringmail) are Mance. When Mance finally reveals himself, Jon notes how unKing-like he appears, with his brown eyes, brown hair, lack of jewellery and not so intimidating stature (both height and build); Jon is paying very careful attention, and there's not a hint of a doubt about anything. Nor does Stannis, in his long talks with Mance, notice anything odd about his eyes or hair. Was someone sneaking Mance hair dye while he was held captive? Also, it's very lucky that Mance's child wasn't born with silver hair and purple eyes. That would have been a bit of a giveaway, wouldn't it?
  12. Oh yeah. But people tend to ignore SSMs if they contradict their pet theory, so I don't even bother referencing them.
  13. Hard living does not make your spine shrink (maybe if you are extremely malnourished, you'd lose some height?). Is Ser Alliser also covering for him? And Mance Rayder has a backstory; that of a wildling child taken on a raid by the NW. Stannis also spent a lot of time with Mance - Stannis is another man who may recognise Rhaegar. As Ygrain pointed out, purple eyes do not look brown. fAegon has to dye his hair blue to help make his eyes appear blue instead of purple; Rhaegar's eyes were an even deeper shade of purple than fAegon's. He's not hiding them. And no, I don't buy the argument that nobody sees it because nobody expects it. Jon, when he meets Mance, thinks that one of Tormund or Styr are Mance; why? Because they look more kingly. Jon was looking for kingly features when he met Mance. Purple eyes are a pretty fricking huge detail to miss.
  14. Did Mance also have some kind of knee surgery to reduce his height? And some plastic surgery to reduce his beauty to that of a sharp face? Also, I'd point out that at least Ser Alliser has probably seen Rhaegar and Mance; he was at King's Landing when Tywin sacked the city. That was why he was sent to the Wall in the first place. Along with someone else. Edit: Jaremy Rykker was the other man sent to the Watch by Tywin. He may also have seen Rhaegar.
  15. One problem (among many) I have with RT=MR is: does Melisandre not notice that the man she's casting a glamour on is already glamoured? Because Mance looks nothing like Rhaegar so he must already be wearing one, right? You'd think that that might interfere with Mel's magic, but strangely it's never mentioned.