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  1. Tyrion's killing of Tywin was an over reaction?

    Also, 'I didn't murder you even though my wife died giving birth to you' isn't actually a demonstration of kindness or love. It's what's expected of parents. You know, to not murder your children.
  2. Tyrion's killing of Tywin was an over reaction?

    How about the fact that there is literally no evidence to suggest this except 'well it could have happened'? That it takes one of the most shocking twists in the book and undoes it? That the only person who could reveal this is Tysha herself? Even if your idea is correct, are you really telling me that forcing your son to watch his wife have sex with an entire barracks of men, then force him to have sex with her is a good way to 'teach him a lesson?'
  3. Tyrion's killing of Tywin was an over reaction?

    Well, this thread is going to be closed soon (the mods generally don't like rape apology). We know the story Tyrion believes happened as it did because Jaime admitted to lying about Tysha to Tyrion. Tywin made him lie, remember? I'm sorry, but there is never a justification for rape. Let alone of rape of a young girl by an entire barrack of soldiers plus her husband. That I have to type those words makes me depressed. And, shocker, of course Tyrion didn't learn the lesson Tywin wanted to teach him. Sexually assaulting a 13 year old boy rarely produces positive results. Tywin's a monster. Whatever Tyrion is or isn't (saint or demon, take your pick) he did not deserve to be treated the way he was by his father. Perhaps if his father had treated him with even a modicum of respect and showed a crumb of love, Tyrion wouldn't have married Tysha. Tywin deserved no better than dying on the toilet, murdered by the very monster he created. Hell, he deserved far, far worse.
  4. Add this to Cersei's ever-growing list of mistakes

    Monterys is still fighting for Stannis. There are Velaryon men with Stannis at the Wall. Jon sees the seahorse sigil when Stannis attacks Mance.
  5. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Cersei, Jaime and Tywin are all well-known, public figures (and, once again, Robert already knows that they exist and so knows to look for them). It's impossible for them to hide in Westeros. There's nowhere they can go where they won;t be sold out or discovered. Hence Essos. Where Robert has no armies and you can hire armies of sellswords to protect you. A tiny baby that nobody knows exists can be hidden very easily. Particularly if the place you hide her in is, once again, NEVER VISITED BY ANYONE!
  6. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Except Robert knows that they exist! And he knows who they are, what they look like etc. If Ned gave Dany to Howland and told him to keep her in the Neck, Robert would never even know there was a Targaryen child to worry about! It's not like Robert was keeping track of every bastard born during the rebellion (he doesn't even keep track of his own). He doesn't know who's the mother of Ned's bastard, why would he ever find out or ask about the bastard of one of Ned's most minor bannermen? The situations are completely different. Dany would be safe with Howland, within Ned's own borders and not wandering around a foreign continent with only a half-mad child to protect her.
  7. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Are you talking about what Ned says to Cersei here? About how she should flee to Essos? Because that's a completely different situation. Robert wouldn't even know Dany existed. Why would Dany be safer with Ashara (in a place frequented by strangers much more than the Neck) than with Howland. You yourself said she doesn't have the right hair, so why?
  8. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    And he can't have Howland Reed take her and keep her in the Neck... why again?
  9. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Bran Stark has never met Howland Reed. Even though he's one of Ned's oldest friends, Bran has never met him nor his children. When Robb wants to get a message to him, he has to send men in boats to blindly search the Neck. Why? Because nobody knows how to find Howland. Nobody goes into the Neck. Nobody goes to Greywatch. You could raise 10 Targaryen kids there, all of them being the spitting image of Rhaegar and nobody would know. Because. Nobody. Ever. Goes. There. And Targ looks are not conspicuous in Essos. Half the whores of Lys have that look. Travelling with the son of the Mad King? That's conspicuous.
  10. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Anything is better than leaving her to be dragged around Essos by some child. Send someone Ned trusts to take her away from Viserys and take her someplace safer? Buy her and her protector a nice little house in Braavos where they'll be comfy and within sailing distance? Anything. 'It's difficult!' and 'I'm not good at being covert!' are not good excuses for allowing your niece to wander a continent with only a mad child-uncle for protection. Here's a suggestion: instead of giving her to Ashara Dayne, in the far south completely out of Ned's reach, why not give her to Howland Reed? You know, Ned's BFF and war buddy who was actually there at the TOJ? The guy who nobody ever sees because he lives in a hidden castle in a swamp nobody ever goes into? Someone who could raise any number of Targaryen bastards and nobody would ever find out?
  11. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    She's been in Essos for god knows how long. And Ned has done nothing to help this young girl who is supposedly his niece. He's left her to the whims of fate and allowed her to live her life with a huge target on her back. If that barrel of wine had succeeded, what would Ned's excuse have been in the afterlife when he meets his sister? 'Oh, sorry, it would have been too conspicuous to send help. I really gave it my all though.' No. Ned's efforts, if Dany is his niece, are appallingly lacking.
  12. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Yes, Ned Stark is not really one to ignore succession laws just because it's practical. If he were, he might still have a head. The problem I have with Dany being Lyanna's daughter is that it makes Ned one of the worst parental figures in the books, bested only by complete monsters like Craster and Tywin. Ned's apparent idea of keeping Dany safe is to allow her to give her to Ashara Dayne (OK, sure) and then keep absolutely no tabs on her. Then, when he finds out she's living as Aerys' daughter and might be killed by anyone looking to please Robert, what does he do? Does he send men out to bring her back and rescue her? Nope. When she's wed to a Dothraki barbarian, does he send someone to smuggle her to freedom? No. When Robert orders her dead, what does he do? He... resigns. Big whoop. If I were Lyanna's ghost, I'd be spitting on Ned for his piss-poor efforts. Really, do people actually think that this is Ned Stark?
  13. Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    Jon only married Lysa, a 'soiled woman', because he needed Hoster's swords to help save Ned and Robert's lives. Unless Cat's realisation is a complete fake-out (in which case, what's the point) then it's pretty clear that Jon entered the marriage unwillingly. In fact, Jon had two heirs at this point (both alive and healthy). And I can't see what Jon gets out of joining Rhaegar in overthrowing Aerys, to be honest. He would be almost guaranteed to have to fight against Robert, a man he loves like a son. Again, I'm not convinced that Tywin's hatred for Aerys outweighs his desire for a grandchild as King. I think Tywin would weigh up the offers on both sides and choose whatever he felt was best. I suspect the Tyrells would be naturally loyalist and definitely so if Tywin joined Aerys. That army is already formidable. Add in the Stormlands (who are never going to back Rhaegar) and the Crownlands and suddenly Rhaegar's alliance isn't looking so hot.
  14. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Well, Ned would have to be expecting a war with the Lannisters as the rebellion ends and then spend 15 years sitting on his hands, doing nothing to prepare. No marriages, alliances, not attempts to stem Lannister influence at court, nothing. Even if Joffrey legitimised Jon, that doesn't suddenly mean that a) Jon will turn on his siblings b ) any of Ned's bannermen will join Jon in rebellion. And surely, 15 years later, Ned doesn't believe that Jon would threaten his children, does he? As a baby, sure he might be worried at how Jon will grow up to be. But at 14, I think it's pretty clear that Robb and Jon are best buds and it seems ridiculous to me that Ned would fear Jon's ambition at this point. As for the idea that Brandon married Ashara; wasn't he on his way to his wedding or already at Riverrun when he heard about Lyanna and rode off? Are you telling me that Brandon was ballsy enough to marry Ashara, then marry Catelyn? Or was he going to tell everyone at the wedding? Or did Ashara not only sneak into the cells to have some pre-execution nookie but also married Brandon?
  15. Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    Quite. It's possible that Rickard's ambition might outweigh all else, there's no denying it. It's also possible that he cared so much about Lyanna's feelings that he was prepared to sacrifice plenty so she could marry the man she loved (I find this option... unlikely, to say the least). I'm just not convinced that Rickad would be prepared to risk so much all for the chance that his great-grandchildren would one day sit the throne. That's not guaranteed either; if Aegon is anything like his father, he might marry someone other than his half-sister. I think Ned's experience of arranged marriages soured him on the whole enterprise, giving him very mixed feelings about his father (and Brandon) and explaining his own children's lack of betrothals. Jon Arryn, on the other hand, must have appeared to be an almost flawless figure of virtue to Ned. Not to mention that it seems Ned probably spent more time with Jon than with Rickard. Sure. And I do think Rhaegar and Lyanna fell in love at some point. But that doesn't not make Lyanna a political disaster and it doesn't not make Cersei a clearly better choice. And, is it just me, or does that not undermine somewhat the idea of 'love is the death of duty' if, actually, everybody was totes on board with Rhaegar getting himself a new bride until silly old Brandon messed it up?